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  1. Wonderful ending. I'm so glad to see you back and posting again. I hope you're doing better.
  2. Yay! I'm so glad you've returned to this story. That was a wonderful addition. I hope you keep it up.
  3. Nice start. You've definitely piqued my interest. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
  4. Chapter 6 Seeing the concern in Joshua’s face, the man named Bill smiled and said, “Really, don’t worry. I’m just going to insert an IV. We’ll be feeding you some through your gag, but you’ll need supplements. You’ll get a mild sedative to keep you calm, a little something to keep you from being uncomfortable here and some basic saline to be sure you’re hydrated. You’re going to be here for a while, so we’ll be changing your diaper from time to time as needed. I know that seems embarrassing, but we can’t let you up to go to the bathroom and besides, these rooms are just not equipped.” The man made it sound all so very reasonable and yet deep down Joshua knew better. Even though the mind tries to make sense of its surroundings; even though we try to fit our circumstances into the greater sphere of reality, none of this made sense to Joshua. The previous explanation given by the blond was too scary for words; Joshua’s treatment so far was too bizarre to make sense of; and so Joshua had no reason but to fear the worst – and have no concept for what that might even mean. Bound as he was, Joshua could not resist as he felt the rub of disinfectant and then the pinch as the needle invaded his arm. He felt the connection of a long tube which was then attached to a waiting bag of fluid hanging on a pole he just noticed attached the head of the bed. He was too distracted to realize the man had also injected three different fluids into the IV. Each one would soon have meaning to Joshua even though he had no idea what they were. Once that man had finished, the other came forward to hang a huge bag of white fluid on another arm of the pole above Joshua’s head. The hose leading down from the bag was then attached to the front of the gag in his mouth and he realized he could no longer breathe through the mask. He panicked for just a moment before resuming breathing through his nose. He heard a snap and moments later felt a trickle of liquid in his mouth. The man had released a clasp and now a sweet tasting liquid began flowing into Joshua’s mouth. “Don’t try to stop the flow. If you just suck on your feed-gag a little, you can adjust the flow to how much you want to swallow all at once. Don’t take in too much or you’ll gag, but don’t bother resisting it either. Your IV contains something to allow you to sleep after a while and you’ll want to have finished your formula before you fall asleep. There is plenty of leeway as long as you don’t resist. Remember, that is the key to your entire stay with us – don’t resist. No one here wants to hurt you. We don’t want to use the behavior aversion device in your necklace, but as you have seen, we will do what we must in order to get you to comply. Rest easy now and we’ll be looking in on you from time to time.” “And when you need to release your urine, try not to fight it. It will be hard for you – maybe even more difficult than you’d expect. Just relax and let it happen. That’s what your diaper is for. There is no shame in it – not when you have no other choice.” The men left the room. The sound of the door shutting made more noise in Joshua’s psyche than it did physically. He was already occupied in carefully deciding how much fluid to suck into his mouth before swallowing. The IV needle didn’t hurt, but he could sense it in his arm and he was a little worried that the drug would put him to sleep before he finished the liquid leading into his mouth and so he sucked as much as he dared. He focused on the feel of the IV and a well justified suspicion of unknown drugs pouring into his body and he made careful measure of sucking in and drinking the fluid – whatever it was – from the bag above his head. At the same time, he felt the thick padding of the diaper over his hairless body. The sensation of this in itself was bad enough, but he knew these men intended that he would be using it soon. He had no idea how this would feel – no recollection of wetting from his childhood – and dreaded the embarrassment of it. Even amid all these feelings swirling around him, he began to be curious about his surroundings. In part he was futilely looking for an escape. In part he wondered what further lay in store for him at the hands of his captors. This bed was solid. Even twisting and turning in his restraints, testing their strength, he could sense that the bed was firm and solid beneath him. Everything around him was white; the walls and the ceilings; the shelves and cabinets no more than three or four feet across the narrow room from him. Although he could no longer see the floor, he remembered the bright white ceramic squares of floor tiles. There was no window in the