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  1. Hey guy & girls, I recently ordered from abdlfactory.com I ordered a lot of one-off samples of different nappies I'd never heard of. I must say, a load of these samples are absolutely wonderful! I haven't tried them yet, but a LOT of them feel as though they ought to get more appreciation in the AB / DL worlds.... There's one in particular called the 'Foresite AM-PM' nappy, and it's an EXACT REPLICA of the old Comficare nappies and is HUGE, yet you never hear of recommendations of this nappy.... It may possibly by because they look a little medical and thus don't get prominently advertised to the AB / DL communities but I swear.... people are missing out on proper wonderful nappies! Like, these are probably even cheaper than regular nappies as they seem to be selling to the incontinence market, not the AB / DL markets... I would not hesitate to buy a pack of these along with MANY of the other brands I ordered.
  2. Hey guys, So recently, I've come across a new diaper which has really caught my eye.... It's called 'Rearz Inspire Select'. These are fairly new diapers and as such, aren't too widely available. There is something about these diapers which really appeal to me. I'm not a particular fan of single-tape diapers because although they seem to far more replicate baby diapers, the fitting isn't as tight, or nice, as two (or even three) tape diapers. The photo's Rearz, and other diaper companies use, are generally pretty rubbish and un-alluring, in my opinion, but somehow these have really struck a cord with me. I've never seen a completely white diaper with a single tape. I could be ignorant here, but I think this is a first! When you search online to seek photo's of these diapers, there is a real lack of private individual ab/dl's posting photo's of themselves in these diapers (something which usually very much helps me judge my purchasing of a new diaper). Has anyone experience of these...? Apparently, they have a 'HUGE SINGLE TAPE' on each side and thus accordingly this sounds amazing to me, but are these tapes any larger than other single-tape diapers such as Cuddlz, SuperDry Kids, etc....????? Thanks guys, your opinions are much appreciated!!!
  3. Hey guys, So I think for many of us, the thought of putting a diaper on is really quite exciting!! However, I tend to find it's so overwhelming that the need to pleasure myself is too strong, and once I've done that, I have to take the diaper off! I kinda come back to reality and lie there thinking, 'why the hell am I wearing a diaper...!?' ! Does anyone else feel this? It's almost like a disposable sexual aid, but I kinda hate wasting the diaper just for this reason!
  4. Sorry for posting so many new topics! I'm normally very shy about all this, but I feel like I'm able to release on here! Anyway, if any of you are familiar with me on here, I managed to get my girlfriend to be totally cool with me wearing diapers quite early on into the relationship. The first time it happened, she actually wore one and fell asleep, but whilst she was asleep I decided to put a diaper on too! She didn't realise I was wearing one. Anyway, she hadn't realised I'd put one on and when she came back from work she was pleasantly surprised I was wearing a diaper! But either way, even though it was our first experience with this, she decided to pull my dick out the side of my diaper and made me explode! I literally could NOT believe that this was happening, and I was sooo scared when I knew she was going to find the diaper! Anyway, I've worn quite a few times around her, but I've kinda grown a bit shy towards it all now. I almost feel as though I'm being judged more so than before....maybe it's the spark of the early-relationship lust wearing thin, but somehow I feel too scared to do it now. Separately, I've had a previous relationship fall apart.... and although she never admitted it, I am convinced it was because of the diapers, which she just couldn't comprehend! This is so weird as wearing is a major thing for me, and I completely realise finding a girl who accepts it is extremely rare! Why do people think this is? Why am I scared when it's my biggest desire, to wear diapers and cuddle up to her?! Cheers guys!
  5. Girlfriend issues......

    Hey guys, So I managed fairly on in my relationship to get my girlfriend into diapers (more specifically me wearing as opposed to her). However, I'm increasingly getting the desire to use the diaper for what God intended it for.... (wetting). She's cool with me wearing, especially to bed as she says I get far more clingy to her in bed when I'm wearing......- which is true as I LOVE her touching my diaper! However, I've been starting to get a huge desire to actually wet my nappy whilst around her, and the thought of her touching my wet diaper drives me insane! But my big problem is that I'm not sure whether somehow it might completely change her opinion as to why I wear them. At the moment, we use them in more of a sexual way, but if I were to wet my diaper, I don't know whether she might suddenly turn and think I wear for completely different reasons, and thus completely goes off of them! I don't quite know how I'd go from justifying wearing them, to what might appear a completely different type of desire/fetish- ie, pissing myself and sitting in it! The urine side of things might suddenly turn her around, and I might end up completely destroying something which I'm veryyyyy grateful for! Opinions guys, please! Very much appreciated! Love ya'll!
