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  1. The Internship

    Great story!
  2. Healing wounds

    Yeah Update
  3. The Middle Of The End

    Great so far
  4. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day Turned Lucky

    Sorry for your losses. My prayers are certainly with you and your family right now. I admit O hope you continue but take the time you need. This is still a great story!
  5. Trophy Pet Jiji (chapter 3 up)

    Very interesting
  6. The Internship

    Good so far!
  7. DIAPER DIMENSION - Unlucky Day Turned Lucky

    Is there more coming...please. I really enjoyed this story!
  8. Healing wounds

    Glad to see this is back!
  9. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    I am glad one is coming. I think the disjointedness is ok actually. If the stories are truly separate they will be fine on their own. Your other stories had some breaks sometimes but Are still very good. No worries but I am still looking forward for the next one
  10. Chasing Emily (Complete)

    Yes Shipped Away would be awesome! I like the new photo. Speaking of which Aus, when does the new comic story or compilation of stories come out?
  11. The Internship

  12. Healing wounds

    Enjoy the vacation and I look forward to more when this continues!
  13. Healing wounds

    Love the story and way it just flows. Chris is a good guy but I admit I can't wait to read about the bullies getting cold cocked. Lol.
  14. Healing wounds

    Such great writing!
  15. Healing wounds

    Chris seems like a good guy. I like his approach and attempt. I love the feeling of the story and it was great seeing Tee open up a bit.