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  1. Thanks as usual for the lovely compliments! Ann and Joe. Chapter 9 Joe was quiet as Ann changed his diaper. He lifted his bottom when requested, and spread his legs so that Ann could tug the diaper that Peg had left between his legs. He lay quietly afterwards in his bed, with the quilt pulled up around his neck. He could feel the soft padding around his hips. It wasn't such a bad feeling, he thought as he drifted off to sleep. He woke an hour later when Ann enetered his bedroom. 'Hi, honey,' she said. 'Did you have a nice sleep?' 'Yes,' answered Joe. He did feel rested. Having a sleep in the afternoon wasn't such a bad idea, he decided. 'Do you need a change, sweetie?' Ann asked. Joe squeezed his thighs together and felt the thick mass of the diaper between them. He was surprised he had wet, then realised that he was wetting most nights now, and an afternoon sleep wasn't much different. Ann didn't seem too worried, not like her concern, even annoyance, when he had woken wet in the mornings and the sheets needed washing. 'Yes,' Joe said quietly. 'Well, let's get you changed then,' said Ann brightly. She thought it was a little odd that while she had been exasperated by Joe's bedwetting, changing his wet diaper was actually a pleasure. She liked looking after him. The changing routine was as before, with Ann humming as she sprinkled talc on Joe's genitals and backside. Joe had learned what to do, and could anticipate the movements now. He found some enjoyment in the process too. Joe watched videos for the rest of the afternoon, then sat down at the table for an early dinner. 'I have some work to do,' said Ann, 'So I'lll eat later. I think you should have an early night. Peg said that for the next little while, you should be getting good sleeps. You've had a some adjusting to do and Peg thinks sleep will help. Your dinner is on the table.' 'What time is it?' asked Joe. It still seemed early. 'Nearly 6 o'clock,' said Ann. 'I want you tucked up in bed by 6.30, so let's get your dinner into you.' '6.30!' said Joe. 'It's still light!' '6.30,' said Ann firmly. 'I've had a long chat to Peg about your routine. If you're good, I'll let you stay up to 7 in a few nights, but your bedtime is 6.30, no arguments, I'm afraid.' 'Ann,' Joe began. Ann looked at him severely. 'No Joe,' she said. 'You're not in a position to negotiate. I'm going to help you through this, and I'm going to do it the proper way. I want you to trust Peg and me to do the best for you, OK?' Joe couldn't see much use arguing. 'Mmm,' he said. 'That's not an answer, Joe,' said Ann, 'I want you to tell me you trust PEg and I to do the best for you, please.' Joe looked at the vegetables on his plate. He didn't really like cooked carrots. 'I trust you and Peg,' he said. 'To do the best for me, come on Joe,' prompted Ann. 'To do the best for me,' said Joe without much enthusiasm. 'Good boy,' said Ann. 'And eat those carrots, don't just push them around on your plate.' 'I don't like carrots,' said Joe. Joe had begun to get tired of having to do what Ann asked. He wanted to reestablish a little autonomy. 'I've had enough dinner,' said Joe, pushing his chair back. 'I'm going to watch the rest fo the video.' 'No, Joe, you're not,' said Ann decisively. 'You are going to eat your dinner.' Joe was surprised at the ease with shich Ann pushed his chair back in. The edge of the table now pushed into Joe's tummy. 'Open up,' commanded Ann. Joe turned his had a little to see a forkful of carrot inches from his mouth. He opned his lips to speak and Ann popped the fork between them. Joe had no option but to take the mouthful of soft carrots and chew them. 'Good boy!' said Ann, and had another forkful ready when Joe had swallowed. Oh, well, he thought. What's the use. Ann fed Joe the half dozen mouthfuls of vegetables and beef stew that was left on his plate, then wiped around jhis mouth. 'That wasn't so bad, was it?' she asked. 'Can I go now?' asked Joe. 'Yes,' said Ann with a smile. 'Off you go.' She watched Joe waddle back to the sofa. To her surprise, he plopped himself down in front of it and hit the remote. Ann sat in the chair Joe had vacated. She smiled, and idly drew her fingers across the taut cloth of her crotch. She shifted her backside a little to thrust her crotch forward a little. She let her fingers dance over her clitoris, then pressed the area, enjoying the feeling. Her other hand went to her breast. She glanced quickly at Joe, who was engrossed in his cartoon. Ann swallowed, and reluctantly stood up and gathered Joe's plate and cutlery. In the kitcheen, she pressed her crotch against the cupboards as she washed up his dishes. 'No,' she told herself. She really did have some business work to do, and went to her study when she had tidied up in the kitcheen, kissing the top oof Joe's head on the way. He really was a nice boy, she thought. Joe was still dry at bedtime, and it didn't take long for Ann to get him settled in bed. Ann worked for a few hours, checked on Joe who was sleeping soundly and went to bed. The next morning, Joe woke after a very good night's sleep. His first thought was about work. He found he couldn't think of exactly what he had to do ther today, then he felt the diaper around his thighs. Reality dawned. He didn't go to work any more. He was in his bed, and in his diaper, which he could feel was very wet beneath his plastic pants. He hears footsteps in the hall outside his door. 'Ann!' he called. Ann walked in, smiling, wearing underclothes. 'Good morning!' she said. 'How's my little sleeping beauty?' 'OK,' said Joe. 'Ann...' 'First things first,' said Ann. 'I've had my shower, and when you're up and dressed, we'll decide what to do today. I'm having a day off, and I think we should do something nice. Let's get you out fo your diaper and into the bathroom. Up you get!' Ann had pulled back the quilt. Joe was wearing a t-shirt over his diaper, and slid his legs out of the bed. As he stood up, Ann saw the sagging crotch of the diaper. She took Joe's hand and led him into the bathroom where she helped him off with his plastic pants and slid down his heavily wet diaper without comment before sitting Joe on the toilet. Joe watched her breasts swinging slightly in her bra. He watched the mound of her vulva as she moved. There was only the thinnest fabric over it. He thought of his little penis beneath the thick diaper. 'Ann,' he said. 'What, honey?' replied Ann. 'Have you ever worn a diaper?' Joe asked. 'Not that I can remember,' said Ann. 'Why?' 'I was just wondering,' said Joe. 'I don't need to,' said Ann. 'But yo do, so let's get you showered and into a nice clean one, and then we can get going.' 'Where to?' asked Joe. 'All in good time,' said Ann. 'Are you going to do poos?' 'I don't think so,' said Joe. He was getting used to the terminology. 'Are you sure?' asked Ann, looking at him. Joe looked back at Ann's shapely body. He didn't feel any twinge of sexual desire, but he did want her to give him a hug. He felt a strange kind of longing, and without being aware of it, stretched out his arms towards Ann while he sat on the toilet, and began to cry. Ann stared at hikm for a moment, then laughed. She walked towards him and and embraced him. 'Hey, no tears!' she said as she bent down and hugged him. Joe buried his face in Ann's breasts. 'Come on,' she said, helping him up. 'Shower time.' To be continued.
  2. Hey! I gave finished a couple, at least! Anyway, I'm glad you like them. Now, for a bit more of Ann and Joe. I haven't got a lot of time, but I'd like to move it on a little. Ann and Joe. Chapter 8 Joe was very pleased to hear Ann's car arrive, but his joy didn't last long. Ann said hello, then told him to wait in the living room while she talked to Peg. The pair went to Ann's room and Joe didn't dare try to listen in. Not with Peg here. Joe regarded Peg as bossy, but knew that Ann liked her, so it wasn't worth upsetting Peg. Joe sat quietly, watching the video Peg had put on. Joe had seen it many times, but he always forgot how the story went, and was soon as engrossed in it as ever. 'Well, honey,' Ann said. 'Peg said you were mostly good.' Joe swung around to see Ann smiling at him. He looked around for Peg. 'Peg's gone home, honey,' Ann said. 'She called out goodbye, but you were glued to your video.' 'Mmmgggpph,' replied Joe. Ann laughed, and reaching down to where Joe sat on the floor, beat Joe's reflexes by slipping his paci from his mouth. 'Hey!' objected Joe, then began to feel embarrassed. 'She gave it to me to try,' he said. 'I didn't want it. I'm too old...' 'Nonsense!' said Ann. 'But I want to talk to you.' Joe felt uncomfortable at that, and became aware of the thick diaper and plastic pants he was wearing beneath his t-shirt. 'She made me wear, this, you know..' Joe began. 'Your diaper. Yes, sweetie, I know. That's because you need to wear it,' said Ann. 'I don't!' Joe retorted. 'I don't! It was just her...' 'Joe, honey,' said Ann, stroking his hair. 'She did!' said Joe. 'From her car. I don't need it. I didn't have it yesterday, I didn't need it then!' 'Joe, you did need a diaper yesterday. You have needed to be in a diaper for a long time now. Peg was right. I didn't know what you needed, and nor did you, but you do need to be in a diaper, honey. All those wet beds, sweetie, and your wet panties all the time. You need your diaper, Joe.' Joe was close to tears. He told Ann that he was too big for diapers, and told her he only wore them because Peg made him, but Ann put her fingers over Joes mouth, and with her other hand, gently pressed the bulging front of Joe's diaper. 'Honey, you're very wet,' Ann said quietly. 'When did that happen? Ann said she changed you only an hour ago.' Joe looked at Ann. 'I don't know,' he said honestly, and began to sob. 'Come on, baby,' said Ann, helping him up. 'Peg's left some fresh diapers for you, and us bring more tomorrow. I think you need a change and an early night.' Ann helped Joe to his feet. As he stood up, he felt a soft bowel movement push into the seat of his diaper. He began to wail as Ann led him into his bathroom. 'It's ok, baby,' she assured him. 'Well get you all changed and comfy in a nice clean diaper, and you can have a sleep. OK, honey?' Ann remembered Joe's paci and retrieved it from her pocket. Joe accepted it readily, and it seemed to calm his tears a little. 'Peg was right,' she thought. Ann felt sorry for Joe, but couldn't help a little flush of maternal pride as she considered that she was handling Joe as well as Peg said she would. It really did seem to come naturally from deep within her, just as Peg had said. Short, but to be continued.
