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  1. Picking up Aizwa clutching him to his chest holding one hand on his diapered bottom the other on the back of his head he comforted the boy, as Aizwa went on venting getting out all his frustration. Alexander listened intently not saying a word just letting the little baby say whatever he wanted for the time being,he did after all have a very bad day so far and he hadn't expected the outright bawling so early in his takeover. He actually started to care for the boy. This hadn't happened with anyone else he'd had fun with but there was something special about Aizwa. "Shhh shhh Shhh it's alright little guy Daddy's here. Let it all out!" He said sweetly as one would a genuine baby. After Aizawa's ranting crying confession he had decided that this boy didn't need an uncle he needed a daddy and as luck would have it he was prepared to step in. When Aizawa's crying began to calm Alexander held him outward. "Okay little guy what do you say we get you a diapee change? Daddy finks hims wittwe tinky should be nice and clean while youse gets a new haircut yes hims do!" He giggled happily tickling his baby's exposed tummy. Not waiting for a response Alexander swept him off to the changing table lying him down. He didn't use the straps this time
  2. Jason snarled of course he burped anyone would after having their back rubbing as roughly like a babyhell people rub their own chests to help themselves burp. "I DID BUT ANYONE WOULD!" He told Oliver insistently. Shaking wincing and blinking his eyes when his nose was poked. Jason was ready for tears as he was admonished for swearing and told him he would not be changed unless he behaved while at the store. "It wasn't even that bad of swear!" He protested to no avail. Facing his daddy in his sling he had a look of misery on his face grunting with each step that Daddy took the mess in his diaper squishing against his bottom. When Oliver slapped him leg hard he knew he had to answer "yes I understand!" He murmured not wanting to draw attention to himself while walking the smell enough was likely to be making him a spectacle. He had no idea what was in store for him and if he did he would prefer it that way.
  3. Jason whimpered as Oliver praised him for drinking his seed. Like he had a choice with the nipped crammed down his throat,as this asshole acted like he was willingly drinking it. When we was praised for the second time rubbing his back asking him if he had to burp. Jason glared at him,he didn't need to be burped but he bit his tongue when he did try to speak up he let out an enormous burp much to his dismay. "I didn't need to be burped!" He replied as he cringed as his tummy was tickled, thankfully he wasn't ticklish. He grunted as he was set down on the floor. He looked up at Oliver waiting for his changing. "I want to be cleaned goddamn it you said after breakfast!" Jason's eyes had confusion as he watched Oliver get a baby sling. As he was hoisted up and dirty diapered squished into the sling. Jason screamed throwing a tantrum wanting to be changed.
  4. Alexander was ambivalent about what he had done,he did feel remorse over striking such a cute little guy who hadn't done anything but throw a tantrum,but the other half of him knew that he had to teach him a lesson. He remained silent when watched as the boy fighting back his tears waiting for the dam to break it would only be a matter of time he could tell from Aizwa's glassy eyes. There it was the boy sobbing like a baby. Alexander wasn't prepared for the amount of pain he had caused the boy. Watching him cry so severely caused a rift in him. What was this feeling that was coming over him, was he honestly concerned over this little guy? He had never experienced this feeling before. With anyone he'd taken care of before. Alexander clutched Awaiza's head in his chest. "There there little guy I know it was hard,but I warned you to behave yourself. I'm sorry I had to that. I won't do it again I promise!" He told Awaiza kissing the top of his head.
  5. Uncle Alex smirked chuckling in satisfaction watching the boy's face as he got sick from the food. "Behave baby! or you'll regret it! You DON'T want to make Unca Awex Angwies no you don't. Unca Awex has no problem with tough love No hims don't.." Alexander was short tempered today,he knew it was going to be a rough day and he was fully prepared to do what was necessary. When he swallowed at first without a problem Alex praised him,but when the persistent whining and demands didn't stop Alex became infuriated and grabbed the boy's hair. "Alright you little shit I tried being nice,I tried being loving but you want to.cry and and make demands? I'll give you something the cry about!" At his physical peak he balled his fists and struck the boy hard into the abdomen three times;not enough to cause any permanent damage but enough to ensure suffering. "Go on baby boy CRY!" Although his eyes had a crazed glare he was in complete control or himself.
