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  1. Diapers Verses Dildos

    Well I am a woman... and BOTH arouse me. I love diapers, especially wetting in one. And I love dildo's too... IN BOTH PLACES. What I like most is to have another girl wearing her diaper, and us diaper rubbing each other, dry humping and getting off. THAT ROCKS! I have only experienced it twice, and it was AWESOME!
  2. Im Kinda Sorta New Here....

    Thanks for all the nice welcomes... now onto making friends! I am always around to chat, if anyone wants too. Thanks
  3. Wet Sex

    I love wet sex. I crave it! I fantasize about it! I have several fantasies that I have to fulfill. But some I have! And have been AWESOME!
  4. Real Lesbians?

    ok. well thanks anyways.....
  5. Im Kinda Sorta New Here....

    Hi. I would like to introduce myself. I'm rainbowgyrl. I am a 34 yr old lesbian (I have a va-jay-jay, and like other girls that have them too). I am a DL, not into the AB stuff. Diapers are more of a sexual nature for me. Quite the turn on, when it involves another adult female. I don't what else to say... hmmm...?
  6. Effingham To Champaign

    when I say girls.. I mean real girls.
  7. Real Lesbians?

    Thanks for understanding or trying to... I was just simply interested at first in only real women lesbians that are DL's. I have yet to find any. That's why I have opened up my spectrum of people to others, as transgendered M2F. I don't knock what other people like. And when it comes down to it, what you prefer is your choice. I just wanted a commonality between me and the other person, sorta like being on the same level as well as a DL. I am open to all friendships, and online pals... I was just wanting to know if there was any other lesbians out there like me, since I couldn't find any.
  8. Real Lesbians?

    Im just interested in meeting other lesbian DL's.
  9. pics

  10. Effingham To Champaign

    Any other real DL girls in the area?
  11. Real Lesbians?

    I have no quams with M2F transgendered... however, as long as you identify as a lesbian woman. And not a straight woman, cross dresser, transvestite . . . etc. You get what I am saying. (i hope)
  12. Can You Have Dl Without Ab?

    I am strictly a DL. I am also a real lesbian. And wearing diapers is a sexual turn on for me. I am not into age or baby play at all. It is a turn off.
  13. Real Lesbians?

    I am looking for REAL lesbians that like to wear diapers. I am not interested in men who wish to 'play babygirls' or play lesbian or play sissys. I am looking to find and make friends with other lesbians (women who love other women) that share this same interest. No men, no straight women, and no bi curious women. Thanks.