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  1. I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome new friend on here Lisa, you're truly a wonderful and nice person!
  2. Yes, Huggies Overnites were revamped not too long ago. You can spot the new packages pretty easily because they look much more modern than the old ones. The new ones have Mickey on them still, but also have text that says something like "May all your dreams come true!" printed on the back of them. (I believe the text is on the back at least.) The packaging is now consistent with other current Huggies packaging, so my suggestion would be to look for that if you want to try these.
  3. Interesting find there Ipa, I wonder how they compare to the US Cruisers in terms of size, and if we'll be seeing the size 7 baby-dry in the US anytime soon. I know Europe has more size 7 options than we do, but I could see P&G wanting to expand there size 7 options worldwide with these if they ever make it across the pond.
  4. From what I've heard, the new Diaper Genies are crap. Specifically, they've been redesigned so that they're smaller than the last generation was, and because how they've been redesigned, actually hold less diapers despite claims to the contrary on the packaging. The Diaper Dekor is supposedly a much better diaper pail, but as Willnotwill has pointed out, it tends to be significantly more expensive. I should note that you might want to check something like eBay/Craigslist if you're looking for a bargain on one of these though as people tend to sell them second hand with a large discount once they're done with them. The other diaper pail you might want to look into is the Ubbi. It comes in a slew of colors and is made from aluminum, accepts both regular trash bags and its own refills without the need for any modifications like certain other brands, and seems to get a lot of praise in reviews. If you're worried about odors, this is the diaper pail to go with: the aluminum doesn't retain them over time the way plastic diaper pails supposedly will, so the Ubbi might be worth looking into. I'm not sure which of these pails holds the most, (I'm not in a position to own one of my own right now,) but I'd probably guess that the Dekor does since it just looks a little larger, but my eyes could be deceiving me, however, both the Dekor and the Ubbi have a rather large opening, and since we're talking about adult size diapers, I think that's probably important as well.
  5. First, congratulations Bows and Ribbons! Second, to answer your question, go with Huggies. They're by far the best baby diaper I've found and they seem to be significantly better than Pampers, despite Pampers usually having a higher price. (You're basically paying more for the Pampers brand name than you are for a quality product.) I've only known a few people who've had luck with Pampers, while I've known several more that have had luck with Huggies. Oh and one tip for any disposable baby diapers: start with the smallest size you can get away with that doesn't cut off your baby's circulation or anything harmful like that and work your way up as needed if it seems a tad snug. The reason for this is that it really helps prevent blowouts, which are not even remotely fun to clean up. Most new parents thing slightly larger is better, assuming there's more room in the diaper for more poop, and they wind up with a mess because they've allowed for too much room while a slightly snugger diaper would have fit appropriately and not lead to the same kind of blowout. (Also note that some blowouts are unavoidable regardless of brand, but that you can minimize them with the information I've just provided.) Huggies also have significantly better fasteners than Pampers, which I've noticed have fasteners than can break if a diaper is really saturated from night use or something similar.
