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  1. Unconventional Solutions

    5. I sit gingerly down on the couch. My Momma-ass spreads wider than I’d like as I sit. The tape and hook/loop tabs of the child’s diaper dig into my hips as my shape changes. Nothing pops loose, nor do I hear the sound of the hook and loop pulling free. I smile to myself and wiggle my butt a bit against the couch. I'm rewarded with the lovely crinkle that accompanies the cover of my diaper. I also hear a hook or two pop loose as I played, but the tapes don’t come off. I press my hand tightly into my hips reseating the tapes. I end up sitting out there with my panties on the floor in front of the couch wearing only my nightgown and socks. After a few moments, my head clears up and another teasing thought occurs to me. I’ve never been this forward or aggressive with my own desires. My husband is a young virile man. I’ve always been the bottleneck in our love making not the catalyst. Allen is ALWAYS ready. I smile to myself standing up and picking up my panties with my toes. I toss them in my bedroom on the floor in front of the bathroom door. I bait my trap with the best cheese a married mouse has, my vagina! I know I want to wear a better fitting diaper, and I’d be petrified of my sudden crashing desire for them if Allen hadn’t been so turned on by this situation. Instead, I giggle excited like it was my first time walking back to the living room. Something about these diapers appeals to me. Uncharacteristically, I don’t find myself overanalyzing things. I realize that my anxious nature seems pacified for the moment, and I try to just relax and enjoy it like Allen is always telling me too. I’m a whole hog kind of girl. Once I decide I’m into something, I do jump in the deep end with gusto. I mean, I seriously have 3D renderings of my aquarium, sump, stand, and cabinetry that we made. Hell, I had to learn Google Sketchup to build and test everything which is a whole different obsession that grew from the simple idea of keeping fish and coral. Holy Crap! If I don’t get a handle on these new impulses I’m going to end up throwing my whole damn pantie drawer away! I’d end up filling my closet drawers with diapers! The thought just causes me to smile and wiggle my ass instead of freaking out and nibbling my finger nails like I normally would have. Running around my living room carefree and diapered is another new liberating experience for me. Allen comes in the living room in his boxers and just stops to stare at me. I’m dancing around to the music in my head and smiling to the world about my unconventional underwear. He sneaks up on me and glues himself to my backside. He’s clearly still excited from seeing me earlier. I feel a flush of heat realizing that I’m standing there in my diaper in front of him, even if he doesn’t know. I can feel the evidence of that excitement even through my padding. Just when I think my level of arousal can’t elevate, he finds a way to do it again. I can’t wait for him to discover my new… packaging. Suddenly, I’m a woman possessed. A wild thing growls out from my throat as I grind backward into my husband. I bend down to the coffee table and start my sexy Pandora station. Allen and my diaper are really pushing all my buttons. I can hear the diaper crinkle with every gyration I make. I swing my hips in time with the beat of the music teasing both of us. I feel like I’m on the edge of every nerve in my body. It’s fantastic. I feel sexy. I feel seductive, and my poor husband doesn’t even know what has overcome my normally docile demeanor. I crack a smile, Diapers are making me more bold. How screwy is that!?! Allen reaches down above my panty line and starts to inch my nightgown up my legs. He continues to wad the fabric up in his hands. I swear the crinkle seem to grow louder every centimeter the gown rises. “Suddenly, I'm all hot Hon. Just take it off me, and let's go to our room.” Me.“Your wish is my command my lady.” Allen carries on playfully. I wiggle out of my less than sexy nightgown as I turn to face him. He pulls the top over my head slowly exposing my breasts, but not the diaper. I’m too close to him for him to see it yet. I pull him into a hungry kiss continuing to distract him. I grind against his leg marveling at his muscular thighs and how they feel beneath the padding on my crotch. “Take me to bed lover.” I purr into his mouth. I think he grunts but I'm not sure. I crawl up him straddling his stomach and locking my legs around his waist. We continue to make out as I cling to him like a baby monkey. We make the night rounds shutting off lights and locking up the house in fits of amorous laughter noy breaking the long kiss. “Get me a water honey.” I growl into his mouth still undetected. Allen redirects us to the kitchen, and I grab a bottle of water as we pass by killing the kitchen lights. Suddenly, one of Allen’s skillet sized hands cups my diapered ass easily encompassing an entire cheek. He presses my pelvis against his fluffy abs, and redoubles his affections on my neck. “Oh my god.” His gravelly voice pours into my ear as he finally comprehends my diapered state. “Same one?” Allen took his turn growling.“Nope. I’m crinkly, dry, and clean.” I manage in return biting at his ear.“You put on a new one for me?” He rumbles.“I think I put it on for both of us.” I admit feeling the blush on my skin from head to toe. Allen’s other hand leaves my back and directly grabs my diaper covered tushie. All the way to the bedroom, Allen runs his hands over my new underwear. He traces every edge he can get to playing with the elastic around my legs and waist. I start to slide down my husband when as enter the bedroom, but I stop when I feel his excitement pressing against my padded kitty. If ever there is a time for a human to purr it is right fucking now! I do my best giving him a human purr against his hairy chest. Allen pulls me back up and kisses my mouth like he had before we got married. If I had any doubts, any at all, that kiss removes them. He’s totally into this! We aren’t a kinky couple, but it seems we’ve have stumbled on something a bit off of center. This whole thing is driving me wild and I’m dripping with excitement. It feels like it’s driving him wild too. We have a thing! I think smiling into Allen’s aggressive kisses. Abruptly, I’m flying through the air. I laugh arching through space grunting on impact. I hit our bed a giggly umph. A fit of laughs assault me as my large husband crawls up the bed between my legs and re-tapes my diaper where it had popped loose. It’s heavenly and I make noises to let him know I approve. Allen rises up on his knees taking in my mostly naked visage. My flushed chest heaves with the rush of excitement. I’m not the teenager I was a few years ago, and seeing that look in his eye is the most flattering thing in the world. I find myself waiting patiently for something. I just don’t know what yet. “Babe, I swear you in this diaper is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” He tells me jumping up from the bed. He grabs his phone from the nightstand where he’d left it while he showered. If Allen has a weird thing, it’s how often the man showers. Meh, we all have something! He smiles at me and nods toward his phone. Allen travels for work occasionally. I have always allowed him to take pictures of me. He keeps them on a password protected website that we both have access too, but I administrate. He’s not supposed to be able to get the pictures off there, but I trust him so I don’t lose sleep over whether he can or not. They aren’t on his phone for his buddies or employees to stumble across, and I can access it and remove the stuff I don’t like or change the password at will which I do frequently. I setup the account so that if he ever leaves me he can’t reset the password. I know he could probably get around the no download settings and save them, but I trusted him enough to marry him so... I tug the sheet across my midsection to cover my tummy. I partially obscure my chest and diaper, but this is my permission to his request to take pictures. He just smiles and starts clicking away. He poses me and snaps pictures until we can’t take it anymore. I guess he’s afraid he’ll never see me this way again and wanted the record the night for his personal time or when he was away. I don’t mind, better me than someone else as his fapping material. It always makes a girl feel powerful to turn her man on. I’d go in and crop my face out of these pictures later anyway, but for right now I get even more excited thinking about him stroking himself looking at these pictures. After what seems like forever, Allen finally touches me. I’ve been in a wanton state for so long that my little diaper is literally damp, but not because of any traffic related accidents this time. I wet this one with anticipation. He puts the phone down and crawls up in the bed to lie beside me. His hands and mouth wander everywhere. I fall in love with the sound and feel of the diaper as he plays with me. The feeling inside my diaper as he runs his fingers along the outside of the leg gathers is amazing! It is the most tantalizing thing I have ever experienced. I feel like a teenager again getting felt up for the very first time. This feeling of renewed sexuality is driving me nuts. “Time to unwrap my pretty princess.” Allen says breathlessly. Then I remember that I have another surprise waiting for him. I’m totally shaven for the first time in like four years. Depending on how he reacts, I intend to stay shaved for a good long while! It feels terrific in my diaper. “Holy Shit! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any better.” Allen looks at me lustfully and amazed. His camera is instantly in his hands again, and he is clicking away at my shaven crotch resting in my opened diaper. My hips involuntarily grind against the open air in excitement. “Take me Allen.” I insist reaching my limit. He leaves the diaper under me and assaults my kitty. After bringing me off a few times orally, Allen takes me with an animal passion. The diaper lies forgotten on the floor by the side of our bed. When we finish and roll over to our backs panting and staring at the ceiling, I decide I rather enjoy the reaction my unconventional underwear sparks in my man. That thought brings a big smile to my face.
