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  1. babykeiff

    "Normal" Incontinence Products

    WBxx a lot of adult diaper companies advertise their product as 'full mat'. The difference is the amount of padding within the diaper. A part mat diaper padding is rectangular in shape with no padding on the wings either at front or rear. There are many tricks that the companies use to disquise this - ie 'flexible' / breathable wings etc. Examples are Inspire Rearz , Dry 24/7, Seni Briefs, Abena Breifs In full mat diapers, the padding extends to include the front and rear wings. Examples include First Quality Prevail and Tranquility ATN amongst others. These are the type of diapers required for overnight / wheelchair users etc where the absorbancy and coverage is complete and not in the rectangle under the centre of the body. With a side sleeper, without the padding on the wings of the diaper, the diaper WILL leak. The reality it that more and more manufacturers are producing the 'part mat' diaper with the excuse that it is 'better for you' 'healthier' amongst others.
  2. A fissure is a tear / medical name for a cut. A Lateral internal sphincterotomy is the procedure where the anal sphincter muscle is cut to reduce the resting pressure on same - i.e. it makes anal sphincter weaker. This can assist in the healing of severe anal fissures by reducing the tension across the skin at the site of the tear(s), but usually it is not an elective procedure. The healing time is complicated by the fact that there is now two 'cuts' to heal instead of one. Secondly, there is a high chance of infection. For patients with anal fissures, the first thing that is done is diet is changed - to increase the water content in stool and to increase the voiding frequency. This stops fissures occuring and allows for natural healing. If the fissures do not heal, under a local, the fissures would be sewn (similar to a cut on the outside of the body) If your medical team have suggested lateral internal sphincterotomy, have all previous processes to address same failed? In another post, you questioned in relation to a bacterial infection on the perineum. If that is still active, I strongly suggest that you tell your medical team before the surgery.
  3. babykeiff

    Question about a urology clinic first vist

    In relation to remembering things to do, get yourself a small notepad and pencil - one small enough to fit into your pocket and use same to write a to-do list on. In relation to diapers vs pull-ups.... you have already decided that diapers are needed, so pack two bags - camera bags or laptop bags, which ever you wish... and leave one in your hall, and one in your car on the floor behind the drivers seat. In the boot, place a packed gym bag. Laptop / camera bag contents - 2-3 diapers (minimum), wipes, diaper bags, diaper cream. Gym Bag Contents - 8+ diapers; 2 pack of wipes; spare box of diaper bags; diaper cream; roll of refuse bags; full change of clothes including socks & shoes. The gym bag stays in the boot of your car and is there if you need a full change. The laptop / camera bag you carry around with you almost 24/7. In that (outside pocket), you can keep your wallet, car keys, notebook, pen etc. As a result, you will always have a diaper change with you when you need it, and you will always have your wallet, car / house keys, notepad (to-do list), pen, phone etc with you. Re: Do doctors stock diapers for you to change into - the answer is both yes and no. Some do but you do not want to use those diapers as they are usually the cheap thin junk version that won't last.
  4. babykeiff

    Diaper rash or something else?

    What you have is a bacterial infection. Normal diaper rash will start to heal over 24/48 hours. This infection needs something stronger and you will need to see your doctor. The type of rash comes from both urine and the friction of a diaper breaking down the top layer of skin. It can also occur due to the urine soaking into the base of your hair folicles and mixing with sweat. Baby wipes etc are not cleaning the skin well enough. You will need a mild soap and warm water between changes, and rinse the area well. Also, you may need an antibiotic. This type of infection can scar the dermis and needs to be treated before it gets deeper. I had the same a number of years ago, and it took over 2 months to clear up, and that is with antibiotics. Get over your over your 'shyness' / 'wishfull thinking' towards your dermatologist. She is the best person to deal with this for you.
  5. babykeiff

