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  1. This has a fun discomfort to it... playful almost. Like it.
  2. Amazing. I really enjoyed this.
  3. The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 9 – Shit happens ya know! Mom was gone, and it was just Merry and I in my hospital room. She approached the door and shut it soundly. The nurses all seemed to be knocking and waiting on a reply before entering, unless my door was cracked. So we had relative alone time, and theoretical privacy. “Sit with me M.” I told her before she had time to make a decision of her own. “Sure thing Baby. I wouldn’t sit anywhere else, unless I was hurting you. I’m sorry you’re hurt honey, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d rather have you hurt than gone.” She told me bringing me into a close side hug. I could hear her sniffling in my shoulder. Merry was crying in relief that nothing critical was going on. She apparently didn’t give rat’s ass that I was laid up facing surgery and “absorbency products” for an undetermined amount of time. All she cared about was that I was going to live, and that I wouldn’t be leaving her. I reveled in her closeness for a few moments before craning my neck backwards being careful not to move my upper body. I wanted to look at my best friend. Her goofy flamboyant personality lit up my world and I knew I was blessed to have her around me, but I wanted to really look at her. I wanted to look at her like a potential lover. Merry was slender like me, but a few inches shorter. She stood a nice average five foot five inches tall. Her dark hair and olive colored skin gave her a Native American first impression, but her hippy parents had Chinese and Italian roots. She had a large chest on her tiny frame and a decent butt too. The combo worked well for her. She was beyond normally attractive to me, even before I thought of her as a potential girlfriend. All the guys wanted her exotic beauty. Apparently, I open to the idea too. ‘It’s a dangerous business, Maddison, going out of your door, you step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.’ I quoted my favorite book again. Tolkien really did have a quote for everything…lol I sniggered a little while I was reared back from her. Merry just looked up quizzically not offended. Our friendship was so strong, we were so much a part of each other, that I was fairly certain I could have taken her right there (sans hospital and diaper of course) and she’d have been ok with a relationship or just a friendship with benefits. I was certain I couldn’t destroy what we had. Change it sure, but destroy it. Nope. I never doubted that for a second. It’s a strange thing to be sort of drunk on medication, but thinking clearer than you have been in days. I still wasn’t at my best mind you, but with the pain pushed back I was at least clearer than I was. I paused for a bit to reflect internally. It was sort of like having a buzz. My guard was down and my inhibitions were impaired, but I didn’t feel like I was incapable of making rational decisions. ‘I feel free from all of the weight of my life. I’m stuck where I am. I’m stuck wearing my diapers. I’m alive though! M is right about that. But, I’m not stuck falling for this gorgeous young woman. Nope that, I believe, I’m doing by choice!’ I decided triumphantly. I’m not sure if I’d have ever followed this rabbit down its hole to Wonder Land if it had not been for Mom pointing out how much I cared for Merry, or if I hadn’t been less inhibited with the medications. Either way, perfect storm or inevitability, I resolved myself to the possibility of loving a woman, and I was happy for it. I felt at peace with the decision. “Ok, enough window shopping me, girl. I gots me some work to do.” Merry smiled. “OMG! M, this is so fucking embarrassing.” I flinched as she rolled over and stood up. ‘Mom may have had to peel my eyes back, but she’d gotten it right. I’m comfortable with Merry. I want her to see me sexually. I want her in my life helping me make decisions, pushing me forward, and yanking me around out of my comfort zones. I need her.’ Then it hit me. ‘GASP! What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if I’m just getting the full brunt of her natural flirtiness? Not to mention she’s about to change my fucking diaper!’ I worried. Then I mastered my own concern. ‘She’ll love me anyway. Even if we can’t be together, she won’t pull away. I may be on this Road alone, but I’d walk it with my head held high.’ I decided sort of coming out to myself. Knowing something and Committing to something, those are different things than physically embracing a brand new point of view. I may have shifted internally, but it would take some time to physically embody that confidence. I shrank into myself and covered my face. Merry just started humming a tune. It cut in and out so I couldn’t figure out what she was humming, but it felt modern. I smiled behind my hands. She was always getting a song stuck in her head. She’d sing bits and pieces of it until she broke down and googled it. She had to hear the whole thing to banish the earworm. I didn’t spread my legs, dry hump her, or look at her with seductive bedroom eyes, but I thought about all of those things. Instead, I rolled around in the dirty sheets of my mind, and physically hid from my best friend and prospective lover. I moaned and tried my best to hold still. No matter what my libido was up to, I was still stuck in a hospital bed with a possible spinal cord injury. It still hurt to move, but by god it was hard to hold my hips still while she cleaned me. It sucked and was super embarrassing, but it was glorious, tender, and just shy of fulfilling. Her tune would stop and repeat. It wasn’t motherly. It wasn’t juvenile. It was distracting. Hell, even her voice was getting me going. She cleaned me everywhere. I especially loved it when she spread the skin cream over my shaved lady bits. I was probably cleaner after that diaper change than I ever got after a normal shower! ‘Thank god I shaved! Peggy or mom either one could have changed me several times just in the time she’s taking wiping me with those blanket sized hospital wipes. I’m loved every scandalized moment of my diaper change. I feel polished. It’s a wonder a genie didn’t pop up out of my “lamp”. HeHeHe’ I was so entranced with the diaper change and my friend’s sensuous hands, that I didn’t even realize that I was dry and she had her hand back on me over my diaper. I took a deep breath and tried to come out of my overstimulated state. I noticed the tiny gyrations my hips were making against her hands first. Even those tiny involuntary flexes hurt like hell though. ‘I need to back off. An orgasm might put me in the emergency room! Not Fucking Fair. An orgasm would have dealt with a lot of this stress. Dammit.’ “Dee, was that as bad as you thought it would be?” She teased pulling her hand away up my diaper. She traced her hand up the inside of my thigh leaving contact with me at the knee. “Of course not! I didn’t think it would be bad. Not with you doing it. I just hate for you to see me this way M! I’m embarrassed as hell.” I tried to be firm but failed in favor of a whiny tone. “Well, I don’t mind. I have wanted to take care of you for like ten years. TEN YEARS girl! I wouldn’t pass this up for anything. You have always had your shit together. You’ve always been more mature than I am. It was like having a big sister that I’m a couple months older than. That’s confusing as fuck for a thirteen year old girl. I wanted to hold you and try to fix your world when your dad died, but you didn’t even need me then. Do you have any idea how intimidating the rest of our class finds you? You were paying bills with your own checking account at fourteen Baby. You had a part-time job and still had like the best grades ever! You are one badass put together motherfucker! The ones who don’t look up to you steer clear. You move like an adult. You’re always going somewhere with a purpose. Your mom and I are afraid you don’t remember how to have fun. It hurts us to not be able to help you. I’m afraid you’re going to burn out like a light bulb. We feel lopsided. We feel like leeches or something. The only thing that makes this bad for us is your pain. I’m having the time of my life. I finally feel like a big girl taking care of you, Baby girl. And, I’m just so fucking happy you’re alive. I’d have died if you hadn’t made it Dee.” She told me washing her hands in the little bathroom sink wrapping up a speech she’d clearly rehearsed. Before I could get introspective on how the rest of my world saw me, or before I started trying to fix how upset she was, Merry gracefully and slowly walked over to the chairs where her bag was. She dug around in her bag and came up with a wad of clothes. I couldn’t see into the bathroom from my angle, but I could see her sexy shadow on the hospital room floor. It was like watching shadow porn. It was more than a little arousing I’ll tell you, and I was already more than a little aroused! ‘Can pain meds make you horney?’ I made a mental note to google it. She undressed and held each item of clothing out from the bathroom at shoulder level before letting it drop to the ground. When she was totally naked, her shadow danced a private show for the my eyes only. Probably to the tune of whatever song was stuck in her head. ‘Alright! I’m not on the Road alone!’ I shouted in my head doing a mental happy dance wishing we were at home and that I could jump up and join her in the bathroom. “Hey M, you big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever!” I called finding our old repartee and my sexy beast at the same time. “Did you just successfully use a quote from Top Gun for a pickup line?” She sounded scandalized from the bathroom. “Let’s see.” I dared her. She came out of the bathroom in a set of flannel pajamas. Nothing sexy mind you, but it was still hot on her. She must have “forgot” to button a couple buttons here and there. And those short boy shorts. Damn. She padded over to me silently on thigh high black sock feet. ‘Well shitballs, that might be the sexiest thing I have ever seen. She’s got to be part cat.’ I smiled lustfully patting the bed. “Hey Dee?” “Yeah M?” Merry Selvage, my very best friend, dared to kiss me. She leaned up and over sucking heat out of my diaper through my mouth. It was exquisite. She needed her hands to support herself, but mine were free to roam up her side. I fought myself to keep them firmly in first date locations. It was not an easy battle with my own drug influenced will power, I assure you. “Hey M? Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. That one left them all behind.” I told her with admiration in my eyes, and corny words on my lips. “Did you just successfully use a Princess Bride pickup line?” She looked at me with tears of joy in her eyes. “I believe I did.” I nodded. “Yup.” She nodded back kissing me again. “So since you’re all hospitaled up and everything, we have to keep this G rated. But, I swear to all that’s Holy we will revisit this when your ass can keep up! Until then, I’m just going to touch you a lot.” She giggled. “I just have to make sure this is real. Dee, I’ve wanted you for a very long time.” “It’s real M.” I promised. “Kiss me again. I need to make sure it wasn’t a medication induced hallucination.” I pleaded. She did. She kissed my socks off again. If I had been standing, my leg would have floated up like a romance comedy. I felt like Mary Jane kissing Spiderman. It was lovely, slow, and passionate. It was perfect. I already loved Merry as a friend and a sort of sister, but after freeing my anxiety, I found a new attraction. I found a new attraction to her that I intended to fully explore. ‘Sorry ladies and gentlemen. Maddie is off the market! Mental Note: Get Merry a spider girl costume.’ “Merry, that was fantastic. I loved every moment of it. Well, except you having to change me.” I told her caressing her face as she lay next to me on my pillow. “Can I get my Lesbian Card back now bitch?” She cackled in my face and punched my arm. “Only if you have one printed up for me too!” I joked back. Our giggles dissolved into some light touching, smiling, and light kisses. It wasn’t the declaration of intent the first kisses were. It was comfort and confirmation of feelings in physical form. I told her with my fingers and lips, I wanted this too. Hers told me she’d be here with me no matter what happened, and that she was totally willing to change my diapers. Eventually, we separated and lay beside each other watching whatever nonsense was on TV at midnight in the hospital. We held hands while she fought to stay awake. There was a knock at the door and Merry answered to come in. “Hello, I’m Sammy. I’ll be your nurse until the morning shift comes in. I have some pain meds and a muscle relaxer for you and…” She checked my chart. “I need to see how your absorbency products are doing.” “Hi Sammy, I’m Merry. I cleaned her up a little bit ago. She’s a little wet, but it’s been kind of a constant thing, so we better wait a bit.” She told Sammy. I probed my diaper, but couldn’t really check far enough down my crotch to tell how wet I was, “I’ll have to take M’s word for it. I can’t lean up far enough to check, but your welcome to verify if you need to.” I smiled at her trying for nonchalance, and probably failing miserably. Merry didn’t move from my side so Sammy had to approach from my good side. Well, my left side. I’m right hand dominant for sure, so these injuries added further insult. She handed me the little cup of pills and Merry handed me the hospital water jug. I took my pain medication and lay back against the bed grunting in pain. That left me with all the new toys in my bed, and my favorite new toy Merry. I hadn’t been thinking about my back, but after leaning up for my meds I was. All the sudden, I was in quite a bit of pain. I squeezed Merry’s hand as I settled back into the least painful configuration. As I tried to relax my muscles and nestle back in, I noticed another need. “So Sammy, what happens if I have to use the bathroom?” I asked. She checked the chart, “Well, looks like your orders are bed restriction. So you have two options. Bedpan or…” She eyed my diaper and nodded with her head. ‘Oh I don’t like this at all. OMG! This is not happening. I can’t imagine how awful it would be to use the bedpan. What a horrible ordeal that would be.’ I panicked. Merry sensed my panic and tried to help, “Sammy, I talked to Maddison’s mother before she left to rest. I was planning to help her tonight sense you all are shorthanded, but we may need some help if she has to number two.” “That’s what I’m here for. We are supposed to keep her spine as immobile as possible, but the bedpan takes a lot of wiggling. Her current option is probably the best, but I’m here to do whatever you want Maddison.” Sammy smiled at us. “Speaking of being short-handed, I better go.” She told us as her messenger started buzzing. “Merry Alice Selvage! you will not be involved in changing another diaper much less a number two!” I huffed as Sammy left. “Of course I will Baby girl. Your momma left me in charge of you silly.” She told me with a sing song voice full of certainty patting me on my diapered crotch. ‘Oh hell no!’ I thought with determination. ‘I’ll hold this shit until mom comes back in the morning no problem. It is early notice level anyway. I have time.’ “Aren’t you supposed to be studying you asshat?” I huffed. “Right you are Baby girl. You just take your mom’s computer and card. You get your new one ordered. She gave me her card.” She told me handing both over and settling the table where I could use it. Merry handed me the laptop and got up to plug it in on the other side of my bed. She nestled back in next to me on my bad side and started studying. She’d ask me an occasional question and I’d answer. I made it through my new pc order and had it delivered to Merry’s house. Somewhere around two AM I passed out. I was still holding the impending stool, but the meds were too strong and I was too tired. I remember Merry petting my face while I fell asleep and my head fell to her shoulder. I was safe and drugged and loved. I slept hard until about half past five. I woke up with some very serious pain in my back. Pain that radiated everywhere. Even with my legs up I could feel the sluggish numb flesh on my hip and in my foot. I slowly straighten up off of Merry’s shoulder and tried to figure out the source of the now excruciating pain. The small movement of getting off of Merry spiked that pain, and I grunted letting out an uncontrolled puff of noxious air from my covered ass. Which caused me to gasp in shock. The horrid smell caused my really intense gag reflex to kick in. I urked against the putrid air. “Oh baby, it’s ok.” Merry chimed patting my tummy. “Just let it out Baby girl.” “Get out M. I’ve been holding this back and it’s hurting so bad. I’m not going to make it until Momma gets here. ARGH God it smells so… Urk bad… Blech.” I grimaced. The abdomen jerks from the gagging were making it even harder to hold it all in. Merry pressed the call button on my bed/remote. I got my gagging under control by pulling my nightgown up over my face and filtering it threw the new shirt smell. Of course, that left my soggy diaper on full display, but I hurt too bad to give two fucks. The pain was terrible. Squeezing off the impending stool flexed all the muscles in my lower back. It didn’t hurt when I didn’t have to flex, but it hurt, like a lot, right then. ‘OMG! How fucking unfair is this! My potential girlfriend is in bed with me while I writhe in pain fighting back this horrible accident. I keep dry heaving and farting totally noxious air. So FUCKING UNFAIR!’ I wailed internally. Externally, I had started crying in pain. What was a normal function to hold back a number two is now full on panic stricken exercise in pain endurance. At this level of pressure I’d normally have roughly an hour to get to the bathroom, but the pain wasn’t going to allow that. It was fatiguing my muscles much faster than normal. My muscles were pushed to their edge of endurance. They flexed hard and I retracted in intense pain. When they relaxed another puff of air escaped audibly making itself known. I released a little scream of helplessness. I couldn’t fight it anymore the pain was too much. “Ulch, Oh God M. I’m so fucking sorry!” I wailed as I filled my diaper. The entire experience was painful. Every wave of excretion flexed muscles rooted in my current injury centers. It was straight-up fucking horrible. It felt like imagined labor would feel. So much pain just on a shorter duration. Thankfully, I was a pretty regular since I didn’t run near as much after season was over. It hadn’t lasted long. Under normal circumstances, I’d have been in and out of the toilet in no time. That day was far from normal circumstances. Shortly after the tremors in my body died down, my nurse Sammy came in. She looked worn out and tired, but mostly she looked spooked. She’d gotten to the room maybe six minutes after Merry had hit the call button, but I was still finishing up and I must have sounded terrifying. “What’s going on in here? We heard you screaming at the nurse’s station and over the intercom when you called. I got over here as quickly as I could. I’m so sorry it wasn’t faster.” She puffed from her jog. “Maddie here just had a little accident. Shit happens ya know! We knew it was coming, but we had no idea she’d be in this much pain.” Merry supplied. “Alright, your name again dear?” Sammy prompted. “Merry, ma’am.” She supplied. “Merry do you still have supplies from last night?” “Yes, ma’am. I only had to change her the once. Then we fell asleep.” “Good good. I’ll get right to work here ladies.” Merry eased my leg down into off the pillows and stepped back. Sammy smiled at the teenager and pulled the curtain. She sat out all of the supplies and started to work efficiently. I really appreciated the professional distance she put on the task. It helped me separate from the humiliation of the whole event. She finished up and changed out the bio-hazard trashcan leaving the room for a moment. “Oh M, I’m so sorry you had to smell that. My God, I’m so embarrassed. *Huff* it hurt so bad.” I blubbered. Nurse Sammy walked back in and addressed me directly, “Maddison, what was all the screaming?” “Well, it wasn’t about having to use the diaper. I didn’t even have time to think about that. I had to go before I passed out around two AM, but I didn’t want to go while Merry was here.” Merry took my hand. “Shhhh, it’s ok Dee. I’m here no matter what! I told you Shit Happens!” She soothed me. “Ha! That’s a dedicated friend right there Maddie. You better keep her around. So then what?” Sammy asked chuckling. “Well, I woke up a few minutes ago needing to go pretty bad. Normally, I’d still have some time left and Momma doesn’t sleep in well so I was hoping to wait for her to get here. So I concentrated on holding things until she got here.” I sighed. “That’s when the pain really started. Holding it in caused pain. Pain caused muscle spasms and I let a little loose. It embarrassed me and smelled awful and I started to gag. Then Merry woke up and I freaked out a bit. The pain was too much. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I mean I normally could have but I couldn’t flex down there anymore. Then I started the BM and it hurt with the contractions to push. It hurt holding it, and it hurt letting it go. It was awful.” I concluded. “Well, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Maybe we can get you a stool softener or something. Hopefully you won’t have to go again for a while after that. Are you pretty regular?” She asked. I looked over at Merry who was smiling at me and texting one handed like a speed demon. She looked pleased with herself. “Your mom is on her way Dee. She’ll be about twenty minutes. I told her as much as I could over text.” I loved her for that. “Will you catch her in the hall and tell her what happened? I don’t want to talk about that again.” I pleaded. “My pleasure Baby girl!” She beamed with a job to do. “I’ll talk to Dr. Hadi’s staff and see what we can do. I’ll come back and let you know.” Sammy said retreating to the nurse’s station. I took my pills again right after the nurse left chunking the little paper cup at the trash can. I missed. Then I took a deep centering breath and looked over at my Merry. I said, “Well that’s a shitty way to start the day!” Merry giggled and that was good enough for me.