  2. Unconventional Solutions

    4.Allen’s nearly six and a half feet tall and a bit over two hundred fifty pounds. I likes my men big! Me, I’m pretty average at five foot three. The pediatrician is positive Molly will race after her Daddy’s height, and that I’ll soon be the shortest inhabitant of the house. Frankly, it won’t be as far away as I’d like. I’ll have a giant of a man and an Amazon of a girl around here in about ten years.“Good thing I’m close to the floor! Someone has to clean up after you you great hairy beast!” I giggle.We joke and eat till about seven thirty. Molly is practically yawning at the table. Her normal bedtime is eight. I’m antsy to have her in bed safe behind her door. I’m horney and my diaper needs my husband’s attention.We Smiths are early to rise, it’s just, Allen and I are late to bed and early to rise. When Molly is asleep is the only time we get to be a couple any more. We guard that time jealously. I wonder if we could keep up the eight o’clock bedtime even after we don’t send her to bed at that time. I could make it room time not bedtime… I mean she wouldn’t have to go to bed, just be in her room. I have no idea how successful that will be, but Damn! It’s worth trying!Weekends are the exception. Molly pretty much gets to stay up till she crashes on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s clear she isn’t going to last long today. I yawn and stretch too as I stand. I feel my nightgown lift, and just for fun I bend forward a bit making sure that I’d flash my diaper at the living room. I flush realizing I’m being more than a little bit naughty.Allen and Molly get up to work on the dishes and I head toward the living room to work on our aquarium.It’s a nice custom one-hundred and ten gallon tank I’d made. Allen is pretty handy with wood work so I “let” him help here and there. We had special glass cut for the front panels, and we siliconed our own aquarium together. I had researched for months and planned the whole tank design. It was a bit of an obsession for a while there. I can get like that, you know stuck on something.We talked it through and built both the tank and stand to make water changes and maintenance as easy as possible. So easy I could do it myself, but in the end it is still my tank. They are my fish and coral, and my responsibility. Allen and Molly love watching them, but they’d both rather leave maintenance to me and just enjoy them.Getting to work, I drop the clogged filter sock into an old butter dish and put a new one in the sump. I scrub some algae loose from the sides of the sump and the display tank. The whole time I relish in the not so private pleasure that my hidden diaper is bringing me. Allen and Molly don’t make it back into the living room until after I finish up with the tank which is a clear loss for Allen. I was flashing padded ass cheeks left and right! I sit down on the loveseat with my aquarium directly to my right. Allen comes in with popcorn and Molly is carrying some cans of pop.“Allen, you’re spoiling me!” I tell him lovingly.“There’s no one I’d rather spoil more, except maybe my princess.” He says sitting the popcorn down and hugging Molly.Soda goes right through me. I wonder if he’s figured out my diapered situation?Molly has a little bean bag chair in the rough shape of a recliner. It’s pink and covered in ponies. She pulls it up beside her father's legs. I tuck my feet up under me sitting side saddle facing the TV with the tank on my right, Allen on my left, and the hidden diaper on my butt. It is heaven for me. I pull my fleece gown up a bit so I didn’t feel like I’m trapped in the shirt. Claustrophobia inside one’s own night gown sounds goofy, but wake me up tangled like a burrito and watch me flip the hell out!I purposefully flash him my pantie clad rear end. I bet if he tries hard, he could make out the outline of the diaper in the tight material. The abstract pattern on this pair probably prevents visible edges. I smirk behind my popcorn. It’s thrilling. Sitting here diapered is so innocently naughty, so inappropriately comfortable. I wiggle around excessively trying to get comfortable. I’m purposely filling the air with crinkles. I feel like a kid again excited about the unknown parts of sex with my partner. It’s fucking amazing. This could be addictive… I ponder.Allen just has no reason to look for that sound coming from my rear end despite me being this close to him. Besides, Molly is having trouble being still and clouding the air with diaper noises. One of my true pleasures in life is people watching. Watching them fight sleep is very entertaining too, especially toddlers. She’s wiggling all over the place even shaking her head trying to stay awake. He has no real reason to believe it’s me. Nothing but the sound even connects the noises with my hidden secret. Allen just laughs while watching Molly watch the movie. We’ve seen it a million times, so we mostly “people-watch” her while she watches her favorite parts. Allen gets out his tablet and starts reading some fantasy novel or another. The man reads all the time! I keep wiggling around and smirking behind my drink and popcorn. Once he draws the connection it’ll be obvious like a blinking neon sign, but apparently not until then. I decide to up my flirty game. I stretch out my legs until they are touching Allen. He looks over at me with an inquisitive look on his face. I just smile and rub his thigh with my foot. We aren’t very adventurous in the bedroom, but neither of us were board either. We were just happy, and happy is ok too.Allen reaches down and rubs my sock covered feet. It feels heavenly and I can’t help the little moans that escape my salty lips. Damn, this feels so nice.His strong hands cause me to writhe in happiness, hidden pleasure, and with a touch of pain. Turns out, my feet are knotted up muscle mess and I really needed a message.“Mommy, u k?” Molly askes.“Yeah Doodlebug, mommies feet hurt and Daddy is fixing it. It kind of hurts, but makes me feel better when he’s done. Daddy is super strong.” I explain. My little goofball just looks at us and then uprights herself. She throws her legs over mine with her head in the seat of her chair. She’s totally upside down at this point. I cringe knowing this is going to wake her up a bit. “Daddy fix my feets too.” She asks/demands. “Mommy, I’ve only got one hand. Can I fix Molly’s feet?” Allen.“Of course Daddy will, Molly will probably feel so good she’ll fall asleep.” I tease my inverted yawning daughter.I love a foot rub, the intimate contact, the message itself. It always feels great just because someone cares enough to spend the time on me. I’ll spend the time on Allen later, and he knows it making him an eager participant. After a few minutes I have Molly sit up, “Ok Doodlebug, right yourself. You're showing your panties to God and everyone.”Molly “eeped” in that little girl way and swirls around having been totally ignorant of her exposure. Allen had rubbed her feet for a few minutes and that had relaxed her enough that she’d nearly fallen asleep upside down! Turning around like that will keep her up a few minutes longer, but it couldn’t be avoided.He resumes his one handed mission to turn my feet in the well kneaded butter, it was melting me too! I take whichever foot that he isn’t working on and keep a steady rub on his thigh. I’m craving a different kind of contact, but this will have to do for now. Molly throws a last yawn around the room before simply leaning over and falling asleep. We wait a few moments after her head goes slack in her bean bag recliner, then Allen turns off the movie. I get up slowly so as not to spook her, and clear a path through the toys in her room. Allen follows me into her bedroom after having given me enough time to clean up a bit. He lays our Doodlebug Princess down for the night. We pray over her and sneak out of her room. Closing the bedroom door is always the trickiest part with the highest risk of waking her, but we manage. I head for the living room and Allen makes for the bathroom to get his shower. I’m tip toeing around my house picking up toys, bowls, and popcorn kernels. I hear my crinkling and it just ups my arousal. A bit of a wicked thought strikes me while I’m sitting in the living room by myself.I realize that diapers are going to be a part of my life from here on out, if for nothing else, randomly injecting some fun into our love life. I’d never given them a second thought beyond protecting stuff from Molly’s leaky rear end, but I have now. I commit myself to teasing Allen with my diaper covered ass. I slip my panties down freeing the diaper. I hope this thing will stay on without my panties. God, this feels like the first time I wore lingerie. How weird is that!
