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  1. Callipso smiled brightly and took him in arms easily. Then pulled him close to her bare breasts so he could suckle. "You know, if you only wish, I can feed you with only my milkies for as long as you want. You just need to ask, princess."
  2. She started dressing him up into new outfit. "Yup. You deserve pampering, baby girl. Cause you are my adorable, little, newborn princess." she said with happy smile. In a few minutes, she put him in new outfit. "Awwwie. You look so adorable. But now, is my little princess ready for royal num-nums?"
  3. She took off his previous outfit and prepared new one. It was now adorable, pink baby dress, little childish tiara, long, frilly and pink socks with matching baby booties and mittens, pacifier and bib. "You are going to be my princess."
  4. Callipso smiled to him and kept wiping. Then rubbed baby powder into his crotch. "Well, you can extend your stay with me as much as you want. The more you extend it, the more fun we can have together. And the more money you will get, baby girl." she said and pulled our new, pink, frilly, princess themed diaper for him
  5. She smiled motherly to him and untaped his diaper. Then started wiping his crotch carefully. "You are such good little baby. I am glad I can take care about you. I hope we will spend together as much time as it's possible."
  6. "Oh, no no no no! Baby, don't cry, please." said Callipso and hugged Joy with love. "It's ok, baby girl. It's ok. It's just little accident. And accidents happen. Especially when you are just baby." she comforted crying boy. "How about mommy take off that soggy diapee, then put you in clean one and then you can have some yummy milkies? Would that be ok for you?"
  7. Callipso was als sleeping for couple hours. That little "fun" session she had with Jay tired her really much. As she woke up, she noticed her baby girl wet his diaper. She smiled warmly and just decided to let him sleep. He looked so calm and adorable she didn't have heart to ruin that moment
  8. Callipso moaned one last time before she came heavily. She breathed deep and looked with love on her naughty baby. She kissed his head and let him to keep his mouth around her breast since it was adorable. "Sweet dreams, baby girl"
  9. Callipso was getting close to climax as she kept moaning. Her baby was truly naughty. But she loved him so much. He was so adorable with his naughty behaviour. She knew they would have much fun together.
  10. Callipso gasped and moaned as Jay did so. He really was horny baby. Even her previous one wasn't as horny. She decided to let him do and kept moaning as he decided to pleasure her.
  11. Callipso shivered a bit but she was really joyfull. She petted Jay on his head with love. "Come on, baby girl. You know how much mommy loves you. Drink up, so you will grow up into big, strong girl."
  12. Callipso looked at Jay with motherly love. She noticed how close her breasts he was. "If you feel hungry, you can give them suckle. My milk is really delicious and nutritious." she said motherly.
  13. Callipso carried her new baby girl and laid him in bed. Then undressed herself of all clothes leaving her naked. She had perfect body. She could be model. "I hope you don't mind that I always sleep without clothes, baby girl? I am naturist."
  14. "That's my good newborn. My good baby girl. Mommy is so proud you make so much cummies." said Callipso and wiped him gently. Then taped his diaper up and pulled out of stroller. "Now, what would you say about taking nice nap with mommy?"
  15. Callipso smiled lovingly to Jay and untaped sides of his diaper. She started stroking him harder and faster, using both of her hands. "You are so naughty baby. So, bad, little, naughty baby girl. Now, make some naughties for mommy."