    "Normal" Incontinence Products

    There are three types of incontinent products / pads / slips.... DIAPERS (lets call a spade a spade) Type A The adult diapers that are sold in normal retail (supermarkets / hypermarkets etc) are designed to fulfill a need - the need for the retailer to make as much profit from the non-talked about adult need for diapers. Due to the subject being taboo, these retailers can make the product as junk as possible and still have a market. Type B The adult diaper sold to institutes (hopsiptals / care homes etc) where the manufacturer wants to comply with the typical analysts' needs - ie the product is changed as soon as it is wet / soiled. As a result, capacity is not a major concern. These products are designed to allow as much air reach the skin 24/7/365 and collect soil on a very tight cost per article. This tends to suit administrators / stock controllers / order clerks where they look at quantity vs cost rather than functionality. When these people look at functionality, they are asking a doctor / head nurse who, for insurance purposes, suggest that changes happen every hour or less. Type C This is the type that is sold to the end user directly. AB/DLs require bulk and absorbancy. Wheelchair users / non mobile, since their crotch area is hidden, also want absorbancy and do not care whether the diaper is bulky. A few adult diaper companies have targeted this market since the tend to get this type of customer for life. What the mobile person is looking for is a body fitting diaper that is absorbant enough to last 4 to 6 hours without leaks, and small enough to be able to be folded into a small bag / large purse etc. P&G / Kimberly Clarke etc have done the research to create similar for babies, and have released some of the technology to the adult diaper manufacturers. However, not all the technology is available. As a result, there are multiple types that suit at different times... Pull-ups : Thin and body hugging - decent absorbancy - difficult to change without getting fully stripped. Belted: Thicker than pull-ups and bulk can be noticed - more absorbant, but then to droop - easy to change while standing. Part mat Diaper: Thicker and body hugging until soaked - daytime ok - overnight poor (leaks at sides) - needs experience to diaper oneself standing - large even folded up, so need diaper bag etc. Full mat Diaper: Thick and bulky - daytime noticable, better for overnight - needs experience to diaper oneself standing - large even folded up, so need diaper bag etc. As a result - it really depends on ones incontinence level to what 'protection' one needs Post void dribble = pad / pull-up Urgency = pull-up / belted garment (thin belted garment better if change as soon as wet) Multiple urgency / constant slow dribble = Part mat diaper (daytime) full mat diaper night Liquid leaking from bowel = thin belted garment change as soon as soiled Semi solid bowel = Part mat diaper (daytime) full mat diaper night Reflex* bladder and/or bowel = Part mat diaper (daytime) full mat diaper night *Reflex = soils during / shortly after food and/or drink Any form of overflow (bladder and/or bowel) requires a full mat diaper that can handle two full wettings / messings. Otherwise, you will be in a situation where you will leak. Remember, diapers of any type need a slight change in your wardrobe. - Longer t-shirts / shirts / tops that you wear NOT tucked in - ie the extra material covers your diaper area. - Jackets that are free-flowing at the waist - Baggy shorts / trousers / longer knee-length / ankle-lenght skirts (for those who wear skirts). The looser you wear your clothes creates illusions :- 1. No longer look / exagerate ones fat. 2.Anything that is tight to the body (like a diaper) is not shown. 3. Free flowing clothes on a person tend to enhance ones look. It also gives the image that this person is confident.
  6. babykeiff


    Morphine is not available (should not be) on the internet. That does not state that morphone should / should not be used as a pain supressor. It is used as same, but only under medical supervision. Kegel is exactly the same - to be used under direct / indirect medical supervision.
  7. babykeiff

    Worrying About Accidents

    jaytay, similar to most advice here, see your doctor. Your described symptoms can be anything from enlarged prostate to degenerative nerve / muscle disorder. Without a few tests, nobody here can really be certain what is causing your issues.... See a doctor and if that doctor can't give you answers / gives you generic "it is an age thing" / "could be stress / circumstance / diet " see another. There IS a medical reason for your symptoms ... and it is not that you are AB. It takes time for one to convince ones mind to wet oneself as a baby. On of the main triggers used to toilet train you was the fear and discomfort of wet pants. That is strong in your mind. You said that you post dribble. That is your bladder not fully emptying. Even in playtime diapers 'AB' mode, ABs do not partially empty their bladders / post micturition bladder volume. They do not have that level of control. I personally suspect that your interior bladder wall may have some damage from UTI / calcium deposits... which is common in kidney stones etc. See your doctor before this behaviour becomes permenant.
  8. babykeiff

    Slight pain when keeping bladder muscles relaxed?

