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  1. rainbowgyrl09

    Diapers Verses Dildos

    Well I am a woman... and BOTH arouse me. I love diapers, especially wetting in one. And I love dildo's too... IN BOTH PLACES. What I like most is to have another girl wearing her diaper, and us diaper rubbing each other, dry humping and getting off. THAT ROCKS! I have only experienced it twice, and it was AWESOME!
  2. rainbowgyrl09

    Im Kinda Sorta New Here....

    Thanks for all the nice welcomes... now onto making friends! I am always around to chat, if anyone wants too. Thanks
  3. rainbowgyrl09

    Wet Sex

    I love wet sex. I crave it! I fantasize about it! I have several fantasies that I have to fulfill. But some I have! And have been AWESOME!
  4. rainbowgyrl09

    Real Lesbians?

    ok. well thanks anyways.....
  5. rainbowgyrl09

    Im Kinda Sorta New Here....

    Hi. I would like to introduce myself. I'm rainbowgyrl. I am a 34 yr old lesbian (I have a va-jay-jay, and like other girls that have them too). I am a DL, not into the AB stuff. Diapers are more of a sexual nature for me. Quite the turn on, when it involves another adult female. I don't what else to say... hmmm...?
  6. rainbowgyrl09

    Effingham To Champaign

    when I say girls.. I mean real girls.
  7. rainbowgyrl09

    Real Lesbians?

    Thanks for understanding or trying to... I was just simply interested at first in only real women lesbians that are DL's. I have yet to find any. That's why I have opened up my spectrum of people to others, as transgendered M2F. I don't knock what other people like. And when it comes down to it, what you prefer is your choice. I just wanted a commonality between me and the other person, sorta like being on the same level as well as a DL. I am open to all friendships, and online pals... I was just wanting to know if there was any other lesbians out there like me, since I couldn't find any.
  8. rainbowgyrl09

    Real Lesbians?

    Im just interested in meeting other lesbian DL's.
  9. rainbowgyrl09


  10. rainbowgyrl09

    Effingham To Champaign

    Any other real DL girls in the area?
  11. rainbowgyrl09

    Real Lesbians?

    I have no quams with M2F transgendered... however, as long as you identify as a lesbian woman. And not a straight woman, cross dresser, transvestite . . . etc. You get what I am saying. (i hope)
  12. rainbowgyrl09

    Can You Have Dl Without Ab?

    I am strictly a DL. I am also a real lesbian. And wearing diapers is a sexual turn on for me. I am not into age or baby play at all. It is a turn off.
  13. rainbowgyrl09

    Real Lesbians?

    I am looking for REAL lesbians that like to wear diapers. I am not interested in men who wish to 'play babygirls' or play lesbian or play sissys. I am looking to find and make friends with other lesbians (women who love other women) that share this same interest. No men, no straight women, and no bi curious women. Thanks.