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  1. Replying so that this will show up with a neat little star when I look at it and I can more easily keep track of it. This is neat.
  2. Alright, I think this story has run its course. @Elfy would you be so kind as to put this in completed?
  3. Sorry, that's a term I read on FetLife. "Twuist"/"Twu". A play on the word "True", but written like in baby talk or to sound stupid. Though I think it can also apply to other kinks, but I'm not certain on that. I think it means when you accuse people of not being a part of your kink (even though they say they are) because they don't meet some subjective standard that you set up. ie: "They're not true (or twu) adult babies because they don't wear 24/7" or some crap like that. Excuses may vary. I'm sorry you feel like an odd ball in a bad way, though. That must suck. Personally, I've found that if you ever get around to going to a munch or other live social event, the ratio tends to even out a lot.
  4. @CDfm; Thank you for reading and commenting. If it makes you feel any better, I've got other stories coming down the pipeline for you to read.
  5. I've long since given up on guessing the guy vs. gal ratio is in this kink. Go to five different sites and you're likely to get five different answers, all claiming to be correct. Then there's live events/play parties etc. and that might have a completely different ratio and population size. Then come all the "twuists" out there, where you're not a "twu" (insert label here) unless (oddly specific list of qualifiers and disqualifiers). Then there's all the people out there who keep this stuff secret and just lurk or don't broadcast it because they don't want to be harassed. These days, I worry less about how "how many" of such and such are "out there" and try to concern myself with the number of people that I know and can name, either online or face to face, who have this kink and are worth spending time with.
  6. thanks. I put a hint in there that all might not be what it seems, but it was minor.
  7. Thank you very much.
  8. Session 5: The Weird Way Out of This Mess I knocked on the door of Apartment 1017AB. Once again, I was wearing my kidcare2u.net t-shirt and a pair of jeans. This time, I had a backpack full of supplies with me. I had spent all of the money that Cissy Hawk had already given me and then some. I had all but bankrupted myself with a few last minute shopping trips to a handful of stores that were open 24 hours a day. Good. I needed that time to mentally prepare and being worried about what materials I’d need would only have distracted me. As for the cost: If everything went according to plan, this would be the last time I’d be at this wretched place. Totally worth it. Besides, the bitch was going to pay me for today plus a couple of days back pay anyways. So in a way, Cissy Hawk had already paid for the damage I was about to inflict. “Olivia,” Cissy Hawk said curtly. “Glad you’re punctual as usual.” “Miss Hawk,” I nodded politely and smiled. “So I assume you’ll be on your way, as usual?” “Yes, dear,” she smiled, “I’ll actually be stopping by the bank to withdraw the rest of the money I owe you.” “Okie dokie,” I said, not really caring what reason she had to step out, “Have a good time.” “Oh I will, dear, I will. Maddie is in her crib, just like the first time you sat for her.” And without even looking back, the witch walked past me and into the elevator. I walked into the apartment, backpack in tow, and went straight for Madison’s nursery. True to Cissy’s word, she was in her crib, wearing a onesie. She came over to the railings as I entered. “Hey,” she waved weakly. “Hey,” I smiled, sadly, but genuinely this time. “So I guess this is goodbye,” she told me. “Maybe,” I agreed. “But not yet. Lay down for me.” “Why-?” she started. I shushed her and put a finger to her lips. “We’ll talk later; but just in case this all goes to shit, I want to give you something.” “What?” she asked as she laid back down in her crib. I set down my backpack and pulled out the first thing from it: My secret weapon if you will. “Is that a…?” Madison gasped in a combination of disbelief and apprehension, with a pinch of longing excitement. “Yup.” I said. It was a magic wand vibrator. It was the one thing in there, admittedly, that I didn’t have to buy before last night. I switched it on and heard the buzzing hum fill the room. Madison laid in her crib, mouth agape as I leaned forward with the wand. “If you want this,” I told her, “just close your