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  1. Pampers 7 New Weight Rating?

    This. How is this thread still alive? Its been pure bunk from the moment it was posted. The day Pampers size 8 or Huggies size 7 exist, I'm sure this place will be plastered with proof of them, at least I'd expect it to be. The one small glimmer of hope for more size 7s is that the Pampers ones actually seem to be selling now and have been for the past few years, so the question now is whether or not KCWW decides to play catch-up with Huggies and if anyone else decides to follow suit with them. No because they don't exist, at least not in the US, not unless you're talking about those test diapers. The one way Pampers "size 8" exist involves some tortured logic and flawed marketing on P&G's part, and they're not really "size 8." On part of their website, and subsequently on Amazon, Pampers lists (or at least listed) UnderJams with size S/M as "Size 7" in parentheses, and size L/XL as "Size 8" in parentheses. Naturally, someone sees the words "Pampers" and "Size 8," sees them on the website, ignores the word "UnderJams" and the parentheses, and we get posts like this. They're not really "size 8" though, and P&G doesn't label them as "size 8" on the packaging. The day UnderJams are labeled as "size 8" and not L/XL, I'll concede that Pampers is making size 8 "diapers" with the quotes around "diapers" since we're supposed to believe that they're totally not diapers even though they do the same job. But no, there's no size 8, not in the US anyway.
  2. ABDL Or Medical Brand Diapers On Flight

    This is exactly why I haven't flown diapered, although after my last flight involved a sleeping bowling ball between my seat and the lunchbox that passed for an airplane's bathroom, I've seriously reconsidered as a matter of practicality. I would honestly say where what you like and just tolerate the screening. Remember, the job is just as unpleasant for the TSA agent as it is for you, and everyone at the checkpoint is worried about the same thing: getting to their plane on time, not seeing one passenger's diaper. I'd actually argue that anyone interested in your diaper is likely an AB/DL as well, in which case after you both clear security, it might be worth inquiring to see if they'll admit that's why they were staring. (At the very least they'll feel as awkward as you did! ) When were you pulled aside in Amsterdam? I'm asking because I know Europe has been on edge lately over security as a result of credible threats to the region. This is why there's a ban on laptops in the cabin for flights heading to the US from Europe, (which in and of itself has created another issue by having scores of lithium-ion batteries sitting in a cargo hold, which could be just as effective at bringing a plane down as the terrorists plan to fill a laptop with explosives, ironically accomplishing exactly what it's supposed to prevent,) and why there was consideration taken to extend that ban to everything larger than a smartphone. Given that the infamous "Fruit-of-Kaboom" underwear bomber used diaper material in his (thankfully) poorly constructed bomb, I fully understand why the security guy in Amsterdam did the extra screening and used a metal detector. Granted, I know it's invasive and I'm sorry that you were subjected to it, but I can see why it happened. Wear your Rearz Princess diapers, if only as defiance to the terrorists who would have you change who you are. Occasionally (read: very rarely) I'll wear something in pink, especially since pink is one of my company's colors, and I also have a pink electronic device. If you saw me though, you wouldn't be calling me "girly" based off of other physical appearances. (I may be "girly" but I look like I can turn most people into a "manly" shade of black and blue, even though I never would.)
  3. masterbating in a diaper or maxi pad

    I've done this with both diapers and menstrual pads, both of which are outstanding for *ahem* self-pleasure. I find baby diapers to typically be better than adult diapers for this by virtue of the fact that I can basically wet them a little, enjoy and ejaculate, and then discreetly get rid of them in a way that I can't get rid of adult diapers easily. If you only have time for a quick emission, this is just more economical than wasting an adult diaper. My preferred brand is Huggies, but Luvs and Pampers work in a bind too. (I also use Pull-Ups and GoodNites, it really depends on what I'm in the mood for.) For menstrual pads the process is similar except I don't pee in them, (a female friend may have provided something in them for me though under certain conditions, ) and kind of have figured out which ones are better for any given type of stimulation: Always Maxi: Textured but cushioned, good if you want extra stimulation, but not so good if you grind or rub really hard Always Ultra Thin: Textured, can be kind of "sand-papery" if you rub too hard, but good if you're going slow and trying to prolong an orgasm Stayfree Maxi: Soft, cushiony, and relatively thick, perfect for fast rubbing and hard grinding Stayfree Ultra Thin: soft, cushiony, but obviously thin, good if you're already partially aroused and tends to stand up to grinding more than maxi pads do U by Kotex Maxi: Similar to Always Maxi, and definitely not recommended for hard rubbing or excessive grinding. Good if you rub slowly and gently though and like the extra cushioning U Kotex Ultra Thin: Similar to Always Ultra Thin, very textured, and definitely not recommended for lots of grinding or rough rubbing, if you're going with slow long strokes though, these are great, they might even be my favorite ultra thin pad when I remember my own advice to go slow U by Kotex "Security" Maxi: These used to be the "Natural Balance" line, they're soft and cushiony, and quite comfy to play with. I don't know if they're my favorite maxi, but they might be close, they'd probably be my favorite if they had giant overnights like Always and Stayfree though U by Kotex "Security" Ultra Thin: Soft, similar to stayfree but without a scent For every other brand just see who they say to compare their product too, and work off of that, I can't comment on some of the more obscure "natural" brands as I haven't tried them. (Granted, if anyone wants to send me a couple identical packages of them, I'd be more than happy to tell you what I think of them, LOL!)
  4. Does anyone else actually enjoy buying Diapers?