  6. This. Yes, the robbers were committing a crime, but murder is not a justifiable punishment for theft. Given what these people had already stolen, it shouldn't have been hard for trained law enforcement to ultimately track them down and arrest them without the need to fire shots. And this is the other issue, people have the right to carry a gun, but not to act like Yosemite Sam and go shooting anything that moves. Every time someone like this idiot discharges a weapon, it ruins the reputation of anyone else who might have a reason for carrying one, and shows that too many "good guys" with guns are too trigger-happy. This vigilante took an already bad situation and just made it worse, and he could have made it far worse if the robbers had been armed, or if he'd accidentally hit another customer instead of the people he was aiming at. Also, as Dmanv has pointed out, most stores, (I believe this includes Wal-Mart as well,) have a policy that employees are not to chase after thieves, and that doing so can and will result in termination of said employee. To be fair, the definition of this law can vary from store to store, with some allowing a thief to be pursued to the sidewalk area in front of the store, and some allowing it through the parking lot, but most basically boil their policy down to "once they're through the doors, you can't pursue them." Additionally, I believe there are at least a couple states (and definitely a few localities,) where pursuing a thief results in criminal charges for the employee as it's deemed a form of stalking. I know where my girlfriend works the store policy is to let the thief leave with the merchandise if they're already fleeing and to then call the police with as much information on them as possible. Now if you catch them at the shelves actively taking something, that's an entirely different story, you can confront them, but if they run for the door, you can't go after them once they're through it. Spark, while you're right that murder is a very high threshold to prove, the DA doesn't simply have to charge this guy with murder, he can charge him with both murder and manslaughter as separate counts and even if he's acquitted on murder, can still be convicted of manslaughter. (Also, in most states "manslaugher" is technically referred to as 3rd degree murder while premeditated murder is 1st degree murder. The definition of 2nd degree murder varies widely from state to state.) This is a very common tactic, and is frequently used to get a plea deal or to ensure that something sticks so that a judge who can't get a murder conviction can still get a manslaughter conviction. Willnotwill is also correct about the way Florida's self-defense provisions work. In this case a DA pushing for murder would note that premediation can happen in fractions of a second, and that the absence of any actual danger is grounds for a murder conviction, despite fear of imminent peril. If these guys had reached for something and then pulled out a gun, the vigilante in question would likely get away with justifiable homicide under Florida laws since he was responding to a gun being pulled while a crime was in progress, effectively turning robbery into armed robbery, but that's not what happened. Additionally, the priors of these teenagers has no legal bearing on the actions of the shooter. They could be ex-prison inmates and the shooter still would have had no legal right to shoot them despite the fact that they were stealing from the store. And no, I don't defend the thieves act of robbery, but that's a separate case that could have been tried separately (and easily resulted in a conviction too,) had one vigilante not decided to lock and load. The shooter's reckless behavior is a separate problem from the diaper thieves illegal and unethical behaviors, even if they appear as one, they're really two separate crimes. Look, if the thieves had come in and taken a baseball bat to a Wal-Mart employee or inflicted/threatened a customer with bodily harm or something, I'd have been fine with someone putting a cap in them, and would have gladly called it justifiable homicide, but that's simply not what happened here. You can't just shoot someone because you think they might be dangerous, even if they are committing a crime. They have to prove that they're dangerous before you can shoot them, and even then, who can shoot them varies from state to state.
  7. I understand why Mikey didn't do this, but I would have gone a step further and removed most if not all of the sub-forums entirely leaving us with one general "lifestyle" forum. It requires a little work, but topic prefixes can then be affixed to each thread which is now located in that one general forum, making it easier to find without having so many smaller forums that don't have enough activity to justify them. Splitting youth and adult disposables in the diaper lovers section is one area where this actually makes sense, and I understand sectioning off stinky/squishy/proud for entirely different reasons, but the current system is still not as ideal as it could be. I completely disagree with this idea. I've gone back to posts well over a year old in the past for reference purposes, and because the older data is useful for comparison purposes. This goes double for polls/surveys where changes in trends over time can only be observed with the passage of time. I don't think it's an issue when a new member responds to an old thread, as that just allows the discussion to continue, with all of the previous data intact. Now if you want to criticize that member for not reading the date on the thread and replying to someone whose now a "guest," I'd be fine with that too. Of course, if they're just adding new data, that's entirely different, and exactly what I believe should be done. There are also technical reasons this is a terrible idea, particularly that it can corrupt the forum's database. (I've seen this happen on a few other sites that did what you're proposing.) Having said that, letting topics run for more than a few hundred pages can do the same thing, so there is a point where it makes sense to lock one topic and start a second version of it to prevent the same issue. Also, the forum has a "search" option, you can look for any topic that might have been discussed before and then add to it as needed. It could probably use a little tweaking here and there if people aren't finding things regularly, but it exists for a reason. If you don't see the topic you want to post, go and create it, and if it existed years ago, the two can always be merged. The flip-side of this is that the search function has to be functional the majority of the time, it should be possible to modify it based on user behavior so that it responds as best as possible for the most people possible, at least I know of other forums that have done this with there search engine, and don't see why ours would be an exception. Having an archive of old posts is also helpful when you need to prove that things were a certain way at one point in time, and posts from that "era" are there as proof. It also leaves some level of accountability in play when someone changes there mind about something and then tries to deny they held a previous position on here, using the "I never said that" excuse only to have where they said it linked to and quoted.
