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  1. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    There is also such a thing as autopedophilia. An autopedophile is attracted to themself at a younger age and will try to recreate that state of mind. They may be sexual or asexual, but this varies, although as mentioned before, autonepiophiles (one attracted to their infant state of mind) tend to be asexual because as an infant they did not comprehend sex and therefore do not have sexual desires associated with this persona. Whether you give Wikipedia credit or not, it's all there. You could also probably peruse medical journals if that's what floats your boat.
  2. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Assuming the guy is an autonepiophile (one who is asexual but gets arousal from diapers and objects related to babyhood, seriously, it's a thing, look it up), he would still have a difficult time convincing a judge of his nature. Sorry, I thought the aforementioned profile was implied, as I mentioned it in an earlier post.
  3. horrorfan

    I Give Up

    Give Job Corps a shot. Don't just throw in the towel before you try out all your options.
  4. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    She's referring to the fact that an eighteen year old can be registered as a sex offender for having sexual relations with a seventeen year old (a newly minted adult having sex with a minor just one year younger than they are).
  5. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    I'm not saying that's for sure how it would go down, but since a diaper change involves nudity to an extent it is a possibility for misinterpretation.
  6. horrorfan

    hiyaaaa im abmie

    Well, that puts my gaming to shame. I'm still playing Skyrim and I may try to finish Outlast sometime.
  7. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    It really depends on how it's reported. I would think that masturbating to minors is illegal, but I have not found anything on that. Regardless, he could be charged with something relevant and be registered as a sex offender if some random bystander were to catch him in the act and report it. The case would end up not necessarily revolving specifically on what he did, but the danger he poses to minors. Child porn is defined as rape and nudity with a specific focus on genitalia, so if the video is particularly exposing of the child it could be very hard at the very least to prove that he was not getting his jollies from seeing a naked baby. So, again, it's not the ownership of the videos, but the actions that would be called into question. In a perfect world he would be able to prove that he had no interest in children and that would be that, but intent can be hard to prove and to your average Joe, any sexual interest to anything relevant to children is pedophilia.
  8. horrorfan

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    While his intentions may be autonepiophiliac in nature, the action of intentionally looking up videos of kids to get off to would raise red flags in general. I would strongly advise him to reconsider his actions and change his ways as proving intention is hard in general.
  9. horrorfan

    Post a rediculous answer to the question

    Nobody has enough toenails to donate to the make a wish foundation for that stuff anymore. Is infinity divided by zero the meaning of life?
  10. horrorfan

    I Give Up

    I guess there's so many different things I could say and none of them would make a difference, regardless, here is my angle on this issue. Your suffering is not unique. Others have gone through what you are going through, some came out on top and others didn't make it. I have lost others to suicide and I've toyed with the idea myself, sometimes I even still have to talk myself out of it, and it goes without saying that it's a topic I almost feel intimately familiar with. I have my own lion's share of problems, some of which even overlap with the ones you posted, but like hell am I giving up! Do yourself a favor and at least give yourself a chance at starting fresh. Find something you feel like you can do that makes money and go for it. edx.org offers free online courses you can follow if you want to get familiar with something else. It will take dedication and persistence, but you can do it! Just don't give up on yourself yet.
  11. horrorfan

    I Give Up

    If you want to develop skills for a job then you may be eligible for Job Corps. The program is free and they will provide room and board. The catch is you need to be serious about wanting to learn a trade.
  12. horrorfan

    I Give Up

    This isn't about saving yourself, per se. You still have options. If you kick the bucket all options go away. I don't know what your belief is regarding afterlife, but you can't be sure about anything. To me it sounds like you want things to be different rather than for everything to end. You may have to extend your search for work, but if you try hard enough you can do it.
  13. horrorfan

    Feeling Alone

    Before you decide that you want to be in diapers, ask yourself why and make sure you really want it. I can't speak for everyone here, but when I go for very long without I start craving, and it would be great if I could choose whether I wanted to wear or not, but unfortunately that ship has sailed and I can't go more than a few days before cravings set in. If you do decide to start wearing regularly, make sure to maintain good hygiene. I don't know what kind of games you're into, but you can find some decent PC games online for free. Last month I downloaded Neverwinter (It's D&D) and if you like trading card games I know Magic the Gathering is still beta testing MTGArena, and it's easy to get in on that if you are interested. Otherwise you can download some fun games on your phone and give those a try, if you're patient enough to make it through the damn ads.
  14. horrorfan

    Family issues

    You don't even have to go that far away, just move to a different residence. If problems persist, then involving the police would be a good idea, otherwise you're potentially shooting yourself in the foot since anything you do would seem to have a direct impact on your living conditions. As I don't know your family's side of the story, the best recommendation I can give for now is keep the place clean, even if it's not your chore, and keep your interactions with them (to their faces and out loud to yourself) at a minimum. You know their buttons, so avoid pushing them.