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  1. Project Calibeen: Velvet (ch.18)

    and then this lead to the later optogenetic tech
  2. Project Calibeen: Velvet (ch.18)

    Interesting so stress is the key which makes since only instead of months of sleep deprivation and physicall torture they precisely target the optical centers of the brain possibly causing a seizure. The resulting storm of activity would potentially make it even easier to over wright existing connections @Sophie ♥
  3. Short Story: Diapa'Thulhu

    i kinda figured it was crack fic done for the lolz
  4. Beginnings and Endings

    "There was a flash and a brilliant column of light appeared overhead. A sound like roaring waves and ten thousand voices signing all at once range out. I smelled ozone and a thousand other things I couldn’t describe. The air began to hum and vibrate. Suddenly I was flying. I could see the ground receding beneath getting smaller and smaller and suddenly holy shit throwing monkeys we’re in space!!! I watch stars and galaxy’s fly past, I could see them exploding into and out of existence. Like at any minute I expected Carl Sagan to start narrating. Finally, I could see a wall of white up ahead. Really? Like seriously? That’s actually real?" Samuel just smiles. "So yeah I did the whole flying up from my body and going into the light thing. That is apparently legit or at least legit as far as the limited processing power of our monkey brains are concerned. When I could see again I was standing in a building that seemed infinitely large and with an architectural style that could only be describe as the love child of Steve Jobs and MC Escher." I followed Samuel watching lines of people from an uncountable number of species queuing or just going about their business. The staff seemed to be an equally diverse mix. After walking for I don’t even know how long I was led in to a conference room marked ‘orientation’."
  5. Beginnings and Endings

    "When I came to I was standing at the overlook and there was a young black guy with a curly crew cut, sport shirt and skinny jeans standing in front of me. Like I’m cynical and crotchety as shit. I don’t do cute, but this guy was giving off serious adorkable vibes and I actually found myself wanting to hug him." "Hi I’m Samuel." "Uh, Ashley… You’re not an EMT…." "I’m afraid it’s too late for that….." My stomach did the whole roller coaster drop as I turned around and was confronted by the mindfuck that is seeing yourself, or rather your body sitting on a park bench with an IV still sticking out of it’s arm. I looked down at my arms and got mind fuck number two, they were partially transparent "Balls…." It came out as a stunned whisper…. "So I’m…… Oh Jesus Fuck…. I’m….. and you’re….." "A Reaper" at that point I sat down and started laughing hysterically as my mind just noped the fuck out. "Ashley @#£?; born march /////, died October 30th 2019, 6:20 pm. Bit of a rap sheet. Besides the usual petty human shit; we have grand larceny, vandalism, ‘cyber terrorism’, hubris, gluttony, alcohol abuse, and self-harm." “Not going to bring up my porn collection?" still laughing my ass off, Samuel smirks "The powers generally don’t give a baboon’s behind about that stuff hon." I laugh harder "SUCK IT FUNDIES SUCK IT" "Yeah I was not handling death well and the laughter quickly turned into those big heaving full body sobs." Samuel sat down next to me and pulled me in for a hug as I rode it out. "So, I’m going down stairs I take it?" "Of course, not Ashley!" "Wah!?" "You’ve made mistakes some of them big and your going to have to work on things but at the end of the day your still good people." "What happens now?" "We meet the boss." "God!!?" Samuel chuckles "No more middle management…." @Sophie ♥
  6. Beginnings and Endings

    you'll get to see that soon. also yeah that's pretty much my depression in a nutshell... meh...
  7. Beginnings and Endings

