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  1. Okay. Because you specifically asked: Outside of a play what was the last non-internet story you read that started with a full list of the cast of characters? It doesn't read as organic at all and doesn't flow, nor does it present information in a particularly interesting way.
  2. The "Baby Barney" episode of the Flintstones is EXACTLY what gave me the idea for this.
  3. MEET THE GRAYSONS (An Episodic Novelization of the Ground-Breaking Animated Sitcom) Season 1 Episode 2- “Making the Baby is the Best Part.” Original Airdate, April 12th Bo Grayson ached. Not just his back, or his neck, or the joints in his legs, or even the digits in his forepaws; everything ached. Even his muzzled ached. Bo ached. “AAaaaaaahyeeee….” He let out a long half-groan, half-yawn, before sitting down at the breakfast table; the creaking of the chair echoing the creaking of his bones. Damn, he wasn’t even thirty yet. How was it that he felt so old? Across fro
  4. In short, there are many different answers, because every writer has a right to their own take on the DD and the setting, despite the multitude of common elements. Just take what you like from each story that you read and appreciate them on their own individual merits, not whether or not something conflicts with already established canon from another writer.
  5. Very much so. Also, I think it makes Amazons more complex and wicked in a way. They HAVE the culture and systems and professionalism and decency to help EACH OTHER! But Tweeners? Nah, they're practically just big kids. Littles? Pfft...helpless and hopeless for the most part. They even have a condition! Just baby 'em. It'll be okay. I imagine always being on guard and walking that tightrope is how he's made it as far as he has. I'd like to think we're doing more than simply introducing potential Mommies et. al. I think we're taking the time to get to know and flesh o
  6. Who do you think is mighty in this instance? I'm glad that I could surprise you.
  7. Chapter 5: My One Hundred Thirty-Seventh I.E.P. Meeting. “Is everyone here?” “I think so.” “Then let’s begin with proper introductions.” “Hello I’m Tamara Bankhead, and I’m the Resource Compliance Specialist.” “Hi, I’m Chandra Skinner: Speech and Language Pathologist.” “Hello, I’m Maxine Winters: Physical Therapist.” “Hello, I’m Jasmine Sosa: Occupational Therapist.” “And I’m Clark Gibson: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher.” There was a friendly smile, followed by a nervous chuckle. “I’m Winnie Roberts. I’m the Mom.” Yet another ritual. Another
  8. Don't jinx it on the continuation part! I'm glad that this entertained people I consider my writing peers as well as people in my erm...target audience. Feel free to steel some of these if you'd like.
  9. I"m flattered and grateful that I could enamor both sides of you.
  10. In reply to all of you, I can only say: "Hush Little baby, don't say a word..."
  11. Chapter 3-For Whom The Bell Tolls “Come with me And you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you'll see Into your imagination” “No seriously,” Tom had repeated himself at least a dozen times, “What’s a Malacus?” “I think it’s the manufacturer,” Katlynn had said. “I’ve never heard of a clock company called Malacus” “So you’re a clock expert now?” That had shut him up. Tom had grunted and groaned and very likely pulled something getting the giant piece of timber and gears out of the convertible. At half past midnight, he’d probably still be dra
  12. Chapter 4: Just like the Big Grown-Ups The sun hadn’t been up long when the first of the buses arrived. Most teachers hated bus duty. Within their classrooms, every teacher is a benevolent dictator; a king or queen. A demi-god. Outside, even on campus, our power is greatly diminished. We’re not in our space. We’re not in our environment. Not in our zone of control. We’re not acting, and we can only react and hope for the best from our students. That’s the nicest way to put it. Teacher lounge talk went a little more like: “Darn kids keep dragging their feet.”, “It’s not hard
  13. It's just how my brain works. And while the DD (and these kink stories in general) are filled with non-consent scenarios and diaper torture porn and feelings of helplessness, it's the moments of laughter and happiness and random asides and insight, those bits of respite from the dread that make the dread so much worse when it returns. Tension and release. That and since was gonna write a Little in the Dimension who's grown up there and lasted into their 30's, I HAD to have one of the oldest tricks in the book just blow up in an Amazon's face. (Thanks Chasing Emily)
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