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  1. The gender neutral thing was a nice touch for sure. What really sold me, though, was the narration of, as you said, "a character who had already lost, and didn't realize it or care" and moreover the interaction with one who hadn't, leading to both of them misunderstanding each other. These sort of "you were so close!" situation are very neat, and somewhat difficult to properly set up. Again, great work !
  2. XD Joke aside, never change. You're perfect the way you are.
  3. Loved this one. The quiproquo are hilarious, and the final communication failure is deliciously dark.
  4. I sure would love to see some actual physical Age Regression in one of your stories one day.
  5. A truly awesome read from first chapter to the last. Thanks for sharing your neat works!
  6. You're too humble. Do you know if he's doing well, by the way? It's been a while since I've read of him.
  7. And it's as great on a second read than when first read way back then! It feel like a long time since I've seen you, Personalias. Are things going well on your end? I sure hope so.
  8. Arrrgh, it ended so close! I can't wait to see what will happen when they will meet.
  9. So there will be a narration of the first contact in some form or another? I sure can't wait to read it. Such a fascinating thing to picture in your head.
  10. "remarkable creativity, innovation, and compassion." This is our own bias showing, though. Aliens may very well find these traits pretty crappy on our part, as it's limited to a minority of our specie. When was the last time you or someone you know made anything remarkably creative, innovative or compassionate? An alien specie among which it's pretty common for everyone to have these traits tenfold more powerful since a very young age may find nothing worth of interest in us.
  11. Yeah, having done such co authored part by part (AR) story I can see what you mean with "each one cuing up, hinting at, signaling, asking, and suggesting in a "now?...no not yet...okay now." kind of way. " I'm disagreeing on the comparison made here with puppy and ants. You can't compare how people would react with on one hand species they already know very well and on the other a completely unknown alien specie. Maybe the co protagonist can be excused because everything in her data already tell her these tiny animals aren't sapient, but that only shift the responsability to the aliens who made first contact. What the hell were their procedures? Now I'm wondering if maybe all the others humans-specimens-made-pets they have were collected a very, very long time ago? Could it be that like humans and hamsters the timelifes are vastly different here, as well as conception of time? Were the humans they analysed from the prehistoric ages? Will the humans pets our little co protagonist eventually encounter be the offsprings of countless generations of now almost feral humans pets? What an interesting, intriguing and imagination feeding story!
  12. No problem. On the other end of the spectrum, I tend to overuse smileys myself because with english not being my first language it happened to me before that I ended up sounding rude when not intending to. Silly internet not connecting our brainwaves for automatic mutual comprehension yet.
  13. I wasn't asking for one either! Just letting my imagination go wild here. I'm eager to see these following struggles you mention, anyways. See you then.