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  1. Tena Pants / Pull Ups - Super Medium Size £5 pack - Multiple packs available Tena For Men Pants / Pull Ups - Level 4 Medium Size £3 pack - Multiple packs available
  2. Tena Pants / Pull UPS - Super in Medium size £5 Pack Tena Pants /Pull Ups For Men -L4 in Medium £3 Pack Multiple Packs Available Collect in Bristol Area or maybe able to post for cost.
  3. I have 7 packs of Tena Pull Up Pants Super in large size £5 pack or all seven packs for £25 near Weston S Mare
  4. Near Bristol, have been daddy to a little girl for 5 years
  5. London is fine , drop me a message if still looking
  6. Several packs of the older style plastic backed Tena Comfort Pads Tena Maxi & Tena Super
  7. Hello i am selling some various nappies Terry pull ups - Arizona Healthcare Size XL Terry Cloth 48
  8. Hi, I have several packs of Tena Comfort pads in both Maxi / Super Plastic Backed
  9. Gentle / Caring Daddy into non-sexual age play. looking for a LG to spoil rotten, look after,and put in nappies.. Would involve day trips out to the beach, zoo, theme parks, Daddy has a range of onesies, popper vests...