  3. Unconventional Solutions

    3. I try to put the diaper out of my mind and just continue on with my day. I try, but I can’t quite do it. I decide to blame Allen. Him being in the room with me changes how I feel about the diaper. I feel like I could zone out and forget about it if he wasn’t in here. He is though, so I keep focusing on my diaper creating fun random moments where I feel what I am wearing. Those moments cause goofy smiles. These smiles aren’t timed with the conversation at all. They are timed with the bulk between my legs and the tugs at my hips. I probably look crazy puttering around the kitchen smiling at random unexplainable moments. Fortunately, Allen is focused on Molly and I don’t have to explain myself. Allen whistles something peppy and Molly gets up to dance around. She flitters around my kitchen like a little diapered fairy princess. I decide my happiness must be contagious, that or it’s the diapers! It’s all sort of surreal. Two of the three of us are diapered, but only I know this secret. “Daddy da big twuck laid down.” My three year old told her father sitting down.“That's what mommy said.” Allen.“I felt so bad about it honey. We were close enough to see what happened. It looked awful.” Me.“I know babe. I'm sorry you had to see that.” Allen said patting my hand.“I falled asleep daddy.” Molly.“You fell asleep.” Allen corrected.“She didn't make it long. She left me all alone stuck in traffic and bored to tears. If it wasn't for AC and candy crush, I'd have gone crazy.” Me.“And what about the potty situation?” Allen asked with a smile.Bastard, I project at him mentally.“I didn't make it daddy. I went potty in my sleeps.” Molly.“That's what your diaper is for princes. You'll make it next time. And you went potty in your sleep.” Allen told our daughter with comforting confidence.“We all need some help sometimes baby.” I tell Molly patting her shoulder. *ding* “That's me guys. Let me get our pizzas in.” I tell them standing. I get up doing my best to move normally, but it proves harder than I expect. The small bulk of my toddler's diaper between my thighs alters my gait a bit. I probably look just a tiny bit uncomfortable in the ass area while walking, but in my mind I look like a bow-legged cowboy. Gonna have to remember to practice with that a bit. I think forcing myself to walk normally. A few strides and I’m standing at the oven. My waist is hidden from my family. I put the two pizzas directly on the rack. Mhhhm crispy pizza… As I bend down, my diaper pulls tight and my nightgown rides up my thighs. The diaper is peeking out of the waist band of my panties, but my gown doesn’t ride anywhere near that high for it to be seen. If my husband could see me from the table, he’d likely see the diaper behind the tight thin material of my panties poking out from under my gown. I know he’d be looking if he could! Too bad for Allen. I think and wiggle my ass in the air like a happy puppy. Then for the first time I hear myself crinkle. I break out in a huge smile and can’t hold back the happy giggle. “What's going on in there?” Allen calls from our tiny dining area sounding suspicious. “Nothing.” I call back still laughing.“Sounds like we're missing out on some fun in there.” Allen.“Nah, everything is great. I'm just glad to be home with my family.” Me. I go with a partial truth since I don’t want to talk about the diaper in front of my Doodlebug. I don’t want to admit it, but I want to keep it a secret for myself too, at least for a while. I feel like me wearing a diaper on purpose would be confusing for Molly at this critical potty time. I fail to consider that I have already been caught in one, and that to her perception of things probably wouldn’t be any different. I walk back in the dining area swaying my hips trying to look seductive as possible in a fleece mid-thigh nightgown. Allen’s smile is full of promises for adult fun time with excitement dancing in his eyes. That promise of intimacy lights a fire in my already warm diaper. Shaving had been a terrific idea, and it’s adding to the excitement of my situation. I can feel my entire diaper. It’s feels like taking a Band-Aid off a finger after several days and feeling things directly against your skin again, only in reverse. All that cottony goodness feels delicious. I saunter over to Allen bending to get a big girl kiss from my husband. I can hear myself crinkling and it just ups my thrill level. Too bad I can’t just send Molly to her room. We could get naked in the kitchen if she weren't in here with us. Yeah, I’m that freaking horney now. After I confirm for Allen that naked things are coming with my lips, I sit back down. I take a deep breath to ask Allen about his day and try to focus on something besides my rampant teenage-level hormones when Molly tugs on my sleeve pointing at the coloring books on the table. We keep a twenty-four pack of colored pencils and a stack of coloring books on the kitchen table for just such occasions. Molly talks, but she's not much for conversation, and those colored pencils have saved more than one meal in the last few years. “Hey Doodlebug, let's color Daddy a picture.” Me.“May I have da street one Mommy.” Molly.“Good manners princes, it’s THE street one. Sesame Street.” Allen.“I'll take the Spider-Man one.” Me. Molly just sort of ignores her dad’s verbal guidance reaching for the requested book. We color a few pages while waiting on the pizza to cook. I take my time and color my picture thoroughly. It’s a nice job, if I do say so myself! Coloring has always been therapeutic for. I really relax simply sitting there in my diaper coloring Spider-Man pages with my daughter. “Rob, babe, don't chew on your hair.” Allen chastises me. “I, what.” I blew a raspberry spitting my blonde hair from my mouth.“Jeez, I haven't done that in years.” I stutter softly to myself. *ding* Allen puts a hand up to stop me from getting out of my chair. “You just keep coloring babe. I'll cut up the pizza. You look sort of cute sitting there.” Allen smiles at me.“Yay, Mommy cowors wid me!” Molly.“Colors.” Allen.“Colors.” Molly says concentrating.“With.” Allen.“Wiff.” Molly. Allen shrugs indicting that her last shot was close enough. “Alright, since you're both twisting my arm.” I grin happy to stay seated and finish coloring my page. I knock out the page I started while Allen gets the pizzas out of the oven and plates them. Then, I pick out another page from my super hero coloring book. I’ve always loved superheroes, but it is a causal fandom. I decide to see how black and yellow looks on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Cause… why not? I unconsciously narrow my focus on my coloring. I slip away from all the fuss that usually clouds my head. Full Coverage. Stay between the lines. Even color depth. Light position. Let’s see, I’ll trace the outer edge of the yellows to a darker shade just inside the existing black lines. Yeah, I like that. Really helps the contrast with the black to yellow conversion. Molly and I are coloring so hard that we don’t even notice Allen coming back. He walks up to the table and sits the two cut pizzas down, and grabs our drinks for a refill. When he walks behind me to get to his seat, he reaches down and slides a finger between my cheek and my hair. He pulls gently and I feel my hair tugging from my mouth. Again? Huh, I didn’t even really notice. “Rob, baby, I asked you to keep your hair out of your mouth.” Allen chastises me again with a huge smile on his face.“Sorry, I truthfully didn’t even notice that I had started chewing on it again.” I apologize.“Asked me…” I mumble loud enough to be heard on purpose clearly displaying my displeasure.“Sorry babe. I just don’t want Molly to start that. Apparently, it’s at least a twenty-four year habit.” He tells me tucking my hair behind my ears on both sides of my head. It’s a sweet gesture. I loved him for it for giving me the tender reminder. His hand rests on my shoulder as he looks at Spidey’s new threads. I reach up and put my hand over his trying to push my love through the contact feeling a bit guilty about being pissed. “Cool costume remake. Eat up girls. Friday night is movie night. I’m feeling some like Dory since the second one is out. I haven’t seen it yet.” Allen.“I love Ellen. Such a sweetheart.” Me.“Nemo!” Molly squeals. “Speaking of nemo, when is the last time we did the filter sock? I think the charcoal is due too. Do we have any saltwater mixed up?” I ask Allen.“Yeah, I have like twenty gallons mixed up on your cart.” Allen.“Do you want tank work or dishes?” I ask Allen as I plate some pizza for Molly and me.“Uh… we’ll get the dishes. You fit down there better than I do anyway.” Allen fires away at our long running size joke.
  4. Unconventional Solutions

    2. Molly parrots the phrase she'd heard so many times in the last couple years. My poor little Doodlebug continues to have some setbacks with her potty training. She’s heard that line a lot. My tall three year old daughter takes after her daddy. We are betting Molly will end up over six feet tall. I’m worried I'll wake up any day now and she’ll be taller than me. I’ll go to get her out of bed and she’ll stand up in some cute little girl night gown and I’ll have to look up to look her in the eyes. The doctors tell us that she’ll grow out of the bladder problems eventually. They said her bladder isn’t keeping up with the rest of this growth spurt. Things will even out in a year or so. “Thanks Doodlebug. I can't believe how comfortable this thing is Allen.” I say feeling the outside of the soggy diaper. “Do I need to give you two a minute.” He teases me. He might, I thought. Damn, I can’t believe I thought that. This is super comfy though. A bit tight, but all warm and soft feeling inside and out. Watching me play around with the diaper clearly gets my husband wound up. Suddenly, I find myself excited too. The diaper is still comfortable to me, but I felt... naughty!?! Standing there in a wet diaper, in my living room, in front of my horney husband, and lovely little daughter. I send Allen off to change Molly while I head to change myself and get cleaned up. I slowly make my way to our master bathroom and start the shower. Shutting the bedroom door, I look the diaper over checking the fit for the first time. The length is ok. The diaper comes up over my ass and covers my lady bits, but the sides are struggling to stay latched without my panties holding them together. Still, it fit! I can’t believe it. I rub the wet front panel and clinically study the garment. I've changed countless diapers on my Doodlebug, but this one is different. I focus in on the diaper so completely that my mind stills. That almost never happens! I bet the size up would fit pretty good. Wonder what my options are? Maybe there’s adult or teen diapers out there I could get. It seemed to hold up most of that wetting. I’ll need to start shaving again. Allen