  4. The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 8 – I’ve seen what you’re packing like a gazillion times! I stayed senseless when mom came back in. I stayed senseless while Peggy cleaned me up again. I missed most of the next couple of hours in that drug induced sleep. Just before seven pm Dr. Hadi made it to my room on his rounds. He wasn’t what I expected at all. “Hey y'all.” Dr. Hadi announced entering my room sticking his hand out to my mother. With a name and complexion like Dr. Hadi had, you’d expect him to sound something like the Simpon’s Apu from the Kwik-E Mart. Except Dr. Hadi liked to break stereotypes. First, he was taller than I was expecting at almost six foot. He was broader and more… “Corn-Fed” than I had assumed he’d be. His accent really threw me off. He must have gotten mom and Merry too. We all just sat there quietly waiting having trouble meshing what we were seeing and hearing with what we had expected. “HaHa. I love meeting new people, maybe not under these circumstances, but we have to take the good with the bad, ya know?” He charmed us with his strong southern accent sticking out his hand to my mom again. She took it this time and smiled a genuine smile at him. I tried not to let that bother me. Dad’s been gone a long time, and I’m a minor so he wouldn’t address me first naturally. I knew I wasn’t eighteen yet, but it still chapped. ‘I’m not a control freak, I’m not a control freak, I’m not a control freak.’ I chanted internally. “Delighted.” Merry offered her hand and giggled at my doctor. ‘I’m not a control freak, I’m not a control freak, I’m not a control freak.’ I chanted internally. ‘What the straight up fuck girl?!’ I seethed. If this doctor wasn’t so nice, I might not have kept my smile on my face and my scathing words tucked behind my lips. As it was, I barely managed. “I’m Mandy Page, this is my daughter Maddison and her bessstttt friend Merry.” Mom introduced us while gingerly shaking his hand over her hand bandages. I’m not sure if it was my imagination, but she seemed to really enunciate “best” there. Merry returned to my side, where she belonged, lying back against the gentle incline. The head of my hospital bed beside was inclined just enough for me to see over my chest. I noticed, however, that she inconspicuously tugged my Power Puff Girls night gown back over my diaper the best she could instead of continuing her subtle petting. ‘Bummer, and bless you, you sneaky bitch!’ I telepathically shot at her grinning with a loaded smile before returning my attention to my new specialist. Of course, Merry should probably have stopped that already, but definitely while we had company. “Yall have pretty good insurance, and since this injury is related to the fire I’m sure the home owners insurance will help too. Long story short I’d like to keep Maddison for a few more days.” He told mom as I interrupted him. “Maddie if you please.” I asked redirecting his attention to me. It was time to piss on some walls and establish my alpha status. Fast on the pickup, he wisely addressed me moving forward. “So Maddie, I have you scheduled for the MRI at 3:00 PM tomorrow. You’re a non-emergency case, at this time, so it may get bumped. They should get it done sometime tomorrow though. I couldn’t get you in any faster. You’ll be in the MRI for about forty-five minutes to an hour while they image your lumbar spine for me. This will give me a baseline to track in the future, and I can look for recent damage.” He listed aloud. While he was talking, he perched on the rolling stool and wheeled over beside me looking me in the eyes. Merry got out of his way softly leaving me in the bed alone and suddenly cold on one side. He started my exam by dropping my right leg off the mound of pillows adjusting the splint to the straight setting from the bent one. Then he unstrapped it and repeated a lot of the questions that Dr. Chu had asked me. He even performed the testing with a stainless steel poker. For whatever reason that really helped me build trust with him. The continuity brought some comfort. “I have quite a bit of homework for your mom Maddie. She’ll need to ask you a bunch of questions, but I don’t trust pill drunk young women to fill out their medical paperwork.” He chuckled trying not to offend my sense of self. “They have you on the good stuff. Hydrocodone! Good for you. I agree. I’ll leave orders for a muscle relaxer too. That should help with some of the muscle spasms.” He told me marking up my chart. “So, Dr. Chu called and said he talked to you. It’s the standard run down he gave you. I can’t really tell you much more without the MRI results, but the symptoms you are exhibiting indicate some nerve damage which speaks of some form of SCI. SCI being Spinal Cord Injury. I consider it serious enough that I want to keep you here until I know for sure.” He told us turning back to the room at large. “So is it too early to tell if the uh… enur…” I stuttered feeling the sudden impact of his concern. “Enuresis. Urinary Incontinence same thing” Dr. Hadi supplied. “yeah, that. So is it too early to tell if the problem with my back is causing the enuresis?” I asked wrapping my head around the new word. “Maddie, honestly it’s just too early to tell. I will tell you I’m currently treating it as a symptom of your fall.” He started again, but Merry cut him off. “She jumped out of a third story window Doc. We can go with fly I think.” She added. “Ok, you flew from a great height. You took some serious trauma to your back that they we’re hoping you have gotten lucky with. It appears you didn’t get off without some payment after all. Like I was saying, I’m listing it as a symptom right now, but until your back is healed I can’t really tell you if that’s the source or not. Honestly, we may never really know. All we can do is treat you for one issue at a time until we eliminate them all and pray something resolves it for you. Dr. Chu has orders for an Urologist to check in with you too, but he doesn’t have rounds. You may have to call his office to see if they set you up an appointment or not. Honestly, the Urologist will defer you to me until the MRI is done anyway. So we are all working toward the same goals and the first step is to check out your lower back.” He told me sincerely patting my leg. ‘Ah Monkey Balls. I’m back to hoping for the best while Dr. Chu is building a Maddie team. That’s kind of cool. I love that guy.’ “I was hoping for something more definitive in that regard.” I whispered back to him. “I understand. You have options with the catheters or the route you are already taking.” He nodded to my underwear choice speaking at full room volume presumably so Mom could hear. “I’ve spent the last two days in the bathroom only to trickle some small bit of urine randomly here and there. Today it’s been getting worse. In fact, I kind of just wet myself a few moments ago. I feel like I need to go all the time, like I’m about to burst. My muscles hurt like I have been holding a heavy weight for a long time. They quiver. It’s like a short in an electrical system or something. The only reason I know I went was I could feel the warmth exiting me and trickling down my butt.” I all but whispered the last part. “Well, that’s unfortunate. I’m truly sorry you’re having these problems. There’s a lot of literature out there about the different kinds of bladder control issues and their treatment. Technically that’s the Urologists domain, but since you haven’t been to him yet we are treating this as a symptom of the possible SCI.” He told me patting my bad leg. “Looks like you have some X-Rays this evening. Let’s figure out your leg and back. Until then, do you want to continue with the absorbency garments or try a catheter?” He asked me. Mom, in a rare display of dominance, piped up, “I’d prefer her current solution unless there’s a medical need for the catheter.” “Millions of people all over the world have to answer this question for themselves. It’s a little easier decision when the patient is mobile, but I don’t want Maddie on her feet until we know what’s going on here. As far as the catheter goes, she’ll have to have one during any procedures, but otherwise it’s your discretion at this facility.” He told us. ‘There went my shower….sigh.’ I sighed aloud. “Well, for now I’d like to stay with the diapers. Her. I’d like HER to stay with the diapers.” Mom clarified stuttering all over the place at her slip. She dictated this to the doctor like she had sole authority over the decision. ‘Shit. I guess she does. I wanted to be the one to make the choice though. I ruled me and no one else!’ I thought totally missing mom’s Freudian slip. “Yes. I’ll stay with the diapers since I can’t get up for the next few days. If there is surgery required, how long will I be in recovery?” I asked trying to feel out the duration of my diapered condition. I could almost feel mom shifting into Mommy-Mode like an atmospheric change before a low pressure front blew through. It was more than a little ominous, but I wanted to at least state it out loud. That way it would be my choice to wear them not mom’s. “Fine by me. Good choice even. Keep clean though! We have some pamphlets at the clinic on using adult absorbency products and a couple on possible surgical procedures, if it turns up you’ll need them. They’ll have expectations with them. I’ll bring some by later tomorrow evening. I’ll warn you though given the late timing of your MRI it may be Friday before I can get to you with the results.” He cautioned. We said our goodbyes to the Indian doctor with the powerful build and southern accent. I liked him. I realized that I felt better when the medical professionals shot straight with me. I’d rather have the information and then make a decision. I was less apt to dwell on my situation if I knew I had already addressed it the best I could. I liked the doctors that got straight to the point and treated me like the adult I would soon be. ‘I don’t like mom making my medical decisions though. It was kind of nice not to have a choice too.’ I made a mental note of the paradoxical relationship between those two core reactions. ‘That must be the meds talking! I am feeling much mellower than I did when I was stuck in the hotel bathroom. I’ll deal with these feelings later. I need to focus on my health right now, and not worry about my diapers. Still MY diapers. Curiouser and Curiouser.’ I pondered my own random thoughts as they trickled in. Abolishing all that anxiety cleared my head more than my medication clouded it. I felt sound in my decision about going with diapers for the time being. Sometimes an informed decision is all it really takes for me to compartmentalize a situation and move on. It was looking like my diapers were falling in that category. I was feeling the need to curtail mom’s mothering before it got out of my control. The best way to do that was to send her home, well the hotel, our home was ashes. A ball of anxiety attempted to well up in my stomach for our fresh loss, but I pushed it aside. It was time to start dealing with this stuff. Dr. Hadi’s visit had really driven home the idea that this was all medical, and like most medical things, was treatable. ‘God, I hope this is all medically treatable. On the other hand, diapers are better than being burnt alive.’ I conceded to my maker. “Momma, I’m going to be up a while playing on this new pc you got. Good choices by the way. The guy at Best Buy did good. You’ll like this for a long time. Anyway, why don’t you head back to the hotel and get some rest. I’ll probably turn into a vampire with my hours all messed up, and be up all night. M will be at school tomorrow so I’ll need some help while I nap the day away.” I offered a well-reasoned argument for her to bail. “Baby, I don’t want to leave you alone here.” She sounded tortured, but ready to leave for a bit of fresh air herself. “You won’t Mrs. P. My mom already said I could stay over as long as I was ready for Trig tomorrow. There’s not a better tutor than Maddie! Well, maybe Maddie with no pain meds, but we’ll struggle on!” Merry mock marched. “You need some rest anyway. It’s been a super long day and I have been napping on and off. My nurses are great. I’m not in any danger except from boredom and pain. Merry will take care of the boredom cause she’ll talk my ears off till she passes out.” I worked on her. “I’ll keep an eye on her Mrs. P. I’ll check her diapers too. I won’t let her sit in them too long. I promise.” She told mom conspiratorially holding up her hands in scouts honor. “Text me before I leave. I want to hear from you regularly even if you think I’m asleep. Both of you.” She eyed us. “Mrs. P, you should totally hit Wal-Mart up for some of this stuff for you. You’d look awesome with purple monster feet.” Merry told mom jokingly. Only mom didn’t seem to take it as a joke. She went instantly introspective. Her face was glassed over thinking on what Merry had said. I thought she was weighing her decision about not sleeping here, but that wasn’t it at all. She was standing there as still as a stone laboring with thought, and then she kind of melted from the inside out in excitement. Her face slowly lit up until her teeth were bared in a smile of potential. “You know, your right! I ought to have matching… stuff and socks!” Mom nodded and spoke mostly to herself. “Baby, do you want me to pick you up something for tomorrow, or will you just stay in the night gowns?” She asked. “I really want some larger sized running shorts mom. That’s what I’m used to lounging in. even though I’m… diapered, I feel kind of naked here. The doctor’s probably won’t tell me anything about my leg until after the x-rays anyway. No one else will likely come by tonight.” I told her. Being non-priority kind of sucked, but I’d never take services away from an emergency, so I didn’t complain. “I wouldn’t mind a shirt or two, but I’ll probably just wear the nightgown in the room. It’ll be easier for me and the nurses.” I told her again. “Oh, I forgot about the X-Rays. I won’t be leaving until you’ve had those, baby. I just wouldn’t be comfortable. Not that you aren’t capable dears.” She patted our arms. “Okay.” I told her knowing when to push and when to wait. The matter settled and some Mom-free time later was better than none! I would have preferred that she left right then, but I’d take the not staying all night as a golden second place prize! I’m pretty sure we both snore, so I might even sleep better in her absence. Merry doesn’t snore. So, that would be a plus. Ha… Poor Merry. It wasn’t long and a nurse came in with a gurney. I was transported, as gingerly as possible, to the X-Ray facilities and they snagged the pictures of my leg and arm they needed. I was returned to my room less than an hour after Dr. Hadi had left. It was getting kind of late and most of the family had cleared out of the hospital except those staying the night with a loved one. I suddenly felt bad about keeping the doctor so long realizing it was super nice of him to stay with us as long as he had. I felt even better about having him for my Neurologist for sure. Mom kissed me and hugged Merry goodbye. She had made a list waiting in the X-ray family room. She seemed sort of antsy to get out of the hospital once she decided not to worry about me leaving me in Merry’s care. She had a mission and she itched to move on with it. Adult ADD, no doubt in my mind! “Ok girls, I’m out of here. You have my number. I expect texts or I’ll be right back up here. I can worry at the hotel or worry all over you here. It’s your choice.” She smiled clearly knowing how to push our buttons too. “I got this Mrs. P. Dee always takes care of us. I’m happy to have the chance to take care of her.” Merry beamed with enthusiasm. Mom came over to the bed and bent low to hug me whispering her pre-date warning, “You be a good girl. Don’t make me any grandbabies!” “Mom!” I bellowed turning crimson from head to toe. Well, minus the sickly green hospital adult absorbency product. Mom had told me and my dates those same words before I left the house every time I’ve ever been out on a date. Worse things have happened to people I suppose, but it always seemed pretty horrible to me. Merry just pretended not to hear, and paid no attention to my incredulous tone. Mom just kissed my forehead and stood up to embrace Merry again. The night nurse came in just as Mom was leaving. I didn’t catch her name, and she was a new face to me. She talked to mom for a few moments at the door before Mom called out to take good care of both of her daughters. The nurse waved at me and took off too. ‘Great, now mom has us married off. Ambitious much? Crap, I forgot I needed a change.’ I sighed at her antics distracting me. “Hey M. I need to get this diaper changed. I wet it earlier, and may more have since then. I wasn’t paying too close of attention during the X-Rays.” I told her. Merry came over to me and lay against me on the bed trapping my right arm between her breasts and my side. I immediately flushed again. She reached over my injured leg and palmed my crotch. It felt wonderful. She squeezed and pulled and poked at it for a moment or two giggling to herself. Then she sat up and looked intently between my legs. “Dee your soaking wet! I need to get you changed baby.” She told me with unabashed happiness in her face. ‘Baby is Mom’s thing. M never calls me Baby. Must be the diapers. I’ll have to wait a bit to see if I care or not. Right now I just want her to look at me like that again!’ I thought. Merry disappeared for a few minutes before she came back with the night nurse. I still didn’t catch her name. She just smiled at me and waved again before heading back to the nurse’s station. ‘Where’s she going?’ I wondered. Merry’s arms were full of diapering supplies. There were some matts, those pea green diapers, and hospital wipes. Wipes for adults were friggin huge let me tell you! The little plastic package was about the same size, maybe a little longer. But, I bet it only held a third of the number of wipes! “So, I went to get the nurse and it turns out they are a little short handed tonight. Your mom volunteered slash drafted me as your night nurse for changes anyway. Apparently, since you aren’t being watched for intake or output yet they don’t have to weigh these things, so I’m eligible.” She smiled. “You’re going to change my diaper?” I stuttered. “Don’t look so scared Baby. I’ve seen what you’re packing like a gazillion times!” Merry’s chimed bouncing her eyebrows like a teenage boy telling a joke packed with innuendo. ‘Is that lust in her eyes? Is she excited to see my kitty or just a kitty in general? Since when did I care? Do I only feel this flustered cause Momma brought it up? I have never even really thought about being with another girl. Oh God! Look at her. Definitely lusty love in those eyes.’ I thought suddenly filled with fear and anticipation.
