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  1. Blackmail

    Good so far. I'm looking forward to further chapters!
  2. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    The weekend's here and I have some ideas! I'm looking forward to a bit of the ol' creative writing!
  3. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    I have some spare time coming up and I'm looking forward to doing some more writing.
  4. Little Annie Chapters 1-10

    Thanks CDfm! It's good to get out of my comfort zone, and I'm glad I can do it. It's hard work though. : )
  5. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Robin's Tale Chapter 6 Robin needed a lot of assurance to step into the white pullup Kay offered him. Sue had listened with Robin to Kay's convincing argument for him wearing the absorbent pullup. First, it wasn't a diaper. It was a pullup. An adult pullup at that, intended to help people in Robin's position - who had occasional accidents that weren't their fault. It was resuable if it wasn't needed, and it was indistinguishable when on from ordinary underwear. Lastly, said Kay, they were a very comportable garment, so she'd been told. After Kay's description, Robin was actually keen to wear it. It was comfortable too, and warm. And it made him feel not only secure, but a little bit special. Kay tugged the pullup right up tight, and Robin stepped into the track pants. Sue was a little shocked to see how smooth the front of the pants looked. Robin didn't seem to notice, but Sue pulled them down slightly until the fabric fell outwards, to give at least the appearance that Robin was male. With Robin's long blond hair which he often wore in a ponytail in the approved fashion for highly creative folk, his slight chubbiness, smooth crotch and long hair made it difficult at first sight to guess his gender. Even when he was in jeans people regularly made that mistake. Robin didn't seem upset by it. Sue thought that Robin probably regarded gender as something minor like hair colour. Sue had heard one of Robin's stream of editors ask in puzzlement whether the narrator in a particular manuscript was male or female. I dunno, Robin had answered. Whatever you like, I suppose. The distinction didn't seem important to him. The trip back home was uneventful. Robin continued to look out the window and the women continued their discussion of Sue's workplace. Robin told Sue how comfortable the pullups were, and Sue was happy Robin was happy. Kay seemed ot think getting Robin into them was a job well done, and she was vindicated a few days later when Robin came into the house one afternoon and asked if he could have another pullup because he had wet his pants while gardening. He said he was thinking of something else, so it wasn't his fault. He wet the bed a couple of days later, saying that he was dreaming he was wearing his pullup. When he wet the bed again, two days later, Sue and Kay had a discussion. Kay suggested that action should be taken. afgain, Sue agreed. Kay's ideas were practical and would help everyone. Robin's occasional bedwetting had got the mattress to a state Kay said was beyond redemption. Both sides were now stained and the fabric had split. They'd tried a plastic undersheet, but Sue found it impossible to sleep on it. Robin was happy enough in pullups during the day but baulked at a diaper at night. I'm not a baby, he objected, and later told Sue of his bad memories of being kept diapered at night until he was almost twelve, with the attendant taunting from his younger, undiapered siblings. He was very sensitive about it. A temporary fix was decided on, whereby Sue and Kay would share the double bed in the main bedroom and Robin would sleep on a plastic undersheet in Kay's former bed in the spare room, with 'cuddling rights' regularly allowed - with Sue only, of course. They would 'see how that went' according to Kay. The arrangement was put into place. The first night was awful. Sue could hear Robin crying gently by himself, although he denied it in the morning. No, said Kay, leave him, she told Sue firmly. He has to get used to it. She did her best to console Sue, and Sue even put her arms around Kay as she went to sleep. The second night, Robin went to bed early on Kay's recommendation, but woke and appeared at Sue and Kay's door as the two women were gettign changed for bed. Kay gently told Robin that they were getting changed and it wasn't appropriate for him to be in their bedroom while they were changing. Robin accepted that and went back to bed. On the other hand, Kay said it was quite acceptable for Sue to help Robin along with his showering and bedtime, regardless of Robin's state of dress. Robin tended to dawdle and was generally quite inefficient, and so with Kay's 'training', his bedtime began to be a more orderly affair. Robin responded well to routine, and already tended to do whatever he was told by Sue. It began to make no difference whether it was Sue or Kay getting him settled for the night. Robin loved being invited to the main bedroom for cuddles before going back to his bedroom. Sue was happy for this to happen every night, but Kay was of the opinion that good things should be rationed, and could be used to keep Robin 'up to the mark' as she put it. If Robin had been organised and helpful during the day, he had a good chance of a nice cuddle that night. Sex didn't