will love that. I think I’ll like that feeling too. Smooth skin next to delicate cotton. I shiver and it dawns on me that I haven’t finished peeing. I sit down on the toilet with the diaper still on. I decide to let it have its shot at holding a full wetting. I release into the diaper and smile at the hissing sounds. Well, that’s not subtle at all. I sit there on the toilet grinning like a fool. I have a short internal debate before letting it all go and just going for it. I wet the diaper with the rest of that initial payload that I had been holding back since the wreck. Surprisingly, it holds ok till the very last when I heard the tinkle of my water hitting the toilet water. I sit for a bit to let the diaper catch up with my flood. Then, I stand feeling a little bit of my urine still sloshing around inside waiting to be absorbed. I know from years of changing Molly that there is a big difference in a small wetting and a full one. She’s getting big enough that she can flood her size fives if I didn't keep an eye on her. Those fives should fit her a while longer if I can squeeze my Momma-ass into them! Even the sixes aren’t going to fit me like they fit Molly, but they'd probably fit about like my bikini panties. They would cover my front and rear leaving some coverage over my hips. I stand and poke at the diaper turning little circles in front my full length mirror. I take off my top and bra getting one last look at myself in the mirror before jumping in the shower. It would have leaked more if I'd been sitting on it when I wet it. I’m thankful I only trickled a little in the car. I rub the soaked diaper enjoying the change in texture for a moment. I’m not sure how wearing that diaper changed from necessity to fulfilling some dream of Allen’s, or how it turned from dressing up for him to sort of maybe-kind-of-liking-it for myself, but it did. Allen’s mood must be contiguous. My intentions change from feeling the diaper out of curiosity to pleasure, and I don’t hold back. I shake my head smiling at my reflection in my vanity looking like a guilty child with her hand in her pants. Oddly, even with the diaper wet, it was still comfortable to me. Eventually, I decide I look sort of good in it too. With no small amount of regret, I take off the diaper and toss it into our bathroom trashcan. Still smiling and full of impulsiveness, I get in the shower and wash my hair. My mind is in a million places diner, bills, chores, work, Allen, Molly, and strangely that diaper. My thoughts drift from one train of thought to another, though never fully exploring any to the point of making any decisions. I find myself soaping down my pantie area and reaching for my razor. I shave myself smooth trying to remember why I had stopped, laziness I suppose. I have been tidy recently, but I haven’t been bare since before Molly was born. I know Allen will be thrilled. It feels new and fun and playful to be smooth again. I dry off and grab my favorite fleece nightgown. My mind is still buzzing with dozens of unfinished thoughts clouding my ability to concentrate. My gown is red with little white bears all over it. Allen bought it for me for Christmas a few years back. It reminds me of the Christmas Coke commercials. I tug some boy short style panties, my favorite kind, up my legs and head toward our kitchen. My mind is floating as I move around on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, it’s a common thing for me to be wandering around with my mind adrift. Allen and Molly are still in the guest bathroom giving her potty a whirl. I smile and wave at her behind Allen’s back. She smiles and waves back at me. Who knew her diapers would be that comfortable? I didn’t even feel gross after peeing in it! If she’s having bladder problems and the diapers are that comfortable for her too, it’s little wonder we are having trouble potty training her. I muse. Then, I pad barefoot toward the kitchen, but as I pass Molly’s room I’m struck by a brand new desire. My panties suddenly feel too thin. They aren’t making any noise. There is no sense of air pockets moving around as I move. I thoughtlessly draw closer to my daughter's changing table. I want another diaper. They are naughty and fun and comfortable and… I start justify my actions internally. Wait. I don’t have to have a reason! I’m a damn adult. If I want to wear a diaper around my own home, then I can damn well do it! Before I can second guess anything, I find myself sporting a brand new dry Luvs diaper tucked away safely under my boy short panties. I smile like an idiot on my way to the kitchen. I feel like I’m in some sort of trance, like I’m not totally in control of myself. I can’t reason why, but these diapers are making me happy. I damn near skip the rest of the way toward my next objective. In the kitchen, I finally snap out of my haze and find myself able to focus. I mean really focus on preparing dinner. It’s totally crazy. I simultaneously preheat the oven, start some knock off DiGiorno pizzas, and put out drinks for my little family while setting the table. I know I am enjoying my naughty secret, but I'll bet Allen will enjoy it more. I grow more excited by the minute thinking about teasing him until Doodlebug goes to bed. I can hear them leave the bathroom and head to Molly’s room to change for dinner. You’re not the only one sister! I think. They'll be here any minute and my private time with my growing obsession will end. I am very comfortable standing there in my diaper and nightgown. I sort of feel cheated that it won’t stay on without the panties though. It is fine up and moving around, but as soon as I sit the tabs will pop off. I need my own diapers, ones that fit me better. I decide. I'd no sooner come to that conclusion than my husband and daughter come into the kitchen. They are both smiling at me. I show them a warm loving smile in return. I genuinely love my little family. I guess we are pretending that I didn’t just pee myself in the car earlier. K? I shrug turning back to the work of preparing the meal. Allen helps me set the table, while Molly shuffles back and forth carrying anything we let her carry. We aren’t perfect, but we are happy. Suddenly, I realize that I could hear my Doodlebug toddling back and forth in her crisp new diaper. I hadn't even thought to listen to see if I was crinkling too! As turned on as Allen had been, I am fairly confident I’m not scuttling around as loudly as my daughter is. If I was, he'd have been asking to see it again. I’m almost certain of it.
  5. Unconventional Solutions

    Well, unlike The Woes, I don't have a massive 22 page outline ready to be fully fleshed out. I'm roughly 15k words into Solutions that haven't had their passes of editing yet. I'm totally open to working in some elements here and there. Hit me up directly and we'll talk it out!
  6. Unconventional Solutions The Diapered Story of Robin Smith 1 *The sound of Jawas fills the cab of my car making me smile.* Allen told me they were haggling over scrap on Tatooine, but I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong, I love those movies, but nothing like my husband does. Clearly, he has been messing with my phone again. “Ok Google, Read New Text.” I tell the dead air in my car while rolling my eyes at my nerdy husband’s antics. “You have one new text from Allen at five thirty-two PM. Do you want to hear it?” “Yes.” I tell my phone. The female computerized voice reads back my husband’s text. It is an odd juxtaposition listening to his words and imagining his face to the female’s jilting voice. Google reads, “Shit hone. That ducks. You don’t have a lot of options there.” Autocorrect hates him. It always makes me giggle while I try to interpret what he’s going on about. I get tired of dictating to my phone and pick it up directly. Normally, I’d wait and talk slowly through the menu’s to send a reply, but it wasn’t dangerous just sitting here. I’m not about to text and drive. That shit is dangerous! I text him back. [Me:] Radio says there’s a tractor trailer rig overturned. I’m locked in. I can’t stop bouncing my legs. I gotta pee so freaking bad! At least Molly’s sleeping through it. Thank god for pool day. [Allen:] ITH (our own code – In The House) [Me:] You never beat me home! (Yeah, I’m whining at this point.) [Me:] I don’t know what to do! If I pee my pants, the leather will be fine but the carpet… [Allen:] You can’t do anything about it babe. Don’t hurt yourself. I’ll have the car cleaned. [Me:] You’d use Bill though! We KNOW them! [Allen:] You have a leaky 3.5 year old in the car. They won’t know who it was. [Me:] Still, I’d know… [Allen:] Getting in the shower. Text me when you finally break free. [Me:] K I sit there looking around at an utter loss. Molly’s daycare is only fifteen minutes away from the house on the interstate. I had come up on the wreck just after I picked up my daughter. I was still a mile away if the radio report was correct. I was locked in and at a full stop before I knew what had happened. No matter which direction I look, all I can see are cars. Worse, I’m on an inside lane and can’t even off-road through the median! I’m stuck tight, and my bladder isn’t happy about it. In fact, it feels like it’s going to be downright rebellious. The tide is changing and I began to lose the fight with lactic acid and muscle fatigue. I shouldn’t have left the house without peeing first, but I thought I’d be home in thirty minutes! Turns out that was a bad decision, one that was biting me in the ass. The muscles between my legs twinge. I’m long past the pain stages. In fact, everything that I’ve been clinching is numb. I smack at my knees trying to get some feeling back into my legs and to distract myself from the numbness and the impending disaster. I start singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. That distraction doesn’t work either. Molls, just keep sleeping baby. Mommy can’t handle peeing herself in front of you. I thought dreading the implications that seeing me wet myself would have on my daughter. Allen said I could blame the mess on my little Molls, but that doesn’t feel right either. I need a solution. Spontaneously, a really crazy thought burns brightly in my head. I snap a picture of my hand coming out of my daughters diaper bag and send it to my husband before breaking out into a feverish flurry of activity. I turn up the radio to keep all my wiggling from waking up Molly. I can’t believe I’m about to do this… I can’t believe I’m doing this… I can’t believe I did that… ----- I get home at fifteen after six, which is far later than I normally pull up. I’m super not thrilled about it either! Traffic was a bitch even after I FINALLY got past the wreck. I’m not sure how my half day of working from home turned into eight full hours of work, or how easing back into fulltime turned into such a stressful day. The lousy drive home from picking up Molly was the icing on