    I'll reiterate what I said a little over two years ago: I should also add that one problem with ordering online is that even with tracking, I may not be around to receive the package if I'm working, and with flat out insane hours, I can't even attempt to time a delivery for when I'm around. The last thing I'd want is rain waterlogging my expensive diaper purchase, a mangled box being visible to all as they pass my porch for hours on end, or the least likely of the three, someone going "oh look, a big box, must be valuable, I think I'll steal it." (While highly unlikely in this neighborhood it's still a possibility, a neighbor down the street found his vehicle missing from the end of his driveway one night before it was ultimately recovered, but that's probably the only time something like that has happened here in 25 years.) At a store I can not only pick my diapers out in person, I can buy them at a time that best suits me. It's not about being seen with them, it's about not having them seen sitting outside in front of my house for hours on end when I'm not around, especially baby diapers that I can literally buy at any hour of the day from a store that stays open 24 hours. This is how I feel about my AB/DL diapers as well. If the "adult novelty store" that's within walking distance of here was selling DC Amor/Idyls, Rearz, ABU, Bambino or any of the other AB/DL brands, I'd happily take a wad of cash and a walk down to buy some, or at the very least, grab my girlfriend and load up the back of her car with them instead of ordering online. If there was a place that sold AB/DL diapers locally, I might be more inclined to try some that I hadn't used before since it wouldn't involve the hassle of shipping. I like buying things like this in person and knowing that they're not sitting on my porch or seen by people who I don't want seeing them.
  5. Free money for diapers

    I've got another one that you guys might want to consider, particularly if you buy your diapers from Amazon: Freemyapps.com. This is available on both Android and iOS, although the iOS "App" is now basically relegated to your browser of choice rather than an app. Open Freemyapps, follow the instructions, (usually download an app and try it for 30 seconds,) and voila, you've got points in Freemyapps. After you reach a certain point threshold you can cash your points in for things like iTunes or Amazon Giftcards. While PayPal is an option, it requires a bit more points if memory serves me correctly, (read more time in the app,) so you're better off just grabbing a giftcard if you're going to buy something on any given site anyway. You'll note that I singled out Amazon earlier, and I did so for two reasons. First, Amazon actually sells diaper stuff, (including some AB/DL diapers,) and second, since Amazon gift cards never expire and Freemyapps points do, you can just keep cashing out Amazon giftcards and saving them in your giftcard balance until you're ready to spend them. The other options above might pay out more, but if you find yourself trying a lot of apps anyway, you might want to give Freemyapps a shot as well.
  6. Do you like to keep your dirty diapers?

