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  1. I love this story so much. Just the casual way that he is completely dominated by a tiny timid girl a few years his junior is just amazing. He can't be trusted to remove his own diaper yet this total stranger can just strip him nude in full public view with no consideration for his opinion. The expectation that as a Pet he has to obey commands from any one. It's all just so good. Can't wait to see what comes next for JayJay.
  2. Yay. I'm so excited to see this story again. I love it.
  3. Sounds like Levi is back with a new name and some new tricks.
  4. Hey everybody. Thanks so much for all the likes and comments. Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter up. Between school, work, overtime and totalling my car the other week, life has been pretty hectic. To top it off I just found out I'm going to be working overtime every week till Xmas. I'll try and make some time to get some more writing done, but I can't make any promises about when I'll have the next chapter up. Thanks for reading. Enjoy Chapter 4: Homecoming We pulled into a quiet neighborhood filled with large old-fashioned brick houses. As we drove through the neighborhood, we saw people out walking, some pushing strollers, some walking dogs and even a few leading diapered Pets on leashes. They all looked so comfortable and at ease trotting around on all fours all but completely naked out in the open. Watching them through the narrow windows of my travel crate, I wondered how I could ever feel that way. My new Master guided his car in to the driveway of a two-story brick home with a well-manicured lawn. I couldn’t believe this was where I lived now. This was a serious upgrade from the cramped apartment I’d shared with Dave and Marie. That was some consolation, even if I’d be living in a cage in this new house. I waited eagerly in my travel crate, looking forward to finally getting out. He opened the door and immediately took a firm hold of my collar. “Easy Pet. Daddy’s got you.” He fastened my leash to my collar and looped one end around his wrist. He squatted down and reached underneath me with one arm through my armpits and the other near my hips. He easily lifted me up and set me down on the ground on my knees and mitts. “Good boy. There’s my good Pet. It feels so good to listen to Daddy doesn’t it Pet?” He leaned down stroking my hair and scratching me behind the ear. His praise and his touch felt so good that in that moment I would have gladly given up my continence and my freedom just to have him continue. As I sat there soaking in my Master’s attention, we were approached by a tall man in his mid-thirties dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt. On a leash at his side, was a petite pretty young woman with an upturned button nose. She wore a thick pink diaper decorated with small crowns and matching pink rhinestone collar and restraints. The only thing she wore aside from her diaper and restraints was a frilly pink tutu encircling her waist just above her diaper, leaving her small perky breasts fully exposed. Her blonde hair was pulled into pigtails and tied with pink ribbons. She sat down at her master’s heels, with her diaper plopped on the ground, her legs folded to the sides, and her arms straight down in front of her supporting her weight. I approached her tentatively, and gave a hesitant sniff. She growled slightly, and instinct from deep within seized me. Before I knew what, I was doing I had rolled onto my back with my legs held up and splayed out to the sides exposing my belly and damp diaper. She leaned down sniffing my diaper and then my belly, before giving my cheek a gentle lick around my muzzle. “Hi,” she said shyly. I blushed deeply at the submissive posture I had taken to so naturally. I whimpered weakly through my muzzle. “Hey Eric,” the other man said. “I was just out taking Princess here for a walk when I saw you pull up. I see you’ve got yourself a new Pet. Quite the submissive little thing, isn’t he? Princess here is almost always the one to roll over for other Pets, especially males.” “Thanks Steve. This is my little Amie, we just bonded this morning. If you can believe it, this pretty little boy was my sister’s boyfriend up until then.” He squatted down to rub my belly, sending the now familiar warm tingle up and down my body and fuzzing my mind. “Well he’s quite the pretty little Pet, especially for a boy. May I?” he asked my Master. “Of course, go right ahead.” Steve knelt down to my level and held out his hand to my muzzled face, letting me take in his scent. For some reason, getting to smell him put me more at ease with him. He reached around with his other hand and began stroking my hair and scratching behind my ear. While his touch was nothing compared to my Master’s it still felt incredibly good. His hands traveled down and began tickling and scratching my belly. “Who’s a good Pet? Who? Is it you? Are you a good boy, pretty Pet? Are you a pretty Pet? Are you? Are you?” he teased as his hands darted across my belly. I began to giggle and squirm uncontrollably, barely noticing as my diaper grew warm between legs. He carried on for a little before gently patting my belly and then briefly groping my diaper before he stood back up. “Ok well I better get this Pet inside,” Eric said, giving a gentle tug to my leash. I rolled back onto my belly and rose to all fours. “I’ll see you around. Maybe we can setup a playdate for these two sometime.” Steve told him. He squatted back down to my level and ruffled my hair. “And it was very nice meeting you, sweet boy. Be a good Pet for your new Keeper, little Amie.” He rose back to his feet and led Princess down the street. Eric retrieved a few bags from the back of the SUV. “Let’s get you inside, little Pet. I’ll come back for the big stuff later.” He led me inside, dropping some of the shopping bags on the floor just inside the door. I looked around at my new home. The place was amazing. It was clearly the home of a single man, relaxed and little bit messy, but it was tastefully decorated in a modern style. Regardless, it was a definite upgrade over the small apartment I had shared with Marie, Dave, and Daisy. “I’ve been looking forward to this since we bonded, Pet. Let me show you the bedroom.” I gulped nervously, but followed my owner compliantly nevertheless. He led me through the house into a large master bedroom in the back. A huge bed dominated the room. He lifted me easily off the ground and laid me on the bed. I squirmed on my back my restrained legs in the air and diapered bottom exposed. He leaned down over me, pushing my legs apart and putting his hands on the bed just above my shoulders. “Ok my Pet, Daddy is gonna take your muzzle off now. If you start getting too noisy though Pet, I’ll have to put your gag back on. Daddy’s got neighbors.” He reached around my head and unfastened the clasps holding my muzzle in place. It came free and I moved my jaw experimentally happy to have my mouth freed for the first time all afternoon. He loomed over me, his handsome face hanging just inches from mine. I stared back up at him and couldn’t resist falling into his eyes once again. “Hey Pet. You still with me?” he asked with a smirk at my open-mouthed stare. He leaned in and planted a probing lingering kiss on my lips. Having never kissed another man before I didn’t know what to expect. It was so different from kissing a woman. His lips were so strong and dominating. I felt delicate and feminine in comparison. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening, he had pulled away and the kiss had ended. Completely out of my control, I began to emit a low whine. “Easy Pet. Daddy’s got you.” He said with a laugh. He stroked my hair and leaned back in to kiss me, pressing his weight down onto me. We began to make out passionately, his tongue sliding into my mouth and forcing mine around. He stripped off his shirt as we continued to kiss. By now, my small penis had grown hard in my diaper, straining at its confines but lost in the thick padding. I humped up at him desperately. He rubbed the front of my diaper, pushing down firmly on my soggy diaper with the heel of his palm. He continued to rub, cooing sweet and demeaning things to me. “I own you my sweet little Pet. From your cute little nose down to your soggy diapered bottom. You belong to me, my Pet. You’re gonna make stickes in your diaper because Daddy says you will.” Before long I felt the pressure from within build and I moaned then howled loudly as my little cock pulsed filling the front of my diaper with warm, sticky goo. “Sshhhh...Pet. Quiet or Daddy will get the gag back out.” He continued to rub at my diaper and I whined at his touch on my now overly sensitive glans. “Don’t think you’re getting off that easy, baby. Daddy is gonna make you fill that diaper a few more times before we’re done.” At that my moan got louder and I began to howl again. He rolled me over onto my stomach and shoved my gag back into my mouth. At some point he had lost the rest of his clothes, and he began to hump my diapered bottom. He pulled my leash tight as he humped and I howled loudly into my gag. The combined stimulus was too much for my poor Pet brain and I fuzzed out completely. ************************************************************************************ When I came to, I was nestled comfortably under the sheets, snuggled up to something firm and warm. My leg restraints were still in place, but had been unclipped so I could move my legs freely. I moved my legs experimentally and from the loud crinkle and the feel of