eyes and let it happen.” She wanted it. I pressed the bulb of the vibrator to her sex and began to rub it between her legs. A dim crinkle joined the humming of the vibrator as I moved it up and down and around, searching for the right spot, trying to find the right rhythm and the right pressure. It was a bit trickier when you were doing it to someone else. I only had her facial expressions and body movement to judge by. “Harder, please,” she moaned. “Press through the diaper.” I did and she squirmed a little bit in pleasure. “Mmmm” she hummed, eyes still closed as she gripped the railing of her crib. “Tell me I’m a bad girl,” she panted as her legs squirmed around a bit, arms still gripping her infantile cage. “You’re a bad girl,” I whispered to her. She licked her lips and began to thrust her hips a bit. Still moaning. “You’re a dirty little slut.” I felt my own mojo start to flow a bit. “You’re a dirty little slut who doesn’t deserve this…fuckin’ whore.” Madison stopped thrusting. Instantly I knew I’d gone a little too far, too fast. “No,” she cocked open an eye. “Just tell me I’m naughty. Tell me I’m a bad girl.” “Bad girl,” I imitated. “Naughty, naughty, girl.” She started up again, her eyes closed and her squeaking and moaning threw her into a kind of trance. “Bad, bad, bad, naughty, baby girl,” I hissed to her. On the word “baby”, Madison thrusted her hips into the vibrator extra hard and screamed a bit instead of a low moan. That pushed a button. On intuition, I kept going. “Naughty, baby girl, Madison.” I said louder this time. “When your mommy gets home, she’s going to spank you good.” Madison started humping the vibrator I held to her faster, now. Why was she being turned on by this? Then I imagined myself in her position, another grown woman standing over me, pleasuring me and cooing at me like I was some dumb, pathetic, helpless, cute, adorable…oh god why was this idea starting to turn me on?! I lifted up the vibrator long enough to unbutton her onesie. Sure enough, the wetness line on Madison’s gigantic Pampers was pure blue. She was humping the shaking, buzzing wand in a very wet diaper. Then I thrusted the vibrator down, harder into her soaked padding. “Uh oh,” I cooed like she was a real baby. “Wooks wike widdle Maddie had a biiiig accident. Maybe I should stop and change her.” “No!” her eyes popped open, begging me not to. “Please, let me finish!” “Okay, diaper girl.” I teased and wobbled around the magic wand. My own panties were becoming a swamp by now. I loved the power she was giving me over her…but…was I also experiencing a bit of jealousy? It was quickly becoming a matter of figuring out what I wanted to hear, and then substituting Madison’s name for my own. “Big sister Olivia will let you cum in your little diapee,” I cooed. “And then, she’ll change you.” Madison let go of the crib bars and popped a thumb in her mouth. Her other hand grabbed the vibrator from me and started taking control as her hips continued to buck into the air. She moaned around her thumb and squealed as she kept masturbating in front of me. I was getting hot and bothered, too and then a new thought popped into my head. “And then, once little Maddie’s all clean in a nice new diapee,” I cooed to her, “maybe then sister Olivia will have a turn in the crib. Maybe then, it’ll be time for Olivia to try a diapee on and Maddie can make me all wet.” I was going to call myself “Mommy,” but I remembered her telling me she had wanted an equal…so instead I chose “sister.” Madison’s eyes shot wide open, and she grabbed the vibrator with both hands, pushing it into herself with furious abandon. I unbuttoned my own jeans, dug my fingers into my panties, and began playing with myself. It couldn’t have been more than 10 seconds, but it was the longest ten seconds of my life. My knees went weak, and soon I was on the ground, finishing myself off. Then we both were done. “Long time?” I asked, panting a bit as I stood up off the carpeted floor and buttoned my jeans back up. “Yeah,” she nodded, beads of sweat having formed on her face. “That got kind of weird there, for a second.” I admitted. “Sorry,” Madison apologized. “I guess I internalized more of that stuff than I thought. Do you hate me?” “No,” I told her. “I understand.” Though some deep part of me worried; and should have been worried. Whatever she needed right then, I was willing to give it to her. Right then, I knew, that I had accidentally fallen in love with her. “What was all that for?” Madison asked as the post orgasm fog faded from our