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  1. Saschadzg

    Trans baby girl

    What do therapists say to trans and AB/DL? Do they simetimes deny hormones or surgeries?
  2. Saschadzg

    Overpriced ABDL diapers

    ABDL diapers must not be discussed in incontinence fora, my personal experience. The admins there even search for membership in "evil" fetish fora. That is sad, as both parties would benefit. They will probably read this post, too.
  3. Saschadzg

    Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Hi, Today I got an i.m. injection in the diapered area while visting my general practioner. One time I forgot enough spare diapers. I removed my full diaper and tried to make it home without, but then leaked terribly 5 min before coming home. Luckily it was dark and the streets were nearly empty. That was the last proof of having become incontinent.
  4. Mybe you childhood potty training was stricter than others during your childhood? I had accidents as a child and was not severely punched, and my mother has a week bladder, too.
  5. Saschadzg

    ABDLism =/= LGBT

    The stigmatization begins with the internal stigmatization, also called shame and self hate. Only after that we may start campaigning for social accaption. There is a lot a self reflection and personal work to go through for the AB/DL world.
  6. Saschadzg

    ABDLism =/= LGBT

    10 hours ago, WSvenH said: I also want to state, that being ABDL - even in western countries - is still seen as a disorder, it is still in the DSMD( F65?), while homosexuality is a not (anymore), and it is irrelevant, how good it can be hidden, it is the fact it has to be hidden in the first place that is the problem.
  7. Saschadzg

    What best describes you?

    I am an incontinent little. I am in diapers 24/7 and use pacifiers.
  8. Saschadzg

    Chinese diapers

    Chinese parents use European or American diapers. I am wondering why nobody is alarmed or interested in this topic.
  9. Saschadzg

    Chinese diapers

    The new colorful
  10. Saschadzg

    do diapers make you wet more

    1 hour ago, WBxx said: If
  11. Saschadzg

    Is incontinence a disability?

    The causes for my incontinence are the reason for my disabilty (officially), not my incontience itself. I have ADHS, hormonal problems and isdsues with my back. It my incontinence worsens my depression.
  12. Saschadzg

    telling parents and close freinds

    On 8.4.2017 at 5:29 PM, dl_ashlee said: