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  1. YourFNF

    Evil Lolita Club - Chapter 8! 7/16

    Honestly Adele's actions can't be justified, she has clearly committed or ordered committed multiple acts of torture. This is literally something defined under international law as crimes against humanity. I could easily see this supporting a 50-75 year prison sentence. On most issues I'm willing to see shades of grey but torture is something that like murder, I view as being an absolute wrong.
  2. Glad to here. I really need to do some centering work. That's like the third banishment spell I've almost accidentally cast in three weeks. Just been really on edge lately
  3. YourFNF

    Evil Lolita Club - Chapter 8! 7/16

    (Screams like a viking cheerleader) Ancestors above!!! Stand and fight girl!!! Rally and strike them down!!! No quarter, no surrender, fight through the pain!!!! I stand with you shoulder to shoulder. For the gods, for honor, for freedom. Stand and give them hell!!!!! (Starts blasting "Behold the Face of Your Enemy" at max volume while screaming a war cry)
  4. @bbykimmy I feel you on dealing with the personal demons. And lately with the way things have been finance wise it's been so hard to right. (hugs on offer)
  5. YourFNF

    Sam's Fate

    I mean it is possible for people to disappear and not be found but those tend to be people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds and the kidnappers identity is unknown.
  6. YourFNF

    Beginnings and Endings

    Glad you enjoyed that segment . By the way have you had a chance to read "Riding out a Blizzard in Diapers?" It's the first story I ever started righting and I just finished it.
  7. YourFNF

    Beginnings and Endings

    I stagger up to my feet swaying. I can feel my ribs knitting and back together and holy crap I think he cracked one of the trauma plates in my vest. I get my guard up just in time to block his flashing blade and claws. I’m pushed back doing everything I can to block when a suddenly a sharp burning pain and my right hand along with the sword is gone. I’m about to eat a knife when “Interdictum” A wall of force materializes in front of me stopping the blade. “Thanks for the save!! Uro!!” A gout of fire launches from the wand that I’ve drawn with my remaining hand. But is stopped by a wall of shadows that coalesce around the vampire. The other one is regrowing and knitting together surrounded by golden light. But it’s not quite done. The squad opens up but he’s too fat and one goes down throat slashed. Lily rushing to their side to try and stabilize. I twitch the wand and send a crate flying at the master who just leaps over it. I grab the sword and close in. While five of the team get the hostages and the wounded out. Which is when the rats come hundreds of the little shits. Running for us beady eyes glowing. “Get out of here I’ll hold them off!!” Hundreds of teeth tearing into my skin. Ripping, gnawing, I raise the wand point at a gas line. The whole room goes up the last thing I see is the master vampire standing in flames burning. Then it’s a maze of rooms and corridors all burning. Next thing I know I’m jumping out a window on fire like Wiley Fucking Coyote or something. I hit the ground with a dull thud. “Owwwwwwww…..” Somebody is spraying me a fire extinguisher and then Lily is holding me in blanket screaming at me to never do something like that again. I of course remind her that I’m already dead. Which causes her to start balling then I’m doing it and I think I’m in shock? Like I’m resistant to pain but still. I was just on fucking fire! Like seriously badass but also Owwww. It’s at that point that I pass out for most of the ride back.
  8. Damn I was right you do a really good job at horror. You managed to some how make the monster both , I don't if I'm going to sleep to night terrifying, while also being legitimately charming. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to load the sig with the new AP-silver-frag rounds I just got.
  9. YourFNF

    Riding Out a Blizzard in Diapers

    So this is the ending to the first ever story I started righting. Definitely a whole mood in of itself. I want to thank everyone who's stuck with me this long. It just took a while to find an ending that felt right. Enjoy and don't I don't think this is the last we'll see of these two. Sunday There is a bitter sweet tinge that morning as the two shower, shave their legs and diaper each other. This random event has brought them closer and added a new dimension to their relationship. Saddly like all things this time must end. So the girls are going to make the most of it. After breakfast they decide to take a walk before heading out. The blizzard has spent itself and now only gentle flurries of snow fall. “You feeling it to?” Riley asks. “The sense of finality and the impernance of existence? Yeah…” “What do you want to do about it?” “Distraction is the typical response.” Alex adds. “So naked snowball fight?” Riley blurts out “Hell Yes!!” Alex says laughing hysterical And that how is how this day ends, the girls laughing and chasing. Rushing about to keep warm as Riley occasionally smacks Alex on the but with a familiar double ended dildo before pulling her down into snow bank and skewering both of them. There burning heat a contrast against the freezing cold. Holding each other as they scream love, pain, anger, joy, and sadness against the silent white void. Two people burning brightly for one brief moment. As Alex rides back home on the snowmobile clinging to Riley feeling the vibrations through her wet padding. She can’t help but think but how much this week has changed her and her relationship to girlfriend. And yet how much is the same. How simingly still and yet changing her life is not unlike the swirling whit countryside they drive through. And yet despite that she also feels something perhaps a brief moment of peace? Certainly, a rarity in modern life. Whatever the case may be she knows that together she and Riley can ride out anything. And with that we pull out over houses and trees as small light arrows through trees. Black and white with branches bare. All else silent.
  10. YourFNF

    Sam's Fate

    I wonder what happened with her school though? Like you think not showing up for a month would get some attention? Sorry if I'm being an ass with this my brain likes dissecting plots ***** Oh it's summer break **** Damn maybe she can get to a phone? This place has to have one.