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  1. Thanks for the ride my dude. I'm never one for soaps but just wow...
  2. Ooofff I really feel for Emily. I probably wouldn't have been able to avoid saying something to the effect of "Hey I'm over here!" Actually if I had thought of it at the time. "What they're carding for Java now? You want to see my ID?" *tosses drivers license on table. Then again I kinda have some low key anger issues so..... 😅
  3. It's definetly interesting. Did this one get wiped in the crash? I noticed Ch.7-8 were missing
  4. Love me some metahumor XD It's like somebody's hacked into the language center's of his brain and is recoding packets in realtime.... What the fuck? 😅😆 How is this even? Ahh fuck I already filled up the white board with my notes on the Kennedy Assassination..... *scrambles as I hunt for paper....*
  5. I agree best outcome is that Natalie and Lily meet discover they really like each other and end up getting married and raising Little Daniel as a couple. 😄😆 @mamabug
  6. Yeah this is why you never sign anything without reading it first... Me: "Don't rush me lady now let's see... You fail to specify whatever the hell it is I'm testing. Which if this is medical is an informed consent violation. Amount of compensation not specified. Duration of testing and procedures not specified" flips more papers.... "Indemnification and release of right to damages both physical and mental by you and your heirs???? What the fuck kind of circus you people running. Yeah fuck this I'm out! peace..." Tosses clip board on table and legs it. ..... Yeah forced regression is a no for me so I'm out for real.... 😅 This is deffinetly twenty kinds of illegal and I would have killed these motherfuckers. Watch me go fucking Jason Bourne with a Bic pen... 😅
  7. Can someone point me to there corporate site? Want to look at the full product range for side by side comparison
  8. If I had little food without knowing what it was I would probably be like "Wait are these edibles?" 😅😆 Dawwwwww 😊❤️
  9. New it was going to be Lily or Natalie. Fuck it's time's like this that I'm glad I'm poly.... 😅
  10. ... Just wow .... this is the kind of life I want for myself and the people I care about. .... Fuck what I would give to actually be at peace with things