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  1. YourFNF

    Pick Your Battles - Eps. 10 by bbykimmy!

    Kimmy!! *glomps* So glad to see you and pudding back Also that was both hot and terrifying... 😅
  2. YourFNF

    Crinkle Bowl (Chapter 2 added 12/10)

    So adorable
  3. YourFNF

    Pumpkin Patch (Updated 12-8)

    Oohh Yeah Liz set this up
  4. A bit dark for my taste but still hot. I love the idea of an AB theme park..
  5. YourFNF

    Only Mommy gets to touch

    Simultaneously cute and hot. Fun read
  6. YourFNF

    The Lost and the Broken (Updated 12/5/18)

    This was really cool great action scene. Honestly it does not surprise me that a world ravaged by nuclear war would attract the Elder Things..... In Charles Strosses books the necromantic energy created by mass death is like a dinner bell to these sort of things. @vampire4 @Wannatripbaby
  7. YourFNF

    Porch Pirate

    I'm pretty sure this isn't constitutional..... I'd be calling my lawyer back and be like "What the fuck? Fix this..." 😅
  8. YourFNF

    A Naughty Christmas

    Oh fuck reality warping level magic!!!! 😱 😱 😱Somebody get an exorcist!! At least 15th level paladin/cleric or maybe a frigin archmage. *Runs to grab the BFG and raid my stash of enochian pentacles......*
  9. YourFNF

    A Too Late Magical Girl

    I'm guessing he's training the girls to be his weapons? That seems to be what this is indicating. Also I continue to be impressed by Kristine's ability to hold together in the middle of all this insanity. I probably would have completely lost it by now....
  10. YourFNF

    A Naughty Christmas

    Yeah that was the horror. My threat response tends to be a wee bit hyperactive.....
  11. Wow so much happpened! I love the scifi elements. Also is LPS located next to the ministry of truth by any chance? @BabySofia
  12. YourFNF

    The Little Thief ---ch16(11-30)

    Damn so many feels, I'm having a hard time sorting them all. I feel loss for Alice and pain at what she's gone through but I'm glad she has Madeline.