brains. “In case my plan to free you doesn’t work,” I explained. “I didn’t want to have any regrets.” “Okay…” she nodded, still catching her breath. “Okay… What’s the plan?” “Just one quick question,” I said. “Cissy’s got a computer, right?” “Laptop,” Madison answered. “In her room. Why?” “Internet?” I asked. “Of course…but-“ “We’re gonna give her a choice,” I told Madison. “Either she lets you go, or the villagers with the pitchforks and torches come after her. She won’t be able to magic all of the police.” “We’re never gonna get her in public,” Madison sighed in exasperation. “She’s in total control now. You ask her out to dinner or something and she’ll just say no. I don’t even know if I could rip those magic milestones off of her necklace, anyways.” “We’re gonna bring the public to her,” I said. “Unless she meets our demands.” “How?” Madison wondered. I reached into my backpack and got out a new digital video recorder that I could use to upload videos onto a computer or laptop. “We’re gonna make a video of you and show it to the world.” I said, indicating the recorder. “Then if she doesn’t let you go and end her spell, the cops will break down her door and take her to prison. You’ll be out of her power no matter what.” “That won’t work,” Madison threw her hands up in frustration. “Some video of me won’t bother anyone. Don’t you remember the baby monitor? Anything you record of me will show up as a baby. It’ll be no different than some idiot posting their home movies to Youtube.” “I know,” I winked and opened my backpack to show her the other items I had brought. Madison stared in awe of the items I pulled out of the book bag. Then her eyes twinkled in realization as she connected the dots for what I intended to do. “Oh, you clever little bitch!” she grinned. Final Session: The Conclusion When we were finished, I changed Madison into a fresh diaper, packed everything I had brought with me back up in the backpack, gave her a bottle, and left before Cissy Hawk could get home. Then I got into my car, drove off, and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Within the hour, my cell phone started ringing. Sure enough, it was Cissy. “Olivia!” Cissy’s voice blared through the speaker. “What is the meaning of this?” “Hi Cissy,” I beamed over the receiver. No ‘Miss Hawk’, this time. “How are you?” “You left Maddie alone for God knows how long, you little bitch!” she screamed at me. “How dare you abandon her?! She could have hurt herself!” “Cut the crap, Cissy,” I said flatly. “I know the truth.” “What?” Cissy responded, sounding for the first time off her guard. “What are you talking about, Olivia? What truth?” “I know you’re a witch,” I said. “And that Madison’s not really a baby. I know the truth,” I repeated. “You can’t honestly expect me to think that you believe this,” Cissy replied, dryly. “You know I believe this,” I answered her. “You know it’s true. I’ve seen the proof myself.” “Olivia, I’m reporting you to the police.” Cissy voice pronounced smugly. “You need help.” “No.” I told Cissy. “You’re not. And I don’t. You wouldn’t call the police, regardless. You wouldn’t want them to be looking too deeply into your daughter.” “Oh this is just ridiculous,” Cissy proclaimed. In the background I heard baby babbling. No doubt, Madison was saying something spiteful to the witch. “Then call the police,” I bluffed. “They’ll arrest me, and then I’ll tell them to start looking into how you’ve had an eight month old in your care for the last two years. They’ll look for things like a birth certificate, or an adoption record, or proof of vaccinations; all those little things that you probably don’t have because your baby isn’t really a baby. Or,” I added, “you could just give Madison her milestones back and let her walk away from all this.” “So,” Cissy paused a beat. “You have been talking to little Maddie. I didn’t think it was possible.” “Life is full of surprises,” I sneered at her. “Now, turn Madison back to normal, or I go to the police. It might start out seeming like I’m reporting a bogus kidnapping charge, but the longer the investigation goes on, the more pressure you’ll be under.” “There are ways around that,” Cissy replied. “And it won’t keep you out of jail, either.” “So I’m talking to the real Cissy Hawk, now, am I?” I smiled. “Stupid girl,” Cissy spat at me. I could hear the disgust in her voice. “You haven’t thought this through at all, have you? You won’t expose me; you’ll just get yourself thrown in jail.” “That reminds me,” I said, trying to sound confident. “You might