seem to be on his agenda. Over the first few weeks of the new arrangement, Robin began to adapt to the changed situation. He became very trusting of Kay, and told Sue as much. It was in Robin's nature to trust people who extended kindness and care towards him. He had what Kay called a dependant personality, which alarmed Sue but as Kay explained it, it was a good thing, both for him and the two women. He began to rely increasingly on Sue especially, and would wait for either of the women to help him into a fresh pullup. He had begun to have his accident s more regularly now that he was confident his clothing would stay dry. Sue became concerned about the cost, but Kay, who seemed to know about these things, assured her there were cheaper, even washable alternatives they could use. Sue began to look forward to climbing into bed with Kay every night. She didn't like to admit it, but Kay was almost as good to sleep next to as Robin was. Sometimes, when Sue was pleasantly relaxed in bed with Kay, Robin would appear, wanting his pullup changed, or wanting to talk. While 'back to bed please' was the common response, Sue felt a little guilty, but as time went on Robin seemed to realise that if Sue and Kay were tucked up in their bed, his presence wasn't always welcome if it was past his bedtime. Kay instituted an early bedtime for him to help him sleep better, in order partly to cut down on his bedwetting and the resulting washing of sheets. After the first month, Robin was wetting two or three nights a week. It would have been a lot more, Kay said, if he didn't adhere to his early bedtime. He was usually asleep by the time Sue went to kiss him goodnight and go to bed herself. Robin stopped writing so much. However, there were plenty of things for him to do at home, and either Kay or Sue often took him out in the huge garden. He enjoyed running around the garden, although Kay or Sue usually took a book and sat on a bench while Robin invesitigated the pond or the creek at the bottom of the garden. They preferred to be there, as Robin was capable of losing track of time, or even wandering into the neaby woods and losing his way, as he had done to the consternation of Sue and Kay. He would also wet sometimes and forget to tell one of the women, and complain loud and long about the resultant rash. That became less of a problem as the women started checking his pullup when the opportuity arose. Robin out up with it, but was always glad to get back to his activities. He enjoyed making things, and Kay bought him some Lego and other items which he adored. Sue was happy he was finding such pleasure in simple things. Sue's work could increasinlgly be done at home, and with effectively two homemakers, the housework wasn't a chore, although Robin could be relied on to do less and less of it. He'd stopped mowing the lawns when Kay had said that he was finding the various procedures involved with the ride-on mower difficult to manage. It was easier and simpler to get someone in. So life proceeded happily at the property. Sue noticed the changes only when she looked at old home movies. Then she'd look across at Robin with his Lego or whatever and think how much happier he was now, and how much happier she was. Sue knew things were good when for her birthday Kay arranged for a friend of hers to spend the evening as company for Robin, who got bored with sitting in a restaurant, and the two women spent a lovely night out. Robin didn't drink now anyway. Alcohol had started by ensuring that he wet, not always convenient when out, but now it actually made him unwell. It was just as easy to leave him home enjoying himself. That night, too, was one of the best Sue had spent. The pair ended up in bed somewhat drunk, and actually kissed and cuddled before falling asleep. Sue woke up entwined in Kay's arms, after a wonderful dream which she couldn't quite remember other than it being wonderful. If Sue noticed the chnages and justified them on the grounds of both her and Robin being happier, Kay seemed to regard them as approaching the ideal situation. It was Kay who introduced most of the changes in the way things were, and as for Robin, he seemed to enjoy each new way of doing things as much as the women. By summer, Robin was happy to wander around the house and garden in just his pullup and a t-shirt. He was wetting so regularly at night that Kay had found some resuable towelling squares, similar to a child's diaper which together with a plastic panty Kay called at first 'continence management apparel'. After a while Sue and Kay referred to the rig as Robin's 'diaper', even in Robin's hearing. He seemed to take that description as he took everygthign else - happily. He wore the towelling and plastic most of the time now, both under his clothing and by itself if they were home. For trips away, Kay found another product, similar to a disposable tape on diaper. Robin was quite happy whatever he was dressed in. Andrea, Kay's friend who was a pediatric nurse during the day, often came around to help out with Robin in the evening or on her days off. It was djuring one of her visits that it was brought home to Sue how much things had changed. To be continued. (No time to edit - apologies for typos)
  6. Little Annie Chapters 1-10

    I reckon it's the other way around, Ellie. I think Kilroy was around in WW2, and Foo followed, in Australia at least.
