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  1. At home in your bedroom do you hide your wetting or is it in the open? dont hide it at home every one know I wet so I dont hide it at all diapers in plain sight as are plastic pants diap diapers too in open.Do you hide your wetting
  2. How many of you keep a bed wetting log weather you wet or not? I have been doing this since i started to wet in 2013.Since then I have had 1 dry night diapers dry bed dry. At 1 st i had A lot of wet beds too. am A side sleeper and disp diapers just dont work for me at all.With cloth diapers I have like 1 2 wet beds a year what do you all do.Do you keep a log or not.all I do is a X on the day and DB dry bed WB wet bed
  3. Dose wearing diapers to bed as A bedwetter Make you wet more or do you wet the same
  4. I read that some like too sleep in a wet bed!I dont I cant sleep if the bed is wet. can you all.Or do you like a wet bed
  5. I been wetting since I was 63 I fell on some ive and started to wet. allso once you get past 50 never trust a fart some time it is ok but others ir is not sucks.
  6. My Family all knew I fell too I was out cold too My oldest Daughter found my out side wear I fell.She ran in the house told my wife and called 911 I was out for a day.in the hosp a week.every one found out then.I was 63 I had just retired.no one gave me any crap even my 2 older sisters
  7. I stopped between 3 4 Mary My girl friend wet too 14 15 only to start again at 24 after she had her 3 rd kid number 4 did ber Bladder in
  8. Yes it is
  9. I have read A few stories on line that some don,t change wet sheets.When I started to wet my self if I woke up in A wet bed I had too get up and change sheets befor I could go back too sleep It took me A while too find diapers that would keep my bed dry I am A side sleeper and there is no padding on sides finly I got sloth pin on work good cost a lot at 1st but really chepper in the long run
  10. Cloth pin on at night with pull up plastic pants. disp all day Tranqulity over night A pull up work good in day
  11. You are right I do not Like that I wet eather.My wife was up set at 1st but got over it fast
  12. yes I guess.I hope the best for you.I was Married when the wetting started my wife was upset at 1st but got over it fast.she died A little over A years ago. I did get lucky and got set up with A woman My age that wets too.my daughters both liked her so they said it was ok
  13. HotDogg55 I know some of the young ones in 20s hear like that they wet.I don't like it at all.My family is good with it.2 of my grand Kids have friends that wet too have never teased them
  14. is there A news letter on bedwetting or incontinents that you can find
  15. I need to wear every one in my Family knows.Both adult daughters both son inlaws grand kids my wife was ok with it but she died A year a go my girl friend knows too but she wets too my plastic pants are in the open I got 7 sets of plastic pants 3 I rotate 4 back up I just ordered 2 more cot 7 sets of cloth diapers in dresser and disp i open dont hide at all dont need too
  16. As A kid I never wet past 4 I started to wet as A adult at 63 after A fall on some ice in 2013 my wife was upset at 1st but got over it fast
  17. As all ways I was
  18. Sorry Steve I got 2 adult Daughters 3 grandkids 2 girls and A boy
  19. I dont think I have woke up wetting but I must say I have wet a all ready wet diaper I did not see why I was going to get up to pee when I was all ready wet so I just pissed my self
  20. you just said I am right I meet a few others that wet too as kids and they like it as adults.I never wet as A kid past 4 5iI had 2 older sisters that would have teased the hell out off me
  21. I think If you was a a teen you may like it more if you did not
  22. I did not start to wet my self at all untell i was 63 I never wet as a kid
  23. Ok I am not trying to be mean.Just trying to warn you it is A pain
  24. I have no control at all over my bladder in 2013 I fell and been wetting since I was 63 I was married my wife was up set at 1st but got over it fast but it was still a pain Kids that wet the bed wet there pants in school A lot
  25. if you wet at night you will wet in the day too