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  1. Consistency is king. Took me about a year and a half of consistent night wearing to be a bedwetter.
  2. Frustration Over Romantic Prospects

    Go to a munch, meet other kinky people, be more dynamic than your diaper fetish, and meet some folks. many of the people at the munch will have social anxiety of some sort as well. Most kinksters i met are awkward in one way or another. This includes myself. At those events you are amongst like like minded individuals, even if diapers aren't their thing. I met my wife through the Bdsm scene. It is amazing being with someone who is open minded.
  3. Protocol for Dating?

    I shared it with my now wife on the first date. We didn't actually date though, we more or less interviewed each other. She is kinky so pretty open minded and shared with me her fantasies on the first date too. Honesty is the best policy. Everyone I have dated knows. Closets are for jackets, not people.
  4. ABDL in public

    Well in terms of meetups, Two things 1. How many of those involved persons who were members of both DD and Fetlife? Most of the folks in the ABDL lifestyle that I interact with in real life don't even come on this site to be honest. 2. How many were purely ABDL or mixed fetish? I have a combination of both as friends in real life here in wa. I know about an equal 50/50 mix of fetish folks and abdl folks. A hand full of ABDLS incorporate BDSM into their ABDL stuff, myself included. This may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you believe that Fetlife is better ABDL meetup site, you will act on that belief: See bellow... I have been promoting get togethers since I first joined DD, along with Tammy and Heidylynn. So far I have met Square Duck, Tami and Heidylynn, and honeau in real life from this forum only to hang out and play. The results of getting folks from this site out to get together has yielded in very little success. Mostly folks who think its a great idea but have no follow through to join in the fun. My experiences with Fetlife have been much more interactive in real life. I have befriended a lot of Motorcycle riding ABDL's and am the vice president of a Kink based Riding club up here Wa. The club was founded 5 years ago in Orange county and now we are in multiple states and countries. There is a smattering of Littles and ABDL's who join in on the riding and play. It is why my involvement in this site has gone down over the years. Its nothing negative about those here, I am just more interested in interacting with those who want to get out and do things other than wish about it on the computer. Those folks seem to congregate on Fetlife. As for being out an about In public, in the memory of Heidylynn I can't not post one of our old photos. I sure do miss being able to give her a call and share in the news of life. I don't know why the image wont pop up but heres a link http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o38/BriGuy8679/AB%20stuff/SanDPride004.jpg
  5. ABDL in public

    I always find it interesting that those in the closet say bad things will happen if you go into public. I could post photos of my experiences with Heidylynn but they are already shared around this site. As for DD vs Fetlife in terms of meet ups. I've met more folks through Fetlife than i have here on this site. Not knocking this site, it just seems folks over on Fetlife are more open to getting together in an arena that isn't just online. Many of the DD constituents seem to be more comfortable behind a computer screen.
  6. Xmas diapers

    That's a pretty rad wife you've got yourself there!! Merry Christmas
  7. What is to be taken seriously about a bunch of adults who like to wear and use diapers?
  8. You're not helping

    You sure can be nasty. I have not experienced anything like you say and I am pretty out of the closet with my Abdl side.
  9. Losing bladder control

    Sounds like diaper trained to me. When I'm not in a diaper I have regular control, soon as I put a diaper on I get the urge to pee more frequently and stronger. It is very hard for me to hold back when I am wearing. I think of it similar to pavlovs dog. I have now associated my diapers with easy potty time.
  10. Advice

    You only get ripped out of the closet once. I'd just let it blow over, and if anyone comes to you about it tell em that sounds interesting. Then go about your business. :) Well played sir!
  11. I've worn around family quite a bit. Never was caught. You owe it to your wife to share this side of you. I've learned that withholding information from your significant other is never a good thing and leads to hurt in the long run.
  12. Stop Defining Others

    Well said. I'm still kind of confused why this is even a debated subject. I was under the impression everyone knew that a fetish can be both sexual and non sexual depending on the individual. I thought it was common knowledge.
  13. Stop Defining Others

    I don't understand, huh? What do I refuse?
  14. Stop Defining Others

    I've been bullied quite a bit, until i stood up for myself. It used to be real bad for me actually. Humans have the ability for choice. Whether we choose to be kind or mean. I have actually had board members here attempt to bully me. It's up to us to choose to pay attention to them or ignore them. i still don't get what all the hubbub is about.
  15. Stop Defining Others

    I don't get what all the hubbub is about. Be nice to each other and let everyone beleve what is best for them.