  7. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Robin's Tale Chapter 5 Sue and Kay talked about Sue's job all the way into the centre of the town. Robin was supremely bored, and since his comments about the interesting things to be seen as they drove along were brushed off with a polite 'Yes dear,' he resorted to sitting quietly in his seat. He didn't care about stock levels and human resources. That was all Sue's area. She didn't talk to him about it and he had no reason to join in the women's discussion. About half way in their journey, the beers Robin had consumed began to make themselves felt. He tapped Sue on the shoulder and interrupted her discussion with Kay by saying quietly 'I need to go, Sue.' Kay said nothing as Sue asssured Robin that she was driving as fast as she could and that he should try to hang on. About five minutes later, Robin interrupted Sue again with a more urgent plea. Sue reassured him again. Then they encountered roadworks. It took a good ten minutes to get through the traffic restrictions and after that Robin was quiet. Kay awaited the upshot with interest. When they got to the mall parking lot, Robin announced that he would prefer to stay in the car. 'Really?' said Sue. Robin was always keen to go to the mall. There was a large aquarium in one of the walls there, and he often stood in front of it watching the fish while Sue shopped. It was one of the great attractions of the place for Robin. 'Suit yourself,' said Sue, and she and Kay made their way towards the large buildings. After a few dozen metres, Kay made an excuse and went back to the car. Approaching it quietly, she opened the rear door, to find Robin, as she had suspected, with the front of his jeans soaked, and very upset about it. Robin looked at her with a horrified expression and tried ineffectively to cover his wet crotch with his hands. 'Did you have an accident, Robin?' asked Kay kindly. 'No!' said Robin, glaring at her. 'Leave me alone!' Kay ignored him. 'It's OK, honey. It was a long trip, and with those roadworks. It could have happened to anyone,' she said. 'And you did go at home when Sue asked you to. So it's not your fault, is it?' Robin seemed to calm down a little, and grasped at Kay's suggestion. 'No, not my fault. An accident,' he said, trying to hold back tears. 'Of course it was,' agreed Kay. 'And anyway, wet pants, or even messy pants, aren't the end of the world. It happens to lots of girls and boys, and even grownups, too, sometimes. Why don't you come with me and we'll get you changed and fixed up. You can hold my hand all the way, and no one else will notice a thing.' Robin was torn between falling into the arms of this caring, competent lady, or taking care of himself, as he told himself a man of 28 should be able to do. After a short struggle, Robin gave in as he usually did in such internal tussles. After all, when he held Sue's hand he felt able to withstand almost anything. This wasn't much different, despite the misgivings he had had about Kay. She cared, and that's what Robin responded to more than anything else in his life. He wet a little more as they made their way back to where Sue was waiting, but it didn't matter. Sue was smiling at him and had her arms outstretched. 'He had an accident.' Kay announced as they approached Sue. 'Not his fault.' Robin said nothing as the women took one hand each and led Robin into the mall. They passed a couple of people who didn't seem to notice anything amiss, and a young mum with a little girl who stared silently at Robin's soaked pants as the trio walked past. At Kay's suggestion, they found a family bathroom, and Kay stayed with Robin as Sue went to buy him new pants. 'It really was an accident,' repeated Robin after Sue had left. 'I know, honey,' said Kay. 'Sue told me it happens sometimes.' Robin just nodded, and sat quietly. Sue reappeared after a few minutes wirth a shopping bag. 'They're just cheap track pants,' she said. 'But they will do the job. With some new undies,' she added, removing the two items from the bag. 'I've got a better idea,' said Kay, going to the door. 'I won't be long.' 'She's a very good friend, as well as my step-mum,' said Sue after Kay had left. 