    Let's split this into segments since you're really mentioning a few different things here. Starting right at the beginning, there are more than a few people who play with used diapers, sometimes their own, and sometimes someone else's. I've played with my own wet ones before, and I've played with wet ones from others on occasion as well. There are more AB/DLs that do this than will likely admit it on here, in part because of the reaction that you've witnessed above. Most of those whom I've met have admitted that reactions like those above are the reason they're no longer active on this site, especially if this is something they enjoyed a lot and a major component of their fetish that they felt they couldn't discuss openly on here. Okay, onto the next part of what you've addressed. I don't believe I've ever seen anyone simply piling their diapers up in their house and jumping in them like a leaf pile. If they're simply being stored piled up in the house to waft about as they please, then yeah, that's really a bit out there even for us. However, if they were piled up for the sole purpose of being played with, I don't see it as any different than half of the other stuff done with this fetish. I don't have enough information to really criticize these people, because if they were holding onto trash bags full of diapers, concealing odors as best as possible, and then playing with them by piling them up, that doesn't seem too odd or unreasonable to me. If they're just lying on the floor though then yeah, that's a bit out there. To your last point, define "normal." Nobody here is "normal" and anyone anywhere who claims to be is either lying or one of those people with the personality of a cardboard box. You get to be "normal" by standing next to someone whose less "normal" than you are, that's really how it works. The people playing with used diapers are just one more subset of the community, no different than the AB subset or any other. One last point, there are at least some people who have a trash fetish, and that overlaps with their diaper fetish, or diapers are a part of the trash fetish. In either case playing in a pile of used diapers is likely going to bring that group of people far more pleasure than wearing one clean one, especially if they're the type of person who views diapers as the ultimate form of trash to play with. (Not all trash fetishists are into diapers though, just as not all AB/DLs enjoy the same things, but the ones who are into diapers tend to really enjoy them.) If I hold onto wet diapers to play with later, they get bagged up, (often multiple times,) and then enjoyed before eventually being disposed of. I do not leave them loose on the floor or in random piles though.
  7. Anybody want to trade? (Please read full post.)

    This is a somewhat specific request, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a trade. I have a sealed package of 12 DC Idyl size medium diapers and was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade one pristine, sealed, unopened, undamaged, suitable to photograph package of size medium Bambino Bellisimo diapers along with a half empty package of said Bambino Bellisimos with me? (Bambino only includes eight diapers to a package, you'd be receiving 12, hence the request for the half package to balance things out.) These diapers must be from a smoke/pet-free environment, and you must be located in the USA. As far as shipping goes, we would each pay our respective shipping costs, (I pay to ship to you, you pay to ship to me,) and provide each other with tracking numbers upon shipping. The only exception would be if you literally lived in my neighborhood and we could just hand these off to each other in person and avoid shipping entirely, but that's highly unlikely to be the case. If this interests you, please get in touch with me, and if you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time.
  8. What do you wear most often?

    Usually underwear, disposable diapers/training pants/night pants are a treat for me when I have the chance to wear them, once you get into the absorbent stuff though it becomes harder to subdivide it as I tend to split my use of various things pretty evenly.
  9. Baby girl looking for new friends :)

    Don't hesitate to get in touch again Sweet Baby Girl Lisa! I've really missed your messages, and I genuinely enjoy chatting with you. I hope you're doing well, and would love to hear from you again. *Hugs and snuggles*
  10. Baby girl looking for new friends :)

    I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome new friend on here Lisa, you're truly a wonderful and nice person!
  11. New Huggies Overnites?

    Yes, Huggies Overnites were revamped not too long ago. You can spot the new packages pretty easily because they look much more modern than the old ones. The new ones have Mickey on them still, but also have text that says something like "May all your dreams come true!" printed on the back of them. (I believe the text is on the back at least.) The packaging is now consistent with other current Huggies packaging, so my suggestion would be to look for that if you want to try these.
  12. Pamper's Diapers

    Interesting find there Ipa, I wonder how they compare to the US Cruisers in terms of size, and if we'll be seeing the size 7 baby-dry in the US anytime soon. I know Europe has more size 7 options than we do, but I could see P&G wanting to expand there size 7 options worldwide with these if they ever make it across the pond.
  13. Diaper Pails

    From what I've heard, the new Diaper Genies are crap. Specifically, they've been redesigned so that they're smaller than the last generation was, and because how they've been redesigned, actually hold less diapers despite claims to the contrary on the packaging. The Diaper Dekor is supposedly a much better diaper pail, but as Willnotwill has pointed out, it tends to be significantly more expensive. I should note that you might want to check something like eBay/Craigslist if you're looking for a bargain on one of these though as people tend to sell them second hand with a large discount once they're done with them. The other diaper pail you might want to look into is the Ubbi. It comes in a slew of colors and is made from aluminum, accepts both regular trash bags and its own refills without the need for any modifications like certain other brands, and seems to get a lot of praise in reviews. If you're worried about odors, this is the diaper pail to go with: the aluminum doesn't retain them over time the way plastic diaper pails supposedly will, so the Ubbi might be worth looking into. I'm not sure which of these pails holds the most, (I'm not in a position to own one of my own right now,) but I'd probably guess that the Dekor does since it just looks a little larger, but my eyes could be deceiving me, however, both the Dekor and the Ubbi have a rather large opening, and since we're talking about adult size diapers, I think that's probably important as well.
  14. Good Baby Diapers