  3. A Bentley R Type Continental, no less! I saw a cream coloured one once and asked what it was. It's about the sexiest machine on wheels, if it's the old one with a long sloping tail. Business doesn't sound too good in that neck of the woods! I hope things look up for Anden. I have a feeling he's going to be well looked after.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments, guys. I'm a bit worried about this story. I like to keep things realistic - well, sort of - and I'm worried this story is going too fast. I've typed the last few chapters on an iPad screen, and I think the slower typing gives the impression of things going slowly when they're not. I could have inserted a few 'A few weeks later's here and there to slow things down, but I'm hoping that given Peg's forceful personality, Joe's incapacities and submissiveness and Ann's slight cluelessness that disbelief can be suspended without too much of a strain. Its been quite a day for Joe, and there's a lot more to come. I'm interested in psychological relationships when there are power imbalances involved, although I don't know much about psychology, and there are some avenues I want to explore. I have some quite wild daydreams, some a bit dark (but not involving real pain or anything really physically over the top brutal) and I'd like to work some of those in. Maybe a sort of stepped approach is best - a rapid descent followed by a 'period of consolidation'. We'll see. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you enjoy it. It's funny - men are humiliated horribly in my stories, but I really enjoy the difference between men and women, and actually I love giving men pleasure. It's a paradox. Sal
  5. Ann and Joe. Chapter 7 Peg hurried to the living room. The video was still running, but Joe was nowhere to be seen. Then Peg saw the pink plastic pants lying on the floor near the door to the passage that led to Joe's bedroom. 'Right,' said Peg aloud. 'That boy is in trouble.' She reached Joe's bathroom. On the floor of the hallway, near the partly open door, was Joe's diaper. Angrily, Peg picked it up. It was heavy and wet, with all the tapes still secured but one. Joe had obviously slithered out of it. Really angry now, Peg scowled at the wet patch on the carpet, and shoved the door open. There were wet puddles on the white bathroom tiles, leading to the toilet on which sat, crying miserably, Joe. Peg stood and glared at him for a long moment. She still had the sodden diaper in her hand, and approached Joe. 'No, please!' whimpered Joe. Peg threw the diaper at him, hitting him in the face. Joe began wailing. Peg picked up the diaper, and thrust it at Joe's red, tearful face. 'What is this?' she demanded furiously. 'D, diaper,' replied Joe through his tears. 'Whose diaper?' Peg demanded. 'M,m,mine,' wailed Joe. 'And why aren't you wearing it?' asked Peg. 'I took it off,' said Joe . 'I can see that, you stupid little boy,' said Peg. 'Why did you take it off?' Joe looked up at Peg. He was genuinely fearful. 'I wanted to pee,' he replied, looking away from Peg. 'Look at me, you pathetic little boy!' ordered Peg. 'Why do you think you are in diapers?' 'I wet,' said Joe, gulping back his sobs. 'Exactly,' said Peg. 'You are a little boy who can't control his wetting and pooping, so you wear diapers. So why did you take it off?' Joe knew Peg was right. He reverted to the answer every child gave when they knew they were wrong. 'I don't know,' he said. 'Get up!' said Peg, dropping the diaper and pulling Joe to his feet. 'You thought you could use the toilet like a grown up, didn't you? Look at that wet diaper, and look at this wet floor. That's your pee, Joey. I think it's obvious that you're very far from a grown up, isn't it? I think you're closer to a baby, aren't you?' 'Im not a baby,' Joe managed. 'No?' said Peg, then how do you...' Joe clutched suddenly at Peg, let out an agonised grunt and pooped on the white tiled floor. He stared wide-eyed at Peg. 'Oh, for heaven's sake,' said Peg. 'You really are a naughty, disgusting little child. Turn around and bend over.' 'Please, no!' wailed Joe. 'I didn't mean to!' 'Be quiet,' said Peg. 'I'm going to clean your disgusting little bottom. Bend over.' Joe bent over as Peg took some toilet paper from the roll and roughly wiped his backside. She stood him up again, picked up the diaper and demanded he put his legs back in it. When she had pushed his little penis downwards inside the wet diaper, she tugged the thick garment back up around Joe's waist, she secured the loose tape as tightly as she could. 'I'm going to clean up this revolting mess, then I'm going to deal with you,' said Peg. She used more toilet paper to pick up Joe's poop then wiped up that area and the puddles of yellow pee. 'I hope you're as disappointed as I am,' Peg said as she worked. 'When Ann asked me to babysit you, I expected a good little kid, not some toddler from Hell. For future reference, you are not ever, ever, to take off your diaper. Do you understand that? If you need to wee or poo, you are to use your diaper. That is why you are wearing a diaper, and that is what you are expected to do. You may use the grown up toilet if an adult takes off your diaper and sits you on it, but otherwise, you are to use your diaper as everyone expects you to. Got that? Now, what do you do if you need to wee or poo?' 'Use my diaper,' said Joe. He was still sobbing quietly. 'Good boy,' said Peg, 'But you're not out of trouble yet. You have to learn that behaviour has consequences. We're cleaned up here. I want you back in the living room. Come on.' Peg extended her hand. Joe took it hesitantly, and waddled after Pam back to the living room. Peg stood him next to an armchair, and sat down. She turned Joe towards her and pulled down his diaper. Joe was shaking, not with cold but with fear about what was to happen. Peg held him with one hand either side of his hips. Joe had very little muscle tone, and had been putting on weight. With his smooth skin, rounded tummy and full, soft buttocks, he could have been a chubby little girl except for the little pink knob below his chubby belly. Peg swung him over her knees,Mandy delivered a very sound spanking. Pat the end of it, Joe was crying and wailing like any toddler. He was beyond speech, and kept up his crying as Peg put him in a clean diaper from her bag. She took from the bag another pair of pink plastic pants, decorated this time with teddy bears and hearts. She also took a large pacifier from the bag. 'I'm going to let you have a paci for a few minutes until you've calmed down,', Peg said. She put the paci in Joe's mouth as he sat unhappily on the rug in front of her. Joe was glad of it. It was just what he needed, and he did calm down as he sucked away. Peg took her cell phone from the pocket of her pants and sat back to take a couple of shots of Joe. 'For my scrapbook,' Peg said. 'I'll give you one too,' she said to Joe. 'It might remind you to behave around adults.' Joe didn't care. He was just glad the spanking had stopped. He was focused on the lovely soft teat in his mouth. 'That's better,' said Peg, smiling at Joe once more. Joe felt better too. He would have smiled back, despite his spanking, if it weren't for the paci between his lips. He really was grateful for that. He had forgotten how good one felt, and his thumb was a poor substitute for the soft, slippery vinyl. After a few minutes, Peg suggested he sit and watch the remainder of the video. 'If you can be a good little boy, and not be such a baby. Do you think you can stop being a baby?' Peg asked. Joe felt confused again. He looked down at the thick diaper under his babyish plastic pants, and sucked hard on his paci. 'Not a baby,' he tried to say. The words were garbled, and produced a drool of saliva which left a dark trail on Joe's t-shirt, but Peg understood, and kissed the top of his head. Joe gurgled happily, and felt no concern as he peed into his diaper. As Peg had said, he had no control over his peeing and pooping. That was why he was wearing a diaper and adults expected him to use it. 'Of course you're not, sweetie,' said Peg. 'Ann will be home soon. I'll give her your paci for special occasions, so, open up!' Peg held out her hand to take the paci from Joe. 'No!' he said defensively, clamping his teeth down on the much-enjoyed paci. To be continued.
