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  1. "Your mommy said your behaviour at home was bad, plus wetting the bed and bullying me, I'm not surprised she's gone to an extreme punishment"
  2. Liljessy

    Because Angela Told Me To

  3. Jessica ordered herself and Kayla ice creams
  4. Jessica led Kayla by the hand into the store and to the counter where a young girl about 20 was serving. "ok Kayla, what would you like?"
  5. Jessica smiled "I thought you would. Let's go, but you will need to act like we went to the park when we get back ok?" Jessica led her to a large ice cream store that looked fairly empty with just a few teenagers sat at the tables.
  6. "I can take you to the park if you want, or we can just go get an ice cream and sit down together and talk? What's it going to be then?"
  7. "The park is too public, I just said that to get out, I thought you'd had enough of being round your cousin. You know, you do make a cute baby even if it's a big baby" Jessica stopped and looked at Kayla, kissing her cheek
  8. Liljessy

    Because Angela Told Me To

    Jesse nodded, not really paying attention as she flicked from one kids tv channel to another. Annoyed that those were here only options
  9. Jessica smiled as she held Kayla by the hand, she led her down the street, the opposite direction to the park, toward the ice cream shop. She stroked her hand and giggled as Kayla looked at her, surprised
  10. Liljessy

    Because Angela Told Me To

    "Stressed? How can she be stressed? She's not the one who has been having accidents or anything, she doesn't know what it's like to go through it!" Jesse turned her attention to the tv in the hope it would help calm her down
  11. Liljessy

    Because Angela Told Me To

    Jesse nodded and took Angela's hand as they went downstairs
  12. Jessica took the leash off and smiled as Kayla held her hand. "If you let go then you get spanked and back into the leash, ok?" Jessica kissed Kayla's cheek and walked with her to the park
  13. Liljessy

    Because Angela Told Me To

    Jesse blushed as she allowed her sister to dress her for bed "Jeez, I'm not totally helpless though, and I know you wouldn't call mom anyway? You love me too much to be a tattletale"
  14. Jessica picked up the pink diaper bag, took hold of the leash and led Kayla to the door. As they left the house Jessica leaned and whispered