  8. I completely agree with you about GoodNites losing some of their focus GNXL1. If anything they need an XXL size for older kids/teens and while not marketed to them, even young adults with bladder issues. The Depend line is a joke, and trying to push older kids and teens to it is just sending would-be KCWW customers to a competing company with better products. Ditto for young adults who might be better served by slightly larger GoodNites and who don't want to buy a brand that's associated with being decrepit despite its rebranding attempts. The older kids, teens, and even young adults who've been dealing with sleep wetting their entire lives aren't going to go to Depend, they're going to go to a brand that's actually functional. The only reason Depend is even remotely successful is because it's cheap, (in every sense of the word,) and KCWW has done a good job at fooling people who might have experienced minor incontinence issues for the first time in their life over the age of 50 into trying their product simply because they're not aware that there are significantly superior alternatives available to them. The only upside to this is that it'll backfire as more baby boomers start to run into incontinence issues and spread the word to their friends who in turn spread it to everyone that better options exist. Anyway, the main reason I came to this thread is that I have some big news. I want to note that I have not personally verified this yet, but I've recently been informed that the Huggies Size 6 Overnites are now larger than Pampers Cruisers Size 7 and Pampers Baby-Dry Size 6, which previously held the record for being the largest baby diaper available in the US. If anyone here has the new Huggies Overnights in Size 6 and the aforementioned Pampers, I would definitely like to see a size comparison so we have proof that this is indeed true.
  9. The new Easy Ups finally fixed the disastrous side panels of every previous design. Unfortunately, the diapers themselves are nowhere near as absorbent or soft as they previously were. It's obvious that they money that went to absorbency/softness was reallocated to the new side panels. I'm not sure how well the design would scale up for UnderJams though, it seems like the materials used could pose an issue if more of them were needed.
  10. I really, really, really like the idea of those for solid colors on a plain colored AB/DL diaper. Bright "caution" yellow in particular is a color I'd die to see on a plain diaper, and is absolutely gender neutral, while blue and pink would effectively balance out the traditional gender-color correlation. If somebody made a single-tape per side design with those solid colors (thick plastic-backed at that since that's what I think of when I think of solid colored diapers,) they'd have my money in an instant. I mean, like that Fry/Futurama "Shut up and take my money" meme kind of instant as in I'd buy them right now if I could. As for designs, I do think superheroes are very gender neutral if done right, but they're also done to death right now. I like this, but I'd actually go a step further and suggest desert foods in general, so candy, banana splits, maybe a slice of apple pie, a donut and so on would probably appeal to me even more. As a DL, the one thing I feel is really missing from a printed diaper are mature designs that aren't babyish/ABish! I loved the anime print on the very first DC Amor design specifically because it looked like it was aimed at DLs who wanted printed diapers that weren't ABish/babyish, but still looked cute/girly. This was the only diaper that did this until Jeremy changed the design to cats, and while they work great with what the DC Amor have become, they left avoid they were previously starting to fill, which was printed diapers that were youthful but not babyish. The ABU Space design has this same problem as well, in that the concept seems better suited to DLs but is being aimed at ABs. I'd love a space themed diaper that has more mature designs for the same reason I loved the anime print on the first DC Amor. Then again, I'd also like plain, vibrantly colored thick plastic backed diapers that are entirely different from the myraid of material already out there. I'd also like a thin adult cloth-backed diaper that feels as reliable as cloth-backed baby diapers, but that's another issue for another day.
  11. My first diaper experience after being out of diapers had to be at about age 4-6, but I picked 11-14 because that's when I first managed to get my hands on diapers to experiment with again. Realistically I'd say my age of onset was about 5 though, even though I didn't even know what an orgasm was at the time, much less what an AB/DL was.
