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  1. It takes time. It's a small crew but it's very much a labor of love.
  2. Fun fact: Lots of girls' names, were men's names first. Kelly, Carol, and Susan are all examples. And yeah, I get liking a story about boy, too. Especially if you're a boy. Self-insert is a thing.
  3. Ashley can be a boy's name too. Started out as a boy's name, if I recall. Typically it is shortened to "Ash" but it's not unheard of to be "Ashley" either. Based on context clues, I'm assuming that they are on Earth (or else a dimension very much like our Earth) since the Ambassador must be escorted to a bakery that agrees to make Amazon sized cookies. Agreed kinda makes me think that it's a "special order" instead of the norm. So I'm betting this story, should it continue, is going to be a subtle invasion arc.
  4. Okay. I'll bite. In what aspect do you feel you're struggling, and do you feel that "nailing the ending" or whatever is the main weak spot?
  5. Curious about this take. Commenting so that it sticks out on my feed.
  6. ^ not actually interested in any aspect of abdl or diapers despite thousands of psots. Just bored and working a really really really really really long con. Is not sure what the endgame to said con is, but is committed to the role and is in too deep to turn back now.
  7. Alright. I've read it. How much feedback do you want, and do you want it here or in private message? Is there something you want me in particular to focus on? To make a simile, if this piece was like a dance routine, would you want me to comment on the whole thing or would you rather I focus on your rhythm, or your foot placement, or your posture? Because, I'll be blunt, if you want blind praise, I'm not your guy. If you want me to tell you in more detail what you succeeded at and what you should definitely look to improve upon in future edits, then yeah, I can give you feedback.
  8. Right now it's just a big ol' block of text. Break it into paragraphs so it's easier to read.
  9. My only thought is: There's either a formatting problem or you don't know how to write using paragraphs.
  10. As easy as it is for me to become angry about certain topics, I'm also willing to give credit where credit is due: I sent a copy of my letter to Northshore, and I seemed to have received feedback from an actual human being. We sent a few emails back and forth- enough so that I was sure it wasn't a pre-prepped response- and the end result seems to be this. This is a transcript of the final email that I have recieved from them: "Thanks for the detailed info. I’ll continue to research further. I’m guessing they have learned a lot from past mistakes. Perhaps they still have more room to improve. I do believe there is a lot of misinformation also being spread about them, much of it politically motivated. I can tell you that our walk in Chicago was attended by thousands of families with one or more autistic family members and all were so thankful for the support they received from Autism Speaks. We were just trying to help more people get the same support that we experienced. As I stated, we’re looking into other ways to help and won’t further support Autism Speaks until we can determine what is the reality with their practices. Sincerely, Adam" (Adam is the President/Owner according to the email) Admittedly, not precisely what I'd hoped for, but I can't begrudge the people who run the company being cautious and wanting to check sources and whatnot. So props to Northshore on this one. Consider this my official retraction. (If only for now. If they can be a "for now" non supporter of Autism Speaks. I can be a "for now" customer. ) I've also politely expressed curiosity in what they DO find in the interest of fair play. If anyone who read this also expressed concern, thank you as well, as I highly doubt that a single email gave them pause to reconsider their stance.
  11. Are you okay with the stance on Autistic people as "less than" in their portrayals, and they're pushing of dangerous and unethical treatments?
  12. https://autisticadvocacy.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/AutismSpeaksFlyer2019.pdf An updated thing of their financial stuff.