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  1. Indeed. I would make all clouds cotton candy, all squirrels could talk, and pizza would have negative calories.
  2. I agree!! I truly think Ella is my favorite character for those reasons!
  3. I'm fully expecting Jamie to have a conspiracy wall with tacs and string connecting things like littles milk, sleepy, moon phases, bigs actions, and of course, martians.
  4. I'm gonna guess potty training is gonna be a no go.
  5. I loved that the last two chapters contained everything I think the next volume should be. Amanda's father, and the strange workings of the big mind.
  6. So I was at the Kennedy space center a few weeks ago and spotted this... coincidence or homage Alex? Not gonna lie. In my head I flawlessly read 'James Patrick Webb". 🤣
  7. I love seeing into Jamie's past. Part of me is still waiting for him running into someone from his past, whether it be an old client or a past Foster parent. I think it would be really interesting for him. Especially if they are now regressed or partially regressed.
  8. Hehe! I thought she wanted to stay! Though not for the diapers, that's different. I'm excited to see how the next 4 days go.