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  1. Great ending...hate that it is over but great ending!! Volume 2 will be great I know it!! Loved this story, your style, your writing etc. awesome job!!
  2. While I hate this is ending I think it is a great story and I would love a follow up or two. I admit I look forward to your next stories as well as your write in an easy to read manner. This is wrapping up nicely as well without a lot of obvious lose ends but that is ok, great job!
  3. So Cute!! I wonder what else you have in store but I feel like there is some wrapping up there in your comments about him staying, but it isn’t guaranteed yet but even Jamie seemed to think it a bit. I look forward to more!!
  4. Daycare will be fun! I love her reactions and learning to accept but yet Rebel at the same time
  5. Very cute chapters. Nice visit so far and I actually like how Jamie has gotten a bit defensive towards Cheryl about his life and I wonder how that plays out later. Or if Amanda notices it as well. Looking forward to more!
  6. I agree the writing style is very simple and easy to follow. I find it interesting how Becky is so protective and that Amanda sees it differently. I can totally see how a case worker coming is stressful. Part of me was already wondering about if Cheryl would try to stay after seeing Jamie. I look forward to seeing you get it right as you say, but I don’t know you have gotten it wrong so far...lol
  7. @crono your story is doing fine if it is heading where you want it to. I think while some parts are yes I can guess what might happen I have seen that before and been totally wrong. And key word is might happen. Please keep writing the way you want and if peop,e want to read it great, if not great. I do enjoy this story cause some of it is just fun to watch Alice wrestle with herself, same with Tohru and the other girls. Looking forward to the next chapter especially since you said I would like it and I am sure I will. 😎
  8. Soo traumatizing of a nightmare! Glad Amanda was there but I admit it was very real I was starting to wonder. I also do wonder if Cheryl will want to stay or move on but I imagine that is covered later on in the story or will be or might be... I am just speculating or thinking or who knows to be honest...lol. I like the shortness of the chapter in preparation of the next. I think it actually was brilliant planning and set up. Looking forward to the visit!
  9. I love how feisty grandpa is. Especially after everything and hopefully Mikey trusts him a bit more soon. Also interesting how he is more comfortable with grandma and not grandpa, how before it was opposite. Loving this so far!
  10. I love the direction of this story or potential direction anyways!
  11. I think it would be funny if Becky did figure it out though...just imagining the shock on her face is amusing! Lol. I like the chapters and think they allow some great things to expand upon and the relationship between Jamie and Ella is interestin. I think he is definitely more in touch with his emotional side in this dimension and maybe that is because he is allowed to truly explore them at a different level than in the other dimension, great story!