my diaper, I assumed I’d been changed. I wasn’t totally dry, but I was definitely dryer than when I’d fuzzed out. My gag was gone, but something rubbery filled my mouth and I gave it a tentative bite. I reached up to try and pull it from my mouth but quickly discovered I was still in my mitts and left it in place. “Welcome back, sweet boy.” My Keeper said, as he ran his fingers through my shaggy hair. “Leave it in, Pet. That’s your binky. They recommend them as a comfort toy for Pets.” It suddenly occurred to me, what had been happening right before I’d fuzzed out. I wiggled my butt experimentally, and it felt dry and powdery. That only made me think about how even if nothing else a man had at least wiped and powdered my crotch and butt for another time today. But at least it didn’t feel sore or slippery. Eric noticed my wiggling and reached over patting my diapered bottom affectionately. I looked up at him worried. “Daddy, did you…um….were you…you know…um…in my butt?” I stammered out, struggling to make myself understood around the large pacifier nipple in my mouth. “No sweetie, I wasn’t.” He replied with a chuckle. “I’ll want to do that eventually baby, but we’re both new to this. I don’t want to rush anything and risk hurting you before you’re ready. We’ll get there together, ok Pet?” I didn’t know how much I liked that answer, but it seemed that was the answer I was going to get. And I already knew deep down that if that was what my Keeper wanted, that’s what would happen, one way or another. Strangely that thought didn’t seem to bother me. ******************************************************************************** The rest of the weekend passed quietly. We had several more feverish make out and “dry” humping (could you even call it that if one of the participants is wrapped in a thick wet diaper?) sessions. While, I’d been allowed to cuddle with him in his big bed after each session, I’d spent the nights locked soundly in my kennel. While it was large and comfortably lined with a thick soft mattress and plenty of pillows, it was still a cage. He’d set it up in the living room for easy access and I’d even taken a daytime nap in there on Sunday while he’d worked on Pet-proofing the house. Mercifully he hadn’t lock me in when I curled up in there. It was strangely comforting and felt like the one place in the house that was truly mine. It was now Monday morning and my Keeper was preparing to leave me home alone for the first time while he went to work. “Ok Pet, I need you to be a good boy for Daddy while I’m at work. I’ll only be working half a day today, but I’ve got you in one of your overnight diapers and you already pooped this morning so you should be good ‘til I get home.” I blushed thinking of the warm, squishy mess that had practically slipped into my diaper that morning, while still in my cage waiting for Daddy to come let me out. It was becoming increasingly clear how much I needed my diapers now. I’d barely even felt it coming before it rushed out into the seat of my diaper. “Now, I’m putting a lot of trust in you today, Pet. You’ve still got your restraints on, but I’m giving you the run of the house. I’m expecting you to be a good boy and not abuse those privileges. Stay off the furniture, don’t go through Daddy’s things and don’t get into anything you know you shouldn’t. That means people food Pet. You know what it does to Pets’ digestion. Daddy will be home at 1. Behave yourself and Daddy will make sure you get a treat. You can do that for me, Pet. Be my good good boy.” He continued stroking my hair a little longer, before planting a kiss on my forehead and standing back up. He walked to the door, looked back at me affectionately one more time and left, closing the door solidly behind him. I couldn’t believe it. I was free. For the first time since we’d bonded two days earlier, I wasn’t locked in a cage, on the end of a leash, or being watched over so closely it didn’t make a difference that I wasn’t either of the first two. Sure, my hands were still locked in my mitts and sure, my feet were still held up and restrained against my upper legs so that they brushed against my diaper when I moved, and sure I still needed that extra thick diaper taped around my waist. But I was free to do whatever I wanted for the day. Oddly, what I really wanted to do at that moment was cuddle up with my Keeper and let him stroke my hair and pat my bottom. I shook it off, no, I was finally on my own and I was going to make the most of it. I wandered from the entryway, through the kitchen. On the floor of the kitchen sat a stainless-steel dish filled with Pet chow. Mounted to the counter, near my food bowl, was a what looked like a cross between an oversized baby bottle and a hamster’s water bottle. It hung upside down with the nipple jutting out at an angle, a small bead of water hanging from the nipple. My only source of water. I lowered my face to the bowl and ate a little. It wasn’t bad necessarily, but it was awfully bland, like the most boring plain cereal I’d ever tried. I washed it down with some water from a suck at my bottle. I continued through the house into the living room. Eric hadn’t bought a Pet remote for me yet, which had oversized buttons that could be operated even with mitts on, but luckily, he had thought to turn the TV on and set it to Pet-TV for me. Disregarding my Keeper’s instructions to stay off the furniture I hopped up on the couch and stretched out to watch. I tried to get comfortable, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get Eric’s orders to stay off the furniture out of my head. Reluctantly, I hopped down off the couch and made my way over to my cage. Curling up inside I instantly felt much more comfortable, but hated how much the conditioning was already working on me. I watched for a while, trying to figure out the plot of the show. It was one of the Pet soap operas I had heard about. It was clearly deep in some ongoing story involving a twisted web of romance between 2 Pets and their Keepers, and I struggled to follow the plot. Between the convoluted show and the interspersed commercials for Pet products (“Pet-Dri diapers keep your Pet and your house clean and dry!”), I soon grew bored. My stomach rumbled emptily and I made my way back into the kitchen looking for something to eat. I looked down at my bowl of Pet chow disdainfully. It was all I had eaten for 2 days now and I was craving something different. I went to the fridge and tried to pull it open, but the Pet-lock Eric had installed on the fridge prevented me. The lock didn’t seem overly complicated but with the mitts on I didn’t have the dexterity to manage it. Similar locks kept the pantry and cupboards locked up tight. Then I spotted them. Cupcakes! They’d been dropped off by the neighbor yesterday as a Bonding present. They sat on the counter pushed all the way back from the edge so that I couldn’t reach them. Surely, Daddy wouldn’t mind if I had just one, right? I’d been good, I definitely deserved a cupcake, I rationalized. I went to the dining room and pushed a chair across the floor into the kitchen. I hopped up onto the chair and placed my front paws on the counter, looking down at my prize. A whole tray of chocolate frosted cupcakes sat in front of me, separated from me by just a thin sheet of shrink wrap. As carefully as I could using just my mouth, I peeled the shrink wrap from the tray revealing the cupcakes. There was no way to remove the wrappers without my hands, so I just dove straight in. Frosting and cupcake smeared all over my face, as I ate the cupcake right out of the wrapper. After days of nothing but Pet chow, it was the best tasting thing I’d ever had. All too soon the cupcake was gone, and I was still hungry. One more couldn’t hurt, right? I went for another and then another, and before I knew it, I was devouring the entire tray with abandon. Frosting coated my face as I messily licked the remnants of cupcake from their wrappers. Crumbs fell onto the counter and the ground all around me. Slowly staring down at the empty tray I realized what I’d done. From what I’d learned of Pets from before my bond, I thought I should be feeling terrible from what I’d just eaten. Oddly, instead I felt good, incredibly good, incredibly energized in fact. I was buzzing with energy, and couldn’t sit still. I wriggled and pranced in place. I climbed down from the counter, still practically vibrating from energy. I had to keep moving. I needed to run. I took off as fast as I could manage on all fours streaking through the house. I raced through the living rooms running laps around the ground floor. I felt myself bump into something and heard a crash behind me, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop. I had to keep going. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. My heart pounded, my lungs burned, and my stomach…it rumbled ominously. I sat panting on all fours, and felt the rumble move lower. The pressure in my stomach built and I pushed slightly trying to relieve it. Instantly a rush of hot, squishy mess rushed into the seat of my diaper. I groaned and pushed again, and this time a jet of hot liquid sprayed from my behind, filling the seat of my diaper even more. The rush of energy I’d felt, all seemed to abandon me at once and I suddenly felt incredibly tired. My eyelids drooped, but my stomach continued to rumble. I struggled to keep my eyes open as yet another spray of liquid escaped my bottom. I felt the front of my diaper grow warm to match. Soon, I lost the battle to stay awake and I drifted off to sleep right there in the middle of the floor.
