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  1. This is so good... Trying to think what my schedule would look like if I was adopted out to a nice family in Gaule or Itali... 🤔
  2. Yeah you'd probably have to put me in at least primary level classes to keep me from losing it, maybe with an internship for gifted/AP type credit.... 😅 Also the lack of internet.... I literally would not know what to do with myself..... 😅 @Author_Alex
  3. Yeah that little shit comes at me and he's gonna be on his ass.... I don't start shit.... I don't do drama..... But if you start something you can damn well be sure I'm ending it.... @Author_Alex
  4. YourFNF

    The Diapering of Liz

    Jesus this feels targeted... Was it part of a ransomware attack?
  5. Yeah can I take the lethal injection option instead? Fuck give me the hypodermic and I'll do it myself....
  6. Me: SUP Bitches somebody order an extra large can of ass wupping? .... Also Me: