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  1. Welp I'm wrecked In the immortal words of Loader-bot "Why must the universe punish the good?" .... *knocks back whiskey soda* Ssael just take me home.... To be honest I don't blame Ella if she never quite manages to. Forgiveness is a choice and honestly after what she went through....
  2. is trying very hard not to picture having a mommy helping me in the bathroom..... 😳🙈
  3. Did somebody say Civil Disobiedinece for great Justice!! XD
  4. Welp..... Yeah..... *stares blankly* I mean human men are scary enough as it is. With a giant one and knowing what I do about Amazons I'd probably wouldn't take my hand off my sidearm until they were out of sight.....
  5. Okay is that shit just like 99% THC or something? Also where can I get that some that..... 😅😆
  6. Hell yes sister!! LeT's fuck some shite uP!! *grabs ma baseball bat and a can of spray paint....*
  7. Welp I'm going to need all the booze for this.... Good thing there's a fridge full of box wine...
  8. Holy shit, I don't think I've ever seen it summed up so well...
  9. Great story you could practically see it. Reminds me of my first time.... I wasn't that much more composed at 22. Wandering arounding the CVS at 3 a.m. with my hoodie up looking I was casing the place before finally grabbing a bag of maxthins.... 😅😆 Or hell my flirtations with gender nonconformity at 18. Driving to the next town over and trying on clothes at a random Kohl's off I-95.... Really puts things in perspective..... 😅
  10. I mostly come on to DD to well... You know... 😅 And that's been kinda hard with the lack of privacy lately
  11. ..... Love seeing antagonists get some layers and depth. Also holy shit I would not want to Victor that man is fucking terrifying 😨. *air ride sirens and bugle sounds* Da fuck? *automatic weapons fire* "How many? One guy? I hired 125 of you hardasses and gave you gods damned off world kit!!" *Weapons fire and screaming intensifies to include horses screaming in panic. A couple grenades go off* "With a sword!!?? Oh jesus fuck!...." *turns to the camera* "I got to go!" "I'm getting my fucking armor on, five seconds! And for the love of sweet baby Krishna somebody get on that fucking .50 cal!!" *transmission ends as a test card plays*
  12. Damn somebody needs to do something about these asshole seriously..... Welp guess I got work to do...... *straps on my set of refurbed T45-b armor and hefts the gatling. Whistling "Battle Hymn of the "and bouncing a grenade in one hand....*