  5. Life's been a little hectic but I finished another chapter. Luckily work is boring and gives me lots of time to think up story ideas. Thanks so much the likes and comments everybody. Chapter 3 Suddenly the door rattled open, and a willowy, graceful woman sauntered in to the room. She took note of me, but her attention was all on her new Pet. “How’s my pretty girl. Were you a good girl while Mommy shopped? Did my pretty Pet miss Mommy? I think so.” She coos rushing up to the cage next to me carrying a shopping basket full of restraints and other pet supplies. I watch with apprehension as I see what’s coming next for me unfolding right in front of me. I didn’t have to wait long for my own owner to return. Just a few minutes later, Eric and Marie returned to the room. I watched eagerly as my Keeper approached my cage. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His every move was captivating. He looked so strong and capable, and it only highlighted my newfound helplessness. Locked in a cage in a diaper that was already damp. “Hey sweet boy. Were you a good Pet while I was gone? I bet you were. My good, good boy.” Eric said as he set his packages down on the floor near my cage. He reached through the access hatch and scratched behind my ears. I leaned into his touch, nuzzling my face into his hand. I couldn’t get over just how amazing such a simple act felt. “Well, let’s get started, Pet. The sooner we get you into your restraints and all registered the sooner we can get you home,” he said. “And the sooner I can get my little Pet broken in.” He added more softly patting my diapered bottom possessively. I felt my brain go fuzzy and a tingle deep in my bottom. I wriggled uncomfortably in my bonds, but deep down I couldn’t deny how appealing that sounded. Eric pulled out a pair of thick leather Pet mitts, deep purple with black accents, from the bag at his feet. As soon as I saw them, I began to whimper and a low howl began to build in the back of my throat. Hearing the commotion, Dave turned his attention back on us from where he’d been helping the other Keeper and her Pet. The female Pet, was now muzzled and Dave had been helping her Keeper to get her first mitt into place. “Yeah that’s why I always recommend that new Keepers start with the muzzle. I know it sounds harsh, but at this point his instincts are very fresh and powerful and he hasn’t been trained at all yet. He’s going to be very prone to acting out. It’s important to start thinking of him as Pet. Both for you and for him. Getting him muzzled is a good reminder for both of you that his opinion on these things doesn’t matter anymore. As a Pet, he’s not responsible enough to look out for himself anymore. The restraints are for his own good, and its your responsibility as a Keeper to make sure he’s wearing the appropriate restraints.” Marie looked aghast at this, but Eric simply nodded, “That makes sense.” “Nooooo!” I whine. “Please don’t put that on me. Please please please.” I continue growing more urgent. “Pet. Quiet.” He said simply and firmly, making direct eye contact with me. His look is so piercing, he almost doesn’t even need the words. “Be a good Pet while I put your muzzle on. Be my good boy. My good sweet Pet.” I quieted down, and remained compliant as he fished around in the bag, putting the mitts back in the bag and pulling out the muzzle. It was a soft purple and constructed from plastic and leather. He removed it from its packaging and stood back up. He opened a hatch on the cage near my face and reached inside stroking my hair. “There’s my good boy. My good Pet. Be nice and still for Daddy. You’re gonna be such a good boy while Daddy gets your muzzle on. Good boy.” He continued to reassure and dominate me as he secured the gag in my mouth and fastened the muzzle around my head. I moved my jaw experimentally, and tried to speak. No noise came out. I started to whimper and whine, but could barely make myself heard. “Ok next thing is the mitts. They’re an important tool to keep your Pet safe and out of trouble. Until he has been conditioned not to remove his diaper or open the latches on his cage or leash, you’ll want to make sure he’s got them on if you’re not watching him closely,” Dave told my Keeper. “Of course. I wouldn’t want him getting in any trouble, while I get him trained.” He opened up the first access door and firmly but carefully grabbed hold of my wrist with one hand. He unclipped my arm from the cage with his free hand. “Mitt on, Pet, Mitt on,” he Commanded as he guided my hand into the mitt. I felt the new Command implanting itself in my mind. My hand slid down into the mitt into a comfortable but restraining leather ball. There was no way I’d be able to use my hand from within the mitt. It went halfway to my elbow and kept my wrist from bending. Eric pulled the zipper closed and tightened the buckles snug around my arms. “Good boy, Pet. Good boy.” He praised me for complying with his command. Using a small D-ring near my wrist he re-clipped my arm to the cage. He moved to the other side and repeated the process. This time as soon as he said “Mitt on” I felt myself naturally complying with his Command. I knew from the Pet-care classes I had taken that I was especially susceptible to conditioning at this early point in our Bond. Eric knelt down and rummaged in the bag again pulling out another set of restraints. “Good. I see you got leg restraints as well. I always recommend Keepers to keep their Pets down with restraints, at least for the first few weeks. Him being on all fours will help both of you to adjust to your new stations. Once he’s better trained you can forgo the leg restraints at home and he’ll still stay down, but I’m sure he’ll still appreciate them outside. They’re helpful to keep his feet from banging and scraping on the ground. You’ll want the knee pads even at home though,” Dave explained. Eric took it all in calmly, nodding as if he’d heard all this before. He moved around to the back of the cage and opened the back-access panel. “Be a good boy, Pet. Daddy’s going to un-clip your leg now, Pet. Be good. No kicking, Pet. Daddy’s got you. Be a good Pet while Daddy gets your knee pads on.” Eric spoke calmly and confidently, patting my thickly diapered bottom reassuringly. Just like with my wrists, he held my ankle firmly while he unclipped my leg. He slid the thick purple knee pad up over my foot and settled it into place. He then attached a thick leather strap around my upper thick and pushed my foot back up to my butt, bumping my heel into my diaper. He attached a matching strap around my ankle and clipped the two together. Now my knee was kept bent, unable to move my foot more than a few inches from my butt. He moved to the other side and did the same thing to my other leg. “Sit, Pet, Sit,” he Commanded, pushing down firmly on my diapered bottom. I lowered my butt to the bottom of the cage, my legs splayed out alongside me, feeling my wet diaper squish underneath me. Just a few hours ago, this position would have been awkward and uncomfortable, but now after my Bond I took to it naturally. “Good boy, Pet, such a good, good boy,” he praised, as he ran his nails down my back. His touch sent an electric tingle down my spine and I wiggled my padded butt appreciatively. He chuckled and patted my bottom again. “Now last, but certainly not least, is the collar,” Dave said. “That’s a good model you picked out there,” he said nodding towards the collar, Eric had retrieved from the bag. “It’s got GPS, as well a number of health tracking features. It’ll let you know his heart rate and activity level as well as a few other helpful features.” Eric removed the collar from the package, and began to look through the instructions. “While you get that setup, why don’t I get him registered.” Dave said, pulling out a small blood-drawing puncture gun. He placed it against my upper arm, and there was a small pop as the needle punctured my skin and took a small blood sample in a vial at the back of the gun. “Ok, we’ll just have to send this out for full testing. They’ll check for any diseases as well as confirming his Pet status, although I don’t think there’s any doubt about that,” he laughed nodding to the wet diaper hanging between my legs. He walked over to a large box-like machine in the corner of the room. “Ok, now let’s see. Eric what’s your full name and address?” “Eric Schiff. 