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  1. Was making an rpg joke. I am such a dork....
  2. Yeah but doing things to someones body without permission is still..... squicky as hell. Detect evil is getting a strong ping. Draws +3 justiciars hand and a half sword and readies action to use chains of guilt.
  3. Yep I guess I tend to empathize with the characters and react the way I would if confronted with this IRL even though I know it's fiction. I think I also tend to have a very a strong concept of justice and fairness, it's my six wing. So I tend to go full paladin if I see someone in distress or being mistreated.
  4. Yeah I can't imagine how much therapy it's going to take to undue this though.
  5. ***Update*** So I had this pullup that I had been wearing all day but hadn't used. Since it's basically underwear right? Reusing it would be kinda gross so I decided to go ahead and use it. Unfortunately I have issues with flow stop and start and combined with a situation my body wasn't used to it took me like three or four hours just to be able to let go. I let out a good amount and thought I was done and went to bathroom to let out the last bit. Good thing I did because I started to flood that thing! Largest pee in months probably. It started coming out the leg guards so I frantically jumped in the tub to finish. Had to scrub down with a wash cloth afterwards lol. I had a photo but I think it's to low rez to tell just how soaked it is can share if any one wants though.
  6. Gods poor kid, he has no idea how these people are gas lighting him.
  7. So I wore in public on campus for the first time today! I was wearing a pretty thin pullup and tunic top over my jeans so was able to go undetected the whole time. The only one who knew was my support coach and only because I told her. I also got my sample pack from northshore and it was one my more productive days so.....
  8. Escape from the Diaper Dimension

    Basically this character is my even more jaded and cynical proxy and it's a comedy so playing up my tendency toward pop culture references
  9. Adult coloring finds

    Don't normally shop there but will keep in mind (thumbs up)
  10. Mental health issues are a real mean bastard. I can relate, gods I don't know how many hundreds of hours of productivity have been lost to self destructive behavior. Take care of yourself and ehugs if you want.
  11. Tiffany

    Dammmm (grabs popcorn)
  12. Adult coloring finds

    Just bought my first colored pencil set since elementary school. Was only $13 with a coupon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006IEEV/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. For a title it seems like Cammi is starting to understand Jo's perspective and feeling so how about some kind of variant on Understanding Dawns?
  14. Punking Your Pullups?

    Oh snap found it https://diaperdrawer.com/rearz-rebel-adult-diaper-fun-pack/ Any one have experience with rearz? I mean iit's a tape up but the design is definitely me and it be great to wear around the house or to an event
  15. A Bedtime Tale in Eire

    Are there any with design closer to regular panties? The farthest I'd like to try regressing to at this point is teen. Has anyone had experience with goodnight? I wonder if I could fit into those.