    CW: Suicide So this a new idea I'm working on. Wanted to give props to @Sophie ♥ for the limbo idea. ......... ................... ................. Beginnings and Endings "Dying is one of the weirdest things you will ever have to deal with, from what I understand mine was slightly nonstandard. Apparently, the usual deal is that one moment you’re here the next you’re in the big cosmic airport terminal waiting to be sorted based on whatever you where in life or something like that. It’s all weird and metaphysical and post-modernist and shit and even being dead I don’t fully get it. My boss says that I won’t till I fully crossover. I’m Ashley by the way. So yeah, I’m kinda’ in capital L limbo or something, this tends to happen with suicides and gets decided way above my paygrade. Of course, it may not even be "decided" so much as the power cosmic makes it happen because it must be that way. Like I said death is weird and yet strangely normal at times. Mine was two weeks ago and I’m still getting used to it." "I suppose I should fill you on the backstory since your reading my…. Limbo Journal? I’ve really got to think of better name for this thing. If your recently deceased sorry, but a yeah, pro tip you can still web surf; E.M. radiation FTW. Anyway (whistles awkwardly) this is the story of how I died….." "It was June of 2019 and I had just staggered my way out of college and into the real world with no idea what the fuck I was doing. I at least made it up to the Boston area like I wanted and got a job as a junior tech running network admin for some generic company. I think they made parking meters? So yeah life was meh like it had always been, and I was angry, frustrated, and wanted to fuck shit up because politics and everything is suck in terms of the world. That’s when I met Gary a.k.a K#[email protected] from network security. Gary was an ass, but he was also my ticket into a local hacktivist collective and because I was gung ho and eager to travel I got a staring role in their big breakout performance." "The plan was simple and something I had been dying to try for years. Wipe out the personal loan data of everyone at a major bank. This group had struck gold, finding a zero day for the new networked ATMs Bank of America was rolling out. This would allow us to both sneak a trojan onto their servers and give us a readymade bot net. My job was to zig zag across the country uploading multiple copies onto hundreds of ATMs. One of the best perks of being a soldier in the glorious revolution turned out being able to press enter to make it rain. Once we launched it caught everybody off guard. We didn’t get everything, but we did some hella serious damage. Which is why the FEDs got involve and O’fuck me sideways I’m hauling ass for Canada with a bogus passport." "I was in middle of fucking nowhere Ohio when it hit me. My life was pretty much over and our best shot had only made a small dent in the grand scheme of things. I stopped at this cool little motel that was cheap and had an attached barcade. Then I spent three days getting lit and eating dinner food. I also wrote my memoirs such as they were and drove up to a nearby state park. After doubling checking that everything was safely on the cloud. I got out the backup option I had bought with the passport in LA. There was no way in hell I would last more than a year in federal pen and I didn’t want to keep running for the rest of my life. So that left one course of action. Six hundred milligrams of morphine sulfate and an IV kit. Once each vial hand been injected into the saline bag all I had to do was put the central line in and wait." "I queued up one of my favorite acapella remixes on my phone to play me out while I watched the sunset over a beautiful fall landscape. The light and the foliage making an interesting interplay. On impulse I snapped a picture. And as everything faded to black…." " Carry on, you will always remember Carry on, nothing equals the splendor Now your life's no longer empty But surely heaven waits for you Carry on my wayward son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry Don't you cry no more"
  8. Comission Quotes

    this person seems to do vanilla work but i really like their style https://alasxe.deviantart.com/art/COMMISSIONS-OPEN-2018-724655963
  9. Looking for RP partner

    yeah it's just as nonbinary fem i feel more comfortable with other fem/trans people but i feel like i know trip well enough that might be comfortable except i'm more of the sub lol
  10. Comission Quotes

    you know i'm really impressed with some of the artist's out there
  11. Comission Quotes

    that would be good i like this person's stuff but their full for commissions https://ah-bagels.deviantart.com/art/bath-time-723387219
  12. Comission Quotes

    cool definitely going to check that out. i guess maybe not full photo realistic but more representational.
  13. The $2,000,000 Questions Game

    nope because i know I wouldn't survive to collect let's go with a classic, some rando offers you the cash if you sign a contract for your 'soul' i would but then again I'm agnostic leaning towards atheist so....
  14. Comission Quotes

    tending towards photo realistic but doesn't need super complex background foreground would be main focus
  15. Looking for RP partner

    neither do I that doesn't stop me from trying to figure out the theoreticals ;)