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  1. I recently received an email from rearz announcing an exciting partnership with the American breast cancer society and a pink version of the rebels style diaper. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are? Do you feel that this is an actual partnership or are they just going to donate part of the profits voluntarily? Do you feel the breast cancer society would align themselves with a company like rearz knowing there could possibly be a backlash?
  2. Any cartoon episode where a character and am wearing always drew my attention. I can't particularly say this had a a lasting effect on my desires as an adult baby and diaper lover but definitely stirred the inner longing to want to be diapered
  3. My advice to you would be to slow down! If this is your first experience even putting on a diaper take it slow, if he wants to put it on you allow him to, but communicate through the whole process. Make sure you're telling him how it feels and be sure he knows how you feel.. Throwing yourself into a full-on bondage and sex situation your first time could be overwhelming. As the above poster said once you've got one on, feel it out. See if it puts you into what we call "little space". See if it's an instant turn on. Above all else communicate communicate communicate and have fun
  4. Diaper quad

    finished white kitty paws

    So flipping cute! Keep up the good work please
  5. Diaper quad

    Me now and then

    Different pictures of me before and after my disability
  6. Diaper quad

    panda hood

    So flipping adorable! You're incredibly talented
  7. Diaper quad

    20th birthday

    That design is absolutely gorgeous
  8. I think that buying an RV when you retire would definitely help in achieving your goal of having sex in all 50 states. :-)
  9. Diaper quad


    That is an adorable top. It definitely helps to set off your diaper. ;-)
  10. Diaper quad


    I have that same binky!
  11. Diaper quad


    I'm sure any of the diaper girl websites would love to have you! That or any other modeling agency. ;-) On another note, I am totally jealous! This style pull up came out before I had the opportunity to wear them
  12. Diaper quad


    Best diapers ever!
  13. Diaper quad


    Adorable! Where did you get That outfit?
  14. Diaper quad

    Dry247 10

    The color of these reminds me of the old depends back when they were fun to wear