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  1. This story is just all kinds of cute and hot. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to see Steve further push Adam down the path of being his pretty little diapered sissy princess.
  2. This story is super cute. I feel like I've read something similar before. Did you post a similar story on diaper-bois?
  3. What a lovely assortment of powders they have on their little island.
  4. Super cute. I think Sugar definitely made the right call. She's going to be upset enough just waking up in a diaper. She would've been absolutely livid if a boy had diapered her.
  5. Sounds like he's well on his way to a new diet, a new wardrobe and a binky. Shouldn't be too long before he's crawling around in just his diapers looking up to his big cousin.
  6. I think Tyler is going to need to take over control of both Fujin sisters and their company. Yukon is getting way out of control and both she and the company will be better off in her hands.
  7. Yeah I saw the compilation but I've already bought all the Jenn stories in their original anthologies. I'm eagerly awaiting what ever your next release is. I especially love when you lean more into the AB aspects of things.
  8. I'm a huge fan of your writing. Glad to see you finally wrapping this one up. This is definitely one my favorites of your series. I'd love to see some more stories set in this universe. It'd be interesting to see what happens to Mikey down the line. What will happen if Emily finds a permanent long term female partner? What happens when they start having children? What happens as those kids start growing up? How will Mikey react to his daughter(s) getting potty trained and treated more maturely while he and his son(s) are still treated basically like toddlers? What about a family vacation, wher
  9. Awesome to see you posting again. Hope all is well now. Good luck and stay safe.
  10. Haha nice one. You got me there a few times.
  11. I love this story so much. Just the casual way that he is completely dominated by a tiny timid girl a few years his junior is just amazing. He can't be trusted to remove his own diaper yet this total stranger can just strip him nude in full public view with no consideration for his opinion. The expectation that as a Pet he has to obey commands from any one. It's all just so good. Can't wait to see what comes next for JayJay.
  12. Yay. I'm so excited to see this story again. I love it.
  13. Sounds like Levi is back with a new name and some new tricks.
  14. Hey everybody. Thanks so much for all the likes and comments. Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter up. Between school, work, overtime and totalling my car the other week, life has been pretty hectic. To top it off I just found out I'm going to be working overtime every week till Xmas. I'll try and make some time to get some more writing done, but I can't make any promises about when I'll have the next chapter up. Thanks for reading. Enjoy Chapter 4: Homecoming We pulled into a quiet neighborhood filled with large old-fashioned brick houses. As we drove through
  15. Life's been a little hectic but I finished another chapter. Luckily work is boring and gives me lots of time to think up story ideas. Thanks so much the likes and comments everybody. Chapter 3 Suddenly the door rattled open, and a willowy, graceful woman sauntered in to the room. She took note of me, but her attention was all on her new Pet. “How’s my pretty girl. Were you a good girl while Mommy shopped? Did my pretty Pet miss Mommy? I think so.” She coos rushing up to the cage next to me carrying a shopping basket full of restraints and other pet supplies. I watch with apprehensio
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