room; the bright white light furnished by a single large fluorescent fixture at the ceiling. The sheets beneath him were a rather rough cotton fabric and beneath that he could hear a plastic mattress covering rustle with any movement. As he reminded himself of his only clothing, he was disgusted by the thought of why the plastic mattress cover might be needed. Now his gaze shifted to the array on and below the cabinets to his right. The shelves were more than amply stocked with stacks of what he now recognized as disposable diapers. Next to them, several stacks of folded white cloth sat three stacks wide. He wasn’t sure what those were or what they were for. On the lower shelf, there was a maze of what he could only think of as perhaps some sort of strange plastic bags of many different colors. Again, he wasn’t sure what they were. On top of the shelves, only partially visible from this angle, he could see an array of various shaped containers. A few of the shapes he recognized from random past experience. He recognized a pink capped clear bottle of clear liquid as baby oil – that must have been what was applied to his skin before the diaper was fastened. Next to that was a solid white container with a baby blue top that he knew was baby powder. He’d quickly noticed several other packages of things when he was brought into the room, but didn’t have enough time to see what they might be. As his gave way to the embarrassing thoughts of what these items might be needed for and what might be happening to him, a signal from his bladder reminded him that he was going to need to pee at some time. He’d had a couple cups of coffee during the morning at work and in his rush to do his lunchtime errands had grabbed a quick Dunkin Donuts Coolatta to drink along the way. He had no concept of how long ago that had been – his sense of time taken from him along with his consciousness and awareness of where he now was. He tried to squeeze his legs together but his legs were bound far enough apart so it was this stretch and not even the thickness of the diaper between his legs that prevented him from doing that. He continued to make good progress on emptying the bag of fluid – the man called Bill had called it ‘formula’ – and he felt he could easily finish it before any sleeping medication took effect. Still, sucking down this liquid only aggravated the feeling of needing to pee. He wiggled his body a little trying to ease the growing need. Still the need grew from a vague sense to a painful urgency. Even so, he thought he ought to hold off as long as possible. It would be so embarrassing to pee in this diaper; he couldn’t remember his toilet training or wetting himself ever after that. He had no memory whatsoever of himself in diapers and so this experience would be ever so humiliating. He’d hold his urine as the only act of defiance he could muster at this point. He wouldn’t give in; at least not yet. Chapter 7 The minutes went by and finally even though he worked the gag in his mouth out of nervousness, the bag above him completely drained. His stomach was uncomfortably full, but his bladder even fuller and the pain only increased. Joshua wanted to hold out, but he didn’t realize the amount or kind of drugs introduced into his system through the IV and also through the feed gag. His muscle control began slowly to weaken, his eyes began to glaze. Suddenly he flinched his eyes open, realizing he was beginning to doze. As he flinched, he sensed a small involuntary release. A hot moist spot appeared and disappeared at the head of his penis. NO! He couldn’t pee himself! He tensed his body as much as he could, but couldn’t hold that tension. The drugs were beginning to take over. As the tension faded, more urine escaped until suddenly it was a flood. Joshua felt the rush of hot urine flood the tight confines of the diaper. He felt awash in hot pee as it ran around his front, gushed down the crevices of his legs and pooled at his bottom. Although it was quickly absorbed by the thick diaper, the warmth and dampness remained as a reminder of his submission. He had failed. He’d given in, however involuntary it might have been. This was a first; Joshua had wet his diaper. Joshua didn’t have long to mourn this step toward giving in to his captors. His body had already begun to give in to the relaxation of his muscles. Of course it was giving in to the inevitable, caused by the drugs given without his consent, but failure is failure; loss is loss regardless of the reason. The drugged aloofness - the mental fog creeping over him – finally enveloped him fully and he slipped off into a long sleep. Bill, the blond man, and Ed, the taller attendant came and went several times. Joshua barely felt the earphones being put into his ears and only on a deep subconscious level heard the words calmly and quietly spoken to his subconscious mind. The earphones were placed and removed several times as previous experience had determined that the various messages given were more effective with