  6. Hey guys, This is a bit odd, but how do incontinent people deal with wetting their diapers and keeping dry, whilst sitting down? I find whenever I wet my diaper whilst sitting down on a chair (or just sitting upright in whatever equivalent situation- car etc.), that my diaper seems to leak very easily. Sometimes I have to lie on my back just to ensure it spreads a bit more over the diaper, but it does make me wonder how incontinent people deal with this. I realise this may sound a bit insensitive, because genuinely, incontinence doesn't actually sound very nice at all! Even though I like wearing diapers, the joy comes from the desire to WANT to wear, but I certainly wouldn't want to wear longer than 24-hours. It loses its appeal to me. Anyway- look forward to peoples' responses! This site is great, I absolutely LOVE being able to ask these really odd questions on an open platform!! Can you imagine posting this to your Facebook page....?! Ha-Ha! Cheers guys!
  7. Hey guys, So I was wondering about this as I was browsing online. I think the best nappy (diaper for our American friends) I have ever tried were the old Attends from the late 90's / early 2000's with the 6-tapes. There was something I recall sooo babyish about them!!! Apparently, I've since learnt, that they were owned by the same company who operates Pampers, and there were a lot of similarities. I bought a pack of 22 when I used to stay in Florida, for something ridiculous like 8 dollars or something, and I brought some back to the UK with me, and I'm down to my last one, but I never want to wear it as I feel like keeping it! Anyway, I've searched for these vintage Attends online and found them changing hands for a pack at in excess of
  8. Hey guys & girls! New poster here! I am a young guy based in the UK on the South coast, and have been into nappies for a long time now. I have always fantasised about having my nappy changed.... and would really like to have it done! I'm straight, but I wondered whether any guys or girls out there in the UK ever wanted to meet up and give this a go...?! (nothing sexual!) Funny request, and I apologise! The best thing imaginable would be to arrange an evening between a group of us 'adult babies' all chilling out together having a few drinks and being in nappies! Feel free to reply all you lovely people! Thanks!
  9. Hey guys & girls, I've been wondering for a while.... Does anyone think that wearing tight nappies (diapers) could contribute to/cause testicular cancer....? A very serious subject, I know! Buttt.... sometimes I do worry about this. Apparently wearing tight underwear can cause different bad things within a guy, and I wondered whether wearing tight nappies could potentially contribute to cause this kind of thing, too.... I don't wear constantly at all, but when I do, I feel a little as thought I could be causing a bit of 'restriction' down there. And I worry that, should something come up in my future, whether I could tell a doctor/nurse that I've been wearing, and thus wonder whether this could help in their diagnosis...... It's like a very watered-down vice which shouldn't even be considered, but could even adult nappy manufacturers be blamed/sued for this, for not warning of this danger.....? Such a strange query, and I realise that! Kind regards guys & girls!
  10. Hey guys & girls.... So, I've actually been admiring this website for many years now, without ever posting anything. Yet now, I feel myself a need to question a few things, and get peoples' opinions.... Basically, I managed to get my girlfriend into nappies (diapers) in the early stages of our relationship, by showing her they were a product that could be bought on a sex-toy website we were both viewing. I showed her the product and said I'd like to give those 'nappies' a try, and she didn't deny any mutual interest. I have since had numerous occasions of wearing around her (actually- she was the first person to wear a nappy upon their arrival, in our box of 'sex toys'). However, since then we have had a baby, whom I adore more than anything in this world. Subsequently, I often feel very awkward 'wearing' around her, for fear that I appear somewhat pathetic and the 'baby', too. She has never, ever complained about this at all, but I can't help but it make me feel quite awkward now when it comes to wearing. Up until the point our baby was born, I even got up the courage to wear when we were out shopping, and my GF was absolutely fine with it! It was a HUGEEEE turn-on to say the least! Has anyone got any experience of this, or any advice as to how they would approach this...? I can't help but feel so helpless in a nappy when I'm the least of my gf's concerns when it comes to our baby.... Please help guys! I love the fact there's such a big community out there where we're all accepting to on-another! Blast back 15-20 years and this whole behaviour would have been completely frowned-upon! Thank you guys!