3214 Noda Blvd, Charlotte, NC.” “Age?” “27” “Height and weight?” “6’ 2”, 200 lbs.” “And eye color?” “Blue.” “Ok, well I think that’s all I need from you right now.” Dave said. “Now for your Pet. Ok, I know his previous address obviously. He’s 22. Green eyes. Weight…” he checked a display under the cage I was sitting in. “115 lbs. Height?” he asked turning to Marie. “He’s 5’ 4.” “And a name?” he asked, looking back to Eric. “Most Keepers these days like to modify their Pets’ name. Something cute. It helps them to disassociate from their old life as a person and adjust to being a Pet.” “I’ve been thinking about that. He’s such a cute little thing. He needs a name to match. I think I’ll call him Ames. My little Amie.” “Ames. Sounds perfect. Very cute.” He said with a chuckle. There were two small clangs and Dave reached down and pulled something from behind a small door on the machine. “Ok I’ve got a name tag for him as well as his temporary license. They’ll send you the permanent one once the blood tests have been processed.” He handed them to Eric who affixed them to the D-ring on the collar. “All right. I’ve got the app all set up. Now let’s get you all fixed up so we can go home, Pet” He approached my cage, and I squirmed helplessly in my bonds my wet diaper squishing and crinkling under me. The collar was the ultimate symbol of Pethood. Once that collar was on there would be no going back. In my mind, that would be the moment I truly became a Pet. A piece of property. The fact that I was already sitting in a wet diaper locked in a cage barely seemed to matter. That collar was what would truly make me a Pet. I squirmed more furiously as he opened the access hatch. “Shhh…shh…easy, Pet. Be my good boy. My sweet Pet.” He consoled me, as he ran his fingers through my hair, stroking me. Once again, I felt the pleasant tingle and fuzz in my brain and I couldn’t resist him. I stopped squirming and he tenderly, but snugly fastened the collar around my throat. As the clasp snapped closed, I shuddered and whimpered softly into my muzzle, my mind fuzzing completely. I was only vaguely aware of their voices as they spoke outside my cage. By the time my mind cleared enough to notice my surroundings I was laying on my back on a padded table off to the side of the room. A thick strap went across my chest holding me in place and my mitts were clipped in place at the head of the table. I felt a small pain in the back of my neck and felt a bandage there. My Keeper stood over me, his hands on the tapes of my diaper. He pulled them off with a quick rip. “Well, looks like he’s back. I don’t think he even noticed getting chipped.” said Dave with surprise. “What we just saw is pretty common with Pets, though. Sometimes the dominance is just too much for them and their brains fuzz out. You’ll get used to and start to recognize it pretty quickly.” “Whatever it was. It was completely adorable.” Eric said. “Let’s get you changed, Pet. Lucky, I thought to grab a dry diaper out of the case I just got. You are totally soaked already.” He pulled the diaper down and I got a good look at it realizing with a blush that he was right. He carefully cleaned off my diaper area with a wipe. He gathered my ankles and lifted my bottom, sliding out the soggy padding and replacing it with a fresh diaper, before lowering my bottom back down onto the dry crinkly diaper. The new diaper was a solid white and felt even thicker than the one I’d been wearing before. He dusted me with powder and pulled the front panel up and taped it securely into place. He ran his fingers through the creases of my legs, settling the leakguards into place. I whimpered softly, as my penis involuntarily strained against the padding of my diaper at my owner’s intimate touch. “I’m going to let you down now, Pet. Be a good boy. Daddy’s going to put you on your leash. Treat your leash as if it were my touch, Pet. Just follow where it leads and you’ll be safe, Pet. Your leash is Daddy’s touch and Daddy will always look after his Pet.” Daddy spoke calmly and confidently, in complete control as he would be from now on. The strap slackened and lifted off my chest. The clips holding my arms in place were removed and I was free once again. Well, as free as one could be in a muzzle, mitts, and leg restraints. My Keeper slid his arms underneath me and lifted me easily off the table. He gently set me down on the floor on my hands and knees. He took a firm hold of my collar and smoothly attached my leash. He let go of my collar and straightened back up. I thought I’d feel scared and abandoned as he let me go, but then I felt the gentle pull of the leash, and strangely it comforted me. It reminded me my…Daddy…my Keeper was still there. He was watching over me and I just had to follow where he led and he would keep me safe. He led me back across the room towards the door. I moved awkwardly on all fours, getting used to walking in my new restraints. “I just want to go over this list one more time to make sure you got all the essentials.” Dave said. Daddy and Dave looked over the list together. “Yeah, my dad already took all the big stuff out to my car for me. A cage, a bag of Pet Chow, a case of diapers, minus the one he’s wearing of course and a few other things.” Eric said. Looking down the list further. “Yep, got some toys, and a feeder bottles for his cage. Those should be in the car with everything else. Yep got. Got it. Got it.” He said checking off the items on the list one by one. “Ok, well it seems like you are all set up. But of course, if you need anything else you can always come back and get it.” Dave told him, shaking his hand. “Thanks a lot. You’ve been a big help today.” Eric replied. Dave squatted down to look me in the eyes. He petted my head as he spoke. “Well buddy, I know this isn’t what you expected from today, but like we talked about just try and make the best of it and I think you’ll have a good time. Your Keeper is going to take really good care of you. You were a great friend over the years at school and I hope I can get to know you as the Pet you’ve become. Be a good boy for your Keeper.” “Don’t worry about staying in touch, Dave. My parents are throwing us a Bonding Party in a few weeks at their house. I’ll make sure they send you an invite. And Marie’s got my number if you wanna talk to Ames. You’ve been a big part of my Pet’s life and I don’t think that should have to change now.” My Keeper led me out into the parking lot and back to his car. This time he brought me to the back-passenger door. When he opened it, I saw the seat had been folded down and a large travel crate had been secured in its place. He opened the door and then looked down at me. “Kennel Up, Pet, Kennel Up.” He commanded, invoking the order that had already settled into my mind. With barely a conscious thought I scrambled up and into the plushly lined crate. It was surprisingly comfortable. I settled in and he closed the door in my face, locking me in. He walked around the SUV and climbed into the driver seat. We pulled out of the parking lot and off to my new life as this man’s Pet.
  6. That would be so amazing. I'm obviously a huge fan of your story. I've got a few ideas of where I want to go with my story and I in hoping to get more posted soon.
