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  1. babypony

    Newborn poo

    Hmmm I want it coming out of me but thank you for the suggestion
  2. babypony

    Newborn poo

    Would like to spend a few weeks as a newborn. Is there a way to have my poo come out as someone who is two or three month old. In smell, consistent and color.
  3. babypony

    Recomendations With Pairing Adult toys and Diapers

    I am most interested in a digital timer lock. If used to prevent a diaper from being removed using a locking harness. Then add a water timer that releases set amounts of water at a set time attached to a inserted enema tube then put it all into a backpack locked into place with a additional digital timer lock then take a walk. Please advice on where to get this digital timer lock. Thank you in advance for any help
  4. babypony

    Think I got a diaper rash

    What do you go if you have to wear a diaper for protection.24/7 not wearing a diaper is a option???
  5. babypony

    Homemade baby food....

    Looks tasty
  6. babypony

    Melted Suspository Saline Enema

    What is a Katex?????
  7. babypony

    Hollow Butt Plugs

    I always though of something like a hose clamp device that your mommy/daddy take a key and expand it. Have a inflatable flange on the inside and outside so your body
  8. babypony

    Acceptance/humiliation paradox

    Hmmm we fashion our self's from a real baby. When you change a baby on the tailgate of your truck the baby could care less who see them. However an adult has issue with this. When in a restaurant mommy has placed a bib on her real baby and is feeding his/her the babies meal. In both issue the baby has a clean diaper and a full belly and could careless who sees it. The adult baby on the other hand
  9. babypony


    A baby boy and and a baby girl are talking in the nursery the Baby Boy says "I am a baby boy" the Girl Baby says "How do you know this?" The Baby Boy Raises his blanket up and states look below | | | | See "Blue Booties"
  10. babypony


    Babypony here in Sacramento allways looking for a new friend Mommy or not. If your around (the shape I am usual in )let me know.
  11. babypony

    Nursery Time

    1) No have never been to a adult nursery 2) Would love to have a nursery in my area 3) I have nothing against hookers/escorts however I would like a mommy being a mommy not a call girl acting like a money
  12. babypony

    Heart Of A Child

    I love my diapers wear them when I can. Its after a real bad day at work which is a stressful job that I really baby up (Diapers, rubber pants, bottle, pacifier)turn on the cartoons and forget my adult self. Does anyone else do this?? (there will be a test after this )
  13. babypony

    Sucking Up

    SO far a great story hope there is more
  14. babypony

    My G/F Doesn'T Like Diapers

    Honesty is always the best policy ask yourself a question Do you love her? Or Do you love the fact she liked to be a toddler? If you love her then you should move forward. If you don't like her but what she provided then the problem is yours and you may be asking for something that may never occur. BE HONEST TO YOURSELF
  15. If the dates matched work that would be something to attend