    Cruiser, There is a fridge in my house for the past 11 years. Before it was there, it was in my parents house. They purchased same before I was born. As a result, I have lived with this fridge since before I was a spark in my fathers eye. Still, occassionally, I will hear it make a high pitched whistle. A few years ago, this make me curious, so I set up a high frequency audio equiptment to record the sounds this fridge makes. The sound comes from the slow release of the gas into the expansion radiator at the back of the fridge. It has been making this same sound since it was made, yet I have only heard it twice or three times in my life - WHY The fact is that I, and everyone else in range, hears it everytime it makes the sound yet do not register it. Every fridge in the world makes the same sound (or similar) yet we as humans do not register it as something that needs to be addresses. It is the brain that is refusing to tell me the sound is there, yet sometimes (3 in my case (from memory)) it does. We can use the fact that we breath in and out and can feel the temprature and moisture content that is in the air in our mouth, on our tounge, in the back of our throat, along our oesophagus, in our lungs etc... yet we are never told this information unless it is something that we need to react to. The simple reason is that there is too much information being absorbed and processed by our brain to be passed on to our pea sized contious mind... it can't cope with all that information, but ocassionally, some does seep into our contious mind and we make the mistake to think that the contious mind is in control.
  9. babykeiff

    OAB and feeling horrible

    There is a common habit practiced to reduce water intake as to avoid one sleep wetting. Doctors tell parents "no fluids after 6pm if you wish your child not to bedwet" Parents force this on their young children, some children grow up thinking this is factual -- if one doesn't drink, one can control the quantity of urine produced and ones need to void. THIS IS INCORRECT IN SO MANY LEVELS. Urine is produced by the kidneys filtering impurities from the blood. The strength of urine is based on the quantity of water in the body and the bodies need to rest. Asleep, the body locks vasprossen to water compound. As a result, in simple terms, the 3 element compound is too big to fit through a 2 element sized hole sieve. Therefore, vasprossen causes a sleeping person to retain water in the blood rather than place same in bladder. As a result, overnighy, the bladder does not fill to void level but the concentration increases to just below what the bladder walls can handle. Much around with water level and concentration increased high enough to cause the bladder irratation and to void. Without water balance in blood, the blood starts to fail as the only transportation system within the body. Therefore, sleeping does not allow one to rest and recover. In extreme cases, dehydration causes death of muscles etc due to suffocation. Please please people... a wet diaper takes approx 10 mins or less to change. Do not dehydrate to save youself changing a wet diaper. A non diaper dependent adult needs to void 800 to 2000ml per day... that is six visits to a bathroom. In a 14+ hour day, that is every 2 to 3 hours. Most diapers can last 5 to 6 hours (a diaper dependant adult usually voids up to 200ml per time) ... that is 3 visits to a bathroom.
  10. babykeiff


    Kegel, as you are correct, is to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is the group of sinews and muscles that are interconnected at the bottom of the pelvis. They hold certain internal organs in place, and also, allow same to function. Muscles of Pelvic Floor Kegel can be used to exercise this group of muscles if they are weak and/or loose. However, if they are tight, Kegel will overtighten these which cause strain on the interconnections / tearing (prolapse). If they are both tight in certain areas and loose in others, the tightening of same can cause twisting and rotation of internal organs including the urinary urethra and the associated sphincters. Why Kegel can be Bad Adverse effects of kegels
  11. babykeiff


    mick_dl you are 100% correct and 100% wrong. Yes, some people are smart enough to find out all the information before they attempt a task... yet there are still the fools. As anyone in design and development.... make something foolproof and the world creates a bigger fool. Re Kegel - yes, done correctly and it may increase ones continence - that is if their continence is based on weak sphincter tone etc. Lets say that their continence is due to overtension and/or rotation of the sphincter / urethra. As a result, even correct kegel can cause damage. What I am saying is See qualified trusted medical advise before attempting any internet fad!
  12. babykeiff