'I've never lived with her because she married Dad long after I'd left home, but I know she cares about you,' Sue went on. 'Despite what you might think. She cares about both of us.' Robin looked trustingly at Sue. 'I know,' he said, 'I'm sorry I didn't like her.' 'That's OK,' said Sue. 'Let's get those wet jeans off you.' Sue helped Robin out of his jeans, and soon he stood in front of her in his top and underpants. Sue smiled at the modest little bump in his wet undies. Their sex life was infrequent and nothing great when it did happen, but Robin was a great cuddler. He seemed content just to curl up against Sue night after night. It was sweet, Sue thought. Sue didn't know quite what to think of lurid tales of hot, energetic sex. She assumed they were a kind of urban myth. Kay arrived back with a large plastic pack. 'I've got some special pants for you, Robin,' she said. Sue was looking on in surprise. 'What are they?' Robin asked, looking at the package. 'They're special pants just for people like you,' said Kay, opening one side of the pack and pulling out a thick, white, flattish object. 'They help if you have an accident. They keep you dry.' 'Not, not diapers!' said Robin, alarmed. Kay laughed. 'No, honey, they're not diapers,' she assured him. To be continued. abraca-pocus! http://www.upsidedowntext.com/ Heh. Thanks Britnee. I'll now amaze my friends!
  8. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Thanks Britnee. I must learn how to do those tricks with text!
  9. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Robin's Tale Chapter 4 It was a short walk across the garden to the separate garage. Kay walked behind Sue and Robin, and smiled as she saw Robin reach out to take Sue's hand, which she automatically held until they got to the garage. Kay wondered why Sue was driving. No one seemed to have discussed it. 'Hop in the back, honey,' Sue told Robin, 'I'd like to talk to Kay.' Robin climbed into the back seat without hesitation, while Kay got in the front. She thought of her own late husbands, neither of whom would ever have thought of getting in the back seat, let alone letting their wives drive them around. Both were mature men, she thought. That was the difference. This poor, beautiful girl, she thought as she looked across at Sue - ran the household, supported it, in fact, and cared for a husband who seemed to need the same parental guidance as a child. Perhaps that was too harsh, she told herself, then listened for a moment to Robin, who was babbling about whether there would be horses in the paddocks they passed on the way into town. 'Shush for a moment, dear,' said Sue, and Robin fell silent. 'Kay, do you need anything special in town?' she asked. 'Oh, just some make-up and a couple of things from the chemist,' Kay said. 'I want to look my best for you,' she added with a laugh. Sue laughed too. She liked Kay, despite her remarks about Robin, She was half right, anyway. Sue did have odd maternal feelings towards Robin. She had since she and Robin first met. She tried to discount them, but they came to the fore occasioallly. Sue thought back to when she and Robin had first met. They'd met at a party, and Robin had dropped her home. Sue wasn't sure what to expect from the young man whose shy manner had attracted her and made her feel safe in suggesting that since they lived close to each other, he could drop her home. It had been a long drive, and Sue couldn't understand why Robin was so reluctant to come in to her house for a cup of coffee. It was only after she had accepted that he wasn't coming in and she put her hand on his thigh as she kissed him goodnight that she felt the wetness there. That's when Robin had told her about his troubles with urinary tract infections, and that on rare occasions he wet his pants after a few drinks if there were no places to stop. The odd bond they'd formed on the basis of that shared personal secret grew into a romance, then a wedding. Both Sue and Robin had had a sheltered upbringing in many ways, and neither was aware that there could be any underlying psychology in their attraction to each other. It took a perceptive but blunt woman like Kay to sense what was going on between the two. To be continued.