  5. The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 7 - Was Mom actively trying to set me up with my best friend? - Late Wednesday - “First, something from Peggy.” Mom told me fishing something out of the bags at her feet. She held up a tee-shirt nightgown. It was a three quarter shirt sleeve with a pink collar and pink sleeves. My favorite childhood cartoon character was flying around in all her revisited Power Puff glory. Blossom was flying over Townsville on the front of my new nightly. Sure it was a little childish, but it was in an adult size so that had to make it ok right? Right? “Oh momma I love it! Can I put it on?” I told her earnestly. I also loved that Peggy was getting credit for it. I was really growing to care for her and it was terrific to have a token from meeting her. “At least you’re still pretty clean from that two hour shower you took this morning.” Mom teased. She slowly inclined my bed until the pain intensified. I stopped her and we slipped my hospital gown over my head delicately replacing it with the sponsored gift from my new favorite nurse. I was in purple clawed toe socks a sickly green diaper and a pink and white Blossom nightgown. I looked eclectically goofy, but strangely the look was kind of growing on me. I look ludicrous. I actually laughed out loud. “M, I look so weird.” I shook my head laughing for the first time in hours. “Well, it does take a special girl to pull it off, but I’d say you look great baby.” Mom cooed. “Okay, more goodies.” Merry beamed. She held up a matching Buttercup green nightshirt and a blue Bubbles one too. I couldn’t hold back my smile. Childish sleepwear was mom’s territory, but I had to admit to myself. I really liked what she picked out. I was wearing an F’n diaper for craps sake! I could enjoy me some adult sized little girl sleepwear! Next, she pulled out a Tigers branded duffel bag she’d picked out from the high school stuff at Wal-Mart. It was nice to have a place to stow my things again. It was super nice to have a new duffel with my High School mascot on it. Mom moved another two bags up onto the bed from the items she had at her feet. She had my favorite powder smelling deodorant, my favorite perfume, and my favorite lip gloss. I was addicted to Burt’s Bees strawberry. She dug out a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans from the bag too. They were and are my absolute favorite candies. Mom had all the brownie points in the world right then. I made give me hands for the lip gloss and the jellybeans. She handed them over with a smile after opening the candy for me. The other bag held a package of six hero themed boy short panties, my favorites. I sighed realizing it would be a while before I got to wear those again. Mom sensed my melancholy and pulled out six pairs of sort of matching superhero toe socks. Those I could enjoy for sure. I loved toe socks. She continued to pull out some things that would improve sense of normalcy. More things that we hadn’t replaced since the fire. Hair ties, some hair pins, and a few vials of nail polish. “Momma, I really want to take a shower and feel clean. My hair is a wreck and I’ve been laying here sweating in pain all day. Will you see if they’ll let me shower?” I asked. “I don’t think that would be a good idea dear, but if you want I’ll ask. But first, Merry and I picked out a few things to help you while you’re here. I know you hope it won’t be long, but I hope they do the MRI tomorrow and get you healthy as soon as possible.” Mom told me with tears in her eyes. I reached out and patted her arm. Mom slowly lay down beside me on the bed cuddling up to absorb some comfort from me. I’m sure she meant to give some, but I was more uplifted by comforting her than her trying to comfort me. It felt good to get some of my normal role back. Merry came back in with their Sonic stuff a few minutes later. “Mrs. P, your food’s cold, but so is your drink!” Merry chimed … well, merrily. It’s hard to get her spirits down. She’s indomitable. Mom sat up and they moved to the two chairs in the room taking my table to share their meal. We all chatted amiably as possible with them being sad and nervous, but trying to look optimistic, and me drugged up on painkillers. I wasn’t totally clear headed. I’d never been seriously injured before. Plus, I’d never had serious pain killers before. “Alright Dee! Man. I still have to concentrate to get that out M.” Molly rattles on. “Your mom and I had a long talk while we were out. We have decided you’ll get all lazy and shit if you don’t have stuff to do.” “Merry Selvage!” Mom interjected harshly, she was always doing that. “Pfft… Sorry Mrs. P! Anyway, we don’t want you to get behind in your school work, and I know you’ll want to get back on all that work you’re doing for college. Although, I don’t know why. You still haven’t decided what you want to do. You are way over qualified for the local community one, but you’d be with me a few more years if you did your general eds there. In fact, …” She went on for another ten minutes or so about the virtues of her plan to keep us close. I couldn’t help reflecting on what mom had said earlier about Merry being “good for me” while she rattled on. Mom had essentially said a version of “you could do worse”. Was mom actively trying to set me up with my best friend? Yet another in a long line of strange thoughts for a girl stuck in a hospital bed in a diaper. Speaking of my diaper. Huh? My Diaper…? That felt strongly possessive like “my dog” or something. Curiouser and Curiouser… I thought. In the end I just decided to roll with it being all hopped up on pain meds was making me mellow. While Merry was going on about community college and my mind was wandering over my strange attire, my hand crept down to my diaper. I couldn’t reach all the way to my crotch from this angle, and I didn’t want to roll to get my hand under myself. So I just left my hand where it was. For all the strangeness in my hospital setting, I was surprisingly comfortable. Which sparked another random train of thought about why it should feel that way to me. Then I thought about the surgery and how calm Dr. Chu was. I wanted rid of the pain, but I really didn’t want to try and recover from spine surgery in a hotel room. Wonder if there are any short term lease options close to our property. Then we’d be near when the building restarts. We could get some furniture and start rebuilding our lives while they rebuild the house. I added it to my mental to do list. “I really wish I had my phone. I keep thinking of stuff we need to do, or that I need to look into and I have no way to remember it all. I just keep circling back around the same thoughts. I need to make some lists. Hey Mom, is there any paper and stuff around?” I blurted out during Merry’s desperate attempt to say my college plans. Mom had tuned Merry out too. In fact, I’m pretty sure Merry was running on autopilot, because she startled at my sudden outburst. Mom turned to look around the room following my request at face value, but Merry just smiled and squealed. “I was so busy getting food and talking to Peggy and then eating that I forgot to show you the rest of the Wal-Mart stuff.” Merry said jumping up from the chair and bounding to my bed. I tried unsuccessfully to hold back the grunt of pain when Merry pounced on the bed, but I couldn’t quite keep it in. I swear to all that’s Holy. That girl is the poster child for functional ADD kids. Jesus. I chastised her internally. “OMG! I’m so sorry Dee.” She said leaning forward and kissing me quickly on the lips and then hugging tightly to my side. I was startled at the kiss and the pain, and I grunted into her face. I had expected the kiss, but I expected it on my cheek not my lips. My hand hadn’t left the cover of my diaper either. Apparently, I found it comforting to play with the smooth texture of the plastic backing, and Mom and Merry were kind enough to not mention it. After that kiss I was wishing I could reach lower. My arm was trapped between Merry and I, and I was all of the sudden blushingly aware of her breasts against my arm. Oh My God! I’m fucking blushing! I realized leaving myself totally stunned. “It’s ok M. It’s over now, but watch it. That hurt!” I scolded the top of her head. “Dee, what are you doing down there?” Merry whispered to me conspiratorially. “Perv, I’m not doing anything. My diaper is smooth and I was just fiddling with it.” I defended myself whispering back. “Hehe. I can feel your arm moving around. I kinda like it. It was funner when I thought you were messing around.” She goaded me. Her flirty comments replay the light kiss she’d given me moments before. I don’t know why I kept rubbing the diaper, but I did. I don’t know why I kept thinking of that brief peck on my lips, but I did. I rested my chin on Merry’s head and we just lay close for a few minutes until Peggy came in to check on me. “Alright ladies, nursing time. Hall please.” She told my mom and Merry. “Hey Maddie, how are you doing? Looks like you got some more water in ya. Between that and the soda you may be filling up.” Peggy’s smile was so comforting, but I didn’t want them to leave this time. “It’s ok Mrs. Peggy. They can stay.” I told her. “Do your old prudish nurse a favor and at least let me pull the curtain so I can change you ok?” She pleaded. “Sure.” I told her as Merry eased off the bed. Peggy turned and shooed my other girls out of the immediate area and back to their chairs. She pulled the curtain smiling at me. It was almost four in the evening, and it was about time for another dose of meds. She placed the little cup of pinkie finger sized pills on my bedside table and turned to grab my changing supplies they’d stowed in their nurse’s cart. “Hey, look who got some new toys.” Peggy beamed at me holding up Merry’s bags that were at the foot of my bed. “Well, Shit. Sorry Dee that’s what I was about to give you before I hurt you there.” Merry lamented from the other side of the curtain. “oomph, I mean sorry Dee. I’ll just tell you about them right now, and you can have them when General Peggy leaves.” We all shared a laugh with Merry as mom elbowed her for her mouth. “I’ve been called much worse by nicer people than you dear.” Peggy said not missing a beat. “Go ahead honey. Tell Maddison what we got her.” Mom prodded. I could hear the energy in her voice. She was excited. “Well, I know you’ll want to buy your own computer, but Mrs. P lost hers too. I don’t know as much about that stuff as you do, but I do know how to ask the sales guy the right questions. So, we bought your mom a computer that’ll do everything she wants. One that you can use it to order yourself one.” She explained like she was reading a brochure. “You did!” I squealed. “Steady dear, I’d like to finish this dry myself.” Peggy giggled. “Sorry.” I hung my head chastised. “Yep, that’s not all though.” Merry hinted. “Hold up on the good news girls. I’m trying to clean her up over here and all this excitement is making it difficult.” Peggy hedged. Was I just freaking leaking all the time? What the hell! I stressed. “Yes, ma’am.” Mom and Merry both chimed in unison like well-trained monkeys. Peggy finished up with the change and put the diaper in the bio-hazard bin. Then she smiled at me and restacked my pillows. She picked up my bags and turned her back to me. She rifled through the bags where I couldn’t see making affirmative noises all the while. She placed them back out of sight behind my pillows before opening the curtain. “I meant to ask if you need to use the bathroom while I was in here, but I forgot. Do you need to?” She asked the room. “That’s an odd thing to ask someone who’s wearing her… well, what I’m wearing.” I commented slightly confused. “I meant for a stool dear. Do you need the bathroom for a bowel movement?” Peggy clarified. “Uh… Oh, I don’t think so.” I whispered a reply. “You still know when that’s coming right? Well, just buzz me and I’ll be happy to help you with the bedpan dear.” Peggy smiled at me. She handed me the tiny paper cup of pills and my hospital mug of water. I guzzled a few more ounces and took the big non-gel coated pills. I popped my lips indicating I was all done. Peggy resettled items back in her cart and made for the door. “Peggy, Maddison asked if she could take a shower earlier. Can we help her in there to get cleaned up?” Mom asked for me. Good. I forgot to ask. Yay momma! I cheered internally. “Dr. Hadi is supposed to be bye here on rounds about six. Let’s wait till then ok? He may not want her on her feet. It’s just a little while it’ll be ok.” Peggy said patting my feet. “Ms. Selvage, you may chitter on about all the electronics in that bag now.” She said on her way out. I love that woman. I thought. “Yeah, so, we also got you a new phone. You were still using that Galaxy S4, but when the service guy heard about everything he called his corporate office and they made some exceptions and he got you a newer S6 for no money since the S7 is out!” She told me with utter joy on her face. “I wanted to get the S6 for you baby, and they worked with me on it like they did on the S4. After the computer, I was a little tapped out. Now the first thing I want you to do is order your dream computer on my credit card, and don’t worry about the cost. That’ll be a bit of early Christmas and some graduation in there too. Do it fast though, I want it here as soon as possible.” Mom told me patting my arm giving me her mock serious face. “Yes ma’am.” I saluted her. Merry handed me the box with my phone. I opened it and smelled the beautiful new device smell. I only just got it booted up when Merry took the phone and handed me the pc box. There was a Best Buy close to our Wal-Mart and the Lenovo box indicated they’d made a second stop after all. “Beggars and choosers here huh M?” I teased while she flew through the screens on my phone. “You know it. Get that PC up and running! Phones are my thing.” Merry teased sticking her tongue out. Why is that all the sudden hella sexy? It should have been playful not sexy? OMG! Her tongue is so cute. I thought. Mom moved her chair closer to the head of the bed so she could help me open the box and watch the screens while I set it up. “Hey Mrs. P, will you check with the nurses and see if there’s wifi she can use here?” Merry asked. “Yes ma’am I will.” Mom replied leaving the room. I was working through the loading screens for Windows 7 while my ringtones flitted through the air. A particularly loud one startled me while I was zoned in on mom’s computer. I suddenly jerked and inhaled. Then for the first time in a while I knew I was wetting myself. Sonic must be going right through me! This poor diaper didn’t last very long. Was my first thought. God that feels weird. All the sudden it’s warm down there. I can feel it running down my ass crack. Was the second. I reached down to touch my diaper underneath my still loading laptop. I flexed my abs trying to sit up a little bit. I just wanted to feel what had happened in my diaper. I could just barely reach the top of my kitty, but in this sitting position all the wetness was south of there. I must have grunted a bit trying to reach down without hurting myself because Merry noticed. “Dee, whatcha doin there little lady? Find something interesting on the computer?” She teased in a sing song childish voice. “I’m not friggin myself here. I think I just wet quite a bit. I was just trying to see how bad it was.” I said defiantly. Then the conversation caught up with me and I grew self-conscious, “Look, I’m… can you… uh… check me?” “Hell ya! I’ve been dying to play with that yucky green crinkly thing since they wrapped it around your sexy hips!” Merry beamed. She reached down my right side with her left hand slowly running her arm underneath my hand. I felt her forearm as her cupped my plastic covered kitty. She pressed a firm hand against me that rushed arousal to the area and flushed my cheeks. Her forearm flexed and she lifted her hand from my diaper and poked at it with the pad of her finger hitting me close to my entrance. Electricity jolted through me. “You, my love, are pretty squishy down here.” She giggled but didn’t stop playing with my diaper and me. Merry worked feverishly to set my phone up with her left hand. Her right just stayed where it had been while I got back to work on the laptop. She continued working on my phone, but her hand occasionally moved from my diaper to do things she needed to do with both hands. She even knew the Tetris shape I’d want to use as the screen lock. She saved me a lot of work when she was done. In my drug induced buzz, I was happy to let her setup my phone and rest her hand anywhere she thought was comfortable. If I wasn’t in blinding pain when I flexed my hips, I’m certain I’d have been rocking slowly against her hand. ‘Maybe I like girls too?’ I pondered before passing out with one of the Windows 7 launch screens waiting for my response. The pain meds had won the battle sending me into a deep sleep.