  7. Hey everybody. Thanks for all the comments. I hope I can live up to the expectations set by the other great stories in this universe. I know so far my story is looking very similar to @justforfun's Jeff's Story, but I've got some ideas for how to take in a different direction soon. I just need to get though some of the setup first. Chapter 2- Bonding I’d asked Daisy about the bond many times before. She’d explained how intense and all-consuming it felt and I thought I’d understood. I was wrong. It was a million times more powerful than I ever could have prepared myself for. Despite previously never having entertained a gay thought, I knew one thing. I wanted this man. He was all that I wanted. He was now my entire world. My face nuzzled deeply into his chest taking in his clean, masculine scent, letting it fill me up. His strong arms wrapped around me, keeping me safe, protecting me from the world. His gentle reassuring words filled my ears, drowning out everything else. “You’re my Pet now. My sweet sweet boy. My good boy. I’m going to take care of you from now on. You’re mine. Forever and ever, sweet boy.” All I could do in response was to whimper softly and nod as I clung tightly to his chest. I knew instantly that what he said was true. I was a Pet. His Pet. Now and forever. My brain seemed to fuzz as he spoke. I couldn’t focus on anything but him. His words, his touch, his scent. Meanwhile, Marie stood openmouthed in shock and disbelief. As the reality of what was happening began to sink in she began to scream. “Noooo, not him! Not my James. No no no no no nooooo!“ By now Leslie and Phil had caught up to us as well, and Leslie rushed to her distraught daughter’s side. She wrapped her arms around her daughter as tears began to stream down her face. She held her daughter close and ushered her back to the car. It was a busy Saturday, and the people in the parking lot began to notice what was going on. Bonding wasn’t uncommon but it always made a bit of a spectacle. Noting the growing crowd, Phil leaned in to his son, “Eric, we need to go.” He had to gently shake his shoulder to break his focus and draw his attention. He looked up sharply at his father, realizing where he was. “Yes, of course.” He said and cleared his throat in an embarrassed way. He turned his focus back on me. “Pet, I’m going to pick you up now. You’re going to be a good boy and not put up a fuss aren’t you. You’re going to be my good sweet boy. Daddy’s got you. My good boy.” I knew as soon as he said it that I would be. In that moment, I would do anything to hear him call me his good boy again. I couldn’t help but to obey his words. He squatted down slightly and wrapped his arm around my back under my butt and easily lifted me resting me on his hip. I clung tightly to him, nuzzling my face into him with my eyes clenched shut. I’d always been on the slight side, but it still surprised me how easily he lifted me. I knew that as a Pet I would only get shorter and lose even more weight as my bones and muscles weakened becoming less dense. When we got back to the cars, Marie was sitting sideways out the backseat of her parents’ car with her head held in her hands, her hair obscuring her face. Eric gently lowered me back to my feet, and set about stripping my clothes from me, starting with my now pee-soaked graduation robe, right there in the parking lot. I whimpered softly, but one stern look from him was all it took to quiet me. “Marie, we need to get him registered and get him some supplies. Is there somewhere nearby we can go?” he said calmly taking charge of the situation and getting everyone pointed in the same direction. Marie looked up, just seeming to notice our arrival. Her eyes grew wide as she watched her brother strip her long-term boyfriend’s shirt away, and then reach for his pants. She blushed red and quickly looked away. “Yeah there’s a Pets*R*Us not far from here. The one Dave works at.” “Ok perfect. Let’s go.” I was now standing in the middle of a crowded parking lot in nothing but my wet boxer briefs. Eric turned and opened the back hatch of his SUV and began to guide me in. Marie began to object but Eric simply met her gaze steadily. “Marie, he’s a Pet. You know it’s not safe for them to ride in the cab. Besides its against the law now for a Pet to ride up front if they’re not in a car seat or a travel crate.” She simply nodded weakly and turned away, closing the door to her parents’ car and slumping into her seat. Meanwhile, Eric’s earlier words had so fuzzed my mind that I still stood dazedly at his side. He took me by the arm and pulled me towards the back of the car. I compliantly climbed up into the plastic-lined trunk of his SUV. The next thing I knew, Eric was seizing me by the wrist and leading me across yet another parking lot in nothing but my wet boxer briefs. People barely gave us a second look. This was a common occurrence anywhere with a Pet registration center. We quickly entered the front doors of the Pets*R*Us. Daisy spotted us from her place in a display cage near the entrance, where she was an unofficial greeter for the store and sometimes even gave customers information on products from the Pet’s perspective. I’d seen her in that cage many times before, and never given it a second thought. It was perfectly normal for a Pet to be kept in a cage. Now, however, I realized it would be me going into one of those cages. I would have to be locked up for my own safety because I could no longer be trusted to look after myself or keep out of trouble. As soon as she recognized me, she knew something was wrong. “Dave! Dave! Dave!” she called as she bounced excitedly in her cage, with her clearly wet diaper swaying in between her legs. I’d always thought Pets were so cute running around in just their diapers. I now realized that my clothes were already gone and that the only things I’d be wearing from now on were a collar and a diaper. That soon I would be like Daisy, confined to a cage and kept diapered both for my own protection. I panicked and tried to pull free from Eric’s grasp. I nearly pulled free, but Eric tightened his grip. “Pet, stop,” he commanded. I immediately froze, helpless to disobey a direct command from my Keeper. He stepped up to me and easily lifted me back into his arms. “If you’re not going to behave, I’ll just have to carry you until I can trust you to be my good boy.” I shrunk into myself, so ashamed at having disappointed my Keeper. Dave approached quickly, taking in the whole scene. He was obviously shocked, but his training took over and he composed himself. “Follow me this way. We have a holding area for new Pets right over here.” He led us to a small area off to the side of the store. In it sat three small Pet cages, each with a disposable Pet pad lining the bottom. Each cage sat on a raised platform lifting them to waist height, with 3 small stairs leading up to them. One of the cages was already occupied by a nervous looking girl about my own age, in nothing but a diaper that appeared to have been hastily and amateurishly taped on. The pad underneath her was stained yellow, likely from her previous accident. She looked up excitedly as we entered the room, but blushed when she saw us. Clearly, we were not who she was expecting. “Right in here,” Dave said as he went up to one of the cages and held open the door. Eric followed him to the cage and set me down on the ground on all fours in front of the open cage. “You need to get him conditioned to enter any cage, crate, or kennel on command. Just say Kennel Up, Pet. Nice and firm.” “Kennel Up, Pet.” He commanded firmly. The order sounding natural coming from him. It triggered something deep within me and I clambered up the small set of stairs on all fours into the cage. Once in the cage surrounded by bars, I suddenly felt incredibly claustrophobic. I panicked again. If they closed that door then I was a Pet for real. There would be no going back. No escape. My leg flailed out behind me kicking back trying to keep the cage door open. Eric easily caught my foot and gently forced my leg back inside the cage and closed the latch on me. “Good boy. Kennel up, Pet. Good good boy” Eric praised as he circled the cage, opening the small access doors at each corner and efficiently fastening each of my limbs into the restraints. It only took moments and I was shut in a cage and bound to it wrist and ankle. “I see you’ve already had some Pet-care training,” Dave noted with some surprise. “Well yeah actually. I’ve been on the lookout for a Pet for some time now. Although, honestly, I expected to bond a girl. Not that I’m complaining of course. I think I’m going to be very happy with my new Pet-boy.” He opened a hatch on the top of the cage and began stroking my hair. By this point, Marie and her parents had trailed into the room behind us. Dave who recognized them, welcomed them to the room. He turned to Eric to introduce himself. “Hey, I’m Dave, by the way. I’m actually a good friend of James and Marie,” he