  6. Ann and Joe. Chapter 6 Peg worked hard to reassure Joe that his treatment wasn't unusual, that it was entirely appropriate to his situation and the he was very far from alone. 'Many other girls and boys' were in exactly the same position, with their mothers and carers right now doing exactly as Peg was doing with Joe. Peg's intention as always was to impress on Joe that things were normal. It was a different reality for Joe, Peg was well aware, but she wanted him to see it as an absolutely acceptable, and inevitable one. Peg wanted Ann too to realise that the changes in her and Joe's life were both inevitable and OK. Peg rang Ann once she had Joe settled watching Jumanji. It was one of his favourite movies, and Peg had made Joe comfortable on the floor to watch it. She'd given Joe his blue cushion, and set the remote then taken it with her. She wanted Joe to have to ask her if he wanted to adjust the volume or pause the movie. As with his bathing and even toileting, Peg wanted to take as much control from Joe as possible. So far, things were going to plan. Joe had spent the day with no more control over what went on than a very young child would have. He didn't seem to miss any lost autonomy, and any attempts by him or annoyance at having no say in things had been dealt with by Peg assuring him that everything was as it should be and that 'lots of other girls and boys' were finding things just as he did. Peg's strategy was starting to bear fruit. Joe was beginning to accept the world Peg was trying to build around him, and was beginning to regard himself as one of those 'many girls and boys'. Peg wanted Ann to believe in the same new reality where Joe was concerned. Peg wanted Ann to see herself not as the wife of a man with some serious problems, but as the mother of the child she had never had. Peg's personality was a strange one. She had grown up in a male dominated family. Her mother had died when Peg was very young,and she had been brought up by her domineering father and older siblings. Her resentment of male control grew into a resentment of men having any power at all. Her only personal relationships had been lesbian ones with women who shared her dim view of men. When Ann had invited Peg into her life and Joe's, she had invited in much more than a carer to help with Joe. As Peg spoke to Ann on the phone, Ann was astounded that Peg had got Joe into diapers, but began to understand the wisdom and necessity of the change as Peg explained the value of constructing an appropriate new normality for Joe. There would be new rules, and Joe would develop new expectations both of his behaviour and of the people around him. That meant mostly Ann, and Peg, who Ann agreed needed as much involvement with Joe as possible. That was the best thing for Joe, and for Ann as well. Peg covered with Ann such important topics as language. It was always to be wees, poos and the potty, of course, and 'grown ups' and 'other girls and boys'. The emphasis on girls rather than boys was to reduce in Joe any thoughts that as a male he was entitled to some control. Ann agreed with Peg that it was best to avoid with Joe any reference to his gender at all. At the childish level where he would be most comfortable, Peg had assured Ann, the girl/boy distinction didn't really matter anyway. Joe wasn't due any personal privacy, either, while Peg emphasised the need for Ann to maintain hers. It was no longer appropriate, for example, for Joe to see Ann naked. Underwear was fine, but Joe should see Ann as an adult and not as an equal, and certainly not with any sexual interest, which would be completely inappropriate now. Ann had laughed nervously at that. 'He's not interested any more,' she said. 'Except for my boobs. He loves those. He can hardly keep his eyes, or hands off them when I give him the chance.' 'Nursing is fine, too. Perfect, in fact,' said Peg. 'Nursing?' queried Ann, mystified. Now Peg laughed. 'Yes,' she said. 'You shouldn't waste those lovely big boobs. We might see if you can start lactating, too.' Ann was quiet for a moment as she realised what Peg had said. A thrill shot through her, then a wave of guilt, then a rush of pleasurable anticipation. At that moment, Ann gave away any doubts she had about Peg's program for Joe. She felt this was what she'd been looking for without knowing it. She was on board. 'Yes, Peg,' Ann said. 'You're right. You really are.' Peg sensed Ann's mood, even over the phone. 'Good girl,' she said. 'Now I'd better go and check on Joey. It's been a while, and he may need a change.' Ann felt another wave of strange pleasure. 'Is he really in a diaper?' she asked. 'Oh yes,' said Peg. 'He's sitting on the floor with his blue cushion, watching his video in a diaper, plastic pants and a big t-shirt. I gave him a bath, and he looks absolutely adorable. You're very lucky, Ann.' Ann grinned into the phone. She knew she was very lucky. 'And so is Joey, to have such a wonderful mommy,' Peg said. Ann was quiet for a moment. Things had changed so much. But this was real, and the best thing that could have happened, under the circumstances. Thank you, Peg,' said Ann, then added impulsively, 'I want to give you a big hug!' 'I feel the same,' replied Peg warmly, softly kneading one of her soft breasts as she spoke. 'Don't forget Joey in all the hugging.' 'Of course not,' said Ann. 'Joey too.' After Peg had hung up to check on Joey, Ann sat back at her desk. 'Joey,' she thought happily. 'I'm a mommy after all!' 'Peggy!' Joey called urgently from the living room. Peg was disturbed by the anguish, even anger in his voice. To be continued.
  7. Ann and Joe. Chapter 5 'First things first,' said Peg, taking Joe by the hand and standing him up. 'You need a good wash.' Peg marched Joe off to his bathroom, where she took off Joe's sweater and shirt and wrapped him in a towel while she ran the bath. Joe was used now to being naked in front of this strong woman. He found it easy to simply do what he was told. It reminded him of when he was a child. His mother and big sisters would take command when they were around him, and Peg was no different. She seemed to have an answer for everything, and Joe felt that he was just a little cog in her machine. The bathwater was a few inches deep now, and Peg took off Joe's towel and helped him into the big bath. It had been years since anyone had bathed Joe. He let Peg call the shots. 'First we'll get your hair nice and clean, then work on the rest of you,' said Peg, putting a glob of shampoo on Joe's head and using a cup of bathwater to begin the shampooing operation. Joe sat in the bath with his eyes screwed shut. Peg worked away, chattering about what lovely hair Joe had, and telling him how proud she was of the way he was being so grown up about his diapers. Every time Peg said 'his diapers' Joe winced. Peg seemed to pick up Joe's discomfort. 'Lots of girls and boys just like you wear diapers all the time too,' Peg assured him, bending to kiss his cheek. 'They get used to them just like you will. Just thinkmof them as your special panties, because you're special. If you go out with Ann, you can wear something over them and no-one will take any notice. You'll look just like any other boy or girl.' 'I'm grown up, I mean an adult!' objected Joe, sensitive about Peg's use of 'boy'. 'Oh, I don't think age matters, honey,' replied Peg. 'The main thing is that you're comfortable, and you don't want to be wetting your pants in front of everyone all the time, do you Joey?' 'No,' agreed Joe. 'But...' 'Joe!' exclaimed Peg. 'You're peeing in the bath!' joe looked down to see the slight yellowish stream in the bathwater between his legs. He was surprised, and managed to stop the flow. He was relaxed in the warm water, and hadn't really been conscious of what he was doing. It felt as natural as breathing. 'That's very naughty!' said Peg. She had rinsed Joe's hair and lifted him bodily out of the bath. 'I'm going to sit you on the potty for a while,' she said, helping Joe to the toilet, lifting the lid and placing him squarely in the seat. 'That was very naughty of you. I want you to sit there and do your best to finish your wee, and do poos as well if you can. I should have put you on the potty first.' joe sat while Peg watched him. His mother and sisters used to make him sit in the toilet before his bath, years ago. Joe wondered how it was possible that things hadn't changed in all that time. He strained as best he could, and managed to pee some more. Then there was a plop sound. 'Good boy!' said Peg after a few moments. 'Are you all done? ' 'I think so,' said Joe. It seemed like a strange dream to Joe, but he reminded himself that this was reality. His life really had changed so much. This big, motherly woman was congratulating him for using the toilet. 'Well done,' said Peg. 'Hop off, and I'll clean your bottom.' 'I'll do it,' said Peg. 'I want a proper job. Bend over a little, please.' toielting over, Peg lifted Joe back into the bath, where he stood while Peg washed his thighs and genitals. She took care over his little penis and balls, noting the wispy hair around them. 'It's not hygienic to have this hair here,' Peg said. 'Although there's not really much of it. Still, I'll give Ann some lotion to deal with that.' Joe swallowed. He knew he didn't have the biggest set of male equipment, but he thought it would look even less impressive without the light pubic hair he had. 'OK,' said Joe quietly, not that his assent were needed. 'Good boy,' said Peg. She paused. 'Joe, I know you like to think you're all grown up, but I think - except when you do wees in the bath - that you're a very nice, very good little boy. Isn't that a good thing to be?' asked Peg in a sweet voice, reinforcing her question by giving Joe a kiss on the cheek. 'Yes,' said Joe uncertainly. He felt as if he were sliding down some sort of tunnel. A warm, soft tunnel. He wondered what was at the end of it. Peg sat Joe in the bath again, and finished soaping his back and chest. Soon she had him standing by the draining bath while she dried him off. Joe offered no resistance. He liked being looked after like this. 'Now, well go to your bedroom and get your diaper on. Then will find something nice for you to do. Have you got anything to play with? 'Play?' asked Joe. 'Yes,' replied Peg. 'To keep you busy until Ann comes back.' 'Just videos,' said Joe. 'I, er, I can't use the computer.' 'well you can't just watch videos,'said Peg. 'I'll bring some things tomorrow that are much more interesting. Things you can put together and take apart. It's much better to be doing something. Would you like that?' Joe wasn't sure what Peg meant, but said has anyway. 'Good boy,' said Peg happily. 'Come on, I'll put you in you diaper.' Peg picked up the bag she'd brought from the living room and led Joe to his bedroom. Joe atood quietly in his towel while Peg set out his diaper and other items. She powdered and securely diapered Joe in a thick disposable, tugging the tapes in place, standing him up and turning him around to inspect her work. Then she reached into the bag and took out a voluminous pair of elasticated plastic pants. 'No!' said Joe, looking at the translucent pink pants. 'I'm sorry about the colour,' said Peg, 'But it's all I have with me.' 'I don't want those!' said Joe. 'They're baby pants!' Peg laughed. 'Don't be such a sook,' she said. 'They're not baby pants. They're just part of your diaper. They stop any leaks. You wet quite heavily, and you don't want leaks, do you?' 'No,' said Joe. 'But...' But nothing,' said Peg. 'Leg in, please. You've been so good until now. Don't spoil it by getting cranky.' Joe gave up and let Peg pull the huge pants over his bulky diaper. She found a large t-shirt and pulled it over Joe's head and shoulders. 'There you are!' she said. 'All done!' 'What about pants and shoes?' Joe asked. 'Ive turned the heating up a bit,' replied Peg, putting away the various items she'd had in the bed. 'And we're not going out. Besides, I can see if you need a change. After doing wees in the bath without realising it, I think we're better off if I can keep an eye on your diaper.' Joe caught sight of himself in the wardrobe mirror. He saw an overesized toddler wearing a big t-shirt which only half covered a bulky diaper and plastic pants, standing next to an obviously adult and fully dressed Peg. There was no trace of grown up Joe. He began to cry. Peg took him in her arms. 'Shhh, honey. No tears. Things are different now, but Ann and I are here to look after you.' To be continued.