  6. Birch House Chapter 17 --- Molly --- I looked down at Becca who was in full on Super-Beagle mode and then back to Mr. “Indiana Jones” Andersen. Becca was totally furry and four-legged while Mr. Andersen was doing his best impersonation of old west gunslinger, except… well, he was slinging a sword? His duster blew away from his ankles leaving a clear path to draw his blade. My furry friend’s lips pulled back even further. Becca looked fully prepared to rend the flesh from his bones. The look on Captain Trench Coat told me he’d be making Steel Beagle kabobs if she rushed him. A growl started at the lowest end of my range of hearing amping up the noise level with each breath Becca pulled in. When I reached out to touch her shoulder, I saw all the muscles under her fur shift. Suddenly, she exploded springing toward our threatening intruder. I closed my eyes dripping with fear for Becca whether she survived or not, this would go bad for her. Only… I never heard them connect. I worked up the nerve to open my eyes after a few moments passed and I didn’t hear any horrible noises. Becca was stuck mid-jump sort of frozen in the air. Three of her four feet were off the couch and only her final paw was still in contact with the couch. My eyes went anime wide seeing her while I waited for her to fall while totally forgetting about Andersen. I waited another full minute and nothing happened. She didn’t move forward or fall. Still, I waited some more. Still nothing happened. I was terrified, but my brain was shifting gears. Nothing was happening so it was hard to maintain the adrenalin, but my fear was still tangible. “Becca!” I yelled in her ear waving my hand in front of her pissed off face. She didn't react. She looked like a stuffed animal posed for a museum exhibit. I stared at her confused and pushed against her head. She moved a bit, but not as much as I’d have expected, and it wasn’t enough to cause her to fall either. She just sort of hung there. I looked along her line of sight... She was looking just over Mr. Andersen’s left shoulder, and I suddenly remembered a four-legged Becca wasn’t my main problem. He was! I took the few steps over to Mr. Andersen and touched his hand. Like Becca, he moved, but not the way I was expecting. Still, it was more than Becca did. I slowly moved his hand away from the weapon he was reaching for in a crossbody draw. With his hand out of the way, I kicked him in the groin. Like an A.D.D kid in a forest full of squirrels, I got distracted when he didn’t react and then pulled out his sword knife thingy. Oh Poop! I flipping froze ‘em! I’ve never held a sword before. Dear Lord this thing is beautiful. I carried the sword back over to where I was standing. I swung it around a bit since my friend and home-invader clearly wouldn’t care right then. I felt a bit like a Jedi with a glowing sword only mine was made of metal. I won’t deny the sound effects played in my head as I swung the sword. I dropped my hand to my side holding the blade away from my leg and blew out a deep breath. The crisis was managed, well sort of. I needed to figure out how to let them go. If only I could figure out how… I wasn’t sure what I’d done, if it had really been me who froze reality, but I drew blanks. After cutting at the air some more I simply concentrated and yelled “Go!”, but it didn’t work. I tried to relax since I had disarmed the threat. I was safe and Becca was safe. I suppose Mr. Andersen wasn’t safe though, but before I could isolate the feelings and try to reverse what I’d done, I gave out and fell back into the couch. Then, a bunch of stuff happened at once… I dropped the sword which pierced the floor standing erect buried halfway to the hilt in Becca’s hardwood flooring. It was frighteningly sharp! Mr. Andersen actually ended up looking like he punched himself in the who-ha and doubled over accidentally saving his life. Becca’s paws caught him in the shoulder and they both rolled backwards finding Becca at his throat growling viciously. Mr. Andersen had managed to shove his leather covered arm in her mouth buying him life number two. Time shifted forward a frame or two and Mr. Andersen opened and closed his palm staring at it in confusion while I shouted for Becca to calm down. He muttered something and the sword yanked free of the floorboards racing toward his outstretched hand. He just Force-Pulled the sword! I freaked out while trying not to fan-girl all over myself. My thoughts caught up with the situation and I was suddenly certain someone was about to die. “Stop!” I yelled with all my might pushing my arms out to the sides. I felt physically exhausted and knew I had to move fast guessing that I didn’t release the last time freeze, I’d simply worn out. I didn’t have long this time. I pulled Becca from his throat tugged her back a few steps away from him. Then, I grabbed the sword and threw it out the front door closing and locking it. I collapsed in the foyer landing on the entry rug like I’d fainted, but I never lost consciousness. Time kicked back in and Becca was beside me licking my face in an instant. Mr. Andersen came around the couch and saw me exhausted on the floor. He said something like, “FlibberyBelh Come.” Holding out his hand, but I’d never heard the word before and was too tired to figure it out. Just then, a loud thud rocked the house and Birch House shook like a dog. The lights dimmed down everywhere but over the two of us. Mr. Andersen’s sword clanged against a window next, but the shades pulled closed followed quickly by the curtains. Holes opened up around Mr. Andersen and snakes and mice and other creepy crawlies scampered up surrounding him. They hissed and snapped as the wood beneath his feet blackened and started creaking. He shifted his weight and it sounded like he’d stepped out on a thousand year old swinging bridge. “I don’t think my house likes your attitude sir.” I smiled at him from the floor still not recovered. For the first time since everything went sideways, Mr. Andersen looked concerned. In fact, the more I smirked and the closer Birch House’s animal army got, the more unnerved he became. He danced over the line of mice and gained some less rotted floorboards. The floor seemed to heal itself where Tall-Dark-And-Creepy had been standing while rotting swiftly under his feet. He snatched up a rattlesnake as the floor beneath him started to give way. Our ceiling broke apart falling on him and so did some of eight legged monsters that would haunt my nightmares. This was good news for Becca and I, and bad news for Mr. Andersen. It appeared he had a touch of arachnophobia himself. Spiders rained down on him in a wave that I was terrified would splash against us too. “Holy Shit!” He bellowed and before I could blink an eye he was on the porch sans his fancy trench coat. Becca rose up and latched the front door with the chain and deadbolt moments later having regained her fingers and toes. --- Becca --- “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I yelled banging my clawed fist on my door. I looked back to the dark places on the floor where Mr. Andersen had stood remembering the old guy’s words about dark magic. Dark magic or no, I’d flip my shit too if I had a waterfall of spiders down my neck. “What the Holy Fuck BH! That was awesome!” I said patting the door frame trying to exhale the willies. “Are they on me Becks? Get em off me! Help me up! Mommy!” Molly yelled reaching for me. Oh… We are doing that now too huh? I identified the state of Molly’s diaper immediately. She had her boobs back and her amazon height, but her baby parts were clearly here to stay. Poor kid. I helped her stand and shoved her pacifier in her hyperventilating mouth. Smells just weren’t the same to me anymore. There were smells I liked and those I didn’t, but they didn’t cause me to hurl in my mouth like they used too. I could smell her shitty ass, but I didn’t think she had noticed yet. We both watched the rotted places fade to nothing but my pristine livingroom floor. Birch House had went all House on a Haunted Hill on our visitor. Speak of the devil. There was his trenchcoat. I don’t know why, but I was in no hurry to rush over and pick it up. I smiled at Molly and hugged her before sauntering over to the coat anyway, cause fuck being scared. I have claws n’shit! I picked it up off the floor and was amazed at its weight. I walked back over to the windows framing the front door holding up his coat. He stood there holding his sword for a good three minutes before taking a big ass breath and sticking it back in its leather holder-thingy. He smoothed his hair and disappeared around the door. Molly was too frightened to watch from the other side of the door’s window and was watching through the peephole. “He’s gonna like knock.” Molly mumbled shorter and thinner than she had been at the couch having changed into her younger self again. “It’s ok sweety.” I told her as the doorbell rang. “Get behind me baby.” I told her feeling my hair stand in irritation. * Grandfather clock chimes rang as he pressed the doorbell impatiently. * “I don’t want no fucking girl scout cookies.” I yelled and smacked my hand on the door. I remembered the rotten places in the floor and the spider-fall, so I quickly rubbed the door with my palm in what I hoped was loving circles. I did not want to piss my house off! He rang the doorbell again so I took a turn at the peephole. He’d stepped back off the landing of the porch and stood there waiting with his hands behind his back looking like he was trying to pose for a Superman poster. Giggling I opened the door without undoing the chain and spoke the crack, “What do you want?” “I ma… It was… I mean… You shifted first and… Shit.” He stumbled around an apology that sounded like would end up coming out my fault anyway. “Wanna try that again bub?” I said trying for my best Hugh Jackman impression. “Yes. I do. The Office of Ether Affairs has received a notice of Awakened Wielders at this address. I was sent to verify and register the new Wielders. I confess, I’m not usually sent on these welcoming missions.” He remained still posing like the Man of Steel, but his shoulders had began to droop. “Yeah, well, we can see fucking why. Jackass.” Then I barked at him for good measure surprising myself at how deep and throaty my voice was. “Again… I apologize-” He started but didn’t get to finish. I was yanked back from the door by my supermodel best friend. I really wish she’d stick to one age! “Is there a form or ceremony we need to perform? Do you have any further business you terrible excuse for a man!” Molly went full Badass Business Lady on him. “There is a form Ma’am. Again… If I may come in, we can try this again.” He tried. “No sir. You have attempted to draw your weapon and, if I’m not mistaken, attempted to influence our minds for your own damned convenience. If you’ll kindly leave the documentation and a contact number for your supervisor on the porch, we’ll be happy to collect the forms and work with another representative from your office.” She told him brooking no argument. “That’s hardly necessary.” He huffed and stepped up toward the opening. Suddenly, Mr. Andersen fell through a rotted hole in the porch and was spit back out in a friggin dirt loogie about fifty feet from the house. We looked at eachother surprised again and growing even more appreciative of our new home. “I believe you can just leave the information right there and remove yourself from our property Mr. Andersen!” Molly yelled. “What about my coat, that’s from the Office.” He whined. “I’m sure we will have to remit those documents to someone… we’ll… uh… drop off your coat there. Good Day.” She told him slamming the door. “Becca, watch him and when he pulls away get the documents. We know the House has influence that far at least. I’m sure you’ll be safe. That man was just horrible!” She huffed leaning down on the back of the couch. I couldn’t be sure because the smell was already pretty strong, but I think my best friend was messing herself again and wanted some privacy to finish up. I simply turned and opened the door watching the black two door car move slowly down the driveway. I could just make out a gate at the front of the drive that wasn’t there before he’d arrived. Birch House was stepping up security. I shifted my head sideways in a very K9 like move and looked down by the door to see a new panel in the door glass sporting an intercom. I could only guess it was connected to our new front gate. Of course that made me wonder if we didn’t now have a fence around the whole property. “Good house. Remember to let Trent in honey.” I said patting the door frame lovingly. The song Good Vibrations started playing from the box as I slipped out to get the folder Mr. Andersen had left in the driveway. When I got back inside, Molly was standing up back in her teenage body nursing at her pacifier with tears streaming down her face. “All done Baby?” I asked with a sugary smile. “I fink so.” She said sniffling. “I’m dirty.” “I know Molls and it’s OK. We’ll get you sorted out. Upstairs though… Damn you’re stinking up the place!” I laughed taking her hand. “I like totally didn’t mean to!” She started wailing. “Crap sorry honey. I was just playing.” I told her, but my apology wasn’t any better than Andersen’s had been. The damage had been done. --- Molly --- “I jus wanna be done wid it. I wanna cleaned hiny.” I told her around my pacifier feeling small and frustrated at the verbalization of my own thoughts. “OK. Baby. Working on it.” Becca told me helping me up the stairs. I loved her for this. I could step up when I needed too, and I had, but I didn’t need to right now and what I wanted was cleaned and taken care of. I wanted to feel like someone else would deal with the dirty diaper around my waist. I didn’t want to be alone, and I didn’t want Becca to sleep downstairs either. I guess it was a good thing Trent isn’t coming home that night. “Becks. Trent like isn’t coming home right?” I asked with a little more control over my words. “No Baby, it’s just you and me tonight. Are we still going out to get snacks for Netflix?” She asked me. “We can. I’ll be totally scared though. You may have to hold my hand da whole time!” I shivered my control slipping a little. “He won’t get us. We’ll leave his nasty-ass coat here so we have a hostage!” She laughed. I laughed because she laughed, not because I thought it was funny. Becca helped me out of my skirt and up onto the changing table. I hardly ever messed myself and most of today’s accident happened when I exhausted myself that second time I… Oh EM GEEE! I spelled out in my head. I totally like froze time or whatever! My brain spiraled like a Chihuahua on crack. “Mommy! I freezed time!” I said getting excited slipping to a younger vernacular. “Oh shit! I can’t go out like this. Fuck Sticks! Let me text the study group…” Becca freaked. “Becks why are you freaking out?” I asked her while she wiped away at my bottom. “I can’t turn it off.” She full on puppy whined. “Can’t turn off what?” I asked her. “Can you act your age?” She asked me. “I’m twying!” I sniffled. I thought she was insulting me and started crying big snotty tears. Today had been freaky enough, but I’d saved everyone! She didn’t have to be such a… poop to me! “Your a poop!” I huffed at her. “Damn Babe, chill.” She told me. I did stop wailing, but I couldn’t turn off the water works. “I didn’t mean you were being a brat… least not till you threw a fucking fit there.” She told me with her WTF Eyebrow, as she called it. “Sorry Mommy.” I sniffled. “Let’s get this cleaned up and we’ll figure it out. Seriously though, I’ve seen your grownup boobs a couple times since Freaky McCoaty showed up. Can you do it on purpose?” Becca asked me. “No, but I can freeze time!” I said excitedly again. “What I thought you were teleporting or something.” Becca said looking at me in awe. “Nope. That’s why I fell. I like held it a super long time the first time. That second time I totally couldn’t hold it very long though.” I giggled. “And, it kicked my tush!” “Well, that’s not all it did to your ass Baby, and I think we both know you can’t hold much of anything anymore!” She laughed securing my fresh diaper. “I wan ice cream and oreos and a Kit-Kat and a Dr. Pepper and popcorn and -” I jabbered off a snacks list feeling very hungry after all the spent energy and... making room for more food. “Gah! I hate how you can eat so much and not get fat Bitch.” Becca yipped at me. I watched her face move around the short muzzle of her halfway-dog-face. It made me so happy. I reached up with my long arms and scratched her behind her new floppy ears. Happy tears started streaming down my face. “What’s wrong now Baby Girl?” Becca asked me her head cocking to the side waiting for an answer. “Like, I have totally always wanted a puppy. Like seriously... my whole life!” I smiled and ran a hand along her head petting her. She bent down and licked the side of my face, “Again… I’m Trent’s bitch if I’m anyone’s, but I’m sure he’ll let you Bitch-Sit for him!” She laughed. “Grah! Dog breath... !!!” I wailed only slightly offended and mostly amused. We headed back to the couch in my bedroom, but I was still jelly-legged with exhaustion, so Becca picked me up and carried me half the way. I scratched out a real snack list while I had enough breasts to make the decisions, then when we stood up to leave Becca gave out a loud bark. “Holy Poop Becks! I mean, that’s a real danger now, don’t scare me!” I gasped standing much taller than her at my full age.. “Pfft, I’m getting some stickers for your diapers. ‘Shit Happens’ would crack me the fuck up! I could put it on your ass like a bumper sticker!!!” She laughed. “Like what’s with all the barking Scoob?” I poked fun at her. “Gee Raggy” She said in her best Scoobie impression, “I can’t go in a store like this, and you can’t drive if you can’t keep your tits…”
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  8. Well, good news for ya then! I'm posted to chapter 16 of the sequel!