my crap cake. I am very anxious to get my daughter in the house and try to find a way to process this situation. I need a fix of my man! I need to cuddle up to him and watch some TV, and maybe drink a glass of wine. I stand up stretching my back and lean against my car. I take a breath then reach in and grab all our stuff. Lastly, I shoulder our diaper bag popping open Molly’s door. I wake her up with sweet words. Molly takes my hand grabbing my fingers tightly and we make our way to the house. I have an unbalanced load for sure, and it's leaning heavily to my diaper bag side. Waddling around didn’t make it anything graceful let me tell you! Thank God she's walking now. I'd be done in if I had to carry her too. I wouldn’t have had the strength. My little Doodlebug is too big for me to haul her around on my hip anymore. I think sadly. She toddles beside me into the house. She doesn’t quite wake up either. She sways on her feet still groggy shambling like a zombie. I smile entering my house. It is simply thrilling to be home, it smells like safety and relaxation. Today, it seems like a major accomplishment just to get here. It had seemed impossible only thirty minutes ago. My little angel and I had been stuck for more than an hour behind that overturned tractor trailer less than ten miles from our house! I drop everything on the couch leaving Molly just inside our front door. She sways on her feet trying to wake up, but with little success. My attitude went from relief to anger in a heartbeat wanting to get out of my work clothes and Allen nowhere to be found. “Allen.” I bellow stress lining my voice. Seriously, he should be here! He knew I'd be coming in in a hurry. “Hey, Rob. Glad my girls…” He inhaled sharply seeing my face. “I take it you’re both wet?”, he chuckles. The balls on this man! “Funny aren't ya!” I growl. “Just take her will you. I'd like to get cleaned up.” I shoot him my best grouchy face, and let me tell you it can melt the paint off the walls! “Are you still wearing it? I mean did it fit?” My devoted husband stutters with an odd air about him. It’s almost seems like he is excited and it’s overriding his sense of self-preservation. I blushed instantly losing my bluster, “Ya to both. I mean I need to go freshen up, and I'm sure Molly would like a fresh diaper.” “Show me.” He insists not moving an inch after taking Molly’s sleepy little hand. “What! No. It’s bad enough I'm wearing it and its freaking wet! I'm not going to be showing this thing off. I’m supposed to be sexy to you, not some kind of screw-up.” I gasp. “I'm going to be honest here. Those do nothing for me on Molly, but I've been messed up thinking about it since you texted me that picture of her diaper. I wasn’t sure if you’d use it. I can't believe it fit.” Allen confesses. “I couldn't either. I mean it's a stretch, but our Doodlebug isn't very little. In fact, I probably shouldn’t really carry her around anymore. She doesn’t need to see this.” I ramble not so stealthily to divert his attention. I say anything trying to distract him with my moment of nostalgia from earlier. I’m super embarrassed about my situation, but at only twenty-four, I am still very interested in keeping my husband turned on. Getting him excited gets me that way too. Most of the time it would be a win-win situation, but this isn’t one of those times. But, the look on Allen’s face gives me pause. My excuse to be out of this thing was that it wouldn’t be attractive, but is it. Is he turned on? I think about it and decide I am pretty comfortable in one of Molly’s diapers, even though it was a little soggy and was pulling tightly at my hips. He clearly wants to see it. If it turns him on... Wearing it doesn’t cost me anything but some embarrassment. “Show me, babe.” Allen interrupts my thoughts prompting me a second time. “Pick her up first.” I instruct and he complies. Almost on auto-pilot, I kick off my heels and slide out of my slacks. I drop my boy-short style panties which leaves me in my blouse and Molly’s size five Luvs diaper. It’s a startling contrast, half a business outfit and half a toddler's. I try to pull together some sexy thoughts so I can model the diaper for him. I end up laughing instead. Allen laughs too. His laughing caught our little Doodlebug’s attention causing her to wake up from her shoulder nap. She looks around for a moment to see what all the laughter is about. “Mommy, it's ok. That's what diapers are for. You'll make it next time.” She tells me full of love and support.
  7. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    Never Have I Ever Chapter 5 – To the Store I ended up cleaning the crumbs off the bed anyway. I wanted to wash the sheets and pillow cases, so it was six to one half a dozen to the other! Dumping everything in the washer, I left the laundry room skipping to our living room. I plopped down on the couch puffing air into my cheeks. My bangs fluttered against my forehead while I exhaled loudly. I’d left my nightgown/t-shirt on and simply added a mid-length denim skirt. My outfit consisted of two kitty related items, a denim skirt that just peaked out below my top, and my long-ish shirt that only left a few inches of the denim visible. I felt pretty fucking cute. I looked like a twenty-one year old sensible woman who was trying to look like a fourteen year old girl. One who was holding on to her childhood a little too tightly! I suppose in some ways I was. I giggled behind my hand and reached over to the arm of the couch for the remote. I could hear a faint crinkle from my diaper as I shifted my weight from one hip to the other. The sound made my soul smile. I surfed around o the TV running the channels until I found the new Spider-man cartoon on one of the Cartoon Network channels. I crossed my legs sitting Indian style waiting on Shawn. I was completely totally comfortable. I put my thumb in my mouth and let a little urine loose in my diaper. “Damn Girl. Earth to Sammy!” Shawn said waving his hand in front of my face. “Huh?” I looked at him confused, but not pulling my thumb from my mouth. “Babe, I’ve been calling your name for a few minutes. Space out on me did ya?” He asked rhetorically. “Sorry hon. Did you know they made a new Spider-man? It’s The Ultimate Spider-man er something like that. It’s pretty cool.” I told him keeping my eyes on the TV slurring my words around my thumb. “Well, I’ve been trying to get you to leave for like five minutes Sammy. Are you ready to go?” He asked me. “I mean… Yeah… I guess…” I hedged. “Shit. Sam how much time is left on your show?” Shawn sighed figuring out my reluctance instantly. I paused the TV, “Uh… Says five minutes, but we can go now. I don’t even know what season this is.” Shawn threw a hand to me and helped me up. I heard the crinkle of the diaper as I stood. It still sounds amazing! Wonder if he could hear it. I thought standing up and peeing a bit more. Forgot how leaky I get after wearing these things for a while straight. I laughed at that. Shawn just looked at me like I was crazy for laughing at myself. “Did you hear me getup?” I asked. “You’re not that old Sammy.” He barbed thinking I was talking about creaking joints. “I know! GAH! I meant, did you hear my diaper when I got up?” I asked him slapping at his arm. “Nope. TVs on, but it’s not too loud. Get up and down a few times. Let me see if I can hear you when I’m trying too.” He instructed. I sat down and got back up three times clearing hearing myself each time. The TV was only on like setting twenty-two of fifty. It wasn’t very loud. It didn’t really do anything to drown out the diaper crinkle, at least for me. “Nope, I was focusing and didn’t hear it. Guess you just have ‘tuned in’ ears.” He laughed. “Guess so. Where are we going? Want me to drive?” I asked getting my purse. “No! You know I hate you driving that thing! Gets like negative gas mileage.” Shawn laughs. “Hey be nice to Big Red. He can kick your car’s ass!” I defended my 2002 F150. “He gets every bit of fourteen miles to the gallon on the highway and eleven in the city!” “IT”S NOT A CAR!” Shawn whined at the top of his lungs falling back on his old argument. I ticked off points on my fingers, “All right little boy… Four Doors, Hatchback, No truck bed, Seats 24.3 clowns… TOTALLY a car!” I teased falling back on my own old argument. “Well, my manly car gets twenty-three miles to the gallon!” He laughed taking my arm and dragging me toward his parking spot. “Your grocery wagon can get us around town like a dollar cheaper, but I have a bigger gas tank! Less stopping! I win. Trucks rule!” I giggle as he opens the passenger side of his car for me. “What?” I turned and kissed his cheek, “I don’t get to drive?” Then I busted up cackling while he walked around and got in the C.A.R. In a long suffering voice Shawn replied, “Hell no you don’t get to drive my truck. I like my fender dent free!” I changed his radio to the pop hits channel in retaliation. “Low blow man.” I said in a deep voice, “Who’d Al call when he bought that sofa?” “Who?” “Me. Well, me and asked me to drive your truck. You’re about as useful as paper in a pool for moving.” Shawn threw back. “Lord, on fire today aren’t you. You stay up all night getting this conversation prepped?” I asked him teasing. I was used to the upper hand in our verbal sparring. “You just sit quiet, look pretty, and don’t worry about anything! Even the potty.” He told me with a sexy growl in his voice. “OK.” I shuddered flushed with the excitement rolling through my body. Shawn reached over and ran his hand up the inside of my leg. I grabbed his arm and tugged his hand toward my diapered lady bits. Spreading my legs, Shawn traced the gathers on the baby diaper and then pinched around my exposed undergarment. He looked over and smiled. “Sammy, you’re already wet!” He said in fake exasperation. “Shaaawwwnnn!” I whined. “I just sort of just go when I’m wearing. It’s like I’m potty trained to use em.” I nodded. “Potty trained to use diapers? That’s a new one, but it’s ok Sammy. I told you I’d change you if you needed it and I meant it.” He said adjusting his crotch and headed toward town. “Shit!” I said suddenly a few blocks down the road. “What babe?” “I don’t have any more.” I said softly. “It’s ok Sam. Our first stop will take care of that.” He said. “Where are we going?” I asked for the millionth time. “Wal-mart first. Then maybe breakfast or lunch or something. After that, I don’t know. I kinda wanted to buy my little Sammy something special today. Maybe a movie later if there is anything playing that we give a shit about. Hell, we may even swing by my sister’s place. We never really go anywhere anymore. I’m usually so tired.” He admitted. “I miss my niece.” “You’re not tired today?” I asked my thumb slipping into my mouth. Shit. I don’t think I want to be every-fucking-where today. This diaper sure won’t last. Lana will freak if she catches me. “Somebody rode me hard