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  1. DaveeBEd

    12 Month Diaper Program

    6 Months Update I'm not sure when i started this back in September that I really imagined I'd get this far. Having had a number of attempts at untraining myself over the previous few years I'd always given up with just over three weeks being my longest period of being 24/7. So lasting 6 months in itself seems like a major milestone to me, even if there hadn't been any decrease in my bladder control, which I'm happy to report has reduced significantly. I decided to restart the programme having ended a previous long-term relationship and so living alone and thankfully working from home gave me the opportunity. Since then whilst I still work from home I have a new partner and although we don;t live together full-time, he has been so tremendously supportive of my aims, so a huge thank you to Charles. Anyway. i'm sure the reason you are reading this is to see what's changed. Firstly, I now barely notice an urge to pee and not every day but at least a few times each week I realise I'm wet and don't know when it happened. The first time I realised this was a few weeks ago and it was an amazing thrill. I now get real stress incontinence whenever I sneeze or laugh, I feel a small splash of pee. Also during my weekly toilet test, there is now very little pressure behind the stream of pee and even that is hard to stop mid-flow, resulting in a few dribbles even when I do stop it. So all those things are good. The bad is that I still feel bladder spasms and they can be quite painful. I had hoped they would have stopped my now. Also no wet nights yet which is becoming rather frustrating. Re: BMs I am further down the path of losing control. They have synchronised to my food intake but now if I bend down to pick anything up I'm aware of a fart which is often not a fart as some amount of small soft poo is released. I still can't wait for my first genuine wet night but I do believe that I have considerably shrunk my bladder and considerably weakemed the sphincter muscles. I also believe that the nerves sending the bladder full signal to my brain is starting to become intermittent as I've now started to feel my wet diaper without knowing when it happened. At this rate I do feel that I may be in schedule for the 12 months of compete dual IC!
  2. I really hope it doesn't take me five years!
  3. DaveeBEd

    Wetting 1-2 nights a week

  4. DaveeBEd

    Wetting 1-2 nights a week

    I'm really sorry to hear that, it makes me feel bad for wanting to create that condition for myself intentionally
  5. DaveeBEd

    Catheter into diapers

    I've decided to go for the natural way of achieving IC by being diapered all the time and just relaxing. I'm afraid I've read too many horror stories about UTIs from catheters!
  6. I'm still between light and moderate
  7. DaveeBEd

    Incentiving diaper wearing

    Hi Firstly can I ask are you wearing for a medical issue or a fetish ? If its the latter that's how diaper wearing started for many on here (me included) From personal experience I started wearing at home for brief periods getting used to the feeling of a wet diaper, Initially soon after peeing in them I'd masturbate and remove them and there would be some feeling of self disgust "Why am I doing this?" Over time with wearing for increasingly long spells, the sexual element gradually diminished. I started to wear out and had a number of brief periods of a few weeks at a time wearing 24/7. Then after a number of years of doing that on and off I finally decided I needed to become incontinent and now have just about reached 6 months of 24/7. Whilst I'm still sure I could regain my continence if I really worked at it I'm beginning to accept that incontinence is not now too far away and that is my goal. It may take you years to decide what your goal is and if its simply wearing from time to time that's fine. But the more you wear the more confident you will become in your wearing.
  8. DaveeBEd

    Wetting 1-2 nights a week

    Can I ask did you work towards achieving incontinence or is it a medical condition?
  9. DaveeBEd

    Sleeping While Messy

    I'm still dreaming that might happen to me someday
  10. DaveeBEd

    Where will you NOT wear a diaper?

    I'm 24/7 so I only don't wear in the shower
  11. DaveeBEd

    Back 2 diapers???

    Some people do it because its their goal to achieve IC. It certainly is mine anyway and I wish anyone who's on that journey the very best of luck
  12. DaveeBEd

    Wetting 1-2 nights a week

    Thanks for letting me know, but I do hope it doesn't take me that long to reach my goal!
  13. DaveeBEd

    Do you pee less when incontinent?

    I find that as my muscles are now clearly weakening, there's a regular dribble and there rarely seems to be a full bladder emptying flow and thankfully because of that any cases of leaking diapers are pretty rare (maybe once every couple of weeks)
  14. DaveeBEd

    I'm becoming a diaper pooper

    After almost 6 months I still love the feeling of a warm heavy diaper, good luck to all on the journey to IC
  15. DaveeBEd

    Medically incontinent. It's official.

    That is absolutely fantastic. I'm so jealous and well done on keeping with it and achieving your goal. I'm 6 months in and starting to see progress. I'd love to hear more ion your journey. Is it documented on the forum anywhere? I'm having the same issue in stopping. Once a week I pee in a toilet to check the flow and its noticeably harder after 6 months to stop the flow and quite painful and I need to relax again instantly and the flow restarts. It also doesn't seem to end as clearly prior to going 24/7 , the flow just gradually reduces to a dribble and drips for a good few seconds after its seemingly emptied my bladder which I view as progress.