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  1. wddleme

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    I have been there...it was great. The interesting stuff is to the far right in the store, just head straight over there! Bethany is great....chit chats a bit depending on your lead. She says others in the store are understanding but can’t vouch for that. Responds well to email contacts and will share her schedule.... she was flexible and stayed a little late when I was held up in Northway traffic ( a local reference you might understand after your 4 days! I am not local.) hope you comment on your experience! Go for it!
  2. wddleme

    Northeast Mobility/Supply Solutions

    Stopped in on Saturday....what a wonderful person and nice place....selection of disposables is pretty substantial. A number of other fun things like jammies, onesies, plastic pants and rhumbas.....
  3. wddleme

    Vinyl Bibs For Sale

    Hope it's ok.....wanted to bump it up since i added additional info....shameless!
  4. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    I understand Bettypooh's code comments on PT.....that said, in practical application for subfloors to tile applications with backer board I've never seen it used interior....however, make sure you have exterior grade leftover, not an interior plywood (eg from a leftover cabinet project or such....check the labeling).
  5. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    Buy 3, might return one, 1+ for joist tops and bottoms, 1 for backer to ply.....ie might do it all with 2
  6. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    Yup, you'll find then right there by the backer board, usually greenish, made and coated with material that won't degrade in contact with the cement/thinset materials.
  7. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    You're supposed to put thinset between the ply and backer and definitely use the backer screws to attach, not roofing nails or such.
  8. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    toenail should do it, either way, use some construction adhesive under the "joists" and with the ply.....tiling instructions will say thinset between the backer board and the ply also...
  9. Updated with asking prices.....all plus actual shipping charges. Having had luck with the plastic pants.....here's a list of adult bibs and similar.
  10. wddleme

    Advice for selling collection

    Understand....had expected to break into small lots...., the other member wanted it all, and offered a reasonable price (we had a friendly minor negotiation) and it has been shipped! Got some bibs I culled also....will put up some info on that and see if any interest.
  11. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    I think you're looking good......joist spacing is close enough!!....other aspects look fine too.
  12. wddleme

    Need carpentry advice, framing a fireplace hearth

    not sure what you are saying about the 1x4.... but here is a quick grab of info on code for distances....not sure where you are....
  13. wddleme

    Advice for selling collection

    Thanks......and I see you have one up now! I am currently discussing an offer from another member who messaged me for the lot.......I am parting with 80 pairs, about 23 true vintage DPF, Gerber, Chrissy's, etc.....but wide variety...all in excellent condition....of course I could make significantly more by slowly feeding them out for sale but willing to save effort for a good offer.