  8. Ann and Joe Chapter 4After Joe had settled down a little from the shock of wetting himself in front of Peggy, she took off his wet pants and underclothes. She was businesslike about it, and pushed Joe's hands away as he attempted to cover his genitals as Peg pulled down his sodden briefs. 'There's no need for that,' said Peg, slapping his hands.'You're no different than other little boys, and I don't want your hands anywhere near your wee wee.'Joe jerked his hands away, exposing his little penis and balls to the now crouching Peg. 'I'm not a little boy,' he protested.Peg laughed.'Well are you a little girl then?' she asked as she examined his briefs.'No!' said Joe. 'I'm 28...'Peg ignored him. 'Go and get a towel from your bathroom, please, then put it on the sofa and sit down. I wnat to have a serious talk with you,' said Peg, standing up again.Joe was glad of the chance to get out of Peg's vicinity. He felt deeply embarrassed, and yearned again for Ann to come home. He trotted off tp the bathroom, careful to keep his hands from hsi bare crotch. He arrived in the bathroom and took a towel from the rail. He caught sight of himself in the mirror. He saw a very unhappy looking young man, wearing only a shirt and a sweater, below which he saw that his penis had shrunk with the cold and his scrotum had retracted tight under his belly. He looked pathetic, and nearly began to cry. Why couldn't Ann be here, he thought. This wouldn't be happening if she were. 'Quick sticks!' he heard from the living room, and hurried back. Peg was standing, waiting for him. Joe put the towel carefully on the cushion of the sofa, and sat down with his legs together. He looked at Peg, who had his briefs stretched in her fingers.'I'll start by saying that there are already several stains on these briefs. Do you often wet during the day?' Peg asked severely.'No, I mean, that's just, you know, little dribbles, leaks...' Joe's voice faltered.He did leak a little during the day, usually when he had to rush to get to the bathroom. It wasn't his fault. Sometimes he didn't get much warning.'Little dribbles,' repeated Peg. 'If I looked at some of your other panties, would I find the same thing?''Don't know,' mumbled Joe.But he did know. The tears were close now.'I think I do,' said Peg. 'Shall I go and have a look?''No,' said Joe quietly. shaking his head slowly. 'I, I can't help it. It happens someitmes.'Peg could see that more nurturing was needed. She dropped Joe's spilked undies onto the floor with his wet pants and leaning forward put her hands on Joe's shoulders. The floodgates of tears that Joe had been manfully trying to hold back opened with Peg's touch of tenderness.'I'm sorry!' Joe wailed. 'I can't help it. It happens!'Peg drew Joe towards her large breasts again, then she turned and sat next to Joe, cradling his upper body in her arms. 'It's OK, baby,' she said gently, feeling Joe relax. 'I know you can't help it. Like your bedwetting. You're wetting your bed quite often now, aren't you Joey?'Joe snuggled closer to Peg's body at the mention of 'Joey'. His mother had called him that. 'Joey, you should be in diapers, baby. You need them now. I think you know that, don't you?' Peg said softly, stroking Joe's hair as she spoke.Joe nodded into her breasts. While he would have agreed now to almost anything, he did know that he needed help. He was scared to wear his faded jeans now, after a few spots had showed up recently and he'd had to change. He had wet his bed three or four times this week. He couldn't remember. Joe's feelings about Peg were swinging wildly. One minute she was an ogress and he was scared of her, the next she was kindness itself. She was kindness now. It gave Joe a warm feeling. right down to the pit of his stomach. He didn't get erections any more, and didn't really miss them, but he ws gettign a lovely fuzzy feeling down there that was as good as anything he could remember. He closed his eyes and went with the flow. Maybe he was having an orgasm, he thought. Oh God, he realised. He was peeing. He tried to stop and realised that the flow was stopping anyway. How long had he been peeing?'Shhh.' Peg was saying.She had the towel scrunched up between Joe's legs, and was wiping his inner thigh with it.'It's OK, honey, you couldnt help it,' Peg said. 'Hop up and we'll put things to right. First, you need a shower. You've had two accidents this morning, and you need a good wash. Then we'll fix you up. Where does Ann keep your diapers?''My d...diapers?' asked Joe.Joe was standing now. He was no lionger fussed about being naked from the waist down, nor troubled when Peg finished wiping him off by carefully wiping his little penis and scrotum, lifting the penis between her thumb and forefinger as she wiped his wrinkled little scrotum.'Yes, sweetie. Your night-time diapers. They might be a bit bulky for daytime, but unless you have some pullups...' said Peg.'I haven't got any diapers!' Joe said, staring at Peg.Peg stared back at him for a moment.'No diapers? For heaven's sake!' she said. 'I assumed from what Ann said... Joe, you're wetting your bed two or three times a week now, is that right?'The atmosphere was suddenly businesslike again, with Peg very much in charge. Peg had been careful to establish that when they first met.Joe nodded miserably.'There's a plastic sheet...' he offered.'Oh I know, but Ann is still washing the sheets and all your jammies, isn't she?' asked Peg, brushing a strand of Joe's hair across his forehead with his fingers.Joe nodded mutely.'You see Joey,' said Peg, 'Sometimes carers, especially a carer like Ann who loves you very much, don't do what they should. I nkow it feels funny if your a big boy and you're still in diapers, but there's a reason for them, isn't there? Diapers would give Ann a break from all that washing, and you'd be much more comfortable. No more waking up in a wet bed. It's not a big deal, Joey, honestly. Ann and I could tell you to wear them, but I think it's better if you made the decision. I thin k it would be very adult and responsible fo you to wear a diaper, but I want you to tell me, Joey. I can get some for you and bring them tomorrow. Tomorrow morning could be your last wet bed. So, tell me, please.'Peg smiled at Joe. She could see the consternation in his face. She hoped she had put things the right way to him. She could see Joe's bottom lip trembling. She waited, still smiling.'Peggy,' Joe began after a minute.His voice was wavering, and he glanced quickly at her then at his feet. 'Peggy, could I, I mean, wear, wear a diaper please?' he said, finishing the question quickly and turing away from Peg.'It's OK, honey,' siad Peg reassuringly. 'Just try again slowly. Tell me why you want a diaper.''Because I, I need to wear a diaper,' Joe said, and gladly accepted Peg's outstretched arms.'Good boy,' said Peg. 'I wanted you to say it to me so that you would really understand. You need to wear diapers now. It's not such a big deal, is it? Like jumping off a high board. The first time is awful, but after that, it's easy. And I'm sure Ann will be relieved. She'll be so proud of her big, grown up boy. Tell you what, I've got soemthings that will fit you in the car now, from my other patients. they're in your size, so we can start right way. OK honeybunch?'Ann kissed Joe on the forehead. He didn't know what to think.'Daytime too?' he said to Peg as she headed for the front door.'Of course daytime too, honey. You've wet twice today. What did you think? I'll be back in a minute!' Joe sat, half-naked on the sofa. He was sure he'd done the right thing. Peg had said it was the right thing, and she said Ann would be happy. But it felt funny. He had told Peg that he needed to wear a diaper. The words rang in his head. He hadn't lied. He wet his bed. He'd wet twice today and yesterday he'd nealry had an accident. It was hard to work things out sometimes. He decided Peg was right. Why wouldn't she be? I need to wear a diaper, he thought. He could only think of babies and little children who wore diapers. And me, he thought.Joe was having trouble understanding what was happening. He flet confused seomtimes, and now wqas one of those times. He felt even weaker than usual and sat suddenly on the floor, on the rug he was standing on. He began to suck his thumb, a bad habit he'd had to break before he started junior school. he still did it occasionally, more so since his accident, as he had problems with salivs sometimes. It was also comforting, and he couldn't see his blue cushion. Pefg was a little surprised to see Joe sitting on the floor sucking his thumb when she returned with his diapers, and thought for a minute she'd broken him completely, but Joe took his thumb from his mouth as soon as he saw Peg. She left him on the rug, and squatted next to him with a large blue open topped bag.To be continued
  9. Ann and Joe. chapter 3 This will be short. I don't have a lot of time, but I'll move things on a bit. I have to write more of my other current story too. That will be extended shortly. After Joe had finished his breakfast, Ann kissed him goodbye, ignoring his pleas about not needing a sitter. Joe returned to the living room to find Peg smiling at him. 'Well, Mr Joe, it's just us,' she said. 'Why don't you take your breakfast dishes to the kitchen and help by washing up, then we can plan your day?' Ann had told Peg about her house rules for Joe, but Peg wanted to hear about it from Joe himself. Joe looked dubiously at his breakfast bowl and mug, and glanced quickly at Peg. He considered what Ann might think if Peg told her he'd been in the kitchen all by himself. 'By myself', he corrected himself mentally. 'Well?' asked Peg. It usually took Joe a few seconds to think things through, and he was standing still, staring into the kitchen. He looked quickly at Peg again and then down at the floor. He had decided after the bathroom business that he would show Peg he didn't need her help, and he didn't want to admit the truth.about the kitchen rule. 'Er, Ann, she erm, doesn't like me in the kitchen by myself. Just in case I have an accident.' Joe said. 'I mean it's not really...' Peg cut him off. 'An accident in your pants, honey?' she said with feigned concern. 'No,' said Joe with surprise. 'Just in case, you know, I leave something on or something. I'm OK, though, it's just what she says.' 'Well,' said Peg. 'I think that's a very sensible rule. You're lucky that Ann takes such good care of you.' 'She doesn't need to take care of me,' said Joe, suddenly resentful. 'I don't need you either.' Peg's demeanour changed instantly. She was glad of the opportunity to show her authority. 