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  1. Too many feels I can't.... Just.... *keels over* But seriously this is exactly how you should handle conflict in a relationship. It's wonderful seeing such a positive dynamic.
  2. Yeah this is why you never take pills without knowing what the fuck they do... Shit I've never had doctor's give me medications in consult. This would be a serious read flag.
  3. I feel really bad for the poor guy.... I guess because I know what it's like to be stuck in a body you hate and doesn't match how you see yourself..... 😅 Of course this wouldn't faze me that much past the initial existential freakout. Being a part time magical girl actually sounds pretty cool so honestly if Armani wants someone to take pardi off his hands I'm game..... 😅😆
  4. So I've mentioned this several time before but I got into this lifestyle as a way of coping with my disability. Autism Spec (officially diagnosed) and most likely BPD/PDNOS (self-diagnosed). This tends to express as moderate to severe: Executive dysfunction, attention deficient, trouble reading people/communication, cyclic depression(fatigue, apathy, anhedonia, lowself esteem), and anxiety (general, social existential), and occasional impulse control issues. So that's the background.... Over the past year I've come to the difficult and awkward realization that living on my own may not be the best thing for me, but I want a professional carrier in the general are of S.T.E.A.M so I think institutional setting would be an even worse idea. And that's where I'm really struggling is finding that intermediate level of care. Basically what I feel like I need is some combination of admin assistant and surrogate mum, as weird as that may sound. Someone who can handle things like organizing my schedule, making sure I get to appointments, fiances, ensuring I stay on top of school/work, and making sure that I take care of my self/house. I don't have any cash to pay for services so It's like beating my head against a brick wall trying to figure out how to get this. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Considering that my little/mid side tends to be less baby and more alterabled adult..... This a nope.....
  6. The fanfiction aspect didn't really do anything for me but it was still a fun read.
  7. This is interesting...... I often wonder how I would react to an Amazon who wouldn't just try to grab me. Like if they showed a genuine interest would probably push my sub buttons hard..... Kinda wish I had had this setup when first going to Uni.... 😅
  8. Wow that was one hell of a fight and a lot of fun 😄
  9. The feelings of loss and hopelessness from the protag really hit close to home...
  10. *grunts and keels over* Direct hit, right in the existential anxiety 😅
  11. And this is the part where if I didn't know anything about Cg/L or ABDL I would be like nope and just walk. And assuming actual me and I do know.... I would be like "Excuse me but I have to stop you right here. Are you actually looking for a border or are you looking for a sub/Little? Because if that's the case we need to have a serious talk and I'm not sure I'm ready to jump right into that serious of a relationship...." 😅
  12. What can I say have low key anarcho-survivalist tendencies... 😅😄
  13. I think you can add comedy to your list of talents
  14. Oh yeah I was just giving my gut reaction... Kinda like how with horror movies I'm always the one yelling armchair coaching at the characters 😅😄
  15. You have a serious knack for Magical Realism..... *slow claps* 😲
  16. And this is the point where I would probably loose my shit and try to crack the TV screen for a shiv... Not sure if I would use it on myself or the Amazon's.....
  17. Fuck I really feel Emily's pain on this....
  18. Yep... I wonder if this could some how be done small batch with additive manufacturing.... 🤔
  19. Interested to see how this goes. I wonder if Danny has any thoughts of escaping?
  20. Let's just say there was more than one Little girl having trouble with her clitty.... 😅😳