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  1. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Luvs size 7?

    Thank you..that would be awesome...message me privately so we can exchange information and talkin in depth more
  2. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Little from another land.

    I didnt post a formal intor..i kinda prefer one on one interactions so i made my profile pretty detailed... I think my little age is a bit all over the place..some days im younger and some days im more middle than baby or little girl...but i do go more baby around bedtime every night
  3. Kinda curious...it there a setion or topic for mental and physical health?..i noticed there is kind of a physical health secion for incontinence but is there one for a wider range of physical health..like maybe somewhere we could share little activities to help encourage more exercise or a place to share fun easy to make recipies for healthy snackies?

    And as far as mental health there is a se tion on age regression which can be used as a form of therapy but what about other kinds of therapy or other mental issues?

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    2. Wannatripbaby


      I would say either "Restlessfox's Depression Discussion" might work if you're looking for advice on helping your (or a friends) mental problems. Or if that doesn't quite fit your needs, just post it in the "Scoop the Poop" section.

    3. Babyqtboy


      That was kind of what I thought too

    4. Blitzs_little_Zombie


      Thank you all for your suggestions..all very helpful and based on your suggested areas of topic i think i cpuld figure out where to post stuffs on mental and physical health...i do have bipolar so contributing to the depression discussion will be nice but i didnt notice any other mental disorders such as anything to do with personality disorders and schizophrenia and ocd( all of which i have been diagnosed as)...i know on the previous community i used to use there were many topics onsuch things and it wasreally helful to many littles and daddys and mommys

  4. Blitzs_little_Zombie


    I also have kik...similar name to here...feel free to message me there anytime to chat about anything adult or little or baby lol
  5. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Anyone wanna talk?

    You can download kik on a tablet or laptop....ill look to see if i can find a link for you to download on a desktop computer...
  6. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Avalible..homemade onesies

    I have a couple of onesies i made one is an oversized band tee that i convered( its shows a little more cheeky than the average onesie) and one is made from a cute girls size 10 night gown..they are fairly small...sadly i outgrew them shortly after making them( top still fits perfectly but my bottom is too big for them to snap)..they are hand sewn..with metal snaps They are probably about an xs in general sizing but i couldgive you exact measurments on each if requested I would really like to find a good home for these homemade onesies because they were my first and i would love for someone smaller to enjoy the comfort of wearing an abdl onesie....if you are interested please message me so we can arrange a way to send one or both of them to you....and please feel free to ask any questions...i might have some pictures of me wearing them if i can find them in my archived photos if you would like to see them modled on someone(me) lol Im not the best at sewing but its fun..so i would reccomend hand washing or at least wash on delicate cycle to preserve fhe hand stiched seams
  7. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Little friends again

    Thank you for welcoming me...id love to get to know some littles in my area for meet ups...i kinda think a day at the como zoo( free) or maybe even the mall of america would be great meeting places for starters for me...of course my Daddy would be supervising any play dates i attend but i think he will enjoy it just as much as us littles and i would finally be able to interact with other littles in person vs just online...and maybe after a few public meet ups i could invite some little friends over to play in my blanky fort with all my stuffies...i haves lots of coloring books and playdough and other little crafty fun stuffs that would be so much more fun if i had littlefriends who could come over to play
  8. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Girls Goodnites L/Xl

    I have the same issue with the crotch being too wide on most and actual adult diapers dont fit right...i dont use mine for werting or messing..just a comfrt thing during my period or after a long rough day at work and little me is feeling sad from being in time out all day at work...but during periods they are super comfy..just snug enough of the hips and tummy that it eases crampies and never had any leaks or even show thru...they are much more cute than pads in panties and it helps little me be okies with my adult body doing such an adult thing, kinda helps me be able to little out during that time of month....and Daddy thinks theyre super cute and comfy to snuggle me when i wear them..not irritating like the more plasticy diapers cuz they have a cottony outer feel....and i love that they are pull ups so i can do it myself...ive never been changed by anyone and im still sorta weird about it..apecially if im using them for periods cuz nobody ( not even the girl wearing them) wants to see all that icky bloody mess...lol... But when i wear them (not during period) to show Daddy im feeling a bit extra needy and clingy the crotch on goodnights moves to the side easily without ripping so we can still haves playtime while im wearing my pull up Personally i feel goodnights is the best of the overnight big kid pants for starters until you can look more into actual adult diapers or adult pull ups They have just enough diaper feel but fit great under most clothing if your not much of an exhibitionist but still wants to wear them all day without having to put on big girl panties to leave home
  9. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Do You Have Lg Clothes? Where Do You Get Them?

    I am also around the same size and i do buy aloth of clothes from the childrens departments as well...altho alot of the dresses in the girls se tion now seem to be made so that preteens can dress like adult women instead of still kinda cute fitting their actual age range....i have alot of good clothes from thrift shops as well...pretty much anything with a little ruffle to it can feel little style....i have a sort of alternative little look...most of my pics are from before i cut my hair but i still wear the same outfits..also i wear knee high or thigh high sockies with most everything and chucks lol
  10. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Little from another land.

    Thank you all for being so nice and friendly to my bestest little friend LittleCassierole13...im glad you all made her feel safe and welcome like you have done with me...thats why i told her about this community cuz i knew we will be able to make many new friends of all kinds here and feel safe about it...thank you all for being so awesome!!!
  11. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    I get this feeling a lot? lol

    Same..thats every day i go to work lol
  12. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Origami Anyone?

    Kinda like learning to wrap myself in ropes...i love being a rope bunny for Daddy...i dont ever do the same design...wish i could show some examples of my rope work but thats special pics just for Daddy lol
  13. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Stuffies and pacis

    I haves over 100 stuffies and 6 paci but only one paci is an adult paci...my favorite stuffies are my t-bear and f*ckin cow( long story behind his name lol) and my little zombie unicorn i had custom made and also the rainbow dash took me build a bear to make for valentiens day this year...oh..and i cant forget my lil slothy...i could name off each one of em cuz theyre all my favorites but i moslty only sleeps with the ones i nist named cuz theres not enoigh room in bed for all of thems....but its super fun to dive into my giant pile of stuffies and snuggle em all
  14. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Little friends again

    Nice to meet you too..this is such a wonderful place..im so happy i found this community Nice to meet you too...im from Minnesota..what about you? Thank you..so many have been so welcoming and made thid place feel friendly and inviting...i love being a part of a community like this Thank you..i am finding all kinds of new friends and happy this community is here for so many of us
  15. Blitzs_little_Zombie

    Origami Anyone?

    Im not very good at it but it was fun when i got this little unicorn origami kit..it had papers with patterns and fold lines to guide you but mine still werent that good...but it was still fun and somehow relaxing even though it required alot of attention to detail of how i was folding the paper and reading the directions