'Joe,' she said firmly, 'I will not have you talking like that. What will Ann say when I tell her what you just said?' Peg was gratified by the look of fear that flashed across Joe's face. 'Please don't tell her!' Joe said. This wasn't turning out at all as Joe had hoped. 'That depends on how you behave,' said Peg very sternly, taking a few steps towards Joe, who flinched and stepped back, one hand shooting to clutch at his crotch. Peg took advantage of that. 'If you continue this attitude, I'm going to get very cross. You will earn yourself corner time, or a lot worse.' Peg said threateningly. Joe looked genuinely scared. He didn't know this large woman or what she was capable of. As Peg had intended, his mind went to work on 'a lot worse'. He looked at Peg's hand, which she slapped against her thigh. He wondered if she would really hit him. He tightened his unconscious grip on his crotch. 'And don't grab yourself like that. It's not nice. Do you need to do a wee?' she asked brusquely. Joe released his grip, a little shocked at what he had done unthinkingly. He wanted Ann to come back. 'N, no,' Joe answered to Peg's question, which was a lie. He'd had two cups of juice with his breakfast and hadn't done a wee - been to the bathroom, he corrected himself - since he'd woken up. Wet, he reminded himself. He wished Peg would go away and wanted Ann more than ever. Peg watched Joe carefully. It was good that he was getting upset. 'Now Joe,' she said. 'I've just asked you to behave, and I don't think standing in front of me holding yourself like that is behaving, do you?' Joe could only shake his head. He wanted to tell Peg he needed the bathroom, but he'd just told her he didn't. He didn't want to be a liar too. He wanted to run to his bedroom, but Peg had moved closer and had taken his arm in her firm grip. 'Let me have a look at your pants, please,' she commanded him. Joe stepped away from her, with his arm out as she held it. His hand went back to his crotch. That was enough for Peg. 'Do not do that!' she said sharply, yanking Joe around in a half turn and slapping him very hard on his bottom with her free hand. It was the first time anyone had spanked Joe in twenty years, and he stood stock still in shock. Peg reached in front of him and pushed his hand from his crotch. Quickly she undid the button of Joe's chinos, pulled down the zipper and tugged the pants to Joe's knees. She had felt the dampness in the crotch of the pants and now saw the dark wetness of the little bulge of cotton interlock over Joe's penis. She could make out the little head through the wet cotton, and saw a clear rivulet of pee begin to flow from it through the fabric. Without regard for Joe's modesty, she took the little masculine lump between her fingers. Within a few seconds, Joe was both crying and peeing forcibly. 'It's an accident!' he wailed. Peg had brought Joe this far, and now decided on a little nurturing. She released Joe's private parts and took his small, soft frame in her arms, holding him as close as she dared without getting her own clothes wet. Fortunately, the floor was timber and the puddle forming between Joe's shoes could be cleaned up. By Joe, Peg had decided. She hugged him closer. 'Shh, honey,' she said. 'It's OK, it's just an accident. I know you can't help it.' Peg held Joe until she felt him calming down. Things were moving along nicely, she thought. It shouldn't be hard to bring Ann up to speed, and there was a conversation she wanted to have with Joe. About diapers. To be continued. '
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  11. Ann and Joe Chapter 2 The next morning, Joe woke up to a wet bed. 'Great,' he thought. 'Just what I need to start the day with this 'sitter' turning up.' He glanced at the clock next to his bed. Just before 7am, he read carefully, counting around from the 12 on his fingers. It was annoying not to be able to read clocks at first glance any more. 'Cognition' the therapist had said. He wasn't sure quite how it worked, but his cognition was not very good with some things. He was pleased anyway. Peg the SItter as he thought of her wasn't due until 8am, with Ann leaving at 8.30. He would have time to get the sheet and his soaked PJs into the laundry. As he was calculating the times, Ann appeared. 'Good morning, honey,' she said. 'You didn't come in this morning. You must have slept like a log.' Joe usually woke early, and often trotted in to see Ann after he woke. 'Up you get,' said Ann brightly. 'Peg will be here any minute.' Joe froze. 'But she's coming at 8 o'clock!' he objected, squeezing his thighs together under the bedclothes and feeling his clammy, cold pyjamas against his skin, and pulling the ebdspread defensively towards himself as he sat up. That's right,' said Ann. 'In about two minutes. I'll get ready to go and Peg can get your breakfast. You two can get to know each other. ' Joe silently cursed his poor cognition. He often left out numbers when he was counting. He must have done it again. 'Hurry up,' said Ann, moving towards him. She stopped, recognising the fearful look on Joe's face, and noting the way he was holding the bedspread up to his chest. 'Oh, honey,' said Ann. 'Are you wet?' Joe felt his control and power slip away like a receding wave. He looked up at Ann, dressed, mature, and three inches taller than him - which he'd got used to, even when people made insensitive jokes about it, but now, with Joe in bed and Ann bustling around removing the bedclothes, she seemed ten feet tall. Joe tried as hard as he could to prevent the rising tide of tears that soon overcame him. 'Hey, shh,' said Ann, stopping her bed stripping to help Joe up and pulling him towards her full, perfumed body. 'No tears. It's just a wet bed and jarmies. It's OK.' Joe's tears began to subside. He always felt better after Ann's reassurances. He stood still as she pulled down his wet brushed cotton pyjama pants, and put up his arms as she took off his top. He stood shivering slightly, his now soft musculature tensing and untensing, and his little soft penis dangling between his legs. The sight Ann had once found erotic now made her smile. She gave Joe another hug, and the doorbell rang. 'Don't tell her!' Joe said urgently. 'It's OK, honey,' Ann said. 'Peg looks after lots of people, and I'm sure she's seen a wet bed before. Just a minute!' Ann called over her shoulder as she found a towel for Joe.' 'Put this on, honey,' she said, wrapping her shivering husband in the large towel. 'I'll let Peg in then we'll sort you out.' 'Don't tell her!' repeated Joe as Ann left him standing in the room while she left with the scrunched up bottom sheet in her hands. Ann opened the front door on her way to the laundry. Peg was a woman of about 40. She was trained as a pediatric nurse, but looked after patients of all ages at the centre. the training was handy, as many of the patients, like Joe, were convalescing from traumatic injury. Some were dealing with physical injuries, and some, like Joe, had a combination of physical and mental issues. As Ann had suggested to Joe, a wet bed was par for the course for Peg. Peg greeted Ann and glanced at the wet sheet. 'Oh, we had a wet bed this morning,' said Ann. Peg had discussed Joe's wetting in their interview. In Peg's opinion, twice a month was the trigger for night-time protection, but Ann had explained that Joe's recent spate of wet beds was not the norm. She blamed it on several late nights they'd had and cold weather making Joe sleep more soundly. 'I see,' Peg had said and had made a note in the book she had open during the interview. Often, if a primary carer was close, their view was somewhat unrealistic. They tended to make excuses for the patient. As a sitter, Peg was not in the same position i relation to Joe as she might be if as Ann suggested, Joe might become an inpatient for a few weeks, but she was not particularly surprised to find that her newest charge had wet his bed. She wondered what Joe's attitude might be, whether he was in denial or whther he was beginning to accept his situation. Peg was a great believer in patients being realistic about their condition, and that meant normalising whatever it was as far as possible, subject of course to the opportunities for recovery. That meant dealing with bedwetting not as a drastic problem, but just as a normal part of life, for now at least. Ann showed Peg into the living area. 'I'll have to rush a but, I'm sorry,' Ann explained. 'I wanted to leave at 8.30, but I'll have to get this washing on and then get Joe's breakfast sorted. And get Joe into the shower. He normally showers at night but...' 'Ann, don't worry,' said Peg, taking off her coat to reveal a full pair of breasts under a soft blue sweater, a rounded belly and full hips. Her build and condition in general spoke of considerable physical strength. 'I'll deal with Joe. You get his breakfast - you know where everything is. ONe boy is much the same as another, even naked. It will be into the deep end for him, but I've dealt with a lot of boys, and girls, and I'm sure we'll be OK.' 'Well, he's hardly a boy,' said Ann. 'He's 28.' 'They're still all boys,' said Peg with a laugh. 'When they need help.' Ann laughed too. Peg's comment resonated with her. She was sure they'd get on. She hoped Joe would like Peg as well. Ann went to the kitchen, and indicated the hallway to Peg, who set off to find Joe. She passed the empty master bedroom, and glanced into the equally empty ensuite bathroom she saw leading off it. Raising her eyebrows, she went on to the next room and found Joe there, sitting on the plastic-sheeted mattress, clutching a small blue cushion. 'Comfort item,' she thought to herself immediately when she saw the way Joe was holding the pillow. He was sucking on one corner of it and was anxiously staring at the doorway as Peg walked in. 'That,' she said with a warm smile, 'Is a very nice looking cushion. Is it your favourite?' Suitably disarmed, Joe nodded, his eyes widening. 'I'm Peg,' said Peg, 'But you can call me Peggy. You can call me anything you like, actually. But not Piggy. My big brother called me that. Have you got any big brothers or sisters who call you funny names?' 'Er, sisters,' Joe said. He was feeling confused. The dragon sitter lady he imagined had turned out to be quite nice. She liked his cushion, and didn't say 'Put that down,' as Ann did. Her brother called her a rude nickname too, just like his sisters did to him. Baby Joe, they called him, right up until high school. It was a bad enough nickname, but worse because of his bedwetting. Joe didn't dare tell Peggy about that. Not even Ann knew. Joe was suddenly aware of the plastic sheet on the bed. Peggy couldn't have missed it, but she hadn't said anything. Peg was almost on top of Joe now. She practically lifted him from the bed with her strong arms and had him standing in front of her. SHe must have seen the plastic sheet. It had even squeaked as Joe slid slightly on it as she stood him up. Joe glanced at it. 