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  1. Mark, I agree with streak marks on the diapers over the last month or so I have that with most changes and am often quite unaware that some poo has leaked out. Sometime I notice it as stress bowel IC especially if I sneeze. But dual IC is what I always wanted to aim for so I can't complain
  2. At first I didn't think I'd be able to swallow but as I've become increasingly submissive over the years I have learnt that it would be very disrespectful of me not to swallow after the Dom has made the effort to come.
  3. Thank you. Do please keep everyone updated on your regression. Perhaps before long you will have to ask for your Mommy's permission to go on-line or she may even have to update us all for you.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. Like you I'm surprised more people don't comment on here. I'm not an AB but it sounds to me as though you're Mommy is providing you with great support in achieving your goals. How far are you planning to take it? Is she going to ban you from any adult activities? No sex, no alcohol no adult TV and only eating baby foods? I don't know what really triggered my interest but I'd experimented with diaper wear on and off for years and then started wearing for extended periods and the need to become IC just grew from there. I'm a gay sub man formerly into the leather scene as my partner still is. So we're now working on progressing me to IC and me spending time on a leash at home as his pet dog (its all part of the sub thing). We have the mask and paws etc. So we'll see where that leads.
  5. The very best of luck in achieving your goals
  6. You don't understand that for some of us that's an unbelievable turn-on, at least at first and then it just becomes part of our every day lives/
  7. An Experience I wanted to Share I woke up at about 6am this morning having slept solidly though from about 11pm and to my amazement I was wet. My first genuine wet night I really wanted to share this as I was beginning to think it would never come. I am still buzzing three hours later. I do hope this is the first of many. This is my 220th day of 24/7 !! I'll give a full update very soon.
  8. I have had diapers rashes since going 24/7 almost 8 months ago. I do change shortly after pooping in my diaper but can go hours in a wet one with no significant skin issues, but it is vital that you use a barrier cream very generously after cleaning yourself very thoroughly or the chances of irritation are very high as I've discovered when I've not cleaned myself well enough.
  9. It seems very strange to me to wear underwear under a diaper!!
  10. Personally i get a kick out of being spotted wearing, but i doubt the delivery guy cared or even remembered when he probably does about 100 every single day!
  11. I'm still at Stage 1 unfortunately but at least its now happening every night.
  12. I tend to put poo and pee in mine!