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  1. I wonder why Dan lives on a boat? Is this a hint for later in the story? Also funny how he is so tired from the grape juice and knew it was his favorite. Looking forward to more!
  2. Nice little story.
  3. Very interesting how she brings up Dad and his troubles as well. I think the idea is a good one and certainly makes him feel better about the situation.
  4. Don't know why she suggested Mexican food especially when getting over a stomach bug, but maybe this is intentional. I look forward to more.
  5. diaper dimension

    I am so happy to see this back up! I think it is great how Allison stood up for the other girl and wish she could save Stella and Rafael as well. I look forward to seeing the reactions of Allison's mother and Mercedes's mother as well. Looking forward to the next section.
  6. I enjoy the simple touches of his mom. I also wonder why mom was discussing this stuff with others? Is there a trend in town or just coincidence? Looking forward to more.
  7. I am curious as to what she was concocting in her lab? I think the two other individuals was interesting and wonder what will happen in the future. Looking forward to more,
  8. Great addition. I think it is interesting how they are forcing her to really experience everything down to the most minute detail. I do look forward to this story every time I see it has an update.
  9. Good beginning and curious to see how this goes.
  10. Please continue!
  11. Love it!! I wonder how long Cameron really does stay a little baby!
  12. Yeah update!! Love the diaper dimension sdtories and how this is fitting in nicely with the group!i cannot wait for more if this!
  13. Please add more!
  14. I don't kind slow burn or fast burn as long as the set up is good, or good to me and so far I like it and look forward to more,
  15. Interesting concept and I look forward to seeing where this goes.