    OAB and feeling horrible

    Bettypooh, blood pressure, blood chemical concentration, and functionality is strongly dependamt on the plasma level. It is this that sensors use within the body to determine water balance. We can survive without food for three to four weeks, but our dependance on water means that the most a well hydrated fit person can survive withou lt water is 2-3 days max. Low water effects concentration (the chemical and electrical processes on the brain), causes headaches (allows the brain to bruise itself due to a lack of damping), lethargy (weak / no signals via nerve and motor neurons), acid reflux (correct balance of acid in the stomach / digestive tract), weakness in limbs (low water reduces bloods ability to transport oxygen & energy to motor cells and waste from motor cells) slow suffication / hypoxia (water is the transport medium for the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs). Simply, when one dehydrates, they create a multitude of problems where just one of them can kill. The best lay descriptiom of a human I ever heard is 'bags of mostly water'
  13. babykeiff

    OAB and feeling horrible

    diaperchucky, to me, it seems that you might have an allergy to one and/or more of the ingredients in the Chinese meal / what was consumed earlier. This actually reduced the water balance in your body which would increase the concentration of your urine. This would have the secondary effect of increasing your need to urinate although you do not have a high bladder content. The side effect to this is the same side effect of a hang-over, headaches, blurred vision, inability to concentrate, lethargy etc. due to the low water value in the body. The simple cure to this is to hydrate. Yes, it will increase your need and frequency to urinate until the water balance normalises. Two things I suggest:- 1 - Get this checked out by your doctor 2 - Get a food allergy test done to work out what you are actually allergic / reactive to. BTW, increasing ones fluid intake on day 1 does not cause dehydration on day 2. If you are increasing your fluid intake due to the benefit of diaper wearing, you will (without thinking) decrease your fluid intake to avoid the need to urinate. That behaviour is not good for you (not the increase (in moderation), the decrease to reduce voiding frequency) Please, if your bladder control is causing you to decrease your fluid intake so to avoid voiding, wear diapers and normalize your fluid intake. Any other behaviour causes complications I am sure that you do not wish to deal with - as the final one is death. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. babykeiff

    I gave myself a UTI

    UTIs are caused by bacterial infection. That occurs from bacteria outside the body multiplying in quantities high enough to defeat the protection mechanism of the urethra (the tube inside the penis / vagina) OR, by bacteria in high enough quantities on a device one inserts up ones urethra. Urethra protection mechanism includes the voiding of urine - which is sterile to the person and caustic to bacteria. Bacteria that enter the body (via mouth / nose / cut in skin) are usually defeated by ones immune system with / without the help of medical intervention. The bacteria that are not defeated by ones immune system that are allowed to multiply to high enough levels are from the reaction / side effect of medication that is comprising ones immune system. Despite the myths that medical personal tend to tell us, OAB / diaper wearing / IBS etc are not a source of U.T.I.s. Catheter usage is the primary source. Some of the time, the bacteria source is from some medical test / inspection designed to check for their presence.
  15. Since the back (spinal cord) contains the connections between motor (driving) neurons and the sensory pathways of the excretory process and the brain (the bit that makes all the decisions), any issue with ones back can cause incontinence. However, the reverse is surprisingly true. Incontinence can cause degeneration of nerve pathways due to lack of use. This has the side effect of causing pain within the spinal cord. Since degenerative behaviour is not accurate, it can also effect parallel nerve groups. One can notice this as tingling in the upper and/or lower limbs. Back injury can cause incontinence AND incontinence can cause back injury. Unless you remember a back injury prior to the incontinence, it can be difficult to associate the incontinence as a result of back injury. I can't tell you if my incontinence was from a back injury or visa-versa unless I get an autopsy performed on myself (medical science is not that accurate) .... but I am enjoying living too much.