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  1. Okay. THERE I get what you mean when you talk about "degrading the player character". Yeah, that's not this game.
  2. diaper dimension

    BabyStevie26: Interesting scene. I like Cat's inner thoughts there and her behavior as a way to manipulate the situation (I won't say to her advantage) to the lesser of two evils. Her thought process as she's "giving in" vaguely reminds me of the old acting trick of thinking of real emotions and situations that evoked those emotions you've experienced while saying a set of lines meant to evoke the emotion. aka: Thinking about how sad you were IRL when you're grandpa died so that you actually feel sad and emote on stage while you're character is mourning his brother. Very clever and I'm curious to see how this scene affects future interactions between all involved. She saved her skin by showing infantile behaviors.
  3. The next update won't be for another few months at least. It's basically a two person project. Me with the writing of words according to the programmer's specifications, and the programmer/artist drawing the pictures and a few other artists being commissioned for pictures down the line. The 1st chapter is meant to be an introduction to the characters and the vast setting. It's got RPGmaker graphics but I'm going for closer to a TellTale Games feel. More choices and how those choices affect the main character will be coming (with more regression elements each chapter too, don't worry. I had to start slow and build up.) Right now the only main choice is whether you pick up the diapers at the general store and then whether you put them on after you wet your pants, and whether you win the final puzzle dream sequence. All of those things will have some affect later down the line, though admittedly some will be more noticeable than others. Thank you for the feedback. I hear ya on the go all over the island thing. If that's the worst thing you can say about it when it's done, though, I'll be a happy camper. It was the best I could do to introduce the wide cast of characters that were designed for the game. Just saw this. What do you mean? It might be a thing where this game isn't your thing, but I'm curious on what you're seeing that I'm not. Thank you for giving it a try, all the same.
  4. That's what I like about your stories set in the DD.
  5. BabyStevie26 I feel like I've said this before in some way or another, but my opinion is whether or not you're viewing it as literal or allegorical. Whether you look at Littles as extensions of fetishists or as characters in of themselves. A lot of the "Horror Porn" as I've heard it called (and like to call it)- the "Noooooo I don't wanna be a baby" stuff- comes from a place of self-loathing and the disgust at one's desires. The main character on a subconscious level just KNOWS that they shouldn't want to be a baby and that they must fight this regression. If society knew they wanted to be treated as such they'd be mocked. And yet, the drives and impulses always win out in the end and the person is dragged kicking and crying towards their desires. It's a metaphorical AB Binge and Purge cycle given literary form, typically ending or at least focusing on the ultimate binge. Alternatively, if the writer or reader is a Daddy/Mommy type, they get to savor the struggle of the AB and watch as they finally submit and give in. But I'm not terribly Dominant or a Daddy, so I can't be particularly articulate or speak from a point of personal expertise or knowledge on that. Point is, a lot of these stories play out as fantastical versions of pre-negotiated roleplay scenes of struggle, regression, and submission. Even if the Little (the kink term, not the DD term) starts the scene struggling or resisting, the ultimate goal for both parties is submission. In that context, the Diaper Dimension is really just a world where these tendencies and desires take physical approximation and it is socially permissible and even encouraged. Viewed through that lens, every Little (the DD term, not the kink term) is an AB who deep down wants to be babied 24/7 but a matter of pride or shame or ego won't let them give in, so they need a meddling Amazon (who in turn wants to be nurturing and/or dominant and treat someone like a baby always, but only if they're not really a baby,) to facilitate. Viewed as characters in of themselves and not just a window for a fetishist or kinkster to live vicariously through, absolutely not. Littles are in a world where giants either through hardwiring (like an overpowering maternal/paternal instinct) or social constructs are determined to demean and in a way, dehumanize them by never fully conferring the rights of adulthood and competence by treating those rights as privileges. The Littles are infantilized against their will and it's through what amounts to conditioning, stockholm syndrome, brainwashing, chemical addiction, or any myriad of other ways to force someone to act against their own best intrests that they remain imprisoned. That all being said: I like your work in this universe and look forward to reading more. I like how the characters interact and examine their own motivations, preconceptions and attitudes regarding this setting.
  6. Random thing happened this morning.  So I woke up with my stuffed animal tucked under my arm.  I don't remember going to sleep with it.  