said holding out his hand. Eric returned his handshake. “I’m Eric. I’m Marie’s brother.” Dave visibly started at that. “Oh ok. Well that’s…unusual.” At that he had to compose himself and once again fell back on his training. “Well, first thing first with a new Pet. We need to get him into a diaper before he makes any more of a mess. We keep some sample Pet diapers on hand for new Pets and their Keepers. What do you think? A small probably?” he asked directing his question to Eric not to me. “Yeah that sounds about right.” “Here try this one, its nice because it’s got the tapes reversed. They go on the back which makes it easier to put on when they’re caged up like this and harder for them to remove themselves. You seem to know what you’re doing so I’ll leave you to it.” He said pulling out a thick baby blue diaper and a package of wipes from a cabinet along the wall and passing them to Eric. My new Keeper took the diaper confidently from my roommate and inspected it. “Please don’t diaper me! Please! I don’t need one of those…things.” I begged my owner, desperately squirming in my restraints while I looked up him pleadingly. He gestured to the stream of urine that was even at that moment running out of me and down my thighs puddling on the Pet pad beneath me. “Yes you do, Pet. You’re a Pet now. You can’t help it. You’re my good good boy and you’re going to look so cute in your new diaper. You belong to me now, my Pet. What you wear isn’t up to you anymore, Pet.” As he talked, he gently stroked my hair through an access door on the top of the cage. The stream of dominance overpowered me and my mind went fuzzy once again. I remained passive and docile, barely aware as my owner took a pair of shears and cut off the last boxer briefs I would ever wear, in front of the woman I had hoped to marry and her parents. Working through a large access panel at the back of the cage, my Keeper thoroughly cleaned me up with the baby wipes. He made sure to get every crack and crevice, casually handling my small package to make sure he got it clean. He even wiped down my inner thighs. He unfolded the diaper and looked at it curiously. “Yeah so just lay it on his back and pull the end with the tapes down around between his legs and then around his hips so the tapes end up in the back. Make sure you hold the diaper down on his back so it doesn’t slip around.” My best friend coached my new owner on how to diaper me. Eric’s movements were confident and deft and he was quickly pulling the tapes snugly into place. My hips shifted and I arched my bottom out pushing it into his hands as he smoothed the tapes into place on the thick diaper. I blushed at my eager reaction, but didn’t withdraw my butt. The sensations of being a Pet were just so overpowering. I was feeling a strange growing tingle in my bottom and an aching emptiness. He ran his fingers between the diaper and my legs settling the leak guards into place. I wiggled my hips and shifted in place as much as I could getting used to the feeling of the thick bulk between my legs. Once the diaper had been taped into place, Dave stepped forward to inspect his work. He checked the fit and nodded his approval. “Now that he’s safely protected, why don’t you guys go pick out some supplies for him. Start with the basics; diapers, collar, leash, and mitts. You’re going to need to Pet-proof your house and you’ll probably also want to get cage for at home and a travel crate. I can keep an eye on your Pet here.” He passed a pamphlet to Eric. “There’s a lot of good information in there about what you need to take care of a Pet. I know you said you’d taken Pet-care classes, but I know Marie has taken plenty here as well. It might help if you bring her along shopping with you.” “Thanks, yeah we’ll do that.” Eric went and collected his family and they left together. Off to go buy the supplies needed for my new life as a Pet. “Hey, bud. How ya holding up?” Dave said softly, leaning down over my cage. I was too embarrassed to look back up at him and just stared forward blankly. “Well I was just stripped and diapered in front of my girlfriend and her parents. And now I’m locked in a cage while my new…owner…my girlfriend’s brother shops for Pet supplies for me.” “I know it can be tough, man. But you must have been somewhat prepared for this possibility. I saw how close you were with Daisy. I always kinda figured you would end up as a Pet. I assumed you knew it too. I guess not, but a lot of the new Pets that come through here struggle with their new situation. You just have to try it and make the best of it.” He said reassuringly, as he scratched me behind my ear. As much as I hated to admit it, it did somehow make me more calm. “Make the best of it?! I don’t want to be a Pet. I don’t want to wear a diaper. For God’s sake I’m not even gay.” “Look we both know most Pet-Keeper bonds are same-sex pairings. Gay or straight doesn’t factor in. You’re a Pet now. You’re attracted to your Keeper. That’s just how it works. They say that a Pet’s sexual desires and their orgasms are way more powerful and intense than anything an Unbonded experiences. Your Keeper seems very confident and capable. He’ll take really good care of you, so just relax and enjoy. You’ll be looked after and get to experience the best sex of your life. You can either accept that and be happy with your life or don’t and just make yourself miserable.” I wanted to object, but knew it would do no good. Instead I stared through the bars of my cage, contemplating the new life ahead of me, and patiently awaiting the return of my new owner.
  8. OMG! A Kimmy comment on my story. Yaaaaaayyyyy!
  9. Thanks everybody. I'm close to finishing chapter 2 and even have a good bit of chapter 3 written. I hope to have more up soon.
  10. I've been a long time reader here but this is my first attempt at writing one myself. This is a story set in the @bbykimmy's Keeperverse. It is largely inspired by @justforfun's story Jeff's Story one of my favorites on this board. Any constructive criticism would be gladly accepted. Thanks for reading everybody. Chapter 1 Marie and I pushed back into our apartment. We’d just returned from a celebratory graduation dinner together. We’d both finished our last exams the previous week, and our graduation ceremony was the next day. As we entered the apartment, Daisy perked up and lifted her head to watch us from her bed in the corner of the living room. We could hear Dave in the kitchen, banging around loudly as was his usual cooking style. I flopped down on the couch and Marie bustled down the hallway to use the bathroom. Daisy wriggled out of her bed and crawled across the living room, her diaper, obviously quite wet and swinging pendulously. She nosed against my knee, and rested her head on my leg. I casually reached down and began stroking her sleek blonde hair and scratching her behind the ear. “Hey girl. How was your night?” I asked the Pet girl, who had closed her eyes and begun purring softly as I scratched behind her ear. “Boooring.” She whined, “Dave’s just been playing Xbox all night. He’s barely paid me any attention tonight.” “I can see that” I chuckled nodding towards her heavily soaked diaper. That was the moment Dave reappeared from the kitchen holding a pot of macaroni. “Oh hey Jamie!” he said, “I didn’t even hear you come in. How was dinner? Did you ask her yet?” “Hey shut up. She’s just down the hall. And no I haven’t asked her yet. But dinner went really well. I am definitely going to ask her soon. Oh and in case you hadn’t noticed it looks like Daisy could use a change.” I loved Dave, but he could be pretty clueless sometimes. He’d been my best friend since we’d shared a dorm as freshman 4 years ago. The next year we got an apartment together and I’d started dating Marie. The following year, we’d upgraded to our current apartment and Marie had moved in with us. At the end of our fourth year of school, shortly before Dave’s graduation (I’d decided to take an extra year to finish since Marie was a year behind us and wouldn’t be graduating for another year anyway) he’d met Daisy and they had bonded instantly. Of course, that was how these things always worked, I suppose. One look was all it took and two lives were irrevocably changed. In that moment, one person became a Pet, destined to be diapered, coddled and dominated. The other became a Keeper, imbued with an irrepressible instinct to protect, dominate, and pamper their new Pet. They say you couldn’t understand how deep the connection went unless you had experienced it, but it was undeniable that these two people were now inseparably bonded. Society had had to adjust, but now Keepers and Pets were now just an accepted part of the regular course of life. “Oh yeah. I saw that. She was looking pretty wet when I started cooking but she must’ve gone again while I was cooking. I’ll change her after I eat and get her into her kennel for the night.” Dave plopped down on to the couch next to me and began eating his macaroni