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  1. andy_uk

    horse shows

    Personally I would prefer a ban on leaving dogs on there own in cars.
  2. andy_uk

    Ideal Holiday

    Sailing around the Caribbean,
  3. Hi Andy. I enjoyed chatting wif you today ... hope we can chat again soon


  4. andy_uk

    Anyone near Milton Keynes

    i am interested in this, i can make the 13th September.
  5. love how thick fabines can get

  6. andy_uk

    Anyone up for gaming this month?

    if anyone is up for some gaming at some time feel free add me on steam
  7. andy_uk

    Forced Diaper History?

    used to have to wear them up to 9 or 10 when we would drive the 4 or 5 hours to see my nan.
  8. andy_uk

    SimCity players (SimCity 5/2013)

    i play
  9. andy_uk

    Tekkit/minecraft, Anyone?

    I used to use the tekkit pack but found it was outdated all the time. I now use feed the beast mod pack as i think its much better.
  10. andy_uk


    no i closed the server about 2 months ago. was
  11. just joined fetllife i am Andydluk on there :)

  12. hope the server is back up soon was looking forward to a day leveling up
  13. Happy Christmas, a time to eat and drink too much :)

  14. andy_uk

    Minecraft Anyone?

    land claims go down 5 blocks below the lowest block you mined. i can change this just let me know how far you would like it set and It goes all the way to the top of the world block 256 buidcraft uses a fake player to brake blocks so use "/trust [buildCraft]" and it will let buildcraft brake blocks on your land, same for [RedPower] and [industrialCraft].
  15. andy_uk

    Minecraft Ab/dl Server

    putting all this in one place For the Tekkit minecraft server you will need the technic launcher. The server is not whitelisted but can be if we get problems, You should spawn near a old stone building and a stargate Transporter. you can get the address here please do not pass it out to other sites. To login download technic launcher here when you load the launcher click on the box in the top left and pick tekkit log in and it will download all the mods you need click on multiplayer and enter the address then join the server build wherever you want too place a chest on the ground to claim a plot of land to protect your building any chests in your claimed land will be locked Use a golden shovel to expand your land You can use a stick to see who has claimed the land and to see edge of claims TnT,nuclear and creeper explosions will not will not destroy blocks above level 50 Endermen will not pick up blocks using an axe will chop down all the tree not just one block Any griefing let me know Plugins being used are GriefPrevention Transporter ChopTree2 Server settings Server version: Tekkit 3.1.2 Max connected players: 15 (can be more if needed) Game Mode: Survival PVP: Off Monsters: On Animals: On villagers:On Any problems please let me know