    I woke up my wife to let the dog out to pee last night.  I remember that, briefly.  Then, according to her, when she let the dog back in, I sleepily said "Thank you, Mommy" and she gave me my stuffie before I drifted off.

    I don't remember any of this, yet this does not surprise me.  I have a habit of talking in my sleep and sleep talking etc.  Subconscious is a weird thing, huh? 

    I am so never sharing a hotel room with anyone who doesn't know about my little side.   

    1. ruffledpanties


      Happy memories.  I think it would be so cute to see you two like this.

    2. Shawnie


      Can't do nothing but giggle :P

  7. Get some toys that put you in the little zone. Speaking personally, I recommend something that you can do multiple times or for long stretches, possibly alone if needed, and still have fun with and it won't bore your adult mind either. No thanks on the "tickle me elmos" or the "Speak and spells" etc. etc. or most of the electronic gadgets. I already know what the cow says and it won't be particularly amusing after the 5th time elmo shrieks "That tickles". Yes please to creative toys like blocks, cars, train tracks, and even some types of action figures. (I like to make the dinosaurs fight or make chains out of the whole barrel of monkeys). Plus most of those things come with a bucket or bin or box or something that makes them relatively easy to pack up and put in the closet for when you have guests that have no need or business learning of your little side, and they're relatively inexpensive and available. Just my thoughts.
  8. diaper dimension

    I liked the previous DD story you wrote. I'm looking forward to reading this one.
  9. WINE seems to be working with it. Someone on a different forum said "This" in relation to mac and this game. I haven't the fogggiest on what it means, but hopefully it'll help?
  10. So yeah. I haven't been posting here, but I've been a busy little bee, buzz buzz. I'm writing the story for an AB/DL video game, made by PieceofSoap. http://pieceofsoap.deviantart.com/art/Perpetual-Change-Chapter-1-fixed-version-651367771 It's called Perpetual Change. It's an Altered Reality AB/DL/mental regression game. It takes place in the not too distant future and it's about a young woman who awakes to find herself in a world where everyone thinks she's a bed wetter, despite what her own memories tell her. Several mistakes have already been play tested and fixed with bugs and what not. And some typos in the dialogue made it in (that I'm not aware if they've been fixed as of this posting; fingers crossed.) But Pieceofsoap is really dedicated to this and making it an amazing game. Right now, there's a good chunk of introductions and story, but not a whooooole lot on game play in terms of critical choices or quests. We're going with more of a "visual novel" or a "Telltale Games" feel and that'll become more apparent in later chapters. Any feedback is welcome, though I'm definitely not the technical guy. I just put the words in the characters' mouths. I'll still forward any talks of bugs or what have you to the head honcho. The deviant art page I linked has a lot of discussion on bugs and how to fix them as well, so give that a read if you're having problems playing from a technical standpoint. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. This gets brought up by a lot of people every time there's an AB. Short version is: I doubt it. When I'm not writing about AB stuff, I stay away from it like it's a 10 foot pole. No hints. Also, no real AB would have a real kid do that stuff. I think the diaper references on comedy are just lazy lowest common denominator writing. Like "ha-ha, people in diapers that aren't supposed to be! That's funny!"
  12. I don't think either of those 3 are particularly great for gender neutral. Flowers and Superheroes are what I'd imagine on a pull-up or a diaper marketed towards older toddlers and neither seem gender neutral by today's standards. Clowns...nobody likes clowns. Maybe back to the drawing board on the pattern?
  13. So PieceofSoap commissioned me to write the script for an AB/DL videogame. (Still a work in progress, will provide link later). But every month, I get paid for my writing, but THIS month I asked for an art trade instead. For those of you familiar with my (as of yet) unfinished story "College or Cribs", I give you Professor Bumble. I am absolutely thrilled by this. It's almost exactly how I pictured the magician in my brain. I especially love the old codger's expression here. He's up to something.
  14. Yeah. I'm not in favor of it.
  15. It might not stop a thing, but it'll make it punishable to do the thing.