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  1. Yeah. I got that. You do a great job of the unreliable narrator.
  2. See, I can see that, and I knew I was interpreting it wrong. That's an interesting hint there, because if that discussion is happening, that's also indicating that Abbey might not have been like this very long. (Abbey by nature of her condition is an unreliable narrator, especially in regards to time spent.)
  3. Great short story. Good mood building and world setting. Definitely gives the feeling of being "gaslighted/brainwashed/hypnotized/reprogrammed/etc." But I can't quite get through this one line. Like I feel like I'm mis-reading it or something. "A few wet diapers though"? From everything I've read in the story, I've inferred that she'd want Abbey to have wet diapers (meaning un-potty training is working). The "though" makes it read to me like it's a setback or a downside though. "She's happy with me.... Buuuuut she's wetting her diapers", is how it registers in my brain. What am I missing?
  4. Personalias

    Tykable Patterns.

    So, I just noticed. Is it just me or do all Tykable diapers look pretty much the same? Like, yeah, they're different decorations, but it's all using the same basic "all over" pattern using the same color palette. It's like they had several "stamps" but only three pads of ink.
  5. Personalias

    Taxes in diaper

    It's like the Daily Show. You can't expect to go on pre-taped segment and expect to be taken seriously. Some people just like being in front of the camera more than anything else.
  6. Personalias

    Sheets Go Brown

    I thought we weren't supposed to critique unless specifically asked and invited to.
  7. Personalias

    Pointless Mommy Rant

    Yeah, the thing with me and my wife is we're best friends and we enjoy being around each other. The fact that she knows all of my fetish buttons to push is awesome, but it's more important that we're friends and lovers BESIDES the fact that we do ABDL stuff.
  8. Personalias

    Taxes in diaper

    Dude seemed like an ass.
  9. Personalias

    Diaper Dimension - Aging Littles

    I think part of the fascination is that diapering is systemic and part of the cultural norm of these stories. So people try to imagine what the whole system might be like. Also, everyone here is a fan, and fans take their shared fictional fandoms and worlds apart, just cuz. (See pretty much every Kevin Smith Movie made in the 90's.)
  10. Personalias

    Diaper Dimension - Aging Littles

    Then why ask questions and reference other stories? Why worry about established rules? Just write whatever you want.
  11. Personalias

    Diaper Dimension - Aging Littles

    From what I've read, I never got that there were huuuuuge biological differences between Littles, In-Betweeners, and Amazons, beyond size. Nor do I recall anything about Littles being freed when they got too old or unattractive. If anything, I'd suggest that it's more cosmetic and psychological than anything. They're dressed up, treated as, and groomed as babies (body hair removed, childish hairdos etc), among a society that refuses to see them as anything but. Heck, one of the things I liked about one of Ausdprs stories was the idea that when dressed up and gas lighted effectively, Littles even saw other Littles as babies. Like a have to do a double take and assure themselves that yup, those were diapered Littles and not Amazon kids...probably. Point is, I think the "social status" as a baby is more important than any physical signs of aging. I doubt, emotionally speaking, that an Amazon would notice or care about the chronological age of a diapered Little with any more interest than a human might care about the age of a lap dog. They're still a "baby". They're still "cute". They still "need to be taken care of". And thus they remain "adopted".
  12. Personalias

    The Asylum at the end of Reality

    I...haven't figured that out yet. And right now isn't the best time for me to think about it. I wrote this while reading Dark Tower. I'm currently watching Ash vs. Evil Dead....
  13. Personalias


    Thank you very much. This one was a lot of fun to write.
  14. Personalias

    ABU Incommunicado

    ABU Incommunicado- The diaper so thin, no one will know you're wearing it. Perfect for wearing discreetly. Easy to change and completely discreet. ABU Incommunicado: We'll never tell.
  15. When you make a silly, stupid joke about diapers and training pants...and instead of laughing or groaning or booing, everyone just starts being like "Ooooh I 'member diapers and training pants! Do you 'member?"