  9. Birch House Chapter 16 --- Becca --- I felt my tail tuck itself firmly into the crevice of my ass. Only, I was fucking freaked out and my thighs were squeezed too tightly for my tail to curl around the front. It ended up pressed into my ass and nestled into the valley down the back of my thighs. I sniffed the air and felt bile rising at the back of my tongue. The hair on the nape of my neck began to rose in response to the danger. “What’s wrong with you?” I found myself asking him/it despite my fear. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. I just knew something was badly wrong with this old shit. He seemed sick just to my sight, but I could smell wafts of… wrong coming off him. I kept sniffing at the air and edging around his/my livingroom getting slowly closer to him. I was afraid for my safety. He didn’t look like he could do me any physical harm, but today hadn’t exactly been playing fair with the laws of nature and shit. I wanted answers, but the smell was causing feels that I didn’t know what to do with. The smells were making me feel… sympathy. “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked again. Creepy McCreepersen just kept smiling and waiting like old people do, all patient and shit. I took a tentative step closer to him as I neared his corner of the room. I sniffed wildly to try and address the unease the smell was causing. “I have smelled this before.” I told him confused. “I doubt you have my dear.” He said with his old patient whistley voice. His terrifying voice reminded me of a door in bad need of oil. It caused a shift in the hair on my back and I felt myself do a full body shiver like a dog after a bad sneeze. I huffed at him out of my nose a few times. His shriveled up arm lifted off the armrest of his chair. His age spot riddled hand made a welcoming gesture and offering me a seat on his footstool. It took like six days for him to make the movement and set his arm back down. I had plenty of time to decide his decrepid legs weren’t in any shape to allow sudden moves. In fact, I was fairly certain that his shins would snap in half if they tried to bare his weight. I gained a small measure of confidence. I tugged the footstool back out of arm's reach before I sat just incase something unexpected happened. Sitting down and fidgeted a minute still not used to my extra appendage. I took my eyes off Mr. Crypt Keeper long enough to look directly at my tail and scoot my ass back far enough it could comfortably lay against the back of the foot stool. Well, there’s some new weird shit for you to deal with! Sitting with a tail is more difficult than you’d think! There’s like bones and shit in there... “Now as to why your presence was requested.” He said slowly. I had time for a spare thought while he reloaded his lungs. OMG! If I could reach down his throat and pull out his words this would go a lot fucking faster! “Requested? You mean you’re gonna tell me how you dragged my ass here and where the fuck we are?” I barked at him. “That’s my intention.” He said calmly. “Hey Creepy! Speed this shit up or I’m gonna bail.” I tensed getting ready to stand. “No need young one. Sit Rest your mind.” He told me and the grey part of his eyes stormed with movement. I felt calmer immediately. My frizzled hair laid down against my back and my tail stilled it’s sweeping tempo. I felt my shoulders slump as my mouth gaped a bit letting my tongue lull to the side of my lower canines. I slurped up some saliva and said, “What did you do to me?” “I suggested that you Relax a tad.” He smiled the smile of someone who’s hiding things. I wanted to get upset and let that anger ignite me, but I couldn’t find that seed of fear I’d been nurturing. I just knew I should feel scared and angry, but I didn’t. I whimpered at the loss of control, “Fine. I’m relaxed... against my will.” “Quiet, I’d imagine. My apologies if you are offended.” He offered. “Just stay there and no sudden movements. No more suggesting anything either.” I growled. That was all the menace I could muster. “Talk then. I’m sure my friend is freaking out about now. It’s not been a normal day for us.” I told him coldly. “As you wish. I can unravel some of today’s mysteries. My Dear.” He told me slowly… Slowly but with total confidence. “Where’s Molly?” I asked needing to get that out of the way. “Can you promise me she’s safe?” “We are here between moments young one. My body is old and not long for this world, but my mind remains very sharp.” The Crypt Sloth told me. “Where’s Molly? You didn’t answer me.” I insisted as animatedly as his Relax would let me. “She is in the moment after. She may see you blink out and back into existence, but it will be so quick she will doubt herself. For now.” Creepy-Sloth-Talking dude told me. “I am a very old man and you are a very young woman. Though things are different now. You’ll find more years than anyone born your same year, should you not find yourself mortally wounded that is.” He nodded smiling like that should make me happy. Or, like it should make fucking sense! “Look, is Molly OK. Yes or no.” I told him simplifying my needs and feeling like i was writing a letter in grade school. “Circle it if you need too.” I mumbled unable to keep my sarcastic mouth closed. “She is and will be.” He smiled somehow slower than he talked. “Oh My Gawd Dude. You know how characters in movies confront the bad guy and get the vague scary asshle answers, and for some fucked up reason no one calls ‘em on it.” I huffed. “And you Dear?” He asked sounding like a dark lord of the Sith. I cocked my head sideways, “I fucking ask! You don’t make no damn sense. I woke up looking for Red Ridinghood and ate raw bacon and scent marked my friends floor! Then I finally find a bit of peace, and now I’m fucking here. You’re saying words and shit. I understand them, but they don’t fucking mean anything the way your putting ‘em together!” I barked at him finding myself less Relaxed. “Interesting. RELAX.” He said softly but with those swirly eyes of authority. I felt the tingles that stilled my tail and laid my hair down, but they didn’t stick. My hair bristled and my tail went rigid behind me. I flexed my claws on my knees and scooted my toes back against the footstool preparing to do… Something. “PEACE!” The ancient old bossy ass man said. I felt a blanket of calm radiate from him and lay across me like a fleece on a cold night. “I don’t want peace! I want out of here!” I mustered around his Peace. “You will leave here unharmed and unaltered in but a few moments. I can’t hold the space between moments long.” He acknowledged. “I’ll go back? Molly will be fine?” I asked. “I hope to send you back fine to a fine friend with more information Dear. That is all.” He smiled. “Fine, say your say.” I told him trying to wait patiently and failing catastrophically. “You are safe. I will not harm you. I am this way because I swore against harming another.” He looked convicted convincing me to actually relax a bit. “Ok. So picture touchy, then freaky old man, then super scary feelings. Now what?” I asked feeling more Peace since I accepted his vow not to harm me. “The flow of the Ether is strong here. I have made much magic in this place. Much I regret, but Much I have watched and appreciated. I will no longer be able to call anyone to the space between moments. My power will end when my body dies.” He told me. “Why me?” I asked. “Because you are you.” He said simply. “Look, I’m starting to think you’re sadistic and we don’t have the same definition of soon.” I arched an eyebrow challenging him. “I take no joy in others sorrow. No any longer.” He qualified. “Before you ask, I can’t extend this invitation long enough to tell you my story.” He held up his boney hand. “OK. Why am I here?” I simplified redirecting him. “You are here to learn.” He smiled again. “Learn what?” I sighed. Sadistic, I fucking swear! “There is more to Creation than you young ones believe.” I splayed my hands indicating everything around me, “I can see that.” “Ether or maybe you’d call it Magic, exists. You need only your reflection to confirm it. You, My Dear, have a talent for taking shapes. I am quite amused at the form you’ve chosen, and I’m quite satisfied that it is a good choice.” “I didn’t choose this! I fell asleep a woman and woke up a house pet!” I huffed. “Easy child. You are only what you want to be. The Living can channel the Ether, performing Magic. There is a Force that binds reality to all that Is. Magic is… reshaping those forms.” “Ok.” “I am the Grand Arch-Magus of the Bothers of the Apocalypse. We were young ones once too. So convinced we were the only ones who understood the Ether. That we Knew what was needed. We… No, I did many things in the name of my own Will. Foolish and Selfish things that warped me. I was lost to dark places and dark deeds for a few hundred years.” He coughed gasping for breath. “Hundreds…” I mumbled. “Easy there old man.” “I still claim the title to prevent other young ones from walking my path. I don’t speak my Will as I did in my youth, but I speak from wisdom. Magic can do many wonderful and terrible things Child.” He paused to breath. “Not long now.” He coughed. “You will find your form again. Be patient and smart. The world has lost magic on the whole. It’s hidden. So to should you stay hidden.” “Ok. No hairy main street stripping with tail bells. I can do that.” I chuffed a laugh. He smiled, “That would be… Unwise. You are powerful. Your magic is in your form. Your friend though her is different and terrifying. There is a reason her mind is a young adult and her form is a older child while her instincts and desires are from an even younger state.” “Do you have cameras in the house?” I freaked out. “No. This house has stood many long years serving me... absorbing power. I have watched it grow beyond me and take a primitive form of Awareness. It’s an artifact in its own right. If the house loves you, it will bring you favor. But, if you hate the house. Leave!” He coughed and wheezed. “Old dude. Easy. Don’t fucking die on me.” I said concerned. “Remember. The energy here that drives this place, not all of it is of a kind benevolent nature. Some of it remains dark. Guard your friend. She has much Power. Do not trust lightly Dear One. My power wanes our time is at an end. Quickly now. Touch the frame.” He told me raising his hand. I looked at him again rising. My tail twitched in a nervous pattern. I had to know. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked. “Age, bad choices, but mostly what you now call cancer. It is only the Ether and my considerable will that maintains this form. I will not last long after you return. Live. Find Happiness.” He told me as I walked back to the wall. “Uh… thanks. I’m sorry.” I told him reaching for the picture frame. “Guard her. Nothing magic does, magic can not undo.” He spoke as my finger touched the frame. I blinked my eyes trying to clear the double vision. I was back in my new livingroom. I was back in my Birch House. Molly was there too. Her eyes were enormous and her mouth hung open dropping her pacifier. “I…” she closed her mouth. --- Molly --- She disappeared. She was gone. It was fast, but she wasn’t there. She was talking to me and simply wasn’t there anymore. Did she fade out? Was there a glow? I was thinking about that moment and the next. It was a strange thing to hang my mind on, but I was stuck on the total lack of special effects. I couldn’t… I just couldn’t anything. It was like a bad edit. Literally there one moment gone the next. No special effects, just gone! “I… Can I???” I almost asked a full question reaching out to touch her yearning to touch my friend. I needed to feel that she was real. I cupped Becca’s smooth cheek and looked down on my best friend's platinum hair. Her eyes looked amazing. There were no holes from her many piercings, she was just perfect and smooth. * The doorbell rang like an old grandfather clock * “You better get that.” Becca told me. “I’m just in my diaper and a shirt! I can’t answer the door! Why can’t you get it?!?” I asked panicked. “Ok Diaper Butt, how do I explain the tail?” Becca asked and cocked her hip to the side? “What tail?” I asked her puzzled as the doorbell chimed again. Becca gasped and was pulled to the door in shock about who knows what, while I scampered up the inside stairs to my floor. I frantically searched for my skirt from yesterday. It didn’t match, but it’d cover my diaper. That’s all I was really worried about. Covered and finally feeling safe, I headed toward the door to the stairs sucking hard on my reclaimed binkie. I opened the door to the stairs and saw a man talking with Becca. He was wearing a full length trench coat… in the middle of the very hot summer. Bizarre, I thought. “My housemate, Molly, will be back down in a second. She wasn’t ready for company.” Becca said with a smile in her face. I saw her head tilt a bit and her chest expand. She turned to me and gave me a serious what-the-hell-Molly look. I looked at her confused and she tapped her lips. The man’s gaze traveled up the stairs finding me just as I, very conspicuously, palmed my pacifier tugging hard enough to snap it free from my shirt and drop it in my skirt pocket. “Molly. This is Mr. Anderson.” She told me introducing us. “Hewwo… *cough* Er, Hello Mr. Anderson. Are you a neighbor?” I asked the logical question. “No ma’am’s. I just came for a Peaceful talk.” I smiled reassured and followed the stranger to livingroom. Molly cocked her head and held her ground by the door. As I passed by her, she shook violently like a dog shaking off after a shower. Her rough hand reached out and grabbed my forearm bringing me to a complete stop as her nails dug into my arm. “WHAT!” I bellowed looking at my friend’s furry hand. That’s what was so wrong with her after touching that picture frame! She was back. All pink and pale and everything. Now she was all furry, toothy, and clawie again! “Hush Baby.” She told me smacking my diapered butt. It shocked me right out of my own screech. “Look at my eyes.” She whispered. I did and was drawn into her stare. As I focused on her eyes, I felt unease and distrust sink in and a blanket of lies lift. There was a rapey stranger in a freaking trench coat in the livingroom waiting for us! “There we go. I wasn’t sure that was going to work. Uh… don’t let go of me. Just in case.” Becca told me. “Yes, Mommy.” I told her sarcastically taking her hand and lacing our fingers. “Shhh… let Mo… me do the talking.” She told me trying not to giggle. We found him standing at a military type of attention with hands behind his back. His coat spread out and fluttered like a wind was driving it open… inside the house. Around his waist, he wore a leather belt with a stick in it and a very long hunting knife. Holy Moly Cow! That’s a stinking sword! “Mr. Anderson, to what do we owe the pleasure?” Molly asked. “The House.” He said waving his hand around. Molly and I both looked over at the picture frame that was back to it’s statement about love. I looked down at my flat chest and had a hard time conjuring Love until I thought about my room and all the work I’d done to get it just right. “Um… She’s a dog.” I said like a simpleton tilting my head at Becca pulling up our hands up to show him her furry arm. “That’s not what I’d call her, but she’s a supernatural being able to wield magic, yes.” Magic? My shattered mind found harmony with one word. Magic. The belief it was possible bridged my instincts, body, and mind. I nodded and stood up. I pulled out my pacifier and sat back down next to my furry friend. I wanted some very infintaile things, but my boobs were back and it was OK with me. I was my adult self again, but contentedly sucking on a pacifier in front of a stranger while holding my furry friends paw. Magical right? “What would you call her then sir?” I asked finding my professional persona settling in despite the binkie in my mouth. I let the pacifier fall from my mouth and dangle by my lanyard not bothering to tuck it away. “Your friend here, Rebecca, is a shifter-mage.” He smiled. “I’m here to-” “Your here to cause us trouble no doubt.” I cut him off challenging him. “I usually follow trouble, but I wasn’t expecting any today.” He smiled again. “I told you to let me talk.” Becca whispered. “Mommy. I got this.” I told her confidently. I turned back to the guy… Mr. Andersen, “Why are you here?” “I told you the House registered you. You are both wielders. I’m from the people who keep the rules.” He smiled. “Quit smiling.” I told him earnestly. “I’m told my smile is nice, and I like to keep things Relaxed.” He told me. My muscles began to lose their tension and my hand nearly dropped from Becca’s. A terrible growl rose up from my friend. Fear laced down my spine. I saw Mr. Andersen shudder and his hand dropped to that knife/sword thing. Becca’s hand dropped from mine. I looked down to see a full paw. My friend had shucked her human form entirely to become the biggest Beagle I’ve ever seen. The hair along her back stood high at attention. Her gums pulled back revealing various kinds of sharp tearing teeth. I was terrified she’d be hurt. I felt her flex her muscles to defend me. “Stop!” I yelled.