and put me up wet last night. I slept like a baby.” He laughed at his pun. “One of us did.” I countered laughing at my own. “So, is it ok if I ask questions? Or, are we just playing this thing by ear?” He asked seeming to be afraid of hurting my feelings. “I don’t know. I have never really talked about this with anyone. I mean in my head, sure, but not out loud with other living breathing people. I guess it’s OK, but it will feel uncomfortable no matter what.” I told him. “Ok then. I don’t guess I really need to ask anything right now. You just be a good girl for me. K?” He prompted. “Sure hon.” I replied. We hit the Wal-Mart parking lot. Shawn dropped me off at the door like he always does cause he’s all sweet and stuff. Today though, he parked his car and met me inside. “Can you stay awake in here?” I teased him. “Meh, I’ll crawl into the cart if I get too drowsy.” He laughed taking my hand and driving the cart one handed. “Thought the diapered one got to ride the cart mister?” I giggled. He looked at me cocking his head sideways, “You might fit… leg holes would hurt though. Those sexy legs are larger than a two year olds! Let’s go.” I dropped my purse in the cart and tagged along closely as Shawn moved on whatever mission he was on. He is a stay in the car kind of guy. He usually drops me off at the door and naps or reads in the car until I’m ready to go. Then he picks me up a little way from the door and helps me load the car before running the cart back for me. He’s a sweety! He looks up at the signage and reads each one like it’s the first time he’s been in here. He sees whatever he’s looking for and heads off in that direction. Probably is his first time in here four or five months that’s for sure! We are standing in the housewares area looking at the thirteen gallon trashcans. He’s sat three of them up. Each had a foot levered full lid. Shawn closed and opened them all repeatedly. I bit at my pinky nail watching him do whatever the hell he was doing unable to pin point the final goal. I felt a little more pee turn to gel in my diaper. I started nibbling on my pinky nail more than a little concerned with leaking. “We adopting one of these, or you just petting them all?” I finally asked. “Funny Sammy. Just be a good girl and don’t wander off. Here.” He said handing me my phone from my purse. I crossed my toes in my sneakers praying that these diapers held more than I thought they would and watched him set one trashcan back getting a new one down. He finally made a decision and took my hand again. We wandered off down the fragrance aisle. My eyes watered and I kept sniffling back a sneeze. My nose is sensitive! Shawn grabs some talc Fabreeze and a few stick-on time release discs. We circle back around to the bathroom stuff and Shawn looks around for some new bath towels or something. I sort of quit paying attention cause… Candy Crush! Ever notice how much easier it is to pee standing up? Huh guys? Well, it is for me too, and I wet a little again. I crossed my feet back and forth fidgeting and secretly checking my diaper with my thighs. I was getting pretty soggy in those low capacity baby diapers. That OJ is running straight through me! I thought. “Those are pretty!” I said as he threw four rose colored large full-body bath towels and a whole wad of wash cloths into our cart. Shawn just smiled at me while steering across the pathway toward the food section. We were low on a few things, or so I thought. Instead, he threw some poptarts (my morning favorite!) into the cart along with some fruit smiles, goldfish crackers, and the mixed box of name brand chip bags. He was grabbing all my favorite snack foods. He topped it off with a huge box of movie butter popcorn! Yum! Driving through the beverages, Shawn grabbed some green tea for me and a package of the blue coolaid squeeze bottles with the twist off tops. He smiled at me and crossed behind the housewares into the baby stuff. Ah! My man remembers everything! “Uh… I need some baby oil Shawn.” I stuttered. “I know Sammy. I got this. You just do your phone shit.” He patted my arm. There was a mother in the aisle that scowled at Shawn, but she didn’t have her kids with her. He threw a couple things of baby oil in the cart. I laughed. Guess she’s one of those who don’t cuss even when the kids are at home. God, that much oil will last forever. The lady left us alone in the aisle and Shawn moved the cart down in front of all the diapers. He was reading the packages and comparing the prices like a coupon cutting price conscious shopper, he certainly wasn’t. Yeah, that was more my role. Shawn just marches into a store straight to what he’s looking for, finds the right size or manufacturer, and then marches right out to pay for it. Well, when he doesn’t just order it online anyway! “Interesting reading there?” I asked trying to move this along. “Phone.” He grunted at me bending down sort of dismissing me. I stopped playing my game as a mix of emotional buzzing flittered into my head while watching him shop for MY diapers. I could pull off the Goodnites and Size 7 Cruisers, but that was it. I wasn’t a small girl. If my hips weren’t still pretty narrow, I wouldn’t be able to get into those either. Not that they fit wonderfully. I had ass cheek acreage chilling in the air conditioning as it was. “Uh… These aren’t what I normally wear.” I whispered. He picked up a box (A BOX!) of the sevens, “This is what you’re wearing now.” He said that same voice level causing me to die of shame in the middle of the aisle in Wal-Mart. He was totally certain he was right. “Yeah, but. I don’t wear them cept at the house and they don’t hold anything, and they are horribly unflattering.” I pointed out whispering again. “Bull. You look amazing Sammy. Don’t worry about that. I love you just the way you are.” He answered perfectly then blew it all to hell. “Those diapers look amazing on you too.” Again with the room temperature voice. I’m just going to crawl into a hole and die. I thought dramatically. “I usually buy the ones I like online.” I told him at the same level finding a little tiny bit of my backbone. “Well, an internet order isn’t going to do you any good today is it Sammy?” He asked me reasonably. “No.” Was all I got out before he cut me off. “Then, these will do for this weekend right?” He asked throwing the box into the cart. Shawn took my empty hand. The other had found my mouth again for me to chew on my fingernails. I don’t do it often, but had several times already that day. Shawn likes long fingernails. It’s a turn on for him, and it was a good excuse for me to kick my bad habit. I took my hand out of my mouth and scooted closer to Shawn holding his hand with both of mine forcing myself to stop nibbling. We circled the aisle and made our way back toward the main path. I sort of lingered a second or two in front of the pacifiers. “You want one of these Sammy? Good, chewing on your nails is a nasty habit.” He asked me in clear range of three carts of people. I just nodded. Again, Shawn stood there reading all the packages. He flipped several over reading the back and checking sizes until the found a 24 month nuk. It was yellow with a giraffe on it. They aren’t my favorite, but it was the one he picked out for me. A conscientious shopper, my Shawn. My mouth watered looking at it in the cart. I’d never had one before preferring to just suck on my thumb. But, there couldn’t be a cuter image in my head than me sitting on the couch in tall socks watching TV diapered and sucking on a pacifier. My heart warmed along with my diaper covered area. “This will do. Bet I can get you a bigger one online. You can get anything online.” He said walking off. Yep. Anything. I thought and had to jump to catch up to him. I did everything in my power to avoid eye contact with people on the way out of the store. We’d been lucky for a Saturday at Wal-Mart. Normally, I see everyone I know in here. Shawn had waved at a few people, but didn’t stop to talk which was fine with me! We checked out in the self-checkout and headed toward his car together. We loaded the car and Shawn popped open the box of diapers freeing a few from one of the sleeves. Palming four diapers, he walked me to my side of his car and opened my door. I got in and he threw the diapers on my lap and walked around to his side. “Take one, and put the others in the console Sammy. We need an ‘emergency’ stash.” He told me poking his head in from his door. “K. Uh… Where am I going to change?” I asked. “Good question.” He replied starting his car and pulling out of the parking spot. “Well, I’m supposed to do that right?” “Yeah…” “Right, so… Don’t laugh, but I think I know the perfect spot.” He said driving off. I played with my phone and looked at the diaper in my lap. I was sort of in my own world again and not paying attention daydreaming about the crazy turns my life was taking. When the car stopped and Shawn put it in park, I finally looked up to see where we were. “How am I not supposed to laugh!” I giggled. “Well, no one is usually here on a Saturday.” Shawn chuckled. He was right though. The church parking lot was totally empty! I had a good hearty laugh. It felt wrong and right at the same time to get my diaper changed in the church parking lot. I’ve seen countless wet butts swapped out for dry ones coming and going from my truck. “Fine but you sooo have to hurry! Like REALLY freaking fast.” I made him promise with huge puppy dog eyes. “I promise baby, now hop out and come around to my side.” He told me getting out and opening the back door of the car over on his side. I opted to four wheel drive over the console and stayed in the car for my trip to the second row bench seat. “Lay down baby.” I did. “There’s my good girl.” One ‘Good Girl’ and bingo my thumb was back in my mouth. I sighed while he wiped me off and changed my diaper. He took one of our spare Wal-Mart bags and tied up my really critically wet diaper. Come on, it’s not like you don’t have a side door pocket full of Wal-Mart bags! “So I was thinking. Why don’t we crash Lana’s and grab Stacey to go eat with us. She’s old enough to love McDonald’s isn’t she?” He asked. “Your three year old niece will flip her shit if you swing in and take her to McDonald’s.” I told him smiling while I scuttled up to the front passenger seat again. “Let’s do it.” He laughed. “Need me to drive old man?” I teased him. “Don’t worry about me. Sass me too much and it’s the back seat for you missy!” “Fat chance of that! I’ll diaper your ass, put you in the back, and drive your car to get your niece. Then you can pay for lunch while we ladies play in the ball pit! What do you think about dem apples?!” “Well, I’m driving regardless.” He laughed. “Wait, you’d let me diaper you?” I asked. “Don’t know. Let me think about it alright?” “Sure.” I told him with lovely visions of sitting diapered on the couch together holding each other watching a scary movie.
