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  1. She carried him to his changing table and laid down. She untaped his diaper and started wiping gently.
  2. Jessica decided to check on her little brother. When she saw he is awake, she walked over and picked him. "How was your nap?"
  3. Jessica smiled and picked her brother up. Then carried him to his room to put him in bed
  4. Jessica smiled hearing his yawn. She wasn't sure if he wanted to go take nap but it looked like he wanted to stay up. So she just decided to let him watch cartoons some more, while cuddling him.
  5. Jessica turned TV on cartoons and wrapped arms around her little brother. Luke was just so adorable she would cuddle him forever
  6. Jessica smiled and petted Luke on his back softly. "How about we both watch some cartoons together?"
  7. "She will come before dinner time." she said and picked her little brother into arms.
  8. Jessica smiled and petted his head. His diaper could hold a bit more.
  9. Jessica giggled at that. "I would love it, little bro." she nuzzled him and drank some of her lemonade
  10. "I am glad you like it. Because I was the one who made id." she said proudly. "I want to become great cook in future"
  11. Jessica smiled at his cuteness and went with him to home. She carried him to kitchen and opened fridge. Then took jug of fresh lemonade
  12. She blinked at that but then remember fountain of fishes and understood Nemo was name of fish he named. "Ok, little bro" she said and carried him back to fountaint
  13. "Oh man. It's getting really hot." said Jessica as she was sweating too. "Maybe let's go back home and drink some cold lemonade?"
  14. Jessica smiled and took him to playground. There were slide, swings, monkey bars and sandbox.
  15. "They are really pretty, aren't they?" said Jessica seeing his amazement. She loved to spend time here and watch fishes. It was really relaxing for her