  10. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Robin's Tale Chapter 3 Both women wanted a soft drink, so Robin prepared them and brought them out, then returned to the house. Kay watched him retreat inside. 'He hasn't got much of a package down there,' she observed. 'What do you mean?' asked Sue. 'You know, down there,' Kay said, indicating her crotch, tightly clad in her tan slacks. Sue looked slightly shocked. 'He's OK,' she said, staring at Kay. 'Not much of a lunchbox,' she said. 'More like a light snack.' Sue rolled her eyes and said nothing. 'We'll be leaving for the mall in about 20 minutes,' she said, reminding Kay of their planned trip and changing the subject. 'Better remind Junior,' she said. 'It looks as though he's settling in for an afternoon on the beer,' she added, watching through the kitchen window as Robin got himself another beer. 'He knows,' said Sue, and made a mental note to hurry Robin along. Robin went to the study with his beer and a spare. The time for departure approached, and both women went inside. Sue got her purse, and the two ladies went to the study. 'We'll be leaving for the mall in a few minutes, honey,' said Sue. Robin finished the sentnece he was typing and stood up with a slightly boozy grin, 'Ready now,' he said. 'Let's go.' Sue smiled at Kay, then looked at Robin. 'Have you had a pee?' she asked. 'Ah, right,' said Robin, and disappeared towards the bathroom. 'I think 'MILF' applies to you, Sue,' said Kay, patting Sue on the taut backside if her designer jeans. 'MILF'? queried Sue. 'Mummy I'd like to fuck,' said Kay with a smirk. 'Kay!' said Sue, blushing. 'For a start, I'm not a mummy!' 'Could have fooled me, Sue,' said Kay. 'You wash his wet undies, remind him to have a pee,,,' 'Kay, he sometimes, he forgets and it's a long trip on the freeway, and...' Sue thought of the last time Robin had forgotten to go to the bathroom before a longish trip. He'd wet his pants in tearful, apologetic desperation. 'I thought so,' said Kay. 'He needs to be in pullups. You should have met more men.' 'Pullups?' said Sue. 'Here he comes,' she added. Kay shook her head. 'OK, let's go!' said Robin, and they headed out to Sue's car. To be continued. - Short chapters because I'm writing between phone calls.
  11. Robin's Tale Chapters 1-6

    Robin's Tale Chapter 2 The following day, Robin spent the morning with an editor, which was always a stressful process for him. He disliked having his words changed, and on this occasion he had been kept waiting over an hour until the editor could see him. Robin had to wait. He took it as yet another expression by someone of their greater power. It sometimes occurred to Robin that life would be easier if he really were powerless, like a child. Then he wouldn't go through this awful stress of wondering why he was always the one to accommodate everyone else's wishes. He had tacitly accepted Sue's role as decision maker in their marriage and found his position quite comfortable, although he'd never openly admit it. There had been other writers waiting to see the editor as well while Robin was sitting in the little ante-room, and he hadn't wanted to lose his place in the queue by visting the bathroom on the next floor. As a result, he had felt himself dampening his pants a little. Fortunately, his interview was short, and he had rushed to the bathroom immediately afterwards. He was glad he'd been wearing dark pants, because the damage was a little worse than usual. His crotch was wet as well as his underpants. At least the pants only needed washing, not dry cleaning. He changed as soon as he got home, throwing his pants and underpants into the washing basket. He knew Sue would be understanding; she'd seen it before, he thought. 'What was wrong with the pants you came home in?' asked Kay as Robin joined the two women on the patio looking over the garden. Sue glanced at Robin. 'Uh, too hot,' replied Robin, sitting down on a chair between the women. 'So you put jeans on?' continued Kay. 'Yep,' said Robin. 'I've just remembered something,' he added, standing up and going back into the house. He hated being quizzed by Kay. She always seemed to have some ulterior motive. 'More stained undies, I'd say,' said Kay, looking at Sue. 'None of your business,' said Sue shortly. Robin went to the fridge, found a can of beer and chugged it in annoyance at Kay's remark. Then he opened another can, took a mouthful and went to the outside door. 'Drink, anyone?' he called. To be continued