straight from the pot. There was a time when such casual discussion of her diapers would’ve set Daisy blushing brightly and whining, but now blissed out by the head scratches I was still nonchalantly giving her, with her weight leaning into my legs, she didn’t even seem to notice that we were talking about her. Daisy, who had once been known as Brittany, had been a gorgeous but struggling student in her sophomore year when she had bumped into Dave at a campus coffeeshop, and become his Pet. While at first, she had struggled to accept her new life as a Pet, she soon came to appreciate the lack of responsibility that came with her new life. She began to realize that Dave while occasionally oblivious was also an incredibly smart and driven individual. He was now in his first year of graduate school in a challenging engineering major. Despite this he still managed to work part-time at the nearby Pet store and take excellent care of Daisy. This meant that Marie or I were frequently left with Pet-sitting duties and he had made us both take plenty of Pet-care classes at his store to ensure we knew what we were doing. “Yeah probably not a bad idea. I should probably head to bed pretty soon myself. Try to keep it down when you “change” her.” I laughed, knowing the usual outcome of one of Daisy’s diaper changes. “No worries, man. I’ll make sure to use her muzzle tonight. I know you’ve got graduation early tomorrow morning.” Marie and I left the auditorium the next morning after the graduation ceremony. We waded our way through the sea of people looking for Marie’s family. Marie had grown up in the suburbs of Charlotte and her parents still lived nearby. I had met them many times already, but her brother had just moved back to the area from New York and I would be meeting him for the first time today. When we finally found them in the crowd, her parents were as affectionate as always and each pulled me into a tight hug. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Schiff. It’s good to see you guys.” I managed to get out between chest-crushing hugs. “Son, how many times have I told you? Call me Phil, or hopefully soon Dad, eh?” he said laughing heartily and nudging me in the ribs. “Where’s Eric?” Marie asked, looking around and saving me from having to respond to her father’s insinuation. “Oh, we sent him ahead to get us a table at the restaurant. We figured there was no point in him wading through all this mess.” Marie’s mom responded. We followed the flow of people back to the parking deck and piled into their car. We were soon pulling up to the restaurant. Still in our graduation robes, Marie and I walked towards the entrance hand in hand smiling broadly. We were now on the cusp of adulthood. We were looking forward to our new lives together and the world of opportunity available to us. “Oh look, there’s Eric. Hey Eric!” Marie called, waving to the tall well put-together man standing near the doors with his back to us. The man turned revealing a handsome, clean shaven-face with a well-defined jawline, and immaculately styled short dark brown hair. He smiled broadly when he noticed his sister, but then seemed to come up short and freeze when we made eye contact. As I stared, into his bright blue eyes, I felt a tingle run up my spine and my mind seemed to fuzz and grind to a halt. I was so deeply drawn into his eyes, that I barely noticed the warm trickle running down my leg. He reached out to me and I collapsed into his arms. He towered over me and my face came up to just his mid-chest. His arms wrapped around me and held me tightly to his chest as he gently stroked my hair making gentle shushing noises. “You’re safe now my Pet.” his comforting voice was the only sound I could hear and filled me with a warm glow.
  11. We all love you lots Ms Sally. We only pester you so much because we love your work. I'll happily read anything you post.
  12. Wonderful ending. I'm so glad to see you back and posting again. I hope you're doing better.
  13. Yay! I'm so glad you've returned to this story. That was a wonderful addition. I hope you keep it up.
  14. Nice start. You've definitely piqued my interest. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
  15. Chapter 6 Seeing the concern in Joshua’s face, the man named Bill smiled and said, “Really, don’t worry. I’m just going to insert an IV. We’ll be feeding you some through your gag, but you’ll need supplements. You’ll get a mild sedative to keep you calm, a little something to keep you from being uncomfortable here and some basic saline to be sure you’re hydrated. You’re going to be here for a while, so we’ll be changing your diaper from time to time as needed. I know that seems embarrassing, but we can’t let you up to go to the bathroom and besides, these rooms are just not equipped.” The man made it sound all so very reasonable and yet deep down Joshua knew better. Even though the mind tries to make sense of its surroundings; even though we try to fit our circumstances into the greater sphere of reality, none of this made sense to Joshua. The previous explanation given by the blond was too scary for words; Joshua’s treatment so far was too bizarre to make sense of; and so Joshua had no reason but to fear the worst – and have no concept for what that might even mean. Bound as he was, Joshua could not resist as he felt the rub of disinfectant and then the pinch as the needle invaded his arm. He felt the connection of a long tube which was then attached to a waiting bag of fluid hanging on a pole he just noticed attached the head of the bed. He was too distracted to realize the man had also injected three different fluids into the IV. Each one would soon have meaning to Joshua even though he had no idea what they were. Once that man had finished, the other came forward to hang a huge bag of white fluid on another arm of the pole above Joshua’s head. The hose leading down from the bag was then attached to the front of the gag in his mouth and he realized he could no longer breathe through the mask. He panicked for just a moment before resuming breathing through his nose. He heard a snap and moments later felt a trickle of liquid in his mouth. The man had released a clasp and now a sweet tasting liquid began flowing into Joshua’s mouth. “Don’t try to stop the flow. If you just suck on your feed-gag a little, you can adjust the flow to how much you want to swallow all at once. Don’t take in too much or you’ll gag, but don’t bother resisting it either. Your IV contains something to allow you to sleep after a while and you’ll want to have finished your formula before you fall asleep. There is plenty of leeway as long as you don’t resist. Remember, that is the key to your entire stay with us – don’t resist. No one here wants to hurt you. We don’t want to use the behavior aversion device in your necklace, but as you have seen, we will do what we must in order to get you to comply. Rest easy now and we’ll be looking in on you from time to time.” “And when you need to release your urine, try not to fight it. It will be hard for you – maybe even more difficult than you’d expect. Just relax and let it happen. That’s what your diaper is for. There is no shame in it – not when you have no other choice.” The men left the room. The sound of the door shutting made more noise in Joshua’s psyche than it did physically. He was already occupied in carefully deciding how much fluid to suck into his mouth before swallowing. The IV needle didn’t hurt, but he could sense it in his arm and he was a little worried that the drug would put him to sleep before he finished the liquid leading into his mouth and so he sucked as much as he dared. He focused on the feel of the IV and a well justified suspicion of unknown drugs pouring into his body and he made careful measure of sucking in and drinking the fluid – whatever it was – from the bag above his head. At the same time, he felt the thick padding of the diaper over his hairless body. The sensation of this in itself was bad enough, but he knew these men intended that he would be using it soon. He had no idea how this would feel – no recollection of wetting from his childhood – and dreaded the embarrassment of it. Even amid all these feelings swirling around him, he began to be curious about his surroundings. In part he was futilely looking for an escape. In part he wondered what further lay in store for him at the hands of his captors. This bed was solid. Even twisting and turning in his restraints, testing their strength, he could sense that the bed was firm and solid beneath him. Everything around him was white; the walls and the ceilings; the shelves and cabinets no more than three or four feet across the narrow room from him. Although he could no longer see the floor, he remembered the bright white ceramic squares of floor tiles. There was no window in the room; the bright white light furnished by a single large fluorescent fixture at the ceiling. The sheets beneath him were a rather rough cotton