  12. The covers look like they're still intact based on the texture of the GoodNites themselves. If anything, I'm guessing Prairie might have played with the levels a little in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom or similar software to bring out a bit more detail. As for the designs, I'd argue that KCWW was at least trying to keep things varied before 2008, which is when they decided to go all butterflies all the time for the girls designs. I'd add that the 2016 designs are so different from the past ones though that even with the same "theme" they still feel like something completely different than any of the past designs, which can't be said of several of the other variants. The owls are also entirely new and seem like something unique and a bit different. The boys designs have gotten radically better while the girls designs seem to have languished a bit, of course the boys designs are now treating camo the way the girls designs treat butterflies which kind of makes sense since camo is about as "mature" as you can get while still having something kids will love. I do think it wouldn't hurt to try to add some more diversity to the designs whenever they're updated and do think that some of the subtle design variations really seem like a change for the sake of saying a change was made and a waste of an opportunity to try something far more creative that could be the next butterfly or camo designs.
  13. question

    Quick question about the DC Idyl diapers for anyone who might be able to help: Last year the DC Amors received a bit of an update both in terms of graphics and functionality. New tapes and a slightly redesigned "chassis" made the 2016 Amors stand out from the previous version. Here's my question: Has the DC Idyl undergone a similar redesign? I'm particularly curious to know if, for example, the tapes have been updated like they were on the Amors or if any changes have been made to the "chassis." I'm interested in potentially buying some of both the DC Amor and Idyl diapers, but only if the Idyl has been brought in line with the redesigned Amor line and isn't suffering from a lack of a design update. If anyone could help me with this, I'd definitely appreciate it. Thanks everyone.
  14. Just looked at the link, these are definitely very interesting. I wonder if the US Aldi will be releasing something similar. Oh, and when DD stop allowing packaging pictures of diapers that just happened to have people who just happened to be minors on them? I thought we always used to allow those by virtue of the entire point of the picture being to show the packaging of a product people might be interested in. I'm just curious about when this change was made since it's going to make it a lot more difficult to show packaging pictures of new baby/youth diapers now that everything seems to have "photos" on it. (Even when those "photos" are largely digital creations.)
  15. RIP Valerie. So up until I saw this thread, literally everything I've read about the origin of disposable diapers has lead me to believe the same thing that you (and I'm sure many others) did, which is that disposable diapers were invented in America. From what I can tell, this is sort of a case along the lines of who invented the printing press. Everyone thinks it was Gutenberg, but the printing press was actually invented in China, centuries before Gutenberg created the western moveable type printing press that we think of as the first of its kind. While Gutenberg's invention is still technically the first of its kind, (nobody else had created one for western moveable type before,) it's also technically not the absolute "first" moveable type printing press ever invented. This brings us back to Valerie Hunter. Valerie Hunter's disposable diapers were handmade, according to the article, sewn from material such as parachute scraps among other things. The first mass-produced disposable diapers on the other hand were made in America, and designed by Johnson & Johnson. Think of them along the lines of Gutenberg's "western moveable type" printing press in the sense that while not technically the first, they're the first of their kind, and what we have today is effectively a "direct descendant" of them. Think of Valerie Hunter's disposables as being comparable to the printing press invented in China centuries before Gutenberg's, both are a little different, but the idea was there even if it wasn't recognized by the world at large. I'm actually curious about when Johnson & Johnson produced their first disposable diaper now though. I thought it was almost immediately after WW2 ended, but that can't be right if Valerie Hunter's disposables came first in 1947. It's quite possible that the two were developed around roughly the same time with neither knowing what the other was working on though, as that's actually pretty common with a lot of inventions. Oh and nappy_on, the Scots have a rather impressive list of inventions credited to them. The telephone, early television, (as you've mentioned,) early disposable diapers, and as you've also mentioned, the steam engine among numerous others. It's amazing how much of the modern world was shaped by Scottish inventors and innovators. Diapersalways, I had to laugh at that one line from Ms. Hunter as well, she sounds like she had a good sense of humor in that article.