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  1. If it's real it would suck to be in the audience... new costume part needed maybe? https://thereisnews.com/trapeze-artist-with-diarrhea-shits-on-23-people9999/?extreme&fbclid=IwAR1k07WrvGfP1_7VoG1IdkbKH0QvR4Lhaf7xYusJ0b2b1--a25VGQAwP0F0
  2. Yet another one making the community look bad... http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/bizarre/dirty-diaper-ruse-265938
  3. Dry 24/7 , Northshore Supreme both do me very well as a heavy night wetter, I tend to wet lot at night but
  4. I was not impressed but hey even northshore have issues sometimes ..
  5. i dont have a "set work place" every week so I am always somewhere different,
  6. I dont Think Incontinence is by itself a disability.
  7. This video just popped up on my Youtube suggestions...
  8. I have had bladder issues my whole life but officially I have been back in diapers 30 years now.... I was 12 when I made the conscience decision to wear diapers at night as i just got tired of waking up in soaked sheets.
  9. Stumbled on an interesting in depth review of the Tranquility ATN in youtube...
  10. Garywear Pul pants are a MUST have for us incontinent folks,