fabric and beneath that he could hear a plastic mattress covering rustle with any movement. As he reminded himself of his only clothing, he was disgusted by the thought of why the plastic mattress cover might be needed. Now his gaze shifted to the array on and below the cabinets to his right. The shelves were more than amply stocked with stacks of what he now recognized as disposable diapers. Next to them, several stacks of folded white cloth sat three stacks wide. He wasn’t sure what those were or what they were for. On the lower shelf, there was a maze of what he could only think of as perhaps some sort of strange plastic bags of many different colors. Again, he wasn’t sure what they were. On top of the shelves, only partially visible from this angle, he could see an array of various shaped containers. A few of the shapes he recognized from random past experience. He recognized a pink capped clear bottle of clear liquid as baby oil – that must have been what was applied to his skin before the diaper was fastened. Next to that was a solid white container with a baby blue top that he knew was baby powder. He’d quickly noticed several other packages of things when he was brought into the room, but didn’t have enough time to see what they might be. As his gave way to the embarrassing thoughts of what these items might be needed for and what might be happening to him, a signal from his bladder reminded him that he was going to need to pee at some time. He’d had a couple cups of coffee during the morning at work and in his rush to do his lunchtime errands had grabbed a quick Dunkin Donuts Coolatta to drink along the way. He had no concept of how long ago that had been – his sense of time taken from him along with his consciousness and awareness of where he now was. He tried to squeeze his legs together but his legs were bound far enough apart so it was this stretch and not even the thickness of the diaper between his legs that prevented him from doing that. He continued to make good progress on emptying the bag of fluid – the man called Bill had called it ‘formula’ – and he felt he could easily finish it before any sleeping medication took effect. Still, sucking down this liquid only aggravated the feeling of needing to pee. He wiggled his body a little trying to ease the growing need. Still the need grew from a vague sense to a painful urgency. Even so, he thought he ought to hold off as long as possible. It would be so embarrassing to pee in this diaper; he couldn’t remember his toilet training or wetting himself ever after that. He had no memory whatsoever of himself in diapers and so this experience would be ever so humiliating. He’d hold his urine as the only act of defiance he could muster at this point. He wouldn’t give in; at least not yet. Chapter 7 The minutes went by and finally even though he worked the gag in his mouth out of nervousness, the bag above him completely drained. His stomach was uncomfortably full, but his bladder even fuller and the pain only increased. Joshua wanted to hold out, but he didn’t realize the amount or kind of drugs introduced into his system through the IV and also through the feed gag. His muscle control began slowly to weaken, his eyes began to glaze. Suddenly he flinched his eyes open, realizing he was beginning to doze. As he flinched, he sensed a small involuntary release. A hot moist spot appeared and disappeared at the head of his penis. NO! He couldn’t pee himself! He tensed his body as much as he could, but couldn’t hold that tension. The drugs were beginning to take over. As the tension faded, more urine escaped until suddenly it was a flood. Joshua felt the rush of hot urine flood the tight confines of the diaper. He felt awash in hot pee as it ran around his front, gushed down the crevices of his legs and pooled at his bottom. Although it was quickly absorbed by the thick diaper, the warmth and dampness remained as a reminder of his submission. He had failed. He’d given in, however involuntary it might have been. This was a first; Joshua had wet his diaper. Joshua didn’t have long to mourn this step toward giving in to his captors. His body had already begun to give in to the relaxation of his muscles. Of course it was giving in to the inevitable, caused by the drugs given without his consent, but failure is failure; loss is loss regardless of the reason. The drugged aloofness - the mental fog creeping over him – finally enveloped him fully and he slipped off into a long sleep. Bill, the blond man, and Ed, the taller attendant came and went several times. Joshua barely felt the earphones being put into his ears and only on a deep subconscious level heard the words calmly and quietly spoken to his subconscious mind. The earphones were placed and removed several times as previous experience had determined that the various messages given were more effective with careful timing both of message and quiet time. The IV bag full of nutrient and now a consistent flow of carefully measured and blended drugs became a constant; when one bag emptied, another was immediately put in place. In his deep sleep, Joshua responded cooperatively to the prods and prompts given him as his diaper was changed that first time, and then later after he’d wet again in his sleep. Bill and Ed knew their jobs well and were appropriately gentle as they carefully wiped Joshua’s diaper area, re-applied baby oil and powder and sealed their newest acquisition in the required dress of the properties of this organization. In his drugged condition, they could release and re-do any of his restraints safely, but once Joshua was re-diapered, the restraints were always refastened even as a redundancy. When it was time, the drugs causing Joshua to sleep were dropped and replaced by one to bring him to a calm wakefulness. Joshua would awaken as if it was simply the morning after a nice restful sleep in his own bed at home. In fact, as he rose out of the depths of his deep sleep, he felt that this was true. That is, until he once again felt the tight restriction of his bonds and felt the thick padding at his waist holding him tightly in a warm, wet embrace. Still, it took a little while to realize that he was indeed restrained in a bed wearing only a wet diaper. His mind raced to recover memory. Yes, the parking garage; trying to help those men. His clothes being cut off; his hair removed; the shower and then… the diaper! He looked down and saw the IV lead into his arm and looked up at the bag of what he thought was only saline solution. He remembered the feeding gag and before that the ball gag and was relieved to feel nothing in his mouth. His mind returned to the feeling of his body – where the restraints held him, he was reminded that he had no body hair any more. Much more humiliating was the knowledge not only of wearing a diaper, but that he had used it. This was his own urine in that diaper. He’d given in to these people, whoever they were. What was it they wanted? What was it they were going to do with him? The words came back – “acquisition” – “property” – oh no! Yes, now he remembered something about “put up for sale at auction!” That couldn’t be true. That sort of thing just didn’t happen. He had to be kidding. But what did he mean? He didn’t have long to wait, as soon the man named Bill entered the room. He walked to the side of the bed and smiled at Joshua. “Well, it’s good to see you awake. How are you feeling?” Joshua’s blood began heating. In spite of the anger he began to feel, he remembered the power of the chain around his neck. He also knew he was completely under their control. A simple outburst would get him nowhere. Still, he blurted out, “What do you mean how do I feel? What’s going on here? You need to let me out of here. You can’t keep me here like this.” The man’s smile didn’t fade. He simply replied, “Of course we can keep you here like this. Who’s going to stop us?” “But, I’ll be missed. I was supposed to be back at work hours ago. People at work will miss me. My girlfriend will miss me. The police will get involved. They’ll track you down. There is no way you can get away with this.” Joshua really believed all this and was sure this reasoning would have an effect on his captors. Instead, Bill just chuckled. “Don’t be naïve. You aren’t the first we’ve taken. I’m sure the police have been notified – probably within a day after you disappeared.” HOW MUCH TIME HAD PASSED?? Shock rocked through Joshua’s body! Had days passed? How long had they had him out? How could this be possible? “What?” Joshua blurted. “How long have I been out?” “Relax, we’ve taken good care of you. As you’ve been told, you are our property now and as such are very valuable. You’ve got a ways to go before we can put you up for sale, but I can tell you, you’ll get a good price for us,’ he said casually. “You can’t get away with this!” Joshua insisted. Bill just smiled. I hope that's cool with you Pt, I had it in my files so I just went ahead and posted the missing chapters.