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  1. Very nicely done with the conversations, dinner and the bath. I am glad you included some reactions with Fred/Amanda present and some without. Made for a much more realistic version of events. I also enjoyed the dinner and how the chef felt Littles should have quality food, even if it needed to be puréed after being made. Somewhat seems a waste but I do see his point in wanting satisfied customers all the way around. I hope you post some more before your trip! Looking forward to the next portion!
  2. Good to see this updated and I could really imagine the conflict in the emotions across Clara's face. Wonderful job explaining and describing them. I am wondering what the next step will be especially during outside adventures and if and when her friends see her. Plus a potential doctors exam or whatever is required to be adopted. Looking forward to more!
  3. So nice to see the happy family as a family! I do look forward to what ever nightmares Kimmy has to deal with as aftermath. I only say that as you do write well and the spins you provide are well thought out and covered. This has truly been one of my favorite diaper dimension stories in a long time. Seeing Melanie in her new body will be excellent and I am curious if they will be removing the cat ears and how the Albion Doctors appointment goes. Can't wait for tomorrow's addition!
  4. Lol this will be entertaining
  5. I am glad Kimmy is back with April and that Gwen is moving in! I really look forward to the next chapter and seeing how the doctor reacts to the ears. I also look forward to more adventures on Albion...lol. Great job with the reunion!
  6. This sounds interesting
  7. I like the two additions and you are such a tease with those dreams about April but I am glad they are aware of what troubles could be brought about by taking her to the vet. It is certainly interesting and I am still curious if they can track Kimmy down due to her collar or some other tracker somewhere like a chip in her body. I am also wonder with a child like Opal is allowed to mistreat even a Little acting like an animal. Granted that happens in the real world as well. Is Opal a Little herself? I thought I had read that somewhere and if she is, how do they treat others this way? I will miss seeing another chapter tomorrow but I look forward to the next and the return of April or others to the story, especially her reaction.
  8. I like the different family members and enjoyed reading about the gifts. Very easy to visualize. I think was well written but do wonder about more of the games and some of the big girl things she is talking about. I look forward to more!
  9. Very simple and sweet. I do look forward to an additional few chapters somewhere down the line.
  10. I want April and I am glad someone figured out that Kimmy belongs to someone else. I wonder if there is a tracker somewhere in Kimmy like in some of the other stories. Or does the collar have one? If so, will April be able to track her down with it? I do like that Bella is softening up and that Kimmy is really attached. I do look forward to seeing how these dark chapters develop more. I am glad you weren't offended s that was certainly not my intention. I like how each dimension author and story adds their own unique elements and portions. Makes the dimension even more my favorite because of it. I look forward to more!!
  11. Ooh I look forward to the reactions. He did warm them in an email but I guess it is still shocking and all. I wonder if they could reprogram him to become a boy again later? Just wondering. I think there was a lot going on here and that it flowed well together.
  12. Just wow. I miss April and really want to see her reaction and I hope the mask doesn't get stuck. I do feel bad for Kimmy but it is nice to see how the other girl wants her to stay away from Opal. And yes, I haven't seen a dimension story of this type of twist. Some bad ones yes but not this twist. However, I also know you said it becomes happier eventually so I do enjoy the bad parts as it makes the good parts much sweeter.
  13. Wow! What an unexpected situation!! I cannot wait to see April's reaction after this!! I don't want to wait for the next day I want this whole thing now!! So looking forward to more and poor Kimmy. This is certainly a crueler side to the dimension than I can remember seeing.
  14. Very nice update. I like how she is slowly sinking further. It is almost like now that there is someone else to be in charge, her body/mind are regressing on their own accord. Looking forward to more.
  15. Great job with the update and while the darker portions aren't anyone's favorite I feel they are necessary to the storyline as they make the pleasant parts more so. This section was really nice but I figured it might be only a matter of time before there was some trouble on Catalon. I also hope we see some fun at the daycare. I look forward to the next few days even if it is darker.