  6. The misery on Jason's face was as plain as day,as Oliver fed his bottle of milk with Daddy's cum he did bring it back up but there was no exit the Nipple was far too big and positioned just right to keep that from happening,he squirmed trying to get free and murmured intently. "Hmmmph unnnnph fiiiiiph bifffmm" as Daddy smiled cooed and ruffled his hair. This was more than Jason could take;he wasn't gay and he had never so much as tasted his own cum and this faggot was making him choke down his load for the second time? A third would not happen. Jason was raging beyond his control! Getting snapped off the street,forced to shit himself, getting hemorrhoids ripped open, taken out in public dressed like a baby, forced to eat baby food, being locked in a crib cage & now he was forced to drink cum like it's nurishing all because some freak has mistakenly identified him as Thomas? This must END! It lit a fire in him. As he had no choice he finished the bottle and he had managed to calm himself down by the end. Of course Oliver thought this was his doing and Jason was willing to humor him if it meant being changed, his hemorrhoids were getting worse there was no way in hell Oliver would change him if he didn't calm himself.
  7. Jason's muffled muttering while he drained the bottle as Oliver asked him made it obvious that he didn't want to be seen. The tone as Daddy Oliver said "Everyone"caused him concern did he have something besides shopping planned for the outing? Jason squirmed not liking the sensation of trying to be tickled as Oliver asking if he wanted him to kiss it better. Jason still nursing the bottle let out an "Urghh uhhhh" Being cradled and rocked in a shitty diaper as a massive man fed him a baby bottle was not his idea of a good time. As Oliver asked him the question he remembered Yesterday's bottle it came back like a flash Oliver patting the crotch of his diaper. Jason began to cough and gag crying at the realization he was drinking this Man's semen he tried to get the nipple out of his mouth, unfortunately Oliver had the over sized bottle locked tightly in his mouth.
  8. Alexander chuckled amused at the boy's antics,as he threw his tantrum. The taste wasn't great but the fact that two tablespoons were blended in added made it absolutely awful. "Tuch a messy baybee gots eait " he cooed scooping up the dribble on Aizawa's chin shoveling it into his mouth holding his chin roughly. "If you don't finish yous yum yum chicky and wice baby is gonna be punished yes him is. No diapee changes for baaaahd babies!" He smirked booping him on his nose. When Aizawa refused to eat even after Alexander's promise his babysitter plugged his nose kept feeding him and pressing his cheeks a process he repeated until the jar was gone. "There we go all gones! Now for some beefs and gwaby den baby can pick what hims wants next"
  9. Jason shook his head vehemently when asked if he was excited to be going out with "Daddy", of course he wasn't. When shown the picture Jason's whinced and looked away from the phone not wanting to see the humiliating picture of himself. As Oliver was cooking away at him about drinking the bottle and growing big and strong Jason just made begging moans. He was a adult not that this man noticed or cared. Of course Jason knew protesting it would earn him further abuse so he stayed quiet until the man pinched arm. "OWW ahh!" The pinch and the desperation to get out of the squishing bulk of his messy diaper made Jason sullenly open his mouth and started suckling the disgusting fluid in a smooth babyish rhythm in between gagging from the taste wanting a fresh diaper as fast as possible he drank it almost eagerly,as he did so he wondered what was in the bottle that made it so rancid. He cringed as Oliver kissed his forehead while he downed the bottle. He had to end this torture someway,he was just too weak and frail to do so at this point.
  10. Watching Aizawa's face pleased Alexander with much delight. "Who's a messy baby?" He cooed with an upward inflection as he scooped up another spoon. "Come on open up!" As Aizawa shook his head no Alexander set down the spoon "Aww is little baby not hungry?" He asked plugging his nose with one hand and smacked him several times. "You. need. to. eat. like. a. good. boy." He was light and these were merely warning slaps,he was prepared to go much harder if needed. Alexander picked up the spoon once again and brought it to Aizawa's trembling lips slipping it in his half open mouth as if he were a true baby. "There we go munchkin!" He cooed mockingly rubbing the baby's cheeks helping him to swallow.
  11. Alexander watched Aizawa from the corner of his eye chuckling quietly to himself as he twinged in anticipation while he prepared the baby's breakfast. Alexander smiled as he brought over his bottle food and a baby spoon placing them on the tray. "Time for Nummies it's gonna taste so good!, Yes its and it gonna help da baby gwo up to biiig and stwong yes! Yes!" He cooed ignoring the man's direct question, after all babies don't know any better. "Nummies first and then *a nice warm baba* for you! Lets see what good stuff unca Alex has for his little guy to eat" he stated as he proceeded to read through the various jars "there's Appowsauce, Spinach, Cawwots, sweet patators yummy Nanas,pea's, chicken and rice and nummy beef and gravy?" He gasped", someone's gonna Habs a fuww tummy on did scrumptious feast!", He cooed beginning to open the jars,he decided to open the chicken and rice dipping the baby spoon in. The smell alone was enough to turn. Your stomach as he raised the spoon. "Open up for the airplane vroooom" the spoon colliding with Aizawa's cheek. "Silly baby you gotta open up for the num nums!" Chided Alexander watching the boy's expression and scooping up another spoonful into his mouth.
