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  1. You know you're old when you thought these were really great cartoons. Can you name them? Ok, we have two winners! Willnotwill - Crusader Rabbit & dondd - Beanie and Cecil
  2. Hi P_Man, Hey another Gilbert DL! If you might be interested in meeting some mature DLs we have a meeting scheduled for this month. I will be in motorcycle gear - ride a Ninja, otherwise we look like just any other folks. We are outside usually on the south side under the trees. Monthly Meet When: 8-April-2017, 12:00 PM (High Noon) WHERE: Starbucks - Park Central Mall, downtown Phoenix. 3110 North Central Avenue Phoenix AZ Attire: Since this is a public social gathering, please dress appropriately. We keep it normal attire so that everyone can feel welcome. Even though the dress is casual, we all know we crinkle underneath. (ok.. some of us )
  3. One of the recurrent fantasies in a portion of the diaper community is an electrified diaper that shocks the wearer when it gets wet. Fantasy is fine but that doesn't sound very pleasant to me, but what about E-Stim? Could you make a diaper that would have a little electric pleasure? Well continuing on with the condom catheter theme there sure seemed like there might be a way. For all E-Stim the basics are a power box, cables to the electrodes and, of course, electrodes. So can a wet diaper work as an electrode? Oh, yes it can. How to connect? This is the ultimate in simplicity just poke the lead through the plastic of a disposable diaper into an area that will be or is wet. For cloth just make sure that the metal of the connector is not in direct contact with skin, maybe behind an insert. For the other electrode (this is the fun part) create a plug that has a wire leading into the tube of the catheter, not to long as you don't want to touch the sensitive bits with bare wire. To allow for conductivity you will need to fill (no air bubbles) the tip of the condom catheter with a saline solution (water with a pinch of salt or bicarbonate of soda works). I find a hobby glue syringe helps with this. It should be noted that you don't need the HT2 for this to work, just the condom catheter will work perfectly fine. One of the issues of a wet diaper is that the current flow can short circuit the two electrodes, the condom catheter provides insulation. To create the plug I used a electrical wire nut with the wing portion cut off, but anything that is the right diameter to plug the condom tube should work. Drill a hole through the middle of the plug, insert the wire lead (a pad electrode where you cut the gel pad portion away is good). Hot melt glue or epoxy the drilled hole and you are good to go. The plug pictured is a second generation effort. The theory was to increase the contact area, but truthfully just a straight bare wire worked – remember not to long. As usual with any E-Stim setup keep everything below the waist (no problem here) and you will need to work to determine the setting that is best for you. The 232 allows for input from a sound source such as an MP3 player which opens up the possibility of e-files that are on-line, but I'm sure a simple Tens unit could be quite entertaining. The ultimate question – does it work? Yes, Yes it does. This combines a whole lot of fetishes – diapers, chastity, bondage, and E-Stim. So could be a fun project for a lazy afternoon.
  4. Sorry Livingbylies, I had hoped the website would provide a better description of how it worked. Image 1 shows how it is attached at the rear of the sheath. This has to be done before wearing. Image 2 shows the Guardian moved to its' correct position - as far forward as possible. This results in the points assuming a downward position creating a trap for the penal shaft. Image 3 shows an interior view of the guardians points which have been only slightly trimmed at this time. The Guardian reduces the interior diameter of the sheath helping to avoid escape. The intent of the points is to create a "Chinese Finger Trap" where any effort to withdraw results in the points digging in. Personally being on the small side I thought these would be necessary, but at this time I'm satisfied with just the sheath. While investigating online for other options to prevent escape from a chastity device I discovered using condom catheters as a possible technique. The bottom image shows how this might work. With the tube end pulled through the end of the HT2 and secured in some manner it would be totally impossible to pull out. The adhesive used to secure the condom catheter is quite aggressive and the silicone sheath can't be removed without taking off the HT2. As I have experimented with this I can assure you removal of the condom catheter can be a challenge (warm water and a long shower helps). As the catheter is totally external the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is near zero. This method , however, doesn't lend itself to long term chastity as it is recommended that the condom catheter be changed daily. One advantage of this design is that the tube moves the point of wetness even further to the back of the diaper. The HT2 ensures this rearward facing orientation - the main reason for using the HT2 in my case.