careful timing both of message and quiet time. The IV bag full of nutrient and now a consistent flow of carefully measured and blended drugs became a constant; when one bag emptied, another was immediately put in place. In his deep sleep, Joshua responded cooperatively to the prods and prompts given him as his diaper was changed that first time, and then later after he’d wet again in his sleep. Bill and Ed knew their jobs well and were appropriately gentle as they carefully wiped Joshua’s diaper area, re-applied baby oil and powder and sealed their newest acquisition in the required dress of the properties of this organization. In his drugged condition, they could release and re-do any of his restraints safely, but once Joshua was re-diapered, the restraints were always refastened even as a redundancy. When it was time, the drugs causing Joshua to sleep were dropped and replaced by one to bring him to a calm wakefulness. Joshua would awaken as if it was simply the morning after a nice restful sleep in his own bed at home. In fact, as he rose out of the depths of his deep sleep, he felt that this was true. That is, until he once again felt the tight restriction of his bonds and felt the thick padding at his waist holding him tightly in a warm, wet embrace. Still, it took a little while to realize that he was indeed restrained in a bed wearing only a wet diaper. His mind raced to recover memory. Yes, the parking garage; trying to help those men. His clothes being cut off; his hair removed; the shower and then… the diaper! He looked down and saw the IV lead into his arm and looked up at the bag of what he thought was only saline solution. He remembered the feeding gag and before that the ball gag and was relieved to feel nothing in his mouth. His mind returned to the feeling of his body – where the restraints held him, he was reminded that he had no body hair any more. Much more humiliating was the knowledge not only of wearing a diaper, but that he had used it. This was his own urine in that diaper. He’d given in to these people, whoever they were. What was it they wanted? What was it they were going to do with him? The words came back – “acquisition” – “property” – oh no! Yes, now he remembered something about “put up for sale at auction!” That couldn’t be true. That sort of thing just didn’t happen. He had to be kidding. But what did he mean? He didn’t have long to wait, as soon the man named Bill entered the room. He walked to the side of the bed and smiled at Joshua. “Well, it’s good to see you awake. How are you feeling?” Joshua’s blood began heating. In spite of the anger he began to feel, he remembered the power of the chain around his neck. He also knew he was completely under their control. A simple outburst would get him nowhere. Still, he blurted out, “What do you mean how do I feel? What’s going on here? You need to let me out of here. You can’t keep me here like this.” The man’s smile didn’t fade. He simply replied, “Of course we can keep you here like this. Who’s going to stop us?” “But, I’ll be missed. I was supposed to be back at work hours ago. People at work will miss me. My girlfriend will miss me. The police will get involved. They’ll track you down. There is no way you can get away with this.” Joshua really believed all this and was sure this reasoning would have an effect on his captors. Instead, Bill just chuckled. “Don’t be naïve. You aren’t the first we’ve taken. I’m sure the police have been notified – probably within a day after you disappeared.” HOW MUCH TIME HAD PASSED?? Shock rocked through Joshua’s body! Had days passed? How long had they had him out? How could this be possible? “What?” Joshua blurted. “How long have I been out?” “Relax, we’ve taken good care of you. As you’ve been told, you are our property now and as such are very valuable. You’ve got a ways to go before we can put you up for sale, but I can tell you, you’ll get a good price for us,’ he said casually. “You can’t get away with this!” Joshua insisted. Bill just smiled. I hope that's cool with you Pt, I had it in my files so I just went ahead and posted the missing chapters.
  5. Purchased and reviewed. Honestly it could use a little more of a polish and there wasn't quite enough babying for my tastes. That being said I enjoyed it and look forward to future installments.
  6. I agree with SGT I'm very excited to see what obedience class looks like.
  7. Poor Chrissy. He just got there and he's already on his third diaper change. Somehow I don't think he's going to fit in very good with group 4. "Teens" sound awfully mature for him.
  8. Great work as always Miss Sally. Can't wait to see what's in store for Chris at his first day of daycare.
  9. I absolutely love this story. The idea of having to be kept in cages, on a leash and in a diaper for your own good is just so deliciously humiliating and fantastic.
  10. I'm glad to see you posting again and super excited to finally see an end to this story.
  11. Very well written. I can't wait to see more.