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  1. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Sweet chapters. Soo much going on amongst them all!! Love the way Becky stood up to her mother and the Park Moms. Rosie coming out of her shell is awesome and Jamie is more comfortable as well. I love the current adventures and look forward to the next one!
  2. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Beautiful chapter. Great end to a great day! I like Amanda’s explanation of how Rosie is and think Jamie liked it as well but you could definitely see the wheels turning in his head about it. Looking forward to more!
  3. Going great and I love how Amy recognized him. I look forward to more!!
  4. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    I like the character building and agree Becky thinks she is doing what is right for him. I love the conversation and think Jamie’s presence is helping Mom and Daughter as much as it is helping Jamie. Counseling sounds positive as well. I love the direction and healing and analytical-ness of this story in a lot of ways.
  5. SGTbaby

    DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day, Turned Lucky

    I agree with the comments so far. Glad this is back, poor kid and I want to know where it is all going!! Such pain for both Mikey and Cheryl. I wish he remembered some of it or stopped completely freaking out for both of their sakes. Looking forward to more!
  6. Wow...I completely understand acting right away but very dangerous situation considering what ladybug was just talking about. And I did mean the new Little being abused who just got rescued! I look forward to the next chapter!!
  7. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    I love the way you described how he felt powerful in the water. I completely felt it and the freedom he enjoyed with it! Exhilarating! Great adventure and hopefully he meets some non regressed littles as well or who are not quite like Rosie. Looking forward to more!
  8. Such a great and snuggly chapter! Nice to see things are progressing nicely amongst both adults and children
  9. You come up good ideas all the time and I love how your stories come together! I like the main cast and do wonder how things come together but I am getting some ideas given the new little you introduced us to as well in this chapter.
  10. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Guess they left that little tidbit out...lol. I do hope he meets other Littles more like himself as well or one’s who help him through where he is now. But his interaction with a regressed little is always fun to watch or anticipate as well! Hope your hand heals but i am enjoying your extra writing time!
  11. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Love how they both felt protective during the Dr visit and the arrival party. The grandma interaction was awesome and definitely one of my favorite parts so far. Also Becky is doing a great job of being the mother and learning how he works. Good balance there. Looking forward to more!
  12. This looks like fun!! Glad you are back with more stories!
  13. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Great chapter and I like how one big is listening and the other is more typical. It shows a great contrast and dynamic. I look forward to the kinks getting worked out for all involved. Great job so far!
  14. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Great adventure and even got the full name treatment from Mom! Nice chapter. Love the long or short length to be honest. You just do you!
  15. SGTbaby

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Sweet chapter. I think he likes Amanda better as she doesn’t belittle him and seems to treat him a little more grownup. Sorry about the crappy day but luckily they are not all that way!