want to lay low for a while. The police will probably be coming to your home very soon.” “What the devil are you talking about?” Cissy sounded slightly worried. “Do you know what Youtube is?” I asked. “Of course I do,” she answered. “How about Pornhub? Or Youporn?” I pressed on. Silence. “No? Well I’m betting you’re smart enough to figure out what they do. Let’s just say that every site that let me load up videos, now has some very disturbing, and right now very illegal videos uploaded from your laptop from an account in your name. I’d be surprised if the videos aren’t immediately removed, but they will be tracked down to that laptop.” My backpack had been filled with more than just a single vibrator and a video camera. It had fuzzy handcuffs, assless chaps, ball gags, and dildos to name just a few items I’d smuggled in. Then, I helped Madison dress up in them and filmed her playing and masturbating with the various sex toys. Sometimes, it was a mix and match of different baby clothes too, like the baby t-shirt and diaper with a gimp zipper mask. Regardless, all of the items scaled up and down to fit her, thanks to Cissy’s curse, so it didn’t really matter. Honestly though, I’d rather not go into any more detail than that about the stuff Madison did. Some of it was well and truly disgusting; like gut wrenching nausea level. Madison was more than willing to go to any length for the illusion as I’d found out. Also regardless, but very important in this plan of, was that as far as the camera was concerned, Madison was still a baby…doing some very inappropriate things on film. “Personally,” I spat at Cissy, “I’m a fan of the one of her whipping herself while she wets, I think it’s a weird but nice mix and match.” “You…you didn’t,” she whispered “Congratulations,” I told Cissy, “You’re about to be investigated for the worst kind of child abuse.” “You…BITCH!” Cissy screamed at me over the phone. More baby babbling came in from the background. Even in the garbled nonsense of Cissy’s spell, it sounded spiteful and vindictive. Madison must be talking smack. “Better a bitch than a witch,” I snapped back. “You’re about to have a very interesting experience, I bet. All because you felt like turning a grown woman into your own personal plaything. Just think of it as a witch hunt. Or…” I let the word hang in the air, hoping she’d take the bait. Silence. “Or….” I repeated myself. “Or what?” Cissy finally answered. “Or, you can end the spell, and let Madison go,” I said confidently. “Take whatever magic you have off of her, and then suddenly any videos of her on the internet suddenly become perfectly legal. Everyone will see her as she really is; a fully consenting adult.” “Do you really think it works that way?” Cissy asked. “Pretty sure,” I responded. “Even if it doesn’t, wouldn’t it be in your best interest if the baby in the videos wasn’t around to be found. And,” I added, “a live woman who can walk away is a lot easier than a dead girl to cover up. So let her go, wiggle your fingers, start a new life, and go be someone else’s problem.” There was a long silence this time. Too long. “Cissy?” I spoke up. “You there, witch?” “I’m here,” she answered. This time she sounded a bit more defeated. A bit more humble. Humiliated was more like it. “Do we have a deal?” I asked. “Fine, you win, Olivia but-“ “Put Madison on the phone.” I interrupted “What?” Cissy Hawk stammered. “Put Madison on the phone. If you broke the spell, then I’ll be able to understand her over the telephone.” There was a brief pause as the phone was likely handed over. “Olivia?” I heard Madison’s voice through the speaker again. Holy shit, it was working! “Quick,” I said, “if you’re really Madison, prove it. What was the secret phrase we had to make sure I knew it was you?” “You didn’t tell me we had a secret word,” she said, sounding a little worried. “Correct.” I told Madison. “Get out of there now, and stay on the line till I come pick you up.” I was less than a block away; I had never gone home. “Yeah…this is mine, now.” I heard Madison say. “I’m keeping it.” “Ungrateful little-“ I heard Cissy sneer before I heard the door slam over the phone speaker. “Come pick me up,” Madison said, her voice even with just a hint of anxiety creeping in “and hurry. I’m…kind of naked and the adrenaline is wearing off quick.” I pulled up to the apartment complex, and unlocked my passenger side door. A very naked, but very happy Madison climbed into the seat next to me. She slid in and slammed the door shut. She was panting now, almost shaking, and