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  1. I'm up for roleplay if you want to

  2. Deviant


    I did,I never get a reply. Lol
  3. Deviant


    How do I get someone to play with me?
  4. I'm looking to play where a psychotic girl wishes for a new toy,a living baby doll to take care of. Her parent's grant her wish by kidnapping me and using paralytic agents to keep me as helpless as a newborn. If anyone wishes to play please let me know.
  5. Daniel was never much of a man, he wasn't effeminate however he wasn't studly either. Marcy loved him at one point but when she met Arnoldo the tanned muscle Italian at work she knew it would never been enough with Daniel anymore,Arnoldo wanted Marcy and Marcy wanted him,but she couldn't break her husband's heart,Arnoldo demanded to see a picture of Daniel,as soon as he saw the picture, he knew it would be fun to dominate him so he came up with a plan to help Marcy spare his feelings and yet not cut him out of her life completely.
  6. As David asked if he could have real food Elmyra plunged the heaping spoon of mush into is waiting mouth, she started rubbing his Cheek's forcing him to swallow the nasty food. (Sorry for being late computer is broken,doing it from phone)
  7. With David in her arm's Elymra pulled his cheek stretching far beyond his face and snapped it back. "Awww is my stinky kitty baby head man hungry ungry?" she asked tying rope's around him before slamming him into a highchair and tying a pink frilly bib around his head. "Don't you worry,Mommy Elmyra is gonna feed you your Nummy Yummies!" Elmyra heats up a bottle of formula in the microwave to scalding hot temperature and tests it by squirting it on to her arm and and places a humongus bowl of green mush on to the highchair holding David.
  8. Elmyra squirts out a ton of baby powder all over David's body making him disappear in the dust,before he know's it he's in a diaper and plastic pant's.
  9. Elmyra grabbed him by the tail and flipped and flopped him up and down all the way home. "Mommy's gonna CHANGE your DIAPER'S,FEED you LOTS of NUMMY YUMMYFOOD,Give you BATH"S and maybe even potty train you,you stinky kitty face man! Once at home Elmyra strips him of his Jacket and before he know's it He's bound to a changing table and Elmyra is grabbing his Diaper's. "Time to change you're diaper!" she say's with a big wide sadistic grin. David struggles to get free but is no match for his binding's.
  10. David Pew was a nasty turquiose skunk who was mean to everyone
  11. I am looking to play with the character's from tiny toon adventures. when Elmyra kidnap's,keeps and baby's a character like Johnny Pew from How I spent my vacation. if you're interested let me know.
  12. Daddy cuddled him tightly against his muscular chest. "Perfect!" he thought to himself,proud of his baby for accepting his new role. "Daddy will never let you go sweety pie he love's you" he tell's Oliver as he pat's the butt of the diaper with one hand and wipe's the dribble from his chin with the other cooing sweetly.