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  1. “What do the picture really matter. I am stuck like this for a year. Everyone will see me anyway. If you were a good mommy you would help. Whatever you win I will change myself this time” I strip the diaper off and notice I made a big mess. I clean everything using tons of wipes. I try to then rediaper myself but I am having trouble. “Can you at least diaper me now that I have clean myself?”
  2. I notice that he kicked his cover off and his diaper is in full view. I take many pictures. He really is so cute. While he is asleep I decide to put some music on for him. The music is subliminal hypnosis to help him regress and accept his regression.
  3. I will just play her game as much as it sucks to sit in this, I know it cannot smell good. I am just going to wait her out. “No I am a baby and babies don’t change themselves. I have no clue how to do it I forgot because I am a baby.” I go back to standing in the corner.
  4. Of course I am not dumb I made him take a nap in my room. I made sure to leave my sexiest panties and bras out. I start to change knowing that it will drive him crazy. I see him start to take his hand and take care of himself. I let him go if figure I will use that to my advantage later on. I have to admit he does look so cute sleeping there diaper exposed not a care in the world.
  5. “No I am not changing myself. I am a baby and babies don’t know how to change a diaper. I don’t because I am a baby. “ I just stand there and wait for you to react. I know you are gong to have to give in now.
  6. “Well of course silly people are going to see your diaper. You are a baby. Babies wear diapers so no one will think it is odd at all. Now you are getting a tad cranky. “ I put the pacifier back in your mouth. “Now that stays in unless I take it out. I want you to lay on my bed and take a nap you need it. “I put you on my bed. “When you wake up we can do something”.
  7. I got her now if I am a baby I have to be changed I cannot change myself. This will convince her to change her mind. I walk over and take the paci out. “ it cannot go both ways if I am a baby like you say I am babies don’t change diapers. So if I am a baby you need to change me. If I am not a baby then I will change myself”
  8. Perfect she picked the blue one I knew she would. What she does not know is the blue one is by far the shortest. His diapers will be fully exposed. “Oh wow honey I love you choice it is such a cute dress. Let’s get it on you. Lift your arms. “ I put it on him and adjust it for him. I lead him over to the mirror. “Ok honey let’s see your new dress”
  9. I can no longer talk because of the pacifier in my mouth. I must be quite a sight. Standing nose to the corner sucking a pacifier with diapers. The worst part is the pacifier is shaped like a penis. She wants me to sue my diapers. Well I guess she has to change them might as well make it hard for her. I squat down of my knees and push. Poop comes rushing out. I have made one big giant mess. You can smell it from a mile away probably.
  10. “Honey as I said many times the plan is only a month. Unless you fight us and don’t behave. A girl needs to have lots of options anyway. If you are a good girl you this will only be for a month. As I said just embrace it you many actually have fun. I have to admit he is very lucky at all the dresses he has.” I take out a pacifier and shove it in his mouth.” Now that stays there. I want you to point to the dress you want to wear. Remember the more you embrace it the better the chance you have of being out of diapers at the end of the month.
  11. “I was not tying to run I was just going to the car so you could take ex back to my house. Well I guess it is your house now.” I go stand in the corner. This is super humiliating. I am starting to feel my stomach again. “ I need to poop take me to the bathroom please I beg of you”
  12. “Yes you are a 2 year old. I am happy you are accepting it. Like I said if I was in your shoes I would accept it too. You look super cute by the way. I will tell you what I bet you want to help pick your outfit. Since this is your first day I will change you and you can pick you dress and bow. “ I take you upstairs and open a closet full of baby dresses.”ok baby pick which one you want”.
  13. “But I did nothing to deserve a spanking.” You strip off my diaper and start to spank me with the belt. My legs kick in the air like a little kids. I start to ball my eyes out after the fifth spanking. Then something real bad happenings my stomach starts to rumble. I am not sure if I should say anything or not.
  14. “The time out will last 30 min.” Now I am going to leave you alone to think about what you did. I check you diaper before I leave. “All dry. Good girl” I go and master bate for the next 30 min. This has made me so hot. I come back down once the time is up. I go into the room and I ask you “ what did you learn?”
  15. I have no choice but to walk over to ken. This is so humiliating. The worse part is that Ken starts to lift up my dress. This exposes my diapers even more. Ken then starts to explain to you how we know each other,