it had nothing to do with how exposed she was. “I can’t believe that worked!” She screamed, stomping her feet and shaking. She didn’t even think to cover herself in front of me, she was so ecstatic. “Let’s go home! Let’s get out of here” I floored it out of there. It was about a half hour drive, not factoring in traffic lights. We made it to my place in about fifteen minutes. All the way home she kept giggling; cackling really. She kept whispering “I did it, I did it, I did it,” to herself and smiling the smile. She was a woman who’d just escaped the most high security prison ever. How could I blame her for being giddy. I was happy too. Still, I made sure to be constantly checking my rearview to see if we were being followed, and looking ahead to make sure no cops were on the lookout. It wouldn’t do to be pulled over with a naked girl in my passenger seat. With no one on our tail and luck on our side, we pulled into my apartment complex on the other side of town. I parked and ran around to the passenger side door and opened it up for Madison, who was still bouncing up and down like a rowdy toddler from all of her excitement. “Thank you thank you thank you! I love you, Olivia! I love you more than anything!” Madison squealed as she leaped out of the car and gave me a barebacked hug. “Easy! Easy!” I giggled, having to peel Madison’s petite naked body off of me just so that I could look her in the eye. “We’ve got at least fifty feet till we’re in the clear, Madison, keep it together till then.” She nodded, and we dashed into the inside of my complex. “Let me find something that will fit you,” I said once we were safely inside the crappy one bedroom apartment that I had been living in since I was a junior in college. Madison did a cartwheel the moment she crossed the threshold, not even waiting for me to close the door. “Make yourself at home,” I told her as I began looting through my closet for the closest bits of t-shirts and pajama pants- something comfy for Madison to wear on her first night as a full-fledged adult, again. Absentmindedly, perhaps unfairly, I wondered if I should have gotten some kind adult diaper for her to wear. Yeah, she had her potty training back now if the spell was released, but her bladder could have atrophied in her time. I shook my head, trying to make sense of the situation. Then again, she’d been reduced to crawling for that amount of time, and here she was doing cartwheels in my living room, so maybe her bladder had been fully restored as well. More importantly, where would we go from here? She was still a missing person in the eyes of the law; likely declared dead? How did we get the rest of her adult life back? How did we get her a job or a driver’s license or her social security card back? What about us? We had been something close to intimate, but those were extraordinary circumstances. Would we really have anything in common other than being prisoner and rescuer? Was the basis for our feelings and current situation anything to build a real lasting relationship on? Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I hadn’t planned for any of this. I was so worried about the bluff working, that every moment after seemed like a bizarre unrealistic fantasy; a statistical improbability that hadn’t needed to be planned on. Now I was broke, had no real job, and an extra person to take of with a witch very angry at me. That could wait, I decided, as I continued rifling through my closet for something Madison could wear. We just had to get through tonight, and the next few days, and then figure out how we were going to make this work. We’d have to improvise in the short term and work out a plan. Then a thought came into my head: Madison was still pretty petite, and I still had those diapers that I had bought at the drug store stashed under my bed. Even without a spell, Madison could likely squeeze into one of those diapers and if she only wet a little, like a tiny tinkle accident, it wouldn’t leak. It’d be the equivalent of asking her to pee in a pad, I supposed, but it would be better than- “Olivia?” I heard Madison say as I was pulling down a pair of pajamas out of my closet. I turned around, and Madison was holding one of the leftover Luvs that I had stashed under my bed the other night. “Hold this for me, please.” Without even thinking, I took the diaper into my hands. Then, without warning, the diaper expanded like a balloon, growing and then folding in on itself, till it folded over itself and became a Size 6 Adult Luvs. One that would fit Madison