  5. So time to update my experiences so far. First Livingbylies, I'm sorry the HT2 didn't work out for you. It's a major investment for sure. KeptforHer does offer a device that might help - Holy Trainer version 2 Guardian anti-pullout. The points can be trimmed to achieve the desired results. I can't verify if this will work, just an idea to save your investment. I have had to make some adjustments - I got a larger back ring (50mm), but the sheath is a small. From what I've read this isn't unusual, initial efforts to find the right fit is often a long process. Right now I've had to take a couple of days off, because the back end of the sheath had pushed back into the groin area causing a bit of a bruise. The problem is likely do to my sleeping position, still on my stomach. So after almost a month has this been successful? I would say, yes. The diaper at the waistband front and back has remained dry, while the mid-portion has been saturated. The HT2 does not allow for much movement, so you tend to pee in only one place in the diaper and the wetness spreads from there. My nighttime routine involves drinking 1 1\2 tall glasses of water on going to bed so the diaper is sufficiently challenged. My diapers of choice right now are LilPaws (medium) and Northshore (medium) sometimes with a Northshore booster. I've been experimenting with some upgrades to the HT2 that I'll report on after a little more experience.
  6. The problem is that The Little Guy (TLG) changes positions during the night. He starts off properly pointed down, but during the night sneaks around and points up, sometimes causing damp Pjs at the waistband. I always end up sleeping on my stomach which doesn't help with the problem. I've used folded over boosters to increase absorption to some effect, but not with consistent reliability. So I started looking into devices that would encourage TLG to behave the way I wanted. Finding male chastity devices that ensure a downward direction opened up a lot of options. My intent was not to traumatize him, there is a devices called “The Spiked Cage”, even if TLG soaked the bed this is a bit extreme. I was looking for a device that would help him learn to do the right thing, but without any discomfort. The Holy Trainer 2 (HT2) https://keptforher.com/holy-trainer/ sounded more kindly and supportive. There is only one way to find out if this will work so I ordered the HT2 from KeptforHer.com a firm in Arizona. Determining the correct size is a challenge. With careful measurements I was able to get things nearly perfect requiring only a slight modification to make the fit quite comfortable. The plan was to use the HT2 for night time use only. Putting the device on is a challenge in the beginning. If you want to see: search: Putting on the Holy Trainer With the device off - cleaning is quick and easy. If you are using it for long term chastity keeping things clean is a bit more effort, refer to some of the male chastity forums for information. My belief was that the bulk of the HT2 would preclude my sleeping on my stomach, but the first night of use proved this wasn't true. Yes, this takes some getting use to, but I have now used this device for 3 nights without any real discomfort. In fact most of the time I'm not even aware of its' presence, which I find rather amazing. Probably a bit lucky on the sizing and compatibility with my anatomy. So is this working? With only 3 night of testing it may be a bit premature to conclude anything, but looks good so far. In the morning the diaper is wet mostly in the middle. I'm still using the folded over booster but it is not even getting wet on the folded portion near the waist band of the diaper. I have to say this has been an interesting experiment. Other folks have written about their use of chastity devices & diapers here on DD so obviously I'm not the only one who finds this an option for whatever reason. http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/53105-cheap-chastity-cage/#comment-1120932
