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  1. horrorfan

    Miley Cyrus SNL

    She just did it for shock value.
  2. horrorfan

    Do you remember the first time you did anything AB/DL related?

    The first time I put on a diaper of my own accord I was six. I was caught by my mother, who made me take it off, but since then diapers just call to me. I resisted my urge to wear until I was an adult and could make my own decisions.
  3. horrorfan

    What are your New Years Resolutions?

    I want to go back to school, but that probably won't happen this year since when I get my CNA license I have to do that job full-time for a year. Otherwise I hope to prepare for it by programming in as many languages as I can before my contract ends and I can start school. So my resolution will probably be to spend lots of time programming on a daily basis.
  4. horrorfan

    Getting rid of "adult" thoughts when regressing

    I would like to further add that you may also be able to regress with others online via chat/threads. Just be aware that if you spend too much time trying to reach this state of mind it could put a strain on your relationship. I haven't had that particular experience per se, but I have spent hours at a time trying to regress, which time I felt probably could have been spent better.
  5. horrorfan

    Getting rid of "adult" thoughts when regressing

    You can try hypnosis/guided meditation videos on youtube. The idea behind hypnosis is to enter a state of deep relaxation, which could help. I believe it's only worked for me once though.
  6. Don't misunderstand, I was just throwing out the suggestion that you end subscriptions and services that you don't absolutely need until you get this resolved (we take our trash to the dump for crying out loud). Netflix and Amazon Prime can cost anywhere from 20 to 30 a month, so that's something I've personally had to quit, but if you feel like you don't have any subscriptions or services you can cut back on then don't mind me.
  7. horrorfan

    What is in Your "About Me"

    There's also those of us who get overlooked entirely. Regardless, I too try to keep mine updated.
  8. horrorfan

    Just Not Sure

    It's hard for me too, but if you try to put yourself out there you'll meet new people. A few key things to remember are that not everyone will like you, you can't make everyone happy, and a friendship takes both people to make it work (so if you find yourself balancing deeds and favors then it's probably time to move on). I've betrayed, I've been betrayed, but I always try to learn what worked and what didn't work (mind you I don't go out of my way to double-cross others, I just acknowledge sometimes it's not possible for me to make others happy, which can make others feel betrayed). Consider how others interact with you and how you encourage the interaction. When I'm at work, I present myself to be outgoing and friendly, which in turn helps my customers to trust me and want to work with me, if I presented myself as a sour person who passes judgement on others I wouldn't get very far with my objectives, since your objective is to make friends you have to ask yourself what other people are looking for in friendships. The things people look for in others varies, but a few attributes I can list off the top of my head are charisma, looks, smarts, and wealth/resources. Figure out what you have going for you and use it to your advantage. I hope my advice was helpful. Best of luck and may you meet others who treasure your company.
  9. horrorfan

    Now I feel like a major jerk

    Everyone blows a fuse every now and then, just know how to come back from it and people tend to understand.
  10. It will be better for you in the long run if you pay off the debt soon, as interest is the ever dreaded gift that keeps giving. I recently quit Netflix because I just couldn't afford to keep shelling out ten a month to them. Go through your bills and see what you need versus what you want and try to trim the fat until you get your head above water. Also for some possessions, it may be worth considering the item value versus what you'll pay in interest for remaining in debt (whether you could outright buy the thing with the interest paid). I hope this helps and best of luck.
  11. horrorfan

    Family issues

    @Firefly 35 He actually posted two months ago, but I agree that this thread should focus on support rather than passing judgment. @Rift The husky I'm actually starting a job as a CNA soon. I have experience as a CNA, which I was hoping to not have to fall back on, but find myself in that arena once again (I don't have a current license though). The company I am signing on with is sponsoring my CNA training so I can get licensed. Maybe you could find something similar? It's full-time and if you don't mind the work you could always become a traveling CNA, which means that the company that rents you to facilities would pay for your room and board. The real catch though is you need excellent work ethic and/or people skills.
  12. horrorfan

    no money for diapers right now

    Before you commit to anything be sure that it is something you understand and would take pleasure in spending countless hours studying. It isn't worth the effort or debt otherwise.
  13. horrorfan

    Family issues

    Just be careful with meeting new people online. I've heard some horror stories which involve craigslist.
  14. horrorfan

    Family issues

    Do you have any friends or coworkers you can stay with? You could probably also look for adds on craigslist for a roommate.
  15. horrorfan

    I must confess I was inappropriate

    Based on your post, what you said is up for interpretation. If she'd known any better, instead of 'change me', she could have read, 'I want to get down and dirty'. While not illegal, it is crude and most people don't appreciate it. Plus you really shouldn't disclose sensitive information about yourself without getting to know the other person really well first.