    First, congratulations Bows and Ribbons! Second, to answer your question, go with Huggies. They're by far the best baby diaper I've found and they seem to be significantly better than Pampers, despite Pampers usually having a higher price. (You're basically paying more for the Pampers brand name than you are for a quality product.) I've only known a few people who've had luck with Pampers, while I've known several more that have had luck with Huggies. Oh and one tip for any disposable baby diapers: start with the smallest size you can get away with that doesn't cut off your baby's circulation or anything harmful like that and work your way up as needed if it seems a tad snug. The reason for this is that it really helps prevent blowouts, which are not even remotely fun to clean up. Most new parents thing slightly larger is better, assuming there's more room in the diaper for more poop, and they wind up with a mess because they've allowed for too much room while a slightly snugger diaper would have fit appropriately and not lead to the same kind of blowout. (Also note that some blowouts are unavoidable regardless of brand, but that you can minimize them with the information I've just provided.) Huggies also have significantly better fasteners than Pampers, which I've noticed have fasteners than can break if a diaper is really saturated from night use or something similar.
  15. Customer shoots, kills diaper-theft

    This. Yes, the robbers were committing a crime, but murder is not a justifiable punishment for theft. Given what these people had already stolen, it shouldn't have been hard for trained law enforcement to ultimately track them down and arrest them without the need to fire shots. And this is the other issue, people have the right to carry a gun, but not to act like Yosemite Sam and go shooting anything that moves. Every time someone like this idiot discharges a weapon, it ruins the reputation of anyone else who might have a reason for carrying one, and shows that too many "good guys" with guns are too trigger-happy. This vigilante took an already bad situation and just made it worse, and he could have made it far worse if the robbers had been armed, or if he'd accidentally hit another customer instead of the people he was aiming at. Also, as Dmanv has pointed out, most stores, (I believe this includes Wal-Mart as well,) have a policy that employees are not to chase after thieves, and that doing so can and will result in termination of said employee. To be fair, the definition of this law can vary from store to store, with some allowing a thief to be pursued to the sidewalk area in front of the store, and some allowing it through the parking lot, but most basically boil their policy down to "once they're through the doors, you can't pursue them." Additionally, I believe there are at least a couple states (and definitely a few localities,) where pursuing a thief results in criminal charges for the employee as it's deemed a form of stalking. I know where my girlfriend works the store policy is to let the thief leave with the merchandise if they're already fleeing and to then call the police with as much information on them as possible. Now if you catch them at the shelves actively taking something, that's an entirely different story, you can confront them, but if they run for the door, you can't go after them once they're through it. Spark, while you're right that murder is a very high threshold to prove, the DA doesn't simply have to charge this guy with murder, he can charge him with both murder and manslaughter as separate counts and even if he's acquitted on murder, can still be convicted of manslaughter. (Also, in most states "manslaugher" is technically referred to as 3rd degree murder while premeditated murder is 1st degree murder. The definition of 2nd degree murder varies widely from state to state.) This is a very common tactic, and is frequently used to get a plea deal or to ensure that something sticks so that a judge who can't get a murder conviction can still get a manslaughter conviction. Willnotwill is also correct about the way Florida's self-defense provisions work. In this case a DA pushing for murder would note that premediation can happen in fractions of a second, and that the absence of any actual danger is grounds for a murder conviction, despite fear of imminent peril. If these guys had reached for something and then pulled out a gun, the vigilante in question would likely get away with justifiable homicide under Florida laws since he was responding to a gun being pulled while a crime was in progress, effectively turning robbery into armed robbery, but that's not what happened. Additionally, the priors of these teenagers has no legal bearing on the actions of the shooter. They could be ex-prison inmates and the shooter still would have had no legal right to shoot them despite the fact that they were stealing from the store. And no, I don't defend the thieves act of robbery, but that's a separate case that could have been tried separately (and easily resulted in a conviction too,) had one vigilante not decided to lock and load. The shooter's reckless behavior is a separate problem from the diaper thieves illegal and unethical behaviors, even if they appear as one, they're really two separate crimes. Look, if the thieves had come in and taken a baseball bat to a Wal-Mart employee or inflicted/threatened a customer with bodily harm or something, I'd have been fine with someone putting a cap in them, and would have gladly called it justifiable homicide, but that's simply not what happened here. You can't just shoot someone because you think they might be dangerous, even if they are committing a crime. They have to prove that they're dangerous before you can shoot them, and even then, who can shoot them varies from state to state.