perfectly; or to be more precise, one that was big enough to fit me perfectly. “Madison!” I cried out. “The spell! It’s on you again!” Then Madison did the last thing I had expected her to. She laughed. She laughed like what I had said was the funniest thing in the whole damn world. “It’s not on me,” she giggled. “Not yet, anyways.” That’s when I felt something crawl up my throat. I felt nauseated. The room was spinning. I was having trouble breathing, like something was obstructing my airway and I couldn’t see straight. Without any further warning, I lurched forward on my hands and knees as vomit spewed out of my mouth. A greenish black ichor, like bad pea soup, dripped from my lips and pooled on the floor. My vision was blurry, but I could just make out a handful of round, marble sized objects rocking and rolling around in the muck. Had that come out of me? Madison’s slender hand bolted forward snatched them up. “Gotcha!” she smiled, rolling the marble things around in the palm of her hand. Her eyes lit up like they were precious jewels and not glass beads. “Gotcha?” I echoed dumbly; completely not comprehending what was happening to me. “Olivia, baby,” Madison said, looking down on me. “I’ve got a confession to make. Cissy isn’t the witch.” Then she leaned down closely and whispered, “I am.” “What?” I mumbled in disbelief. The room was still spinning. My vision still blurry and unfocused. This couldn’t be happening. “But you were…in diapers.” I panted, suddenly feeling exhausted from the mere act of having been standing on my own two feet. Something inside me told me that I shouldn’t have done that, that I shouldn’t be doing that at all. I belonged here on the floor, on my hands and knees crawling around. “I know,” she smiled, “and I loved it.” Her smile broke out into a wicked grin. “Olivia, do you know what an adult baby is?” I shook my head, still absent mindedly spitting out vomit while my arms and legs shook under my own weight on the floor. “Well,” she said, “it’s kind of a kink. For me anyways. I get off on being treated like a baby girl. It’s like, the best thing ever,” she shuddered in pleasure at just the thought of it. “And I happen to know more than a little magic. So a few years ago, I cast that spell on myself, with Cissy as my caretaker, and I’ve been living my fantasy ever since…until you came along.” Just then, Cissy Hawk walked into my bedroom. “I finished the ritual as instructed, Mistress, and then came to find you” she intoned with respect. “Those videos, and only those videos, will now show you at your proper age from now on.” “How did?” I panted, “How did…?” I wanted to ask how Cissy how found us; but I believed in magic now, and when magic was involved, anything was possible. “Excellent, Cissy.” Madison held out her hand and offered the stones that I had just vomited up; my milestones; to Cissy. “Now here, hold onto these for me for the foreseeable future.” Cissy took the little stones and put them into her mouth, swallowing them. I watched the little lumps press out against her throat and travel down it, like a snake swallowing bird’s eggs. All of a sudden there was a faint glow from her necklace and there now seemed a few more beads wrapped around Cissy’s neck. “Cissy isn’t exactly human,” Madison explained. “I made her. I guess that’s why she still looks a little bit like me. She’s kind of like my familiar,” she shrugged. “But, she doesn’t have free will, so having her take care of me is a little bit like talking to myself sometimes. That’s why I have her keep hiring babysitters. It’s so hot when I trick people into taking care of me, and they have no idea who they’re really dealing with.” “But…but,” I stammered, “I thought you said being treated like a baby humiliated you.” None of this made sense to me. “It does,” Madison said. “But I kind of get off on that sometimes. I feel vulnerable. And open. And so…so little.” Her whole body blushed, just getting herself all hot and bothered at the thought of it. “When I wet my diaper, uncontrollably, and then a perfect stranger checks me down there, just so they can strip me down, clean me up and redress me just so I can do it all over again… oooooh.” She shivered at the thought of it, her teeth biting her bottom lip. “When someone else picks out my clothes and dresses me and feeds me and pushes me along in my stroller and I don’t have a care or a responsibility in the world. You have no idea how relaxing that can be. You have no idea, Olivia. It’s so therapeutic.” Then she smirked and sashayed over to