'It's just in case of accidents,' he offered weakly. 'I know, honey. It's a very good idea. It saves a lot of work. Now, Ann is making your breakfast, and my job is to get you showered and dressed. Before you say anything, I've showered and dressed a lot of boys. And men, too,' she added with a laugh and taking Joe by the hand. 'So, off we go. Which way to the bathroom? Do you use Ann's, or do you have your own?' 'Mine,' said Joe quietly, leading Peg into the large main bathroom. Peg took in the big shower enclosure and the bath. She almost expected to see bath toys alongside the bath, but it was bare except for some bubble bath. 'Do you like bubbles in the bath?' she asked. 'Ann got it,' he said. Peg smiled, and took hold of Joe's towel. Joe moved away, but Peg held his arm. 'It's OK, Joe,' she said. 'You can't get in the shower wrapped in a towel, and I have seen naked boys before, as I said. Do you want to sit on the toiet for a minute first?' Joe didn't have much choice. Peg had led him to the toilet, half spun him to remove the towel, and had plopped him gently on the seat. At least she couldn't see his privates very well, Joe thought. Peg had found that taking control over such intimate activities as using the toilet was something like mastering the horses she used to ride. It was important in any carer patient relationship for the patient to feel that the carer was in charge, and taking over toileting was a good way of doing that. Making it feel normal ws the also part of Peg's proven method with caring for 'challenged' and 'compromised' patients. It took away their anxiety. Peg was folding the towel over a towel rail as she turned to the seated Joe. 'Do you normally do poos in the mornings?' she asked as if she were asking about the weather. 'Er, sometimes,' said Joe. Peg laughed her disarming laugh. 'I know you don't mess your pants,' she said, 'But it's a good habit to have, especially if you have occasional wetting problems.' Another of Peg's tactics was to get the patient to open up to her. 'I only wet sometimes,' said Joe quickly. 'Just the bed, sometimes at night. Just by accident.' Admitting to being a bedwetter, thought Peg. It means he won't blame Ann for mentioning it, as well. Step one, she thought happily. To be continued.
  12. Ann and Joe Chapter 1 Same old plot, different names, slightly different story – I’ll think of something new eventually! I know that some people like this scenario. I do too, so I hope those who like it enjoy it. Joe’s recovery was trying for both him and his wife Ann. Ann was trying to juggle her job as an executive with an international company with caring for Joe, and there was still their large home and grounds to look after. They had a gardener, who now took on Joe’s chores in the garden as well, but Ann had always liked to do her own housework, and continued to do so. It was six months after the accident, and Joe was still struggling. He was whole physically, but he still had motor problems. His coordination was not improving as well as had been hoped. The months in hospital had robbed him of much of his strength, and he still had a lot of trouble with simple tasks. He emotional state continued to be fragile, and his short term memory was not up to complex tasks. He needed reminding often for ordinary things, and would surprise Ann by odd behaviours such as forgetting to put his pants on after his shower bath unless Ann helped him dress, or he would ask silly questions or misinterpret straightforward things. In short, he could be a trial, even for Ann who loved him. Ann had found that she had to institute some rules around the house. She couldn’t trust Joe in the kitchen, for example, so he was banned from there without Ann being present. He no longer drove, of course, and couldn’t use the keypad on the phone, or a keyboard. Ann had been working from home as much as she could, but that practice had been taking a toil on her work, and much as she tried not to, she had begun to resent having to supervise Joe most of the day. Joe was OK settled in front of the screen, watching the material he liked. He wasn’t interested in talking heads, and couldn’t follow complex storylines. He wasn’t interested in current affairs any more, and although Ann had tried to follow the doctors’ directions and push him towards more challenging material just as Joe’s physical therapy was intended to ask increasingly more of him, she felt less guilt as time went on about taking the easy option and letting Joe watch the cartoons and childrens’ programs he preferred. She even lied slightly to the doctors about that, justifying her decisions by reminding herself how irresponsible Joe had been in lying to her about what he was doing at the time of the accident. He had been drunk, and had been on his way to visit his secretary, ostensibly as far as Ann could make out to deliver some work material to the girl. Ann suspected it was more than that, but she hadn’t been able to get the story from Joe and the girl herself had returned to New Zealand and was well out of reach. There wasn’t much point pursuing it, anyway. Things were what they were, and Joe was certainly loving in his way, and Ann found a new kind of fondness for him in caring for him. It wasn’t as though Joe was out of reach in any way, either. There were times when he was his old self, just with some physical problems. But most of the time, he was ‘compromised’ as one of the doctors had said, and quite dependent on Ann. They’d had no children, and sometimes Ann found that his affectionate dependence made her feel maternal in a way. Ann did feel guilty about that. After all, he was 28, and while not an imposing physical specimen, he was not a child, even if he did behave like one at times. Ann looked now at Joe, who was sleeping on the sofa. He often got tired in mid afternoon, and Ann was happy to let him sleep. An afternoon nap reduced the chance of him becoming frustrated and fractious which he did when he was tired. Ann understood how hard it must be for him, and did her best to keep him happy. She smiled at her sleeping husband. He had a favourite pillow, which he tended to clutch close when he slept. He even took it to bed with him now. Ann didn’t mind. They didn’t have sex any more – Joe was effectively impotent now, but he liked cuddling. Apart from his occasional grumpy turns, the only time he was a real handful was when he wet the bed. He hated that happening, and now that it was happening a couple of times a month, Ann had suggested that he slept in the spare bedroom. He was still welcome in her bed for a cuddle in the evening and in the morning when he would wander in and climb into the big bed they had once shared, but for the bulk of the night Ann preferred him in his own bed with the plastic sheet he resented so much beneath him. It saved a lot of washing. Ann had suggested night time protective pants for him, but he had got so cross she dropped the subject. He’d wet twice in the last week, and even with the plastic sheet it still meant washing the bottom sheet and the pyjamas he now wore, as well as his favoured pillow, which had had managed to soak as well on the last occasion. A few days later, Ann was asked to attend to some work that had to be done in the office. Ann had minimized it as much as she could, but she still had to be away from home for two whole days. She was ashamed to admit it, but she was looking forward to the break. She had organized with Joe’s physical therapist someone to come to the house, just to keep an eye on things and make sure Joe was OK. She wondered how Joe would take the news. He could be very insistent that he could cope alone, but the few times Ann had left him alone he had had a few issues. There was the pan boiled dry that had initiated the kitchen ban, and another time he had spilled the lunch she had left for him all over the leather armchair he was sitting in. They weren’t big things, but Ann felt that it was still risky to leave him home all day. ‘I don’t need anyone!’ Joe had said predictably when Ann had broached the subject. Ann had used the phrase ‘sit with you’, innocently enough, but it had got Joe upset. ‘You said a sitter,’ he complained. ‘I don’t need a sitter. I’m a grown man.’ ‘Yes, honey,’ said Ann, ‘But you forget things. You drop things. It’s not your fault, but it’s too risky to leave you here all by yourself for two whole days.’ ‘No!’ said Joe, and set his mouth in a pout. 'All by myself! I'm not a child. You don't have to talk to me like that!' Ann couldn’t help laughing, but she stopped laughing when she saw Joe's lips quivering and his eyes moistening. She realised that such a mundane thing as having someone around to ensure his safety was a big thing to Joe in nis newly dependent state. She hugged Joe, and tried to explain again, to more resistance from him, but she had to put her foot down. ‘Joe, it’s done, honey,’ she said. ‘I’ve arranged for her to come tomorrow and the next day. She has a lot of experience looking after people, and I’m sure you’ll like her. She works with people with problems all the time, and you can just do what you normally do. She’ll be there to help you if you need, just like I am.’ So it was settled, despite Joe sulkily stomping off to the couch and turning on the TV. Peg worked as a nurse at a respite centre for injured adults and children, and she had impressed Ann at an interview at the centre where the therapist had directed Ann. Ann liked the centre too. It seemed a very caring environment, where the patients were accepted with their various issues. Ann decided to keep the place in mind. She hadn’t told Joe, but she was under consideration for a job on the other side of the country for a few weeks. On the strength of what she’d seen at the centre, she had decided to make herself definitely available. She was hoping that if Joe had a good rapport with Peg, it might be possible for him to stay at the centre for a while. Ann decided to have a chat with Peg about it too. Peg was a no-nonsense woman, well built and deliberate in her actions, but clearly patient and with a kind heart. She had asked Ann a lot of questions about Joe’s behavior and his needs, and Ann felt confident that Joe would be in good hands. To be continued.