  12. Robin's Tale Chapter 1 This tale probably began when Robin and Sue first met. It was an unlikely pairing - the statuesque, athletic girl and the bookish, slightly chubby, somewhat shorter man 4 years her junior. The romance raised eyebrows, certainly those of Sue's father's second wife Kay who felt that her step-daughter had made a poor choice. Robin was a writer, and perennially short of funds, while Sue was the only daughter of a wealthy businessman. After seeing each other for a couple of years, the couple was married one January, soon after the death of Sue's father. The pair moved into a large house on an acreage between two towns. Robin was struggling along as usual with contracts here and there, while Sue had more or less taken over her father's firm and was in fact the breadwinner. The house was in Sue's name - Kay wouldn't hear of anything else. Sue appointed good managers and was able to devote much of her time to her hobbies of running and gym work, while Robin kept hoping for his big break. Kay and Sue got on well. Both were tall and well-built, and shared an interest in keeping fit. Then, after two years of relatively uneventful marriage, things changed. 'Here?' said Robin with some concern. 'Can't she go somewhere else? She's got plenty of money. Why does she have to live with us?' 'Because I want it that way,' Sue told him. The question of who had the most authority in their marriage had never been so starkly obvious, thought Robin. He was used to Sue getting her way on small things. He found her hard to argue with in matters like where and when they went out, since it was usually her money they were spending. It had become a habit between them and Robin rarely objected to Sue's choices. They were generally the right choices, Robin thought, and life was easier when he went along. Sue had even started buying Robin's clothes. That was cool, thought Robin. She tended to order him around a bit, but he understood that she was busy, and he knew he could 'drift' a bit. He was happy enough, but having Kay move in with them was something else. Kay made no secret of her opinion of Robin. But after a few gripes, he accepted the inevitable, just as he accepted most of the other problems he encountered in life. So Kay moved into the spare bedroom, and Robin had two women telling him what was what. A few weeks after 'invasion day', as Robin considered it, Kay was helping Sue with the washing. 'Sue,' she was saying , holding up a pair of Robin's underpants, 'Why do you put up with this?' Kay waved the once white underwear at Sue. 'Look at these stains,' said Kay with disgust. 'And they're all like this.' Sue defended Robin, as she always did. 'He's a guy, Kay,' she said. 'All guys do that.' 'No they don't,' countered Kay. 'And if you had spent a bit more time when you were younger seeing men instead of prancing around a gym, you might have learned a bit more about men and made a better choice than that little weed. Your father never...' Sue knew where this was going. 'OK, I'll speak to him. OK?' she said crossly. 'Well, make sure you do,' said Kay. 'This is unacceptable in a four year old, let alone...' 'I said I'd speak to him, Kay,' said Sue. 'Can we drop it?' 'I'd spank him,' said Kay, 'You can deal with these,' she added, dropping the underpants in the laundry basket and walking out of the laundry. Sue had dealt with them before, and with Robin's other issues. His occasional bedwetting, and his very occasional wet pants. A hangover, Robin said, of urinary tract infections he'd suffered as a child. Sue felt sorry for Robin, and had let the matter end there. To be continued.
  13. Little Annie Chapters 1-10

    'Foo' is the name for the dopey-looking grafitti figure of a face peering over a wall or fence with hands either side. All you can see is the top of the head, the eyes and nose and the fingers either side. Try googling 'Foo was here' images. Maybe it's not that well-known!
  14. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Thanks, Elfy!
  15. Little Annie Chapters 1-10

    Thanks for the comment. I'm not trying to go down the underage sex path. She's really 23 after all!