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  1. Trans baby girl

    Hey, nice to meet you, thanks for your message, lovely to seem other trans baby girls on here xxx
  2. Just me

    Sooooooo cute
  3. Baby Emz

    My outfit for today x
  4. Trans baby girl

    Hi thanks so much for your welcome
  5. New baby girl

    Thank you, it's lovely to be here again xxx
  6. just me

  7. CvOTxrTWgAIIoz4.jpg

    So cute
  8. Cu0wy34XgAIaCio.jpg

    Beautiful pic
  9. New baby girl

    Thank you for your sweet reply, it's great to be back xx
  10. Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and East Anglia DLs / ABs

    Hi, I'm in Suffolk, just joined the site
  11. Trans baby girl

    I'm New here and just wanted to say hi - -
  12. New baby girl

    Hi everyone, My name is Emz and I'm a trans babygirl from Suffolk in the UK. I've just joined the site after being away for a long while, I would love tomake some new fwends. My play age is 3. Love and stuff Emz xxx