  10. Birch House Chapter 15 --- Becca --- I was still in shock. I couldn’t get a full thought started. I was broken into tiny bits, and none of my pieces were fitting back together. When Molly pulled away from the hug, I could sense her standing up firmer and she seemed… I don’t know, less fragile? I was happy for her. Because, I was about to freak the fuck out! I started panting and praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for deliverance! I looked over to my sleeve of tattoos to find Flying Spaghetti Monster and realized that under the hair on my arm, my tattoos were gone! I held Molly out at arm's length and shifted her out from in front of me so I could see myself in the mirror. I just stared in disbelief. While I was staring at my change face and looking for my piercings, Molly came up behind me. She put her hand on my shoulders and started running her hands down the side of my head over my floppy Beagle ears. This isn’t even what I wore to fucking bed last night! I thought looking at the tiny bits of fabric that made up my sports bra and itty bitty bikini panties. They were black with white dog bones printed on the material. “I didn’t put this on.” I told An… I mean Molly. “I know… It’s strange. I remember what you were wearing, but I remember you wearing this too.” She told me. “Yeah, guess you probably didn’t wear that to bed last night either huh?” I asked her smiling and pointing at her pacifier. “Of course not! I mean no… I don’t think I did. Maybe?” She waffled. “You sure about this Molly thing? I mean I’m OK with it, but it’s gonna be hard. At least I think it will be. I don’t seem to have as many conflicting memories as you do. My shit seems to be more with my looks. All my ink is gone.” I huffed. “Yeah… you look like you, but you don’t. Gotta tell you though, it’s all I can do to not scruff your hair and play with your ears!” She laughed reaching out to pet me, but pulling her hand back. “Try it.” I encouraged her feeling a longing for her touch. Felt good last time. I reasoned “Ok” Her hand trembled. “It’s ok An… Molls. Do it.” I told her again. God, Molls feels so good on my tongue. I can’t believe how much I missed calling her that! Her hand cupped my large floppy ear. I felt her nails scrape my scalp scratching in behind it. She rubbed lightly at first, but she gradually increased the pressure scratching deeply. I moaned in pleasure. My God. That’s amazing, like a foot rub and back rub at the same time. “I’m not sure if it’s disrespectful or not, but it feels fucking amazing!” I told Molly. “Ok. I think I like p… petting you too Becks. So weird.” She smiled around her pacifier. The thing was huge. The plastic part was oversized and so was the rubber part, but she smiled so hard I could see her teeth around the plastic and I found myself not caring at all. It was sickeningly adorable, and I couldn’t help but picture her with pigtails in her hair. “So fucking cute.” I told her. “You too. I’m not thinking werewolf though, more like a mix of a Beagle and a girl. You’re a Were-Beagle!!!” She laughed. I turned to the mirror again with Molly still standing behind me. I shifted my head back and forth getting a look at my face in profile. My ears flopped animatedly making Molly giggle like a little girl. Well, shit. I have a muzzle. “I have a muzzle Molls.” I told her. “Yup… Uh, I mean. Yah. You sorta do.” She told me. “It’s not much of one.” She tried to console me. “All the better to smell you my dear.” I joked watching myself talk in the mirror. “You have big teeth too.” She told me. I smiled a toothy smile, “All the better to eat you with my dear.” I felt a heat in my middle on that last one. I totally meant that double entendre. Down girl! “Well, that’s going to get old…” Molly said arching an eyebrow at me. I chuffed, “I’ll try not to over do it.” “I’m getting rid of my red hoodie…” She laughed at me covering her mouth. I opened my mouth and reached up with my paw/hand/thing to touch my teeth. I found the paw pad on my index finger to be more sensitive to pressure than I thought. The thick hide was transfering feel to the skin below the pad, but not directly on the black flesh of the pad. I felt the texture of my finger pad bumping it’s ridges across my lower canine. My lower jaw looks sorta Orcish… and Vampire-y on top. I turned my head sideways and watched my jaw close. My front lip was split down the middle and my upper lips sort of fell down over my lower lips just a little bit. I really did have a short muzzle. It didn’t change my face too much, it was more my nose than anything else that saw the changes. It was black where the hair retreated toward the tip end. Definitely dog shaped. I noted. The tip of my dog nose went straight down into my muzzle lip feeding into the split. It didn’t taper back toward my face like it had the night before, and shit could I smell. I thought I could smell everything before… damn, I wasn’t even close with my human nose! “I have whiskers!” I gasped and flattened the few long white hairs against my face. “I have fucking fur!” I yelled at the mirror leaning in really closely. “Not really. I mean yeah you’re more hairy than you were last night, but you don’t look furry. You just look hairier... than you used too.” She insisted. I looked down at my arms. She was right in a way. I did just look like a hairy chick. There were dark black hairs all over against my pale skin, much longer than they had been, grown in thicker too. I reached down and turned my fingers sideways tugging at the hair. Definitely mine. There were some white places along my stomach and paws/hands/feet, and some brown edges to the darker black area. I could just see my human skin under it in most places though. The hair just kind of gave it color instead of covering it. I could make out the pattern around my foreign clothes that Molly felt looked Beagle-ish. I freaked out a little and yanked off the weird cross halter top and the bottoms. My nipples and most of my tits weren’t covered in hair, neither was my vag. Really the only places I didn’t have hair was where the outfit had been covering me. The strings of the underwear rode high on my hips and had ridden just under my tail. I ran my hand through the hair on my arms and stomach. I accidentally rubbed it backwards and it cause me to shiver and I shook very K9 like, and immediately stroked the hair back into place. “You feel like a dog biscuit cause I’m craving a stuffy and I want a bottle of milk. Like a real bottle.” Molly told me over the top of my head. “No, but damn I am hungry. I think I want bacon. Pounds and pounds of bacon!” I laughed and growled. “I can cook you some downstairs.” She told me. “If you’ll fix me a bottle.” “A bottle??? Are you old enough to run the stove little girl?” I teased her. “Fink so.” She giggled around her pacifier. “Put your clothes back on.” “I don’t think I want to… Is that a problem?” I asked her feeling more comfortable nude. “I hope not.” She whispered to low for me to hear, but I heard her… I mean, come one… dog ears! I totally heard her. Well, she’s probably right there. I’ll have to be on my best behavior. Nope, best behavior is clothed. Get to it girl! I tugged the underwear back up and slid the string between my ass cheeks and under my tail. Slipping the top back on, I wiggled around until my hair laid right and wasn’t bothering me. I felt a sudden pull to kiss Molly and acted on it before I could stop myself. Only I didn’t kiss her, I reached up and licked the side of Molly’s face. Like… the side of her whole face! “Shit. Sorry.” I told her panic in my voice. “Gah! Doggy breath!” She giggled and wiped at her face. “No fucking way! Morning breath maybe…” I huffed and sniffed really fast. OMG! I really have morning-doggy breath! “OK, you don’t burn my house down! I’m gotta go brush all these teeth. Like STAT.” I waved at my face. “I’ll twy.” Molly told me with a toddler’s accent. “Dude, I’m fucking rolling my eyes so hard at you right now.” I told her swaying out of the room my tail keeping opposite rhythm to my hips. “Be a good dog. No more peeing in the house, or No Bacon. Plus, I won’t be the only girl in a diaper around here.” She teased me. “Nope, none of that shit. You can pet me. I’m cool with that, but no bacon jokes Baby.” I told her stomping. “Mommy!” Molly squealed and ran at me jumping into my arms. Then gravity put in it’s two cents, and we fell to the floor with me on the bottom. “Ooomph.” I whined. “Mmph, mmmph, mmmph.” I whimpered. “Sowwy! I got a little carried away. I tink I’m hawing a wittle twouble wid impulse controw.” She tolddlered at me starting to sniffle. “I guess I’m ok. I’m not hurt don’t cry baby.” I tried to sooth her. “I’M NOT A FRY BABY!!!” She wailed and then caught herself. Molly looked down at me and covered her face with her hands. A very muffled best friend said, “I’m so sow… I mean soh ree.” She forced herself to speak clearly. “I’m ok, it’s ok. Let me up Babe.” I told her. “K.” She whispered at full volume. “You look like your early teen self, but I’ll be damned if you don’t talk like a fucking toddler. What’s up with flattening me Babe?” I asked her. “I don’t know Miss Pee’s in the Floor…” She stared at me. “Fair. Alright, guess we better keep an eye on each other eh?” I asked. “Where to first bacon or dog breath?” Molly asked me. “Annie, you make the call.” I shrugged. --- Molly --- “Becca!!! Molly, Duh! Breath first. Then bacon. I think we should have biscuits too.” I told my furry friend. She keeps calling it hair, but at what point does hair turn into fur? I made a mental note to google it. I had bought a little plastic Princess Bubblegum at a garage sale. She was about six inches tall and had real clothes, or at least used to. I seemed to have lost the clothes some time during in the last few days. Wait… Did I even own this yesterday? Becca couldn’t resist taking me by the hand and walking out of my room while I nursed on my binkie contentedly. Lord, I’m so flipping weird! Yesterday all I could think about was trending statistics in Lean Business with Micro-Economics. Now, I’m totally distracted with a dolly, and I can’t believe how much I’m loving this pacifier! “You’re sucking that thing like the world is coming to an end. I’d ask you what you were thinking about, but between your physical and mental fountain of youth and my suddenly hairy ass, I’m not sure I wanna know.” Becca laughed at me. “Prolly not.” I lisp-spit around the paci. “So... Am I babysitting you, or are you puppysitting me?” She laughed. “Ok. Funny. I don’t know. I’m still me, just… I don’t know. I have weird impulses and like zero control. I don’t feel like I’d burn down the house, but I didn’t think I’d tackle you either. So, I dunno.” I giggled shrugging. Becca brushed her teeth, and I watched laughing my face off. It was hilarious. “This is worse than giving head to a roll of shag carpet, Damn!” She hacked out another bristle from her toothbrush while picking at a ‘hair’ in between her teeth. “I’m sorry… Maybe I could get you a water pick or something.” My giggling didn’t sound very sorry though. How sharp are those things cutting up that toothbrush that way? “This any better?” She licked the side of my face grinning wickedly getting me back for laughing at her. “Oh, bluh… You’re a bad dog!” I giggled wiping at my face. “Pfft… I’m the best Bitch ever!” She laughed. “Oh! I’ve always wanted a puppy!” I giggled and hugged her tightly. “I’m not your puppy, I’m Trent’s if I’m anyone’s.” Becca slumped down and huffed. “This is scary shit Baby. I fucking hope Trent doesn’t freak. This is definitely not the better part of those wedding vows. Oh damn! I have a study thing today…” “Yeah, I’m not looking forward to trooping off to Berks Manufacturing with this thing in my mouth.” I told her tugging at my binkie. I couldn’t talk myself into pulling it out though. I can’t get my boobs back by worrying about it. Plus, I need to feed the my dog. I told myself making me giggle out loud again. “Ok. That is terrifying, but it can wait a bit. Bacon for the Beast first.” I laughed dragging Becca to the kitchen. I sat her at the bar and started pulling her raw bacon and pans out. “Sit.” I giggled and she did. Just like that. I grabbed a paper plate and threw a raw piece of bacon on it and sat it in front of Becca. “Molls, what the hell?” She asked me. “I don’t know… Like, I’m testing. Scientific method or something...” I shrugged and started warming the pans. I tried not to hover or stare at my bestie, but I watched long enough to see her puppy nose wrinkle as she bent down and smelled the raw meat on the plate. Her new tongue slipped out past the end of her tiny muzzle catching a little drool stirred up by the smell of the meat. She looked up at me and back down at her plate. “Well, shit. I’ll just try it.” She said in true Becca fashion - just going for it. Now, I would have picked up the piece of meat and nibbled off the end to taste it, but it appeared that I wasn’t the only one having some impulse control issues. Becca licked her lips, turned her head sideways, and grabbed the whole strip of bacon off the plate. She gobbled it up and swallowed it in three bites in a jerking motion to swallow it hole. “You know you have fingers too.” I sassed her. “New rules here Baby.” She smiled a toothy smile at me born of bacon nirvana. “What eating raw meat with your Face? Scarfing like your life depended on it? Or, the growling at me when it’s gone.” I asked her laughing. “Owie, Owie, Owie.” I sucked my finger. “You OK baby?” She asked me. “Yeah… I burnted my fingew.” I whimpered tears forming in my eyes. Poop! I don’t wanna cry. Calm down Molly! It’s not that big a deal! I dropped my binkie and sucked on my finger taking large shaky breaths, “I’m OK. What about you and your bacon?” “I mean, I’m a dog er something. I just did what I did. Damn it tasted amazing though. I hope cooked back is still the shit.” I she growled again. She didn’t seem to have any trouble eating my cooked bacon. In fact, I barely got any! She even licked all the grease off her plate before she ate her single biscuit. It was cute watching her wrestle her new puppy instincts against her human manners, and let’s face it, biscuits are hard to eat without making a crumbly mess even without a bifurcated front lip! “If you lick all the plates like that, we wouldn’t even need to prewash the dishes for the dishwasher! I could just run a load with a touch of soap and boom, I’m done! Chores over!” I laughed.“Hey! Well… if you cook bacon every time then I’ll lick the plates every time.” She agreed laughing. Becca’s head swung around and her ear pivoted. She jumped up and jogged off to her bathroom without saying anything. She came back with the phone under her floppy ear and plopped down on her couch as I finished up the dishes nursing at my pacifier again. I tried to give her her privacy, but eventually I trundled into the livingroom to sit next to her catching the tail end of her conversation Trent. “Look… Don’t worry about it.” She insisted.“I’m serious. It’ll be OK. We’ll be OK.” “No, listen. It’s ok. Were catching up on some Netflix and you hate that show. Plus, I have study group tonight. I know right. One summer class and still need a study group. See you tomorrow Babe.” She gave a forced laugh. “Everything OK Becks?” I asked her. “I mean… I can’t tell him about this over the phone!” She huffed at me. “Yeah.” I replied defeated. The energy ran out of the room and I pulled my furry friend into a side hug. I instinctively started petting her. We seemed to sync up our breathing and I found the passive pause similar to sitting on the beach watching a sunset. I rested my head back against Becca’s overstuffed couch and continued to pet her. I wasn’t kidding myself any more. I was petting her and we both loved it. My eyes lazily drifted to the ceiling. I randomly traced the lines of her ceiling and my floor. Eventually, my eyes scanned over the familiar wall hangings. There were a few metalwork wall pieces, and a few pictures of us Becca, Trent, and/or I. When my eyes landed on the picture the Finn’s left us, my blood chilled. I didn’t recognize the print. It not longer said, ‘Love makes a house a home.’ It read, ‘Change your thoughts and change your world.’ “Hey Becca. Read that picture the Finn’s left us.” I told her nudging her head around to look at the wall. “Yeah, so…?” She asked clearly not getting it. “Read it out loud.” She did. “And…” I prompted. “Grah, it used to say something about Love making a house a home. Remember?” I paused. I watched the recognition wash over her face. Then she flushed a look of panic at me, and I heard her whimpering. Her tail that had been whipping back and forth stood straight back stiff and alert. Becca stood up drawn to the photo. --- Becca --- My God what else has fucking changed. I raised my unfamiliar paw and reached out to touch the frame of the picture. The moment I touched the frame, an electric current rushed through me. My already bizarre sight changed. I could see another version of my livingroom lain like a ghostly projection over my real livingroom. “Molls, do you see a fucking old ass wrinkled dude in a creepy leather chair on in that corner?” I asked her pointing over her shoulder. She turned, “Uh… no.” “How about the fireplace?” I asked again. “Nope. What are you talking about? Are you ok Becks?” She looked concerned. “Yeah… or I think I am.” l told her feeling a ripple run over me as a shivered and my hair moved. “Let go of the picture Becks.” She told me. I did. The moment my finger left the picture frame the dual livingrooms settled into the unfamiliar one with the creepy wrinkled ass old man. He smiled at me, and that just caused me to whimper like a scared puppy. I looked around and found myself alone with the old Crypt Keeper looking guy. There was no Molly to be seen. “Uh… Yeah. So, ummm Hey?” I waved. His all-the-better-to-give-you-nightmares-with smile brought some fright filled tears to my eyes. “Come sit young one.” His whispy breath was as creepy as he was. God I hope these claws are worth something if this weirdo tries something. I thought edging slowly toward the hearth.
