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  1. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    I will have to give that a try at some point!
  2. Somelildude

    Do catherers hurt?

    For me, the short answer is no. However, the warnings on the wrong size are to be well heard. The wrong size will cause painful spasms.
  3. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    So, I'm having an issue with my stent. Basically, if there is a lot of pressure in my bladder it will slip out of place. Like, if my bladder gets full or I drink a lot of fluid. Has anyone else had this experience?
  4. Somelildude

    Funny Useless Superpowers

    I'm partial to the power in the Tenacious D song "Wonderboy", the power to kill a Yak from 200 yards away with mind bullets!
  5. Somelildude

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    For me, I like pull-on diapers for one reason. "Failing" at being a big boy. It's part of my regression, if you will. Start out in a pull-on diaper, have an "accident", no longer a "big boy", get put back in diapers.
  6. Somelildude

    New guy here!

    I would send a message to one of the admins on the story forums just to be sure, but I don't see a reason why you wouldn't be able to post on there.
  7. Somelildude

    New guy here!

    Welcome! There is a story section in the forums, I would start there for your stories.
  8. Somelildude

    I'm Doing a Brave Thing

    I feel that you should have had this conversation before you are busted. Hiding something like this from your significant other can be dangerous. Now, in a perfect world they would accept you no matter what. However, this could go very bad. I hope that it doesn't, but maybe just let her know sooner than later.
  9. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    So, with my stent, similar to the one above, I notice it keeps slipping out of place. I think the end with the cord is too narrow, because it seems like pressure is what causes it to slip out. Any thoughts?
  10. Somelildude

    Hard Times Wetting while playing Video Games

    Ahhhhh, nothing like that relaxing hissing noise to help me go. Wait a minute...BOOM!!!!
  11. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    I ended up going with the original design with the tubing with the 2 bends.
  12. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    So my current stent is great, can't feel it when it's in, seems to stay in place, and seems like it works how it was suppose to. I think I need to make some minor changes and it will be perfect!
  13. Somelildude

    My experience with stents

    Alright, after my last failures, I have another stent installed. So far, after about a half hour, I'm doing okay. Will update more later.
  14. Somelildude

    Bedwetting sheet

    That would probably work! On my mattress I have a waterproof fitted sheet from IKEA. The idea is something to keep moisture off of the mattress.
  15. Somelildude

    Alternatives to Velcro for Cloth Diapers?

    I was going to say snaps or buttons. Take a look at Bigger Diapers or Happy Endings Cloth Diapers. Rearz may have some as well with snaps.