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  1. It seems that people become comfortable with their choice of diapers and tend to continue their use. I hear so many singing the praises of their premium diapers and still seem to make many changes per day. At $2+ per diaper that adds up to many $$ per week. I have been wearing and using diapers for well over 50 years. I have been 24/7 for the past 7 years and have used Tranquility ATNs, with a baby diaper stuffer, exclusively for the last 20 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had a noticeable leak while wearing in public. I also have OAB and UI and pee 20 - 30 t
  2. I hope it works out. I like the size 5 because I get 150 diapers as opposed to the 120 with size 6 for the same price. And the size difference is not an issue. With this combo I don't see the need to spend $3+ per diaper for an ABDL style. I was a 1950s baby and diapers were white and plastic pants covered diapers. I even use baby diaper pins to help keep my diapers secure.
  3. I have also used ATNs for years. In fact, I have just passed the 7 year mark of 24/7. I have never tried a more expensive diaper because I don't need to. I get my diapers from a place called Diaperbuys for less than $75 per case. Each diaper I wear I couple with a Huggies Little Mover size 5 so each combination has a cost of about $1. I change twice a day. If you wear diapers leaks will happen, they just do. I always wear plastic pants to help contain those leaks. Some think they are not necessary with disposables but I have found them to be invaluable.
  4. I have used a cpap for years and was recently fitted for a mask that only goes over my nose. I also have a headboard for my bed so I run the hose behind the headboard and drape it over the top. The hose attaches to the front of the mask and swivels, so with it coming over the top of the headboard it is always pointing up. It also has the flexibility to move so I am not restrained by the hose as I move around in bed. This combo should give you easy use of a pacie.
  5. If your baby shoes were bronzed.
  6. If you know what a soda jerk is. If you remember drug stores with food service counters.
  7. And what are schools teaching kids these days. They can't spell, they can't write properly. Those who complain are called grammar nazis. Poor teachers can't be fired. They teach re-written history. Misbehaving kids can't be disciplined. There has been 40 years of garbage in and garbage out. They are being taught that capitalism is bad and the United States is bad. How many kids today even know the pledge of allegiance. They are dumbing down the greatest country on Earth.
  8. you remember using real silver coins as every day currency.
  9. Just yesterday, as I was changing from my night diapers, I was thinking how sometime in the next several days, I don't remember the exact day, I will reach 7 years of 24/7. All of these posts reminded me of the different thoughts I have had during this time. When this started I was still working full time. My job was time sensitive and I had been wearing diapers at night for the three years prior. My bladder was weakening and my job took me all over the metro area and I'd often be in areas where I was not familiar where "facilities" might be located. I had been diagnosed with OAB and
  10. If you can remember the wind-up teeth that used to clatter across the table.
  11. May we all see clearly in 2020😃
  12. I like to use baby diaper pins for extra security through the tapes of my diapers. Will this cause extra problems?
  13. How about the Kitty Cat clock with the eyes and tail that went opposite ways back and forth.
  14. I don't remember exactly when I joined the site but some time next month will mark 7 years of 24/7 in diapers. I don't post too often but I enjoy reading about others who embrace this lifestyle and share their experiences with us. I like to chat about things I personally enjoy concerning my diapered life. I'm older, in my late 60s, so I come from a time when we 'made it up' as we went along. Well over 50 years in diapers. I'm thankful to the new generations of ABDLs who carry the torch and continue to spotlight that wearing diapers is not a bad thing and that we harm no one with o
  15. I also use the same diaper day and night, Tranquility ATN. I normally use a Huggies Little Movers size 6 as a stuffer. Recently I switched to a size 5 and the results have not noticeably changed. Yesterday I found an opened pack of a brand called Up and Up in a size 5 I had forgotten about. This baby diaper is very thin compared to the Huggies diapers but my supply of Huggies is getting low and I don't want to have to shop this coming weekend (read: crazy) so I used the Up and Up diaper as a stuffer during the day. Early afternoon I had to change the used stuffer. So today I'm trying 2
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