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  1. SWet

    NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I'd like to add my experience with the NorthShore Supreme briefs. In my opinion they are the most cost effective diaper out there and perform great. Yes, they are a bit stiff, but if you follow the NorthShore instructions and fold the diaper in half length wise this will help soften them a bit. Personally I just toss mine in the dryer with little or no heat and tumble them for a minute, fluffs them up nicely. Don't leave them in the dryer much longer as the padding may start to clump. I would rather keep the bulk down by compressing the diapers so they takes up less space when stored.
  2. SWet

    DL's of the world, unite, increase and multiply!

    I have an Environmental Studies degree from 45 years ago (Yes, there was an environment back then) one of my instructors very profoundly stated we would run out of oil in 15 years, cars would never get more than 25 mpg and that electric cars would never be practical as they used lead acid batteries. Also there was not a mention of global warming and no awareness of CO2 levels rising. A few things the instructor got right – if the Chinese achieved a middle class lifestyle like the west it might cause massive pollution and resource depletion. Predicting the future is usually a losing proposition, but sometimes the effort does cause change. The Population Bomb was defused by the Chinese with their one child policy which contributed to their economic success. The planet is definitely warming, but it should be noted that we have been there before. In fact, for most of its' geologic history there has been little ice on the planet. We live in an icehouse phase of the earths history. Take a looks at this chart of deep time temperatures (present is to the right). On the scale of this graph you can't even see the current warming. Part of the problem is the rate of change is so rapid that many species are not able to adapt. This may be the 6th Mass Extinction, but likely not nearly as bad as the K\T extinction event (dinosaur go bye,bye). So in my opinion don't panic (like writing off electric vehicles), work the problem and accept that change is inevitable. (from Goldilocks Planet)
  3. SWet

    Abena Fixing pants

    I have a couple pair and really like the way they keep my disposable diaper in place. They compress the diaper a bit and hold a disposable closer to the body so they decrees the infamous diaper bulge, not a lot, but it does help. They seem to help with leaks around the legs as the diaper isn't allowed to pull away. I did dye one pair a royal blue, but have to say the material didn't hold the dye very well. After about six washings I had a nice baby blue which was fine by me. Probably the greatest thing is they last forever! I think I purchased mine about 4 years ago from XPMedical and the elastic is still working just fine. What a crazy "hobby" --- I'd go with obsession
  4. SWet

    Diaper at Night?

    I have to agree with you on the Northshore diapers. Not the max absorbency but good enough for my needs and a good value. Just got a case delivered and that should last me a couple of months of night time use.
  5. SWet

    Thank You Veterans

    Just wanted to thank all the Vets for their service. To all my fellow Vietnam era vets who didn't come home to the greatest welcome in the world it's nice that efforts are being made to make amends for that. Here in Arizona they are building a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall which should be completed in a year. Nice to see that folks around here care. So here is a big Thank You to all that have served.
  6. SWet

    ABU Little Pawz DiaperSuits

    Same here not really an AB, but I've found that a onesie really helps with keeping my diaper in place during the night.
  7. SWet

    Forced to choose

    For me it would have to be Northshore Supreme (plastic backed).
  8. SWet

    ABU Little Pawz DiaperSuits

    The Padded Puppy has a nice comprehensive review of the Little Pawz Diaper Suit.
  9. SWet

    Diapered defense

    Hi Babyqtboy,
  10. SWet

    T Shirt that shows ABDL interest

    Ok, went and got the Abena Graphic T Shirt, wore to our local get together of ABDL's and no one noticed. When I finally had to come out about my T Shirt the comment was - thought that was tire tracks from a motorcycle (could be I ride a sports bike) or nice shirt. This is from folks that are clued in. Maybe this shirt is to subtle. I had a print out of the other designs and it seems the M4 addition to the Abena shirt would have been more of a give away, but universally no one was willing to wear the Tena shirt.
  11. SWet

    T-Shirt With Diaper Graphic

    Hi rusty pins, I stretched the shirt laterally to increase its size which shortened it.
  12. SWet

    T-Shirt With Diaper Graphic

    I actually just got delivery of the Abena shirt a few days ago.
  13. SWet

    Will You Ever Quit Wearing Diapers?

    Its' been 60 years, but I'm going to be giving them up tomorrow ------- sure I am.
  14. SWet

    T Shirt that shows ABDL interest

    Ok, I think I have to agree with diapers always on this.
  15. SWet

    T Shirt that shows ABDL interest

    Thanks WetDad great observation - with the offset positioning of the Abena graphic it would be easy to construe it as a racing stripe.