me, taking my drooping, tired head into her hand, making me look her in the eye. “But you’re about to, little sister. You’re about to.” “Why me?” I began to cry, not even fully registering the puddle that had formed beneath me as my bladder had let loose during Madison’s ranting. The smell of ammonia registered in my nostrils and I became dimly aware of how my pants were sticking to my legs. “Because you can see through my spell,” Madison told me. “Don’t know why. Don’t much care.” She stood up and paced a little. “I think it was fate, Olivia. I think we were meant to be together. You’ve allowed me to sort through my feelings in ways that I couldn’t fathom. Your little interviews made me hold up a mirror to myself. And I liked what I saw.” I’m adorable. I’m precocious. I’m bratty in a cute way. And I want to share that with you. “Don’t do this,” I begged, my voice scratchy and irritated. “Please!” “Olivia, you know I can’t let you walk away from this,” she cooed to me. “That much was decided the night you saw me and saw…well…me.” “Let me at least take care of you,” I begged, having nothing else to bargain with. Everything I had seen up to this point had been a show. A careful illusion performed for my benefit. Cissy as the villain. The tears. The spanking. My feelings of disgust and hatred for Cissy Hawk. I had been manipulated up to this point. “I already told you, Olivia,” Madison lounged on my bed, still naked. “I have a Mommy.” She indicated Cissy, standing statue still, waiting for commands from her true master. “I want an equal. I want another baby to be my sister. And I choose you.” She turned to Cissy. “Do it.” Cissy grabbed me and hoisted me out of my puddle of piss and vomit and laid me on a clean spot of the floor. “You know you want this,” Madison called to me while Cissy effortless ripped off my jeans and panties. “That’s why you’ve been asking me all these questions since we met.” Cissy stripped me of my shirt and bra, leaving me completely naked. I struggled, but nothing came of it. I was weak, Madison’s puppet was strong. “You didn’t just want to know how the spell worked,” Madison lectured me as I was pushed back down to the ground, and my legs lifted up to the ceiling, raising my hips off the ground. “You wanted to know what it was like to be a big baby. You were hungry for what I had, even as you tried to think of a way to help me escape it.” A giant Luvs diaper was slid underneath me, and my ass was lowered down onto the thick, soft padding. A soft crinkle filled my ears, and I knew that it was coming from me for the first time. “That’s why you dirty talked the way you did, today,” she said as Cissy took out a bottle of baby powder- from where, I don’t know- and dusted me front to back. “You weren’t just helping me get off. You were dropping hints. And I picked them up, baby girl. I picked them up. By the way,” she added, as Cissy drew the front of the diaper up, forcing my legs apart, “I wasn’t technically lying when I told you about not getting laid in the last couple of years. I’ve had plenty of orgasms, but they were all pretty much self-inflicted.” Cissy reached over to the side and pulled up one tape, and then the other, securing me in my new prison. I racked my brain on how to undo the diaper and free myself, but every time I moved my hands for the tapes they went numb and stupid, and my mind began to wander. Quickly, I tried to think about using the potty, to even imagine myself on it, and instead I felt a shrill panic at the thought and instead pictured myself being lovingly wiped and changed by a grown-up. Holy shit, it was difficult for me to even think of myself as a grown-up. It’s like my entire adult skillset was suddenly a giant “file not found” error on the hard drive of my brain. Cissy sat down on the floor next to me and started coughing. Out came little milestones, clean, probably because they hadn’t been inside her as long, and she gave them to Cissy. “Do me up next, Mommy,” she ordered Cissy. “I want to match my new sister. We can be twins!” “Of course, little Maddie, dear,” Cissy responded and she grabbed another rapidly enlarging Luvs and slid it under Madison’s bottom. “I hope you’re not too attached to Luvs, Olivia.” Madison turned her head to the side to look at me in my defeat. “I’m a Pampers girl myself. Though there’s no harm in experimenting a little; but we’ll have to go back down to size three or four. We’re not Adult Toddlers after all.” Cissy starting powdering her ass. “We can take turns selecting diaper brands whenever Cissy