  11. I'm busily working on chapter 15. It's a big reveal chapter. I hope I don't disappoint anyone. I'm taking my time with it. YourFNF - I'm pretty sure Becca is a Flip the Fuck out and Smash Some Shit kinda girl, but at this point their changes are messing with their sense of reality. They have a better sense of what has happened to themselves, but their sense of the changes with each other comes and goes. And still, they both have a new set of instincts and desires milling around in their heads. If you have questions, please ask em! And as always! Thanks for the support! PS. Things are getting a little weird... Becca pissed in the floor like a bad puppy, and Ann is nom-ing on a pacifier wanting to be called Molly again!
  12. Birch House Chapter 14 --- Ann --- I woke up Sunday and nawed on something in my mouth mumbling about mornings around it. I stretched both arms out to my sides straining to unlock my sleep tightened muscles. I released my stretch and my thumb landed right back in my mouth. It’s path had been as true as my morning trek to the coffee maker. I smiled remembering how much fun I had last night with my bestie and blinked my eyes to clear the sleep away. I rubbed my thumb off on my comforter absentmindedly, and my attention shifted. My mouth sought a different texture… a different shape. I fumbled around trying to satisfy the yearning. I flipped my pillow over not finding whatever was missing. I felt a tingle in the skin on my shoulders shivering up my neck as a touch of panic bounced on my heart strings. I flipped my covers back and it flew through the air landing on my dresser. I rushed over and shoved my pacifier in my mouth. Guess I was playing with it sometime last night. I hate when I can’t find it. Gah! Anxiety. I shivered. My sleep laden brain continued to thaw as the night melted away. I rubbed my thighs against the thickness of my diaper giggling around my pacifier about it being super wet. Clear headed, I noticed two things. The first was that Becca had ended up in my bed sleeping on my feet again, and I really needed a new diaper. It was swollen to capacity. I took a deep breath to yell at Mom for a change, but then I remembered I was living in my own home… Mom wasn’t here, she was at her place. Poop! I hate growing up! I threw a mental temper tantrum. Just a few years ago, Mom would have changed me when she woke up. I wouldn’t even had to have gotten outta bed! It was an lingering argument for me. I did hate how outcast my diapers made me, but I totally loved them too. I had a bit of a lazy streak when I was younger and I dealt with my diapers by ignoring them. I’d left it up to Mom as long as I could. I pushed at Becca with my feet trying to wake her up. My knees were hurting again. I didn’t know if they were achey because of sleeping weird, or if I was growing again. Daddy had warned me about that. Growing pains… “price of beauty”. He’d told me. Whatever! I puffed my cheeks and blew air around my paci. I rolled over dropping my legs to the ground groaning a bit as my knees picked up a touch of pressure. I put my pacifier in my nightstand and smiled around my thumb that quickly took its place. I waddled over to my changing table and nabbed a diaper before climbing on top of it. If I hurry, I can get back to bed before Mrs. Morning Sunshine Smiley Pants wakes up and won’t let me go back to sleep! We can watch Netflix later. I slid off the changing table and made longing eyes at my bed. I felt around my chest for my binkie. It wasn’t strapped to my shirt, so my thumb was in my mouth before I had a moment to feel empty. I sighed wishing someone would have changed me instead of me doing all the work. I missed my Mom. I heard Becca stir and start sniffing around. I smiled imagining her cutie little nose wrinkling up while she figured out if it was time to get up. I swear she can SMELL sunshine! I stealthily dropped my diaper in it’s pail and ninja’d over to my bed praying I wouldn’t wake her. I sat softly back down in the bed and slid my bare legs under the covers my new diaper crinkling merely. I gently pulled the comforter up to my shoulders. Laying very still, I waited to see if Becca would wake up and ruin my chance to sleep in. I loved it when she stayed up here with me, but I hated her in the mornings. I rolled over to my side and decided I wanted my Hello Kitty paci. Mom wasn’t a fan, but she got them for me anyway. I giggled at the memory and pulled pacifier from the nightstand and closed my eyes. So much better! I remembered as I fell back asleep. --- Becca --- I freaking love the feeling of Annie’s feet under my belly. Keeping her cold ass toes warm is the shit! I took a deep sniff of the air in the room. Sun’s up. Annie’s fresh and I’m not. I need a shower. No bacon on the stove. I hate cooking. I was resigning myself to another pop tart or a bowl of cereal when I shifted. My borrowed throw blanket rubbed abrasively against against my hair. GAH! I hate that feeling of something running my hair against the grain! I shivered a full body shiver running from the nape of my neck to my tail. My sports bra was doing a good job of keeping my sensitive chest in check as I lay against my best friend’s feet, my crush. I couldn’t think of her like that though. I’d promised myself. Police tape Bitch! Wrap that shit up! No thinking of Annie that way! I unfolded myself, and inched up along Ann’s side staying on top of her comforter. I’d promised Trent no hanky panky and by all that’s holy I was going to fucking deserve that trust he’d shown me. It helped that Trent was thinking of Annie as fucking hot now too. We’d had some weird but thrilling sexy roleplays these last couple of days. I think it helped us both scratch a certain itch. Speaking of itches… I lifted my right foot and scratched under my bra, ahhh much better. I whined a bit and rolled off the back side of Annie’s bed. I thudded heavily onto the floor and crawled over to the fading patch of sunlight in front of her bedroom window. My early morning sun, must have been closer to midday sun! Eh, it’s Sunday… Who cares? I laid there as noon came and stole away the rest of the warming sun. I gathered my energy and started crawling toward the bathroom. I shook my head trying to wake the rest of the way up, but sleep was clinging to me harder than it usually did. I caught a whiff of Annie’s urine by the changing table and moved closer to find the spot on the floor that was catching my attention. I should have gotten up… She dribbled on the floor. Wonder how wet she is now? When did she change? I isolated the exact spot where she had dribbled on the carpet. It wasn’t in the right spot for pissing while she was changing, so I guessed a really full balled up diaper probably dribbled on it’s way to the diaper pail. What the fuck? Where the hell did this come from? Why the hell is there a kids changing table in here? Why the hell did I know it was a fucking changing table. I listened to Annie’s faint adorable snoring while I worried over this piece of furniture I’d never seen before. I couldn’t remember it being there the night before. I was processing all that while I turning around and hovering over Annie’s pee spot. I looked over my shoulder trying to remember the table and whether I’d ever seen it before when I started to cover Annie’s scent mark with my own. “Becca Phillips, what the HELL are you doing?!?” Annie slurred at me jumping up suddenly out of her bed. “Heh” I chuckled dropping my pussy to the carpet drying it off. “You fucking cussed! Yes!” I laughed standing up. “Becca!” Annie shouted at me dropping her pacifier letting it dangle by the clip on. Is she shorter? Diaper sure is wet. I wish she’d let me help her with those, but it’s prolly for the best that I don’t see what’s under that droopy diaper I thought cocking my head to the side thinking. I swear she was asleep… Annie’s anger flushed her face and she stomped over to me adorably, “Bad Girl!” Ann shouted at me wagging her finger threateningly. She was about as intimidating as cotton candy to sand paper, but I immediately whined and dropped my gaze to the floor. “That’s not grass or a toilet is it?” She huffed. “Bad Girl!” My best friend yelled at me pointing at the floor. I wasn’t sure what she was so worked up over, but I did notice a trickle of pee falling down my leg hair like a plinko game. Shit. Got up to fast. Meh… I needed a shower anyway. “Huh?” I asked Ann confused. My feelings were more than a little hurt that I screwed something up, even if I wasn’t sure what the hell I’d done. “I told you, you could pee in your own floor when ever you wanted too, but it smells like a dog potty down there. I won’t have it on my carpet young lady.” She kept on bitching at me. I looked down and saw the wet spot on the carpet. It seemed huge. That seemed important to Annie, but I wasn’t sure what I’d done wrong. I covered the scent like I was supposed to… “Oh” “Holy” “my” “Fuck” “Goodness” Annie and I shouted at the same time. It was at that moment that I looked at Annie noticing how much shorter she was, still taller than me, but shorter than normal. Her hair was shorter too, not to mention the fucking pacifier dangling from her shirt. At least she clipped it on this time… I thought. Wait... What the fuck! “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t awake yet and I…” I was freaking out. “I know Becks. It’s my fault really. I got up and went back to bed.” Annie consoled me. “I should have let you out.” Let me out? I turned around and raced for the bathroom to get a towel or something to clean up the floor. My tail had been tucked neatly between my legs during my sprint, but sweeped a whole shelf of diapers off into the floor making a fucking mess in the bathroom. “God I’m such a bad girl.” I whimpered my tail tucking between my legs again. I shuddered overwhelmed with failing Annie. I wanted to hide, because I couldn't stand disappointing her again. She was so good to me. All I wanted to do was be a good wife, have some pups, and be a good girl. Pups? WHAT THE FUCKIING HELL IS GOING ON! Annie caught up to me after throwing the dry diapers back on the shelf by the bathroom door. She pulled me into a hug and kissed my head. She ran her hand down my hair and down my back. I started to calm down immediately. I reached up and put her pacifier in her mouth smiling at her. She smiled at me around her pacifier and we turned to the bathroom sink together holding each other. Annie screeched dropping her soother to the end of the tether. “Why am I short? Why the binkie? What’s going on?” Annie blurted out freaking at her image in the mirror. “Arooooo!” I howled in confusion. “Hush girl!” Annie said quickly looking over at me. “SHIT!!!” Annie yelled looking at me making me smile briefly before I took my turn to flip the fuck out. I saw the look of panic in her eyes, both of us caught mid inhale. We couldn’t catch our breath. Annie ran her hand along my head palming it just above my ear and turned me toward the mirror again. “What happened last night?” She asked the mirror. But I didn’t have any more answers than she did. I leaned forward bracing my hands on the sink to get a better look at my face, but got distracted by my hands. They were different. They were my hands, the hands I went to bed with last night but… not. Different. My fingertips were swollen, sort of puffy, and my nails had changed. They were longer and wickedly curved. They were thicker too. Some of them were flesh colored and some were black, but they all curled past the end of my fingers in a delicate deadly sharp arc. I… Claws… Fucking Claws? I glanced over at Annie. She seemed conflicted and mesmerized at her own image. Her hand hovered with the pacifier half between her chest and her mouth. I reached out to her wanting to comfort my friend and saw my palm. My palm and fingertips were rough with patches of dark raised skin. I… Pads? Paw pads? I kept flipping my hands back and forth trying to absorb what I was looking at. This shit is fucking screwed the hell up! What the fuck is going on. I felt my tail uncurl as my sham fled and anger rose. I felt it twitch as fear crept up on me. I reached behind myself and touched my tail. What in the hell! Oh Fuck! I yipped, “Oh Fuck That! Oh Fuck This! Oh Fuck everything!” I screamed turning circles holding my tail. --- Molly --- “I’m sorry I cussed, Becks!” I squealed afraid she was ashamed of me. “WHAT THE HELL AM I?” She yelled tapering off into a howl. “You’re you! What’s wrong?” I asked confused. “I’M A FUCKING WEREWOLF!” Becca yelled at me. “You’re not a werewolf honey. You’re you.” She told me reaching out and scratching behind my ear. I’m glad she likes this. It’s comforting to me too. She huffed and leaned into my hand. “See everything’s ok. Except I seem to have lost six inches last night, and my boobs.” I giggled. I reached up my palms falling flat against my chest. They hadn’t done that in a long time. I didn’t start blossoming up top until I was fifteen or so, with my last big growth spurt. I could feel something there, but there wasn’t much. “Lord Becks, I look like I’m fourteen again.” I stood there astonished. My arms were thinner and so were my legs. I looked… gangly. I was sort of stretched out. My face was fuller than it had been the night before too. The harder I looked, the more differences I saw. Not the least of which was I could see. I ended up sitting my glasses down on the sink. My vision had shifted from farsighted to nearsighted at seventeen after my first year of college. “What’s going on Becks? I’m younger… Your hair feeling funny again?” I asked her wondering why she was worked up. I smiled at her turning circles chasing her tail. “Did I fucking look like a hairy mix breed to you last night Annie?” She huffed. “Awe, Becks. I told you I don’t like that. Just go with Molly. Sides Molls is my nickname Becks. Always has been.” I told her. “Annie, you’ve had me calling you Ann for nearly eleven years!” Becca looked at me exasperated. “I…” I stalled my brain catching up to the situation. Annie… Ann… I… My brain restarted in spurts and jogs. A few seconds later, I felt the last ten or so years meld with my first fourten or so. Shock overtook me while my brain re-arranged. “No…” I stuttered. “I uh, call me Molly for now Becks. No…” I reach for the mirror to see if it were a trick of some kind. “No what?” Becca asked. “I, no… You didn’t, uh, look that way last night.” I admitted slowly. “I didn’t look like what!” She huffed. “You didn’t look like a… an angry puppy.” I whispered. “That’s FUCKING right I didn’t! I heard the angry puppy bit ‘cause I have ridiculous full sized dog ears flopping around my head that I didn’t have yesterday.!” She was still yelling. “I…” I got caught up in a fit tears started welling up in my eyes. She keeps yelling at me. I didn’t do this. I’m not me either! I dissolved into tears. Huge slow moving tears trickled down my face splashing down to my childish Cinnamon Bun nightgown. I stomped my foot trying to get myself back together, but it didn’t work. It just made me look more childish. I couldn’t control my emotions. They were out of control and very intense. “Oh Annie…” Becca reached out to me. Her furry clawed hands reaching for me. “Molly, please.” I told her aware of my desire to seperate myself from my childhood, but feeling like it no longer fit. I’m in a wet diaper crying like a baby… Annie is gone. She was a dream. Becca grabbed my shoulder with one hand and my pacifier with the other. I have no idea why she grabbed it, but the moment she touched it, I longed for it. Becca sniffed and sort of puppy smiled at me while slipping the binkie in my mouth. I should be scared of those nails, but it’s Becca. I’d never be scared of her. For her maybe, but never of her. She pulled me into a tight hug and I looked down over her shoulder and caught some movement. Holy Cow! She has a tail! I reached down bending even further over and touched it. Becca gasped. “Don’t touch my tail!” She barked. “Ahh! Sorry! Uh… Why?” I asked. “Cause it’s sensitive Molls. Like boob sensitive Baby.” She told me laughing into my chest. I shoved my binkie over to the side of my mouth so I could talk around it like I had been doing it all my life. I hadn’t had a pacifier in my mouth in nearly twenty-three years, but it was so comforting. I couldn’t help but smile around it while we talked. Dear God. I don’t know what’s going on. It feels like there are two of me in my head. Help me Lord. Amen. I had a childish teenager and an accomplished business woman crawling around in my head. I could feel my old life, every day of it. I had new memories too, or maybe feelings. Or, old memories that felt new… different maybe? I wonder if Mom remembers changing my diapers like I do now? She’d helped me a lot, but hadn’t done a traditional diaper change in many years. I was definitely in single digits. Wait no… she changed me when she was here last. When did she before? I wonder if she remembers me having binkies. Is that normal now? I was itching to call her and compare realities. At the same time, I was scared to know what was going on. I felt like I woke up in some crazy alternate universe. I centered my binkie creating a seal and started nursing it immediately. I felt myself center, calm, and relax. I felt more capable. Which was ridiculous. Feeling more like an adult who could take care of things because she was sucking on a pacifier. Insane.
