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  1. Enjoying a lovely day trying out a pink Princess diaper, along with my new bralette and camisole....giggles:whistling:

  2. I am inclined to think that girls indeed do have wetting issues more so than boys due to the nature of just how their bodies react to changes that us boys never have to experience. And when thought of in the gay/bi format, it does not make a difference because a girl is a girl is a girl no matter the sexual orientation as those changes cannot be controlled or modified. Just my boy opinion ladies!!
  3. Running water definite has a profound effect upon things....at least in my case as well....
  4. Only once did I have a "diaperless" moment due to my touchy IBS issue and I can assure you that from that moment on I was always diapered when out doing my errands.
  5. There have been more than few happy moments of cooking when matters take over and I enjoy the feel of my diaper being filled up, and then wetting right after. Very pleasant experiences to say the least.
  6. You know, you really should change, after going No2 or leaking. You might get rash in the first case and it's simply not very nice waking up later in a wet bed... While it may not "be all or end all" but I always use Cocoa Butter lotion to coat my entire diaper area so as to not get a rash. Been working well for quite a number of years.
  7. It does happen from time to time, and I must admit that I do like being woken up feeling myself wetting into my diaper. And also there have been a few moments of being woken up by the rushing movement of my soft warm poopie filling my diaper. Each time I just smile contentedly and almost go back to sleep once everything is finished. Surprisingly I found myself waking up this morning wetting the bed because I had only put on a light duty pullup and was wetting much more than it could hold. Again, the found the moment very pleasing and then went back to sleep.
  8. Right now, as a matter of fact!Was just doing a few chores around the apartment when I felt the movement begin and continued to walk to kitchen and back to the living room and let my wonderful feeling soft warm poopies fill my diaper.
  9. I do have to agree with that as it makes total sense
  10. That is so very important as couple, having a partner that is fully supportive your diaper ways. No matter what!
  11. In my opinion I would have to say that once you achieve that delicious wonderful state of being bladder incontinent, your moments of pure intimacy would be the same, if not better. I base that on the fact that when I am enjoying the feel of a lovely penis inside me it tends to stimulate my bladder that I wet during sex. Which really is an awesome feeling. So, if you do become bladder incontinent you would probably wet more freely and openly like I do. Just a personal opinion on my part
  12. I very much agree with what CD Tammy has suggested. LGBT organizations are wonderful sources of help and are very open minded as to what feelings of confusion each of us experiences from time to time. It was with the help of my local LGBT office that I finally and happily accepted my quite strong sense of inner femininity and have not looked back every since.
  13. I am quite surprised that I have never given breast feeding a second thought as part of being a form of erotic play between diaper-bois and/or ABDL bois. I have found over the years of experimentation that I very much love having my nipples sucked, and because of that I have always kept my chest all nice and smooth. I shall have to open that door up even more whenever the chance of enjoying a diaper date with an ABDL-boi.
  14. I definitely definite prefer my boi-dates to be with those that love the world of diapers as I do, including all aspects of diaper pleasures. Now, add in a lovely boi date who is also very feminine or of a sissy nature who also a passionate diaper lover, well that is just pure heaven for me