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  1. No worries, that's a punishing schedule for anyone to deal with
  2. YourFNF

    Baby Luvs (Ch 4!)

    Wow they really need to set up a safe word. I'm worried about Luv's. How I'm getting feels for this character in such a short time period?
  3. Interesting. Although the fact that they still take and keep the person makes me question the Amazon's altruism. In the general sense. Ms. Tesla is clearly better than most by her cultural standards
  4. YourFNF

    The Little Thief ch12 (9-21)

    This situation so fucked up. I feel like the fourteen thing is going to cause problems.I'm really scared for these two. Wants to hug both Alice and Madeline Also how the hell is this legal?
  5. YourFNF

    A.B.+D.L.=<3 (P1C3 posted 9/22)

    Oh gods, this is really good. I just got this ache in my chest reading this. I've never so far thankfully experienced a really personal loss but that feeling really hit home as someone struggling with depression.
  6. YourFNF

    Baby Luvs (Ch 4!)

    Yeah nurse Betsy is that kind of scary charismatic. I'm definitely curious to see how this goes.
  7. YourFNF

    Jamie's sorry

    While I feel there were structural issues I think this pretty neatly encapsulates that desire for love and acceptance that tends to be especially strong in Bigs and Littles. It's a sweet story Jamie
  8. YourFNF

    Baby Luvs (Ch 4!)

    I'm just hoping this doesn't break poor Leona. It's an interesting set up.
  9. YourFNF

    Pick Your Battles - Eps. 7 by Sophie!

    Just read this and I feel so bad for sophie. In character anyways. I'm sure non role play sophie was loving every second XD
  10. YourFNF

    Madison's Code

    Oh gods the feels. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing Sophie.
  11. YourFNF

    Madison's Code

    These two are so adorable. Also I want details on that dress.
  12. YourFNF

    Madison's Code

    I'm really liking Jamie's Mom
  13. YourFNF

    Madison's Code

    Wow I feel this so much. Wish I had more likes