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  1. Anonymous777

    My Diaper/Pull-Ups/Goodnites History

    Thank you bbybill and vvp39 for writing very kindly. bbybill, I can respect your decision in the matter, but I can guarantee that I will not wear in my future unless I am 80 years old and really need them. I live my life very normal and this is probably the one thing that could ever be considered as out of place to me. It is very easy for me to ignore the feelings and I have found that doing laboral work or just working out in the gym actually aleviates the sensations. Take care everyone and I hope your days are abundantly blessed.
  2. Anonymous777

    My Diaper/Pull-Ups/Goodnites History

    Thanks for the replies and helpful comments everyone, I really appreciate it. Sorry about the font, I was typing it on a separate app on my phone because my phone wasn’t typing well on this website. I know that I am gonna have to sort of move on/accept it in a way. For all things considered, my higene is excellent and I don’t ever use them for their intended purpose. Whenever I wore in the past, it is just for relative comfort. As I get into my older twenties and get married, plus become a father, hopefully it will be suppressed. If not I will just have to respectfully live with it despite it being kind of odd in my opinion. Thanks again.
  3. Since I was young, I have always been fascinated/aroused with young kid/teenager diapers such as Pull-Ups and Goodnites. I honest to God do not know why this is or has been going on, but it just has. I cannot discern a mental reason, any need, or some kind of event that may have caused this odd interest. In the past, I have gone months if not years without thinking about this, but sometimes the thoughts creep into my mind and do not go away for a while. I am not crazy or anything, I am just concerned, because in my heart I know this is not who I truly am as a young man. Now anytime that I see diapers like Pull-Ups or Goodnites, I get a odd feeling of comfort/arousal which I don’t understand and it can take me off track. I have worn a handful of times in the past, but far and few between. I know I may get some responses saying “embrace it” or “just live with it”, but those really aren’t options. I would greatly appreciate any advice from anybody who may have been in my position at one time and or has gotten rid of the sensation. Thank you for your time and God Bless.