  7. Let me expand a bit on what Wakko had to say. Okay let's see if I can be of any help. I'm retired with assets that most would consider quite adequate. The usual declaimers – do your own research and your results may very. Usually when you begin investing it's hard to create a diversified portfolio, so you will need to use mutual funds, but watch out for cost. Vanguard has worked for our family, low transaction costs and low expense ratios on funds. Dividend oriented mutual funds are available, but you likely will do better with individual stocks. Don't look at the divided alone when making a purchase, many stocks have a record of increasing dividends over time. Also high dividend may mean the stock value has dropped and there is danger the dividend will be discontinued (look at the history of Seadrill stock). Trying to time the market as to when to purchase rarely works, so dollar cost average by making purchases in a disciplined manner over time. Use ROTH IRAs to build assets. As someone who used Traditional IRA thinking I would be in a lower tax situation when I retired that just may not be the case if your investments do well. With the Traditional IRA you will be required to withdraw funds when you are 70 1\2 (Required Minimum Distribution or RMD). Yes it's tax free going in, but taxed as ordinary income coming out, the reverse of the ROTH IRA. By far the most important thing is to SAVE. The more you can put away early in your life the more will be there when you retire. You don't have to live as a miser, but think about purchases in terms of durability and usefulness. Oh, and buy your diapers by the case – they are cheaper that way. This is way over simplified
  8. .Hands (Paws) down my favorite are the Lil Paws by ABUniverse
  9. Stealthy Diaper Bag – so if I'm heading to the bathroom it just looks like I have brought my notebook with me. Well the ABU sticker would give it away to those that know, but then that's okay. The usual supplies: wipes, lotion, powder, trash bags, 2 pair of Gary PUL pants, a couple of Tena Max slip & a LilPaws.
  10. I have the Driwear overnight in medium (I have a 34 waist). The diaper is very roomy and has full coverage with good protection on the sides. If used with an insert you really should never have any leaks. The issue I have with the pull up style diaper is the amount of time it takes to dry. One of the other diaper setups that has been very effective for me is the Contour Diaper from Changing Times with two twill inserts. The Contour Diaper itself is relatively thin, but the inserts make up for that.The Contour Diaper is held in place with 4 of the Boingo fasteners which holds the inserts in place. One of the inserts I fold in the front essentially creating 4 absorbent layers. Because all the layers come apart for laundering, wash and dry time is very reasonable. Changing Times Diaper Co https://www.changingtimesdiaperco.com/collections/incontrol-cloth-diapers Threaded Armor has to be one of the most comfortable diapers ever made. In my opinion it is the most fun to wear, but not as effective for leak protection at night. Baby Pants Training pants are just what they say, not really for overnight protection, but really enjoyable to wear around the house with a t shirt.
  11. Morning motorcycle ride - took the little Ninja on its' favorite road.  I always ride with full protection; helmet, jacket, gloves, pants & Tena, you can never know when you might have an accident.

  12. Just in case anyone is interested. We usually are outside, but with the heat this weekend may have to hangout inside, which means a little more discretion. Monthly Meet When: June 11, 2016, 12:00 PM (High Noon) WHERE: Starbucks - Park Central Mall, downtown Phoenix. 3110 North Central Avenue Phoenix AZ Attire: Since this is a public social gathering, please dress appropriately. We keep it normal attire so that everyone can feel welcome. Even though the dress is casual, we all know we crinkle underneath. (ok.. some of us )
  13. Hi Kari, I've had good results and service from these three firms. http://www.babykins.com/store/adult-cloth-diapers/kins-pull-on-adult-cotton-diaper/ http://www.driwear.com/adult-diapers/pull-washable-diaper-day-weight-adult-diaper.html http://baby-pants.com/training_Pants.php Baby-Pants is amazingly quick if you are on the west coast and they have two weights of training pants in some very nice prints.
  14. I'm glad you said that, because that's what I thought when I got him - he's a Fox, but then I say a Red Panda. Of course that really isn't a bear. I don't know what he is but I love him.
  15. Well for the first time in more years than I care to mention I have a Teddy Bear (might be a Red Panda with the ears). With all the over-sized stuffed animals on the shelves right now it was just to tempting. He does have problems at night so he has to wear protection. Size medium seems to work just fine, so he and I can wear the same size – how convenient. In the pictures he is sporting plastic pants, a Dependeco all-in-one diaper & a training pant from Baby Pants