  13. Birch House Chapter 13 --- Ann --- I yawned and immediately sat up. I reached for the front of my diaper which was predictably soggy and warm and a million degrees of nasty. Ugh… Hot swamp diaper… ewe! I stretched and looked down to make sure I maintained my modesty with my top. Content that I hadn’t escaped, I stood and looked over at Becca my diaper drooping down embarrassingly. I shivered for a couple of reasons. One was the rejection of the nasty warm diaper; the other was a beautiful set of glistening breasts. My best friend’s breasts! “Becca Phillips! Put your top back on!” I rioted turning my soggy back toward her nudity. “Meh, shhh. Trent’s rubbing our ribs.” I could hear the innuendo in her voice and was certain she was wiggling her eyebrows proud of her wit. “Don’t get him out here yet! He needs to focus on da meats! He came home and kissed me, which is fucking important right now.” Becca chirped. “Congratulations!” I interrupted. “but he couldn’t take his eyes off you…” She yawned. Poop! I’m not sure what happened over the next couple of minutes. I mean I know stuff happened, but I wasn’t aware of it. I presume she continued talking, but she’d stood up and stretched… I couldn’t see anything but her glittering naked boobs. She was like a snake charmer and I was the cobra in a basket… swaying in time with the visual. I was deadly. One strike and I’d poison several relationships, but I was fully in her thrall. Is that glitter? I’m so screwed… Lord, I’m drooling… argh! “Are your boobs sparkling?” I asked with a little laugh trying to defuse my ardor and regain my composure. Becca looked down and rubbed her dark nipples, “I guess. I broke out all the cards yesterday. I had to sex my man up to clear his head. I had too many feels cock-blocking me. He’d crashed like an old computer! So, I rebooted his ass… with mine.” We laughed together. “Things are better now then?” I asked hopeful that my lecherous behavior hadn’t broken their marriage. “Well, this shit is tough to wash off, but I don’t mind glittering for you too.” She smiled at me. “Hey, uh…” I coughed. “Uh… are they darker?” I asked Becca pointing at her chest unable to avoid my interest. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking that, but I don’t stare at my tits everyday so I wasn’t fucking sure. They seem like they might be a different color or some shit. They look any different to you?” She asked. I nodded and started researching on my phone immediately silently acknowledging the fact that I recalled her nipples before this change. She turned around and picked up a few things. I saw her wearing a large bandage on her back that was just barely poking out of her suit bottoms. It just kept me from drooling over her butt. “Hey what happened to your back?” I asked. “Well, Trent hasn’t been in bed or the shower with me in a good long while, so I’m not totally sure. I thought it was a big ass pimple or something, but I can’t pop it. It’s tender sometimes.” She told me probing it. “Not right now though.” “I can look if you want me to. We need to make a list.” I laughed. “No shit huh?” She laughed. Sweet Googly Moogly! Did that thing move?!? My Lord. I’m a little terrified. “So, it could be thyroids, cancer, or vitamins that changed your coloring.” I told her googling her issues. “Might even be genetics. So anything really.” I told her worried about the cancer with all her other issues. “My pussy’s nearly black it’s so dark, but all the feeling is there and shit. The color just changed slowly. It’s not like it’s falling off er something, just changed.” She told me in a rush. “Alright, you’ve let this stuff go for months. Let’s keep some perspective here. I’ll get you to Dr. Chu next week and we’ll tell him everything and let him tell us to freak out or not. He’ll schedule the specialist if he thinks you need them.” I told her. I ran inside and changed my diaper putting the sweaty mess I’d been wearing into a baggy and back into my… diaper bag. Overall, the BBQ went great. We played frisbee and ate until I couldn’t move. Trent and Becca drank until I was the only one sober enough to clean up. I even broke down and had a couple beers myself. My toes got a bit fuzzy, but you need at least one sober person when you're diaper dependent! I hadn’t had that kind of fun with my little family in a very long time. It really helped me to see Trent and Becca together. Even with her glittery boobs covered in BBQ sauce waving at me, I was able to keep myself in line because of their smiles and stolen kisses. Trent smiled and talked to me like nothing bad had happened, but I kept catching them both looking at me with a new fire in their eyes. Trent’s eyes still had no effect on me. I liked Trent, but I didn’t love him, therefore, I felt nothing for him in my diaper. He was a good friend as well, but I just didn’t have strong feelings for him beyond that. Becca on the other hand… Oh, I had very strong feelings for her. I loved her. I thought of her as a sister in my heart. She was my best friend, and I wanted to share my life with her. I wanted her with me for all my experiences. Becca’s fiery eyes… well, they did much, much more for me. I made it through the night without throwing myself at her, if only just barely. Our relationship continued to stay on good terms after the fence party. Becca and I were settling back into our old routines, old patterns, but that fire was always burning in someone’s eyes. I was Becca’s friend and only her friend, but I found her distractingly attractive. We went to the doctor’s office that following week. He listened patiently to everything Becca told him, then poked and prodded her everywhere. In the end, he referred us to a dermatologist, optometrist, and an ENT. Those appointments were all a couple weeks off because nothing caused Dr. Chu any major concern. He’d also scheduled an outpatient exploratory procedure at the hospital for the thing on her butt. That appointment was scheduled for five weeks from our doctor’s visit. I decided that the medical community can’t get in a hurry no matter how freaked out a person is unless they are actively trying to die! Five weeks was crazy. About three weeks after the reunification barbeque--that’s how I thought of it--Becca and I were upstairs in my room folded up on my bedroom couch watching Netflix. The newest season of our favorite show had dropped a month back, but we were just finishing up the first season rewatch we’d started that night. “Full moon tonight.” Becca said offhandedly while running her hands up and down my shin. Her tactile feedback had been increasing over the last few weeks. It was never anything indecent, but she always flirted with that line. She was always touching me in areas that were socially acceptable, but I was always aroused by her anyway. Given her intense sense of smell, I was embarrassingly certain she knew that and still touched me… innocently. “Really? One of those super moons? Blood moon?” I asked. “Nah, just a regular ole full moon.” She yawned. It’s a strange thing being touched for a few hours in a row. My hands begun to feel… idle. I wanted some contact with Becca too, but I was taking that from where she was laying on me because I honestly feared touching her. That had been enough for most of our cuddle sessions, but my left hand felt odd. I sort of watched it decide, on its own it seemed, to reach down and run my hand along her head with the lay of her hair. “Mmhmm… Yep, keep doing that.” She told me pushing her head into my hand. “K.” I said sort of petting my best friend. “Trent’s out all fucking weekend. Can I crash your couch?” She asked me. “Uh… sure!” I told her a bit too excitedly. “Thanks Babe.” She told me and I swear she was fighting to keep from wagging her butt. Her hips didn’t move, but I would swear her bump wiggled anyway. “This is probably the last one for me. We can start season two tomorrow. I love Netflix Sunday’s.” She sighed and put her chin on my knee. “We’ll have to go out in the morning then. I don’t have the snack supplies for a binge-a-thon.” I giggled. I felt my diaper warm up, and Becca’s head twitched and rose off my leg. She tilted her right ear toward me and then her nose. She sniffed the air and looked up at me. “Hey, uh… diaper check there Babe.” She suggested. I smiled at her and leaned up a bit palming my crotch. I was soaked. I looked down at her and shook my head smiling at her. She’d taken to reminding me to check them. I sighed and stretched. As I was dropping my arms, I looked down to catch Becca staring at my chest causing me to check it out too. I noticed my peaks were poking intently against my top. I blushed and hopped up flipping Becca upright on the couch. “I’ll go get us something to drink. It won’t take you too long. You’re just number one.” She nodded leaving the room. I grabbed my changing supplies and lay down on my bed. I’d started using a baby oil barrier since I ended up back in diapers full time. It slowed down my changes a bit because I had to dry off my hands and use hand sanitizer to remove the oils before fooling with the tapes. Becca had a good sense of when to come back in so I wasn’t worried. She always knew when I was done. We had been avidly avoiding shared nudity since we got back together. It was an unwritten undiscussed rule we’d both agreed to. While I changed myself, I thought about what the last few weeks had taught us about how comfortable Becca was becoming with her new senses. I could tell her new glasses were bothering her, but I thought they were cute. I loved mine. I considered them Face Accessories! They were part of the character I sell the business world. I had several prescription pares even. The ear nose and throat guy cleared her. Tests showed that there wasn’t anything wrong with her. Blood workups for cancer concerns came back clear, and the optometrist suggested that it was simi-normal for a college student to suffer vision changes since they spend so much time at the computer or reading books. We got a laugh about that one. The audiologist had no real explanation for her increased sensitivity, but congratulated her on its acuity. Dr. Chu’s biopsy on her butt came back cancer free too. He thought he could feel something solid in there so her options were down to expensive imaging or the exploratory surgery she had scheduled. He seemed to really want to get in there and poke around, but Becca had shut him down quick telling him it wasn’t hurting anymore. She hadn’t canceled the appointment yet, but I felt like she would in the end. Medical oddities really get the doctor juices flowing so he was still pushing for it. I knew we’d have to get it checked out eventually, but I thought I’d let her hide her head in the sand little longer. Nothing suggested it was urgent anyway. All in all, I helped her with the cost of a ton of doctor’s visits and we got nothing but weird or good news. We’d had to take a few days of worst case scenario-ing and then let it go. She’d even stopped wearing a bandage over her nub. That’s what I was calling it anyway. We snuggled back into our cuddly spots, and I sighed happily. “So we hit the store early tomorrow, right? I wanna hang with you before you’re gone. I can’t fucking believe both of you are gonna be gone for days!” Becca whined. “I know Becks, and I’m going to hate it. I’ll miss you and I don’t like the public. That’s even worse now. It’s just Tuesday to Thursday though. Won’t Trent be home at night?” I asked. “Oh, he’ll be here. But, now he’s working on that sidewalk and pool deck. The man can’t sit still. I swear if he wasn’t taking care of me at night, I’d sell his tools!” She complained. I felt the need to comfort her and was again drawn to pet her. Only this time I didn’t stop my hand at the bottom of her short white hair. I let it slide down her back and along her ribcage. My hand continued down until I bumped her nub. I hadn’t set out to touch it. I had before, but that was very clinically with gloves and everything. It had sort of shrunk and stuck out more at the same time. It looked less swollen and her darker downy back hair caught in the light of the TV. I had the vaguest impression that it twitched. I pulled my hand back and repeated the circuit. Becca let out a puff of air and relaxed melting into me like snow in the midday sun. “I’ll give you forever to stop that…” She told me lazily. “Doesn’t hurt still does it?” I asked. “Feels… good. Just, keep…” Air puffed out of her face and she passed out. I kept my hand moving repeating that motion over and over. The skin on the palm of my hand raked across her hair then her shirt and finally the bare skin of her midriff. As my palm left her back at the peak of her nub, I mused at how soothing this was to me too. I giggled at all the empties she’d left on the coffee table and delicately slipped out from underneath her. I put a throw pillow under her head and covered her with a fleece throw. She was curled up in the same ball she’d be in while laid up against me. I doubted she’d be able to move again until late in the morning, morning person or not. She’d had a lot of alcohol after all. I got up and stopped Netflix. With an arm load of beer cans, I made my way to my kitchenette. I hip checked the door and dumped the cans in the recycle. I reached up to the top shelf to grab some Clorox Wipes for my coffee table and noticed I was having trouble reaching them. I fumbled with my fingertips and caught it falling at my head. My shirt settled back over the top of my diaper hiding the strip of tummy skin that was normally exposed. I yawned and set off to my clean up my room before I lay down. I’m a night owl, but two am is late, even for me! After I got all the sticky surfaces cleaned and the room restored to normal, I changed my diaper one last time before bed. I changed into a tight tank top and hopped into bed. I turned on my lamp and hit the remote to turn off the light on the ceiling fan. My room dropped to darkness except for the square pool of gorgeous clear moonlight that my big windows let in. I smiled and settled in to read a bit by moonlight. At about three am, I finally put my book away. I could hear Becca’s breath change as she drifted deeper into her sleep. She was making some cute sleeping noises and sounded like she was moving a little. I stretched in my bed and rubbed the soles of my feet against my sheet to warm them up. My toes were always cold. I lay there wishing I’d worn some socks to bed when sleep came and took me away.