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  14. Uma and Robin Chapter 7'And what about you, Miss?' asked Sally, turing to Ellie as they approached the door marked 'Family Restroom'. Sally released her gri[ on Ellie's hand and cupped her own hand over Ellie's bulging crotch. She gave the rounded denim a squeeze, and turned the youn g woman around and repeated the squeeze on the bulge beneath the girl's backside. 'I think you might need a change too, young lady,' she said with a laugh. 'It's all the excitment of the ducks,' she added, looking at Uma with a smile. 'I like the ducks,' announced Ellie with a grin, 'I know you do, honey,' replied Sally 'And I don't like grumpy little girls in wet diapers. In we go!' Sally led the way into the rest room, holding the door open for Uma who followed, interested in the relationship between Sally and this obviously childish young woman. Robin was quiet as he went inside. 'There are two benches,' said Sally brightly. 'I'll deal with Ellie here while you get Robbie organised on that one.' Uma had helped Robin before, but never quite like this. Robin seemed confused, so Uma helped him out of his wet pants and underwear. Robin was embarrassed to be stripped off in front of everyone, and tried to cover himself. 'Don't worry, Robbie,' Sally said, norticing Robin's discomfort. 'We all get naked every day, don't we? And I'm sure you've been changed before.' 'Sort of,' mumbled Robin. He felt he couldn't say much about his treatment being unusual. After all, he had just arrived at a public park with wet pants. He didn't think he had wet that much, but his little leaks in the car had added up. He was more glad that Uma wasn't cross than he was embarrassed. Anyway, he had met Sally before, and Ellie didn't seem at all fussed by being changed. Sally and Ellie were making good time, and Robin looked across to see that Ellie was wearing a thick diaper. He watched as Sally untaped the diaper and peeled back the front to expose Ellie's chubby little belly. Sally was taping Ellie into a dry diaper when she saw that Uma was hildking out a pair of dry underpants for Robin to step into. She dug into the large bag she had and offered Uma one of the thick colourful diapers she was putting on Ellie. 'Are you sure he'll last the afternoon just in panties?' she asked Uma. 'I'm not sure if you're potty training him, but honestly, the way they run around after the ducks, and, well, I'm sure he'd be happier in these. You're welcome to them.' Robin was watching Sally, and began crying again. 'It's OK, Sally,' said Uma, with a concerned look at Robin. 'It's just that he doesn't, I mean we don't...' Sally was still for a moment, holding out the diaper. She reached out to Robin and ruffled his hair. 'It's OK, honey,' she said. 'I'm sorry for intruding,' she said quietly to Uma. 'I didn't mean to, but he will have to start wwearing something at some stage. If you can get him to wear these, he and Ellie can go and play and we can have a talk. I'm sure I can help you.' Uma nodded. Sally seemed to be very capable and understanding, and she had reached and got over with ease the barrier that Uma had been struggling with for some time. This could be a very good time to take things ahead, she thought. She leant down to Robin, who was now sitting on the low bench, naked from the waist down. He was sobbing soflty, and staring at the diaper Sally had put on the bench next to him. Uma kissed him on the cheek. 'Sweetie, Sally just wants to help,' she said. 'We'll be here all afternoon, and it's a long drive back. I onl have one change of undies for you. I think you should put these on, and save your dry undies for later if you need them. they're just a different lind of undies, and look, Ellie is wearing hers!' robin looked dubiously across at Ellie. Sally was tugging her shortalls back up over her diaper. Ellie seemed unconcerned, as if this happened every day. 'I won't wet,' he said. 'Honey, we don't know that. You don't know that. Just while we're here. OK? I'm asking you very specially,' she added, using the phrase the pair used between themselves when they wanted favours from each other. 'Very specially,' she added for emphasis. Are you all comfy now.' asked Sally, patting Ellie's padded tummy. 'Yes,' sais Ellie with a wide grin. Robin wasn't going to be beaten by a girl. 'OK,' he said. 'Good boy,' said Sally and Uma in unison, and laughed. Ellie ran out of the rest room. 'Come on!' she said to Robin who was standing uncertainly in the doorway, wearing a diaper under his dry track pants for the first time since he was a toddler. Robin was siezed by an urge to run after Ellie. He took off, and forgot after a moment the odd feeling of moving his legs while his hips were encased in a thick diaper.Sally didn't seem to mind, he thougth, or Ellie, who was nice, and most importnat, Uma wanted him to wear them. So he was happy. Robin ran via the carpark, where he picked up the bag of bread from the car, and soon caught up with Ellie by the bank of the lake. Sally led Uma to a comfortable bench seat where the two women could watch Robin and Ellie. Sally's two youngsters were nearby as well. 'No going in the lake, anyone!' Sally called out as they sat down. 'Bethany, can you keep an eye on Ellie please? Make sure she doesn't go to near the water?' 'Yes mom!' squeaked the older child. 'I'd like to have a chat,' said Sally. Sally explained her background as a psychology nurse, and hw she had taken responsibility for her daughter-in-law Ellie when she had become unwell. Sally's late husband had owned the cinema complex, and it was luck that she had been helping out there when she had run into Uma and Robin. Sally was Ellie's guardian, as Uma was for Robin. Uma related Robin's troubles and Sally was sympathetic. She realised now that robin wasn't a 'special needs' child as such, but as she said, the effect was the same. She knew something about Robin's condition, which was not dissimilar to Ellie's, although form a different cause. The main problem, Sally explained, was psychological. A conflict between reality - the involuntary childish urges and behaviour in general - and the strong memories of adulthood. 'But he is an adult,' said Uma. 'He's twenty seven.' 'Chronologically, yes,' said Sally. 'But his strongest psychological persona, within his mind, is not. Not any more,' she said. 'You've mentioned the loss of his former interests over the, what's it been six months?' Sally asked. 'Just on,' Uma said. 'He'll always be aware of what he was,' said Sally. 'And he may return to that level of maturity permanently, but the best thing is to normalise what he is increasingly feeling now. It lessens the conflict for him. the tears are genuine - they are tears fo regret and loss. He needs to understand that he is not moving into a strange place, but a normal one, where he is accepted for what he is now. Accepted by you and by eveyone else he meets. He's becoming a child, Uma.' Now Uma was crying. Sally was saying in simpler terms what the psychologists had been telling her. She could see that. 'Your child,' Sally was saying, stroking Uma's head as the woman lay against her shoulder. 'You haven't lost him,' Sally said gently, 'Or his love. he still oves you as much as ever. Only he needs you now. He really does. He depends on you more than ever.' Uma nodded silently. Sally's body was so warm. She sniggled closer to this remarklable woman, who seemed to understand and to be able to say to Uma what she herself could not put into words. 'Epiphany,' thought Uma. She had read about such things. The moment in time when change becomes clear. She understood now. Why Robin had stopped arguing with her as he used to. Why he relied on her to make decisions that he would have insisted he made. Even why the government considered him no longer an adult. And why Slaly was right. He needed diapers now. He was her child now. She vowed to herself to take the best care of him she could. That would be the normal thing to do. Normal. Sally was right. This was normality now. Uma's reverie was interrupted. 'Ask your mommy for more bread!' shouted Ellie, her sweet , clear voice ringing out. Uma blinked her teary eyes and saw Robin approaching with the empty plastic bag. He was waddling slightly in his thick diaper. Uma smiled at him through her silent tears. 'Can we have some more bread>' he asked. 'I have another old loaf,' said Sally before Uma could answer. 'Come here, sweetie,' said Uma, and gave her suprised ward a hug. 'Auntie Sally has some more bread,' she added. Robin gave her a quick smile and waddled towards Sally. this really was normal, thought Uma with pleasure. This was the groove that everything fitted so comfortably into. Sally reached into Ellie's voluminous diaper bag and withdrew a small loaf of cliced bread in a bag. She lokked at Robin for a moment. 'Have you wet your diaper, Robbie?' she asked. 'A little bit,' answered Robin. Sally raised her eyebrows at Uma as Ellie came bounding up. 'Mommie I need to do a wee!' she said. 'Good girl for telling me, honey,' said Sally as she stood and took Ellie's hand. 'Come on, baby,' said Uma as she did the same to Robin. Robin watched Ellie and Sally for a moment, then his lip started quivering and the tears started. 'It's OK, honey,' Uma said, giving him a hug. 'It's just an accident. Uma will help you.' The pair embraced for a minute. Uma felt Robins' had squeeze hers as they went back into the restroom. She also felt the change in the way she had called herself 'Uma'. She had nearly said 'Mommy will help you.' The new normal, she thought with some wonder. By the time she had Robin settled on his bench, Sally had Ellie on her back on the other bench. Uma coud see Ellie's pudgy tummy and bald crotch. Ellie had her fingers agasint the diaper as Sally pulled it over her vulva. 'All dry, mommy!' said Ellie delightedly. 'You're a very good girl,' replied Sally. Robin was crying lustily as Uma removed his soaked diaper. to be continued. ,
