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  1. Diaper crinkle

    I pretty much like the crinkle, it depends (pardon pun) what I might be doing at the time. My recent favorite plastic backed diapers are Amour pink diapers, which can hold amazing amounts. If I want even more crinkle I can add some older Haian brand of raindrop plastic pants that really crinkle now that they have been through the washer & dryer several times.
  2. Bambino Diapers

    I had gotten some Safaris from Rearz ( also got a lot of good buys on their discounted LL Medical plastic ) liked them a lot. They introduced Bambinos and I got a trial size Clasico like them also. Rearaz ( Canada ) suggested getting Bambinos from California and I trying the Magnifico now. I tested them by drinking a pot of coffee all afternoon and no leaks all night long. Weighed myself before an after - 4.9 lbs. Recently found some from UK From ABDL Marketplace called "Super Boompa" Advertised as 5000ml , they seemed thinner and lighter than Bambinos but really work well. NO LEAKS!! Again weighing out at 5.1lbs ! got a bag of 10. They were shipped fairly quickly by DHL reasonable cost, and signature required. Think I will get more but still like Bambinos too. Misty from Western WA State
  3. Hi, 50+ y/o woman looking for woman, couples, select men into diapers, plastic & ABDL fun.Burlington, Skagit area. Day, night, I don't care when. Desire to meet new understanding friends. Into heavy wetting, little girl, Big girl, WS. PM desired.
  4. New Seattle Munch And Event Group

    Dosh, C-space is a older name for CSPC ( http://thecspc.org/ ) I need to renew soon. I think Fetlife is still accepting members, I just didn't get signed up right. Nitrous, Thanks. Sometimes when old posts are quoted the year is omitted which makes for confusion. by Misty 7/13/16
  5. New Seattle Munch And Event Group

    Still, finding difficulty with Fetlife..... Does Munch still happen? FWIT: C-space building lease is ending and they are looking for a new facility.
  6. Seeking Ab or Dl friends in bellingham

    Hi lilStella. Are you still on the Isl? I live on the Isl as well. We should meet sometime.