goes grocery shopping, if you’d like. Though I’ve gotta warn you, I’ve had some bad experiences with Huggies.” “We’ll have to share a crib tonight, but Cissy will get you your own in the morning,” Madison went on as her slave finished diapering her. “Though we can always share a crib on nights when we feel like doing more than sleeping.” She winked at me. “Not tonight though. The first night after the transformation is always exhausting.” On that much she was right. I could barely move, and it was getting hard to keep my eyes open. “Go ahead, honey. Go to sleep. Our Mommy will take care of us. Don’t worry about money either. Magic always finds a way.” And so I closed my eyes for the last time as an independent adult woman. It’s been a month since then, and now “little Maddie” and I – “little Livie”- are “twins”. Fraternal twins of course. Cissy takes care of us most of the time: Pushing us around the park together in our new double stroller- Madison shouting out insults while I call for help. She feeds us in our high chairs, even playing “here comes the airplane.” We’re dressed in matching baby outfits- all with either snaps in the crotch or our diapers completely exposed for easy access. I’ve had my diaper changed in public, and yes I’m thinking of them as my diapers, now. That’s the scary part. I can’t feed myself, I can’t dress myself, I have to crawl everywhere, and I have absolutely no bladder or bowel control. Sometimes I can’t even tell if I’m wet or dry anymore. I might have peed myself while writing this, and I’m not entirely sure. At least once a week, Cissy hires a sitter so that Madison can get her jollies. She’s always the happy baby. I’m described as the fussy one. I’ve been bottle fed while sitting in a stranger’s lap. I’ve had a girl who was a year or two younger than me pat my padded crotch to see if I was wet enough. I’ve screamed for help, only to have a pacifier shoved in my face, and tears run down my eyes as my body betrayed me as my lips start suckling. I’ve been writing this journal on pieces of scrap paper in crayon ever since the spell was cast on me. Madison tells me to give it up, and have fun with it. That I should enjoy this second chance at infancy. That I should just give in. She promises me the spell makes my writing just look like chicken scratch and scribbles, and I should just learn to accept this part of myself and have fun with her. She says that I’m only denying the part of myself that I showed to her back when I was the babysitter. She’s wrong about that. I swear it. That witch has kidnapped me, and I’ll find a way to escape. I just have to hope that maybe…maybe someone else out there is immune to the spell’s illusions like I was and they’ll come over to babysit us one night. THE END
  9. ^^^Truth.
  10. Ding! Dang...Book, Chapter, and Verse... And yes the AB might be a little nod to "Adult Baby".
  11. Ding! You got it! Also, the counter is at "12 months" so I'll be releasing the conclusion relatively shortly.
  12. My long answer: - Live in a small community where people gossip. Not everybody knows everybody, but you could probably play six degrees of Kevin Bacon and connect any two people. - Highly socially conservative area, getting found out as any kind of kinky, yet alone AB could be bad for my livelihood, reputation, and career. - For some dumb reason that only makes sense to me, I only really have AB diapers, the kind that couldn't possibly be mistaken for medical briefs. - My job involves me working with a good amount of people everyday, so there's a high risk that SOMETHING will give...a waistband will poke out, or I'll waddle a bit, or crinkle, or the odor control won't be as strong as I'd like it to be. My short answer: Not comfortable at all.
  13. When I'm in AB mode with my Mommy and we're at a con or a party, sure. Not much use for it at home (because home), and I wouldn't carry it around in public-public. But if we're at a party or a con where a diaper change is likely to happen, it's easier than leaving the diapers/wipes/etc. wherever the grown up clothes get stored and then making a trip there and a trip to a changing area. Also it adds a certain "authenticity" to the mommy/baby play we do. Sometimes she carries the diaper bag, and other times I carry it and I'm "her little helper". EIther way, it's a nice little touch to get into head space for both of us.
  14. So, Slender man?
  15. the abdlstoryforum is a good place to get an honest critique and some thoughtful writing advice. Be warned though, they do not pull punches.