  15. Uma and Robin Chapter 6 Uma felt relaxed as the couple drove to their favourite park. Robin seemed to be settling down a little, and there was little trace of the anger he seemed to be feeling whenever the implications of his reduced status had come to the fore, as they had in the cinema complex. Uma felt quite comfortable in her official role of carer and guardian. She loved Robin, and the new arrangemetns seemed to her to be official sanction of the care and concern she felt for Robin. Robin was thinking too, although whenever he began to analyse what the new situation meant, he came up agasint the feeling that he couldn;t do much about it. Sure, it affected him, but it was really Uma's problem, he thought. He wondered is he was selfish in thinking that he was free of all the worry about money and so on. Even that was hard to think about, and he soon found himself thinking about the ducks. 'Have we got some spare bread for the ducks?' Robin suddenly asked with concern. Uma smiled. 'Yes, honey, I put a whole loaf of old bread in the basket,' she said. 'There'll be plenty.' Robin grinned. 'Goody,' he said. 'I wonder if there'll be ducklings?' Uma smiled again at the childish word. She was glad that Robin seemed so relaxed. 'At this time of year, I'm sure there will be,' she replied. It was a reasonably long drive to the park. Part of the drive was on a main road, and the traffic was slow due to some extensive roadworks. They'd been inching along for ten minutes or so when Uma noticed that Robin seemed fidgetty. He was moving around in his seat and then wedged one hand between his legs. 'Are you OK, honey?' Uma asked. 'Do you need to do a wee?' It was an odd question to ask your husband, she thought. But under the circumstances... 'No, I'm OK,' said Robin, glancing quickly at Uma then staring out of the window. Uma thought of the spare underpants and jeans she had folded in her bag, just in case. How things have changed, she thought. Finally, Uma pulled into the car park near the lakeside park. There were a few groups of people around, some sitting on the grass and some walking around. Most of the groups comprised mothers and children. It was a great place to bring children - interestign, safe and the wide, well kept lawns sloping to the water made it easy for mothers to keep an eye on their youngsters. 'We're here!' announced Uma, looking at Robin. Robin gave her an unhappy glance, and shifted again in his seat. Uma noticed a glistening in his eyes before Robin wiped his sleeve across his face. 'Are you OK, honey?' she asked him. Uma thought immediately that Robin may have had an accident. It had been a long drive, and he didn't seem as keen to hop out of the car as he had on their last visit. Uma glanced at Robin's crotch, but he had both his hands clasped in his lap. His face was turned to the window. 'Robbie, are yhou OK?' Uma asked again, gently. Robin didn't turnh form the window, but Uma saw him clench his small fingers. 'Uma, I, I...' he began. Uma couldn't mistake the distress in his voice. The ease with which Robin cried now was a consequence of his breakdown, the psychologist had told her. She had explained it as robin's adult persona struggling to come to terms with the immaturity of his physical responses, including his occasional episodes of incontinence. It wasn't schizophrenia, said the psychologist, but it was something like it in that robin was dealing effectively with two notions of self - one based around his life and memories as an adult, and the other the more or less juvenile persona which had had come to the fore as a result of his condition. In part, the guardianship move was to recognise that dilemma and to help the outside world, including Uma, deal effectively with the condition, and of course, to help 'cure' it, or at least resolve it comfortably for Robin while it lasted. The trip to feed the ducks was part of that curative or at least coping effort. With the guidance of the psychologist, Uma had not been fussed by Robin's loss of interest in current affairs and the sports news he had formerly thrived on, and his increasing preference for computer games aimed at a younger users. For his part, Robin seem oblivious to those changes, but he was cledarly worried by his bedwetting and by his occasional daytime wettings. 'Are you wet, honey?' asked Uma, putting a hand on Robin's denim-clad thigh. 'A bit,' replied Robin, looking now at Uma with tearful eyes. Uma's heart went out to him. 'Well, look who's here!' came a voice from outside Uma's open car window. Uma and Robin both looked in the direction of the voice. 'Sally, from the cinema!' said the woman next to the car. 'Hello, Robin!' she added, looking into the car. Robin didn't answer, but turned to the window once more. His hands were still clenched in his lap. Uma smiled at Sally. 'How nice to see you again,' she said. 'I'm afraid we've had another little accident we have to deal with.' 'Uma!' Robin said angrily without turning. 'Can we go home please?' he added. Sally looked with concern at Uma, who looked back without expression. Sally summed up the situation. 'You can't miss such a lovely day at the park,' she said. 'Just a minute.' Sally walked around ot Robin's side of the car. Sally had with her two young children, and an older girl whose hand she was holding. the children begain to do a lap of the car, squeling as they did so, and the older girl followed Sally and stood quietly next to her as she tapped on Robin's window. 'Do you remember me, Robin?' she asked. 'I helped you at the cinema.' Robin nodded. Uma pressed the button to lower Robin's window. 'Uma said you had a little accident, Robin, but that doesn't mean you have to go home,' she said kindly. Robin sat with his thighs tightly together and stared silently into the car's footwell. 'I want to go home,' he said with finality. 'A litttle wetting accident, or even a messy one,' she added just in case, 'Is no reason not to enjoy a lovely time here,' Sally said. 'Don't want to,' said Robin, looking quickly at Sally. Sally saw the flush in Robin's cheeks. 'There's no need to feel embarrassed,' Sally assured him. 'It was an accident. Everyone knows that. Not your fault. It just happens sometimes. We can fix it up in no time, and you can feed the ducks!' Sally noticed the plastic bag of bread on the console between the seats, and smiled across at Uma. As if on cue, a mother duck led her six ducklings across the grass enar the car. Sally stood back to give Robin a better view of them. The young woman with Sally giggled and exclaimed 'Ducklings!' Even Robin grinned at them, and sniffled back his tears. 'Why don't you hop out,' Sally said, 'And we can sort you out. You know,' she added, 'Ellie wet on the way here too. That hasn't stopped her from enjoying herself.' Ellie had let go of Sally's hand and was engrossed in the passing parade of ducks. Robin was not sure what to do. Sally had the door open now, and Robin gingerly stepped out. His jeans were soaked in the front and back. Uma had got out too, and had come around to stand next to Sally. The two youngsters were still circulating around the car. Ellie was squatting down next to the ducks, feeding them from a small bag fo bread crists she had been carrying in her free hand. Uma coudl see that Ellie was older than she looked. She was small, but seemed to be in her ealry twenties. She was dressed in denim shortalls, and Uma was surpised to see that the denim bulged out around her bottom. She was very obviously wearing a diaper. Robin stood uncertainly on the grass. Sally smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. 'That's nothing to worry about,' she told him brightly, looking at his wet pants. 'If Uma hasn't got a change for you, I have,' she added, looking at Uma. Robin burst into tears. 'Hey!' said Sally. 'No tears! You're a big boy! You just need a change.' She gave Robin a hug, and put her hand on his wet backside, then looked at Uma. 'I've got some dry pants,' said Uma. 'I'm sorry about this. It doesn't usually happen.' 'I understand,' said Sally. 'There's a family bathroom over there. Have you got his things? I'll meet you there.' 'In the back,' said Uma, retrieving the bag with Robin's dry clothes. 'Come on, Robin. It's OK, there's no-one nearby.' said Sally, taking Robin's hand. Sally turned to Ellie. 'Come with mommy, sweetie,' she said, taking Ellie's hand as well. Uma followed the three of them to the small brick building at the edge of the car park. She was very glad that Sally happened to be here, and was also glad Robin was being cooperative. She saw that Robin's jeans were wet down to his sneakers. She hoped he wasn't still crying. To be continued.