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  1. Sames 😄 Also I'd honestly wouldn't mind Ella's life although again I'd prefer being kept closer to primary or secondary age
  2. Agree with you 100% Jamie I love you dude but seriously... You need to sit down and chill the fuck out... Like this is exactly the kind of toxic possessive bullshit that makes me uncomfortable around cisguys...
  3. Honestly the little shit had it coming.... Yes he's not 100% there but it was clear he was acting with malicious intent. And regardless of the persons mental state self defense is self defense.
  4. @Jessi_foo-foo This was fun also welcome to the sight don't think I've seen you here before.... 😄
  5. Just got through chapter 2 If I was her I would get somebody another than that hack public defender and file an appeal motion on the grounds that I was not competent to understand the charges at the time and was pressured into convection. Although realistically this town probably doesn't have the resources to go past the state circuit if that and the DA drops the charges... Which is exactly the plan.... If nothing else I could probably negotiate down to disorderly conduct with time served + a small fine... @mamabug
  6. I got to admire Jamie's restraint and convection... I would have put the little shit in an arm lock until he agreed to stop fucking with me.... @Author_Alex
  7. Okay I'm confused as to why in the hell that girl was let back in the school especially if she was out on bail and under a restraining order... That's like a lawsuit waiting to happen.... @widowmaker
  8. It's weird how they really do consider Littles to be actual children... Not sure I'd like that part... 😅
  9. Yep ..... *jabs auto-injector loaded with cloned anitbodies and t-cell booster + vitamins into leg.....*
  10. Jesus what the fuck was that? Cholera? I would check myself into the ER if I got something like that.... 😮😨 Fuck might just dial 911... @Author_Alex Operator: 911 what's your emergency? Me: I think I have fucking Cholera!
  11. Being sick always sucks, so many times I wish I had had a Beck or Amanda.... Now I have a Mel, gods help the poor woman though if she ever has to deal with an IBS diaper.... 😅😳💀 @Author_Alex
  12. Yeah I don't know if I could have gone more than a week without giving myself some attention in that area. My big probably would have caught me doing something naughty with a pillow..... 😅😆😳😳 @Author_Alex
  13. 😊 No, glad to hear. I worry my ranting comes off as annoying....
  14. *nods* I like seeing your comments though... 😝
  15. Ch. 4 Next Steps “Hello friend Clara!” “Hey Moira.” Clara smiles politely and shifts back and forth on her feet still nervous and uncertain around the giant alien. Truth Behold her nerves have been shot in general ever since….. “Well shall I give you the grand tour?” “That would be wonderful my ward.” She says while patting Clara’s head causing her to blush and squirm in embarrassment. Moira looks bemused when Clara takes her back into the living room pointing out the scaled up chair with little swivel side table built into the arm that she had installed for Moira and offers to make food. Clara isn’t much of cook, that was always Christine’s thing… But she is great at street and bar food. After discovering that the stove top can convert to a griddle, she quickly whips up a giant Omoyaki for Moira and smaller one for herself. Normally she would find the familiar activity relaxing but there is this weird tightness in her chest. All she can think about is Christine, she can practically see her standing there. And she starts to slice the food she can feel her hands trembling and then it happens a slight slip and Clara is staring numbly at a gash on her index finger. Bright crimson blood welling from the thin gap and pattering to the tile below. Moira let’s out an alarmed hiss and summons one of the bots that was left as Clara’s assistant and has it spray a bandage onto the cut, before wrapping her arms around the vacant eyed and trembling Clara. “I’m sorry I scared you I just….” “You miss your partner; you are in a strange place and frightened. I can feel your pain my ward. Please let me ease it for you….” Clara figured this meant anxiety meds and in away she would be right even if she didn’t get the whole picture…. “Sure, I could use something to take the edge off.” A sweet, musky, spicy scent begins to fill the air as Moira hums softly and begins to gently rock Clara. “Waz is? Is this?” Clara’s eyes flutter and she sighs softly as she finds herself going limp in Moira’s arms. She is startled but to baked feeling to care when Moira carves a piece off and brings it to her mouth. The food tastes better than she can ever remember, and everything seem clearer, for lack of a better term. Before long Clara is stuffed and finds her self starting to fade letting out a little belch and flushing bright red with embarrassment. Moira simply smiles and rubs her belly while continuing to hum. And with that it’s lights out for Clara as she gently falls asleep curled up in Moira’s lap…..