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  1. Donna martin

    Very wet bad baby girl

    Hi there,am a transwomen,named Donna-am allso a very big ABDL who really likes to wear very wet plastic adult diapers&plastic adult panties while wearing my very sexy lingerie and be put into full leather Bondage gear with a gag in mouth and get Spank good&hard by a ABDL Mommy,I love walking around in my very wet plastic adult diapers the way they feel between my thighs&butt checks&love laying in bed for #2-#3 days at a time,most of the time I put a #6inch non vibrating butt plug up my ass&I will masterbate after wearing the very wet plastic adult diapers&plastic adult panties,while wearing my sexy lingerie&pink gag in mouth fantizing about getting anal sex wearing the very wet plastic adult diaper in full leather Bondage gear &pink gag in mouth by my ABDL Mommy who has on a #13inch pink vibrating dildo givivg me good&slow anal sex for #1hour treating me like a very bad wet baby dirty girl whore,that's what baby Donna really wants.