  8. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    **I think it might even be fun to see Sam get Shawn to experience being diapered at least once.** It will take some time to get to this request, but there’s been more than one convert to padding introduced by a lover! Never Have I Ever Chapter 4 – The morning after “I don’t really use the powder anymore. The news keeps scaring me about ovarian cancer, but I do still use the oil.” I took a breath. “I hadn’t intended to tell you about this skeleton Shawn. I was using them up sparingly. These were to be the last. I was going to give up my diapers up for you.” I told him pulling a pillow from the bed over my face trying to hide behind it. “Don’t worry about me Sammy. I’m a bit drunk and well fucked, but you look fuckablely adorable in your little diaper.” He told me patting my crotch. “I’m gonna crash soon, like super hard. Wake me up if you need a change babe.” Shawn said crawling into our bed. “Shawn, that’s not even a word!” I laughed. “It should be! You are every bit fuckabely adorable. Seems like you need a bigger diaper though… Those are sure cute though huh?” He asked me earnestly trying to break me free of my embarrassment. “Yeah…” I said blushing as I stood. I dragged my toes across each other like a nervous girl wringing her hands. He pulled the covers back moving my pillow up next to his. Shawn patted the bed next to him battling a mighty yawn. His eyes close with a smile on his face falling asleep instantly. I dutifully took up my role as ‘little spoon’ curling up next to him in bed. I wrapped his lower arm under my neck and pulled it across my chest to cuddle with. I shoved the pillow between my legs so my back wouldn’t hurt in the morning preparing for my first diapered night with my love. I sighed in comfort when Shawn’s hard sleeping breathes against my hair picked up. I reached back and smoothed my hair out so it wouldn’t tickle his face. I took a moment and just listened to him. He doesn’t snore exactly, just breathes really loudly. Me, oh I snore! His loud breathing relaxed me so much I was suddenly yawning despite being ridiculously happy. Just moments before I’d have sworn I couldn’t fall asleep for ages, but I was wrong. I feel asleep in my man’s arms diapered for the first time with a partner. Hopefully, he’d be my last partner too! I woke the next morning stiff from staying in the same position for hours. You know, it was those nights where the sleep is really fulfilling, but you pass out and come to hours later in the same spot. I was sore all over. I cracked my eyes open ignoring the sticky feeling my allergies caused. The sun immediately caught my attention and hurt my damn head. Hangovers suck! “Arghhh!!!” I grumbled at the audacity of the sun to shine in my face. How dare the world continue to rotate while I had a splitting headache! I drug a throw pillow across my face and moaned again. I wasn’t ready to face the world and I hadn’t been lucky enough to weather last night’s fun without a blistering headache. I wanted coffee, water, my headache to go away, and to pee all at the same time. I think each item may have had the same priority. I pressed my palms into my eyes threw the little pillow. Shawn grumbled into my hair, “Mhhhm, Morning babe. That bad eh?” “It hurts Shawn!” I mumbled into the throw pillow doing my damnedest to block out that piercing sunlight and hold my brains in my head. “Those fucking birds are using megaphones!” I growled. “No they aren’t Sammy.” Shawn chuckles. “You sure? Sounds like they are shouting and riding freaking jackhammers!” I whined submitting fully to my mood. “This is why I don’t like to drink. When I feel better, it’ll have been worth it. Till then ‘I’ll never drink again’ cause this is fucking retarded.” I vowed. “Of course you will, but probably not until you forget this morning. Last night was amazing.” He told me leaning in to kiss me. “It was amazing. God, my ass is sore.” I giggled wiggling my mood shifting with the memories. “Morning after never makes the pornos either.” Shawn belly laughs. “Pfft, I know it. No way those skinny chicks walk around normal after the pounding you gave me last night. I’ll be a bow legged cow girl all day. Not to mention bitchy cause of the hangover.” I laughed softly. In some respects, it was cool with me that we didn’t address the padded ass in the room with our first breathes of the day. In fact, I didn’t really think about it until I noticed the ache in my ass. I wiggled to see how intense the pain was going to be today, and heard the crinkle and felt the padding drawing my attention to my diaper. I started rolling toward the far end of the bed so I could get up and go to the bathroom to change. Shawn’s hand interrupted my plans. He palmed my diaper covered butt pinching at the material. I smacked at his hand and rolled to sit up. “Where are you going baby?” He asked me. “Well, pee first. Then I need some Excedrin. There’s a marching band doing a warmup in my head. I’ll chase the aspirin based pill with some Ibuprofen in a few hours and stager them until this shit clears. That ought to keep the headache at bay. Well, the meds and all the curtains in the house need to be closed before I woke up!” I huffed. “Well, I can get the curtains, but why are you going to the bathroom? You do use them right?” He asked me confused. “Uh… Yeah?” I asked still working through the fog of my headache and waking up. “Baby, you’re wearing a diaper. I told you that I’d change you. Just go. I mean can you? Are you too big of a little girl to use that one? It is sort of tiny…” He laughed. “No, I mean yes. Er… no. I… Uh… if I go slow, it’ll will be fine. If I let it rip, I’ll make a mess.” I sagged back onto the bed. “Then do your business so we can get breakfast going! I’ll close the blinds and get you some medicine and water Sammy. I’ll be right back.” Shawn told me letting his hand trail down my back before standing. He is an incorrigible morning person… Bleh! Shawn followed through with his offers of hangover mercy closing the blinds and leaving the room. I was left lying on the edge of my side of our bed. It hadn’t been ‘our’ bed for very long at all, just a short four months. The shock of his insistence wore off after Shawn closed our big double window in our bedroom and then sauntered off toward the kitchen. Still, I couldn’t decide how to wet which added to the dream like feel of my situation. Should I stand up, stay lying down, sit back up, squat, toddle off to the bathroom and just let it all go, or what? There were so many different options! I have worn diapers at every opportunity that I could all my life. Sometimes, it was years between tapping myself in padded bliss. Sometimes, it was only moments before I was blissfully re-padded. I have diaper trained myself in the same way I have potty trained myself. I like to think of my potty training as fluid (pun intended). When I’m in panties, it’s a “letting go” situation which is only natural on the potty. If I’m wearing diapers, I have to concentrate to hold it in, especially if I have been wearing for a while in a row. If I’m wearing panties, I’m in full control, but in the bathroom all the time. It wasn’t an awesome trade off! Nothing’s wrong medically, I’ve had that checked. I just don’t have a lot of capacity. He said he’d change me! Oh Muh Gwad! Shit, I’m getting cold. I need socks. My mind continued to flitter from thought to thought. Focus has never been one of my strongest abilities! I got up smiling. I relaxed while I was getting up and a little urine escaped to the freedom of my diaper. I felt the urine puddle and then quickly wick away into the padding. I love that. The thirsty diaper felt dry again swiftly. I did a dorky super happy dance to celebrate the situation. Then I immediately put my hand on the dresser to steady myself. My eyeballs swam around in my head causing my equilibrium to swim with them. When my head cleared, I reached down to the second drawer pulling out a black pair of knee socks with goofy little kitties on them. I wet a bit more as I bent over. I resisted the urge to do another happy diaper dance. I was elated to switch off the controls so to speak. I was still holding back a bit so I didn’t flood the whole diaper, but not much. I fished around in my top drawer selecting an animated kitty shirt. I slid it over my head on the way to the bathroom. It was one of my “night shirts” since it came down to mid-thigh. I let myself pee on the way spurts escaping as I walked. By the time I made it to my bathroom sink, I’d emptied my morning bladder into my diaper. I brushed my teeth and rinsed out my cottonmouth. I pulled my brown hair into a bouncy ponytail and flicked my bangs into shape. Looking in the mirror, I decided that I looked presentable enough. My bikini sized diaper was sagging a silly length down my hips, but hidden by the top. I tried on a few cute looking faces staring at the mirror and then headed back to the bedroom. I know, I’m like friggin four! I toddled back to the bed thinking, Bet I gave myself long enough to safely sit on this thing. I sat down gingerly relishing the feeling of my squishy diaper. I pressed it into my ass and my crotch smiling in bliss. I reached down cupping my flower. I was happy, but had a growing sense of “the other shoe hasn’t dropped.” I don’t win stuff, raffles to freaking hopscotch. Meeting Shawn, staying with him for so long, and moving in with him had been pushing my luck outside its comfort zone. Revealing diapers to him, and him not posting something nasty on Facebook and kicking me out didn’t seem possible. He simply accepted me. It was so huge! I couldn’t get my head around it. I lay back in our bed my head landing on my pillow with a bouncy giggle. I tugged Shawn’s pillow in front of me and smelling it. His pillow smelled like a slightly sweaty Shawn. I loved it, but there is a fine line between yummy slightly sweaty and ewe! I giggled again his smell making a mental note to do the sheets