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  1. looking in southwest

    Are you looking for male or female?
  2. enable messenger

    I can't find any option to click on
  3. Very kind friendly baby looking for some tlc
  4. After disabling my messenger, how do I enable it again so that I csn send snd receive messages..... please help!!!!! lol
  5. I'm north somerset anyone want to chat
  6. People In The South West Uk

    I'm in north somerset
  7. Bristol/Somerset Abdl'S

    Hi i'm from north somerset
  8. Bristol & Area

    I'm not far from bristol
  9. The Midlands

    Hi I'm from Somerset I'm male 26 years of age, can travel though I'm more of a diaper lover open minded looking for friends
  10. I'm in north somerset can travel though 26m