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  1. Yes - me! (and I like trains as well!)
  2. Hi.  Its fascinating that someone else noticed the same 'forbidden' stuff in the shops as me- the Boots Brumas, the Peaudouce Slipad and the Sandra pants in the red boxes!!  Same age as me,(and UK) that's why you've prob seen the same stuff but still its rare esp in girls!!



  3. I like the leg elastication on these. Not sure about the picture, too complicated / old-fashioned looking, a simple bold pattern / stripe / block design would be better
  4. meeting one guy for coffee already, anyone else wanna join us?
  5. Hi I'm travelling to Edinburgh on Tues 27 Sept to have another look at the Museum of Childhood (which has a great little display of nappies and plastic pants etc.) Anyone fancy meeting for a coffee / pint / chat etc, discreetly padded if desired? Tibsy
  6. The Henleys Sandra plastic baby pants used to come in a kind of flat cardboard tube (rectangular cross-section) sometimes
  7. The shops are too far away from the road to see though, as gah!ghost said, can somebody local please just get a photo and put it up here?1
  8. In the UK we have an annual Heritage Open Days weekend in September and you can tour buildings and sometimes factories that aren't normally open to the public. I tried Boots of Nottingham as a hunch (makers of Brumas plastic pants and many other nappy delights), and yes they do seem to have some kind of tour / open day. They don't make much of interest now, but what caught my eye is that you can have a tour of their archives. Its the sort of thing where you maybe chat to someone on the day and arrange a further visit / maybe even online access on another occasion
  9. I've sussed it at last! It says 'Purple Lines' not purple marks or symbol. I hit on a purple design that I now realise is a pretend bow at the front of the pants. When you look carefully, there is indeed a horizontal purple waistband / lines at the back but they are faint and not as obvious as the cross / bow at the front!
  10. I've just bought some of the 'Plus' version a couple of weeks ago. The packet says to put the purple marks (like a cross) to the back, and I was disappointed when opening out a pair, as this means that the padding rises higher up the back than the front whereas the illustration on the packet shows quite high padding at the front on the Plus version compared with the packet illustration on the normal version. However, today I had another look: there's definitely forward facing leg holes BUT you need the purple criss-cross thing at the front. This then puts the padding nice and high at the front as well. Anyone else noticed this? Have they just put the marks on wrong? instructions wrong? I'm a bit baffled! Tibsy
  11. I voted for bulk because if we want thin and discreet we've already got most of the medical ones for that.
  12. Yes, even if you don't go on to masturbate, it means they're sexual if they're making you hard imo
  13. No they are white, its maybe the old packet that makes them look yellow on the photo.