soon. I couldn’t help but imagine what all the little rug-rats in my class would think of Ms. Winn laying here in her childish clothes and infantile underwear. I couldn’t stop myself. I imagined myself in diapers fulltime and how I might accomplish it. Would I want too if I could? Yes, Yes I would! I pondered. My imagination ran down pathways that were entirely unlikely, but completely desired. One path, I was getting married in a diaper under my wedding gown. While staring at Shawn, he would whisper to me asking me if I was wet. I’d nod and we’d laugh. In another, we’d get a puppy. I’d truly emulate the commercial with my man leaning against the table in our kitchenette. He’d smile at us. Zeus would be a chocolate lab who would be all paws and no coordination. He’d slip and slide around our hardwood floors looking for traction. I’d chase him in sock feet laughing my ass off. Shawn would just sit there and smile at our antics. I put my thumb in my mouth and rolled onto my side pulling my covers back up. I closed my eyes against my future dreams and that horrible sunlight. My mind drifted over the past, present, and future thoughts slipping through my brain like phantoms in the wind. “Sammy, Hey Baby. Wake up honey. I wasn’t gone that long!” Shawn laughed. I rolled back over onto my back looking up at the man I loved. “Did I fall asleep?” I asked in disbelief. “Guess so. I wasn’t gone that long though. Hey, I brought you some orange juice! Oh and a couple brown sugar poptarts!” He told me excitedly pulling a TV tray from behind his back. “Tone it down there Lassie. Timmy will be fine for a while, but poptarts and OJ sound amazing.” I reached for the plate with gimme hands. “Not so fast. I got something for you. Did you make something for me?” He asked in a teasing voice. “I brushed my teeth for you!” I giggled lightly. “That’s not what I meant. God, are you oblivious or just having fun dragging it out of me?” He asked with a casual look of seriousness on his face. “No.” I said puzzled. “Fine, guess I’ll just have to check for myself.” Shawn said putting my breakfast-in-bed down on the nightstand. He jumped up onto the bed landing on his hands and knees catapulting me up in the air a good six inches. I flipped over onto my hands and knees too, but the covers didn’t fall off me. Shawn had to pull the covers back in order to check my diaper. “Hold still you wiggly thing.” He laughed while I waggled my ass around. Shawn pulled the hem of my nightgown up over my diapered ass poking and pinching the saturated garment. Satisfied with his discoveries, he grabbed both of my ankles and flipped me over onto my back. He’d sat everything up beside me while I was still asleep, but our roughhousing had knocked my baby oil onto the floor. Shawn laughed again reaching over the edge of the bed for the baby oil. I had a flash of him leaning over the edge of the bed in boxers or shorts with a large diaper underneath. I would be able to see it from his leg holes and peeking over the back of his waistband. The image caused me to giggle. “Soggy butts are funny to you huh Sammy?” Shawn pretended at indignation. “No but a dry one sounds amazing! And, I want my poptarts!” I said flopping onto my back crossing my arms over my chest totally pouting and loving every moment of it. Shawn smacked at my leg getting my attention and pulled me close to the edge of the bed. He made a good effort at changing my diaper. I got cleaned me up and secured in a dry diaper quick enough. I wriggled back up the bed lying against the headboard as Shawn hands me the TV tray. He’d brought my OJ in a metallic sports cup with the pop up lid. “You know these are just really adult sippy cups right?” Shawn teased. “Give that a lot of thought did you oh wise one?” I barbed. “Of course, besides, I’m the adult around here. You better watch yourself missy.” Shawn tried at the authority figure role with only a little success. It was cute and endearing. I appreciated the effort. I wasn’t sure I wanted that from him, but he didn’t push it too far. I don’t think Shawn was that comfortable in the daddy role. Frankly, we both had stressful jobs. We looked forward to getting home and still acting like the twenty somethings we are. “Well, I’m dry and eating breakfast in bed after my ‘Adult’ changed my diaper like a good boy. Fine, if that’s what it means to be the kid around here… sign me up! You can be my ‘Adult’ all you want honey.” I laughed stuffing half a poptart in my mouth sounding like The Cookie Monster. “Long as we both know our roles, I suppose we are good. Throw on a skirt or something and I’ll meet you downstairs after my shower. We’re going out to get you some Sammy sized diapers. Those are all fuckabley adorable and all, but I don’t want to clean up puddles!” He laughed grabbing a pillow. Shawn stood up grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and turn to launch the pillow at me mischievously. He knocked my plat off the TV tray scattering crumbs of poptart on the bed and in my lap. “Shit, sorry Babe. I’ll clean that up later!” He laughed. I must have looked hilarious because I could hear him mutter “Worth it” as he walked away.
  9. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    Never Have I Ever Original Ending“I don’t really use the powder anymore. The news keeps scaring me about ovarian cancer, but I do still use the oil.” I took a breath. “I hadn’t intended to tell you about this skeleton Shawn. I was using them up sparingly. These were to be the last. I was going to give up my diapers up for you.” I told him pulling a pillow from the bed over my face trying to hide behind it.“Don’t worry about me Sammy. I’m a bit drunk and well fucked, but you look fuckablely adorable in your little diaper.” He told me patting my crotch. “I’m gonna crash soon, like super hard. Wake me up if you need a change babe.” Shawn said crawling into our bed.“Shawn, that’s not even a word!” I laughed.“It should be! You are every bit fuckabely adorable. Seems like you need a bigger diaper though… Those are sure cute though huh?” He asked me earnestly trying to break me free of my embarrassment.“Yeah…” I said blushing as I stood. I dragged my toes across each other like a nervous girl wringing her hands.He pulled the covers back moving my pillow up next to his. Shawn patted the bed next to him battling a mighty yawn. His eyes close with a smile on his face falling asleep instantly. I dutifully took up my role as ‘little spoon’ curling up next to him in bed. I wrapped his lower arm under my neck and pulled it across my chest to cuddle with. I shoved the pillow between my legs so my back wouldn’t hurt in the morning preparing for my first diapered night with my love.I sighed in comfort when Shawn’s hard sleeping breathes against my hair picked up. I reached back and smoothed my hair out so it wouldn’t tickle his face. I took a moment and just listened to him. He doesn’t snore exactly, just breathes really loudly. Me, oh I snore! His loud breathing relaxed me so much I was suddenly yawning despite being ridiculously happy. Just moments before I’d have sworn I couldn’t fall asleep for ages, but I was wrong.I feel asleep in my man’s arms diapered for the first time with a partner. Hopefully, he’d be my last partner too!Never have I ever – Dreamed I could be this happy and whole.Yeah, I’ll drink to that.
  10. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    I'll there's a direction I can play with. Challenge accepted!
  11. Hey, uh... So, user name change happened. I have been Robyn's daddy in a long time so when my wife of 11 years started reading some of my stories (finally) she insisted I address the oversight!

  12. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    Just a footnote. Changed my username. Still me though. Thanks sorry. Uh... I will try to get something else for this story together, but since I had no plans to... My creativity well is sort of dry. There are simply to many directions this could go. Sam's a little, but we don't know what flavor though she clearly enjoys adulthood and playfulness. Shawn is a pretty bland all around nice guy. They shared a great moment in their history with us, but how does that grow? Thoughts???
  13. The Woes of Maddison Page - Chapter 44 – Promises

    Thanks! I really appreciate it. The Woes is by far my favorite work to date. I fell in love with it's characters and ignored a smaller work in progress. I did go back and put up Chapter 3 of Never Have I Ever. I will likely end it with the next little chapter. It was always meant to be a short work. I have a few more outlines I'm playing with. I will probably start something soon. I sort of want to re-read The Woes for my own enjoyment, but i'm pretty sure I'd end up editing the whole thing again. It might even need it, but the story was just for our entertainment not publication. It's hard to let go of something you care for. I even have an unfinished outline for a generation gap story from The Woes where Maddie and Lucy end up adopting a kid. It would be from her perspective, but I kept arguing with myself about how much if any involvement she'd have with diapers in any flavor. This audience wouldn't care if she isn't involved in some way. In the end, I tabled the idea because it wouldn't have a market. Thanks so much for all your support across this project. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to encourage or guide me.
  14. Never Have I Ever - C5 – To the Store

    So that's the thing. I started this short right before my brain conjured The Woes of Maddison Page. I had a frame for chapter 3 and a short chapter 4 with a swift little tie up for an ending. I needed to have edited this story better, but it was more of a screen than a full story. So the question is, should I give the written end or extend this a bit? I'm on the fence and have a few other ideas I'm fleshing out into a more robust story. Plus, I'm looking for a place to drop the furry transformation story I have started.