  12. Jason could do nothing as the man ruffled his hair praising him for his co-operation he half-heartedly wanted to believe it would be something good when Olivier told him he'd be getting a reward. When Jason saw the flash and heard the clasp shutter of a camera he snarled,that was something he'd have to remember to break into a million pieces when he escaped,he couldn't let them get out and wasn't telling this story to anyone once he was ready to resume his life far from the reach Oliver. Of course it was disgusting! Jason's mind snapped before it got through. Shopping? The trip to the kink district restaurant was bad enough. He didn't want anyone else to see him like this! Jason sat there forcibly swallowing every bit he could his face covered in the gray substance Jason looked down great a fucking bottle, he knew it was too good to be a true and not a reward but at least he wasn't a being abused. He grunted as Oliver scooped him up cradling him as he sat down with him in the extra strong oversized rocking chair and spoke commanding him to drink it all up. The devious grin on Oliver's face made Jason dubious as to whether or not accept the bottle.
  13. How can you disregard that fucking smell Jason wondered as he was carried and set down into the highchair. As he was berated by the mountain of a man telling him he was going to be bathed he wasn't thrilled about having him washed but it was better than staying in his own filth. "Great I'm actually looking forward to being washed like a baby." Thought mentally scolding himself. He knew his best bet was to play nicely until his mind and body were back to a sound place,he panicked at the restaurant and it cost him a prime opportunity for the chance of escape, Jason let out a pained squeak as his cheek was pinched. Oliver cooed at him as he brought over the bowl of gruel setting it down,he didn't want to eat it not in the least, but he knew he had to as the man scooped up a heaping spoonful cooing for him to open his mouth for the choo-choo accompanying it with the sounds one would make for a true baby,. Jason waited until the last second before drooping his mouth open allowing the spoon to be administered. The taste causing Jason to inadvertently make a babyish yucky face endearing him to his "Daddy"
  14. Alexander smiled at the boy happy with his change in attitude. "It's much better to be a good boy! Yes it is! You keep it up and you'll be the happiest little baby there ever was!" It was Adorable as Aizawa grunted like a true baby would. As Alexander had sprinkled so much powder he had to rub it in to his tummy, causing Aizawa to have a big sneeze getting it all over. "Oh my what big sneezies,Did Unca Alex use too much powder wittle man?" He asked cutely and playfully wiping his face free of powder. Hims won't use dat much anymore!" Opening and closing his legs and blowing raspberries on his tummy before he dressed the baby. .Alexander noted the long messy hair as he dressed Aizawa. It was natted was flithy and stunk,he wouldn't have to worry much,it would be cut and styled at the baby salon this afternoon. Alexander was surprised by how easily it was for little baby Aizawa to learn his lesson. As he laid his head on his shoulder. "No no little guy you'll get more napsies later! Right now it's time to feed you and after that I have gots a nice surprise pwanned fo yous" Alexander set him down in the highchair tying a bib around his neck that reads "cutest munchkin ever" before fixing a baba on the stove and gathering several big size jars of Baby food.
  15. Alexander practically came in his jeans as the boy nodded murmuring that he'd be good. "See baby boy? It's not hard to behave Is it?" He asked caressing his face before giving him a peck on his cheek. I'm sure wittew puddles is a hungry-ugry baby waby!" He laid Aizawa down unlocking his panties sliding them down,untapping his diaper with the accompanying rips.wiping his groin and buttocks clean with baby wipes. "dudn't dat feew so much beddew being nice and clean?" Alexander lifted Aizawa's legs far above his head as with one hand,opening two diapers with the other slipping them under Aizawa's ass. "Now we gotta protect you from diapey rash don't we?* He cooed grabbing the jar of Desitin applying it liberally to his butt, crotch and thighs before topping it off with copious amounts of powder before taping him up tight. Alexander went to the closet pulling out a cute pastel yellow with baby blue shirt with a peter pan collar and matching diaper cover. The outfit would make the baby adorable. As he strode over to the baby he sat him up. "Okay puddles can't you wift yous arms for Unkie Alex?" He cooed. As the baby obeyed he dressed him adorably before scooping him up to take him to feed him.