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  1. Yep. I sure do. Right now I've been without diapers for at least 4 months now.
  2. I'm glad they went back to the plastic backed diapers. The depends weren't the greatest. But they were the best for an in store bought plastic diaper. Haven't seen them stocked yet in the stores near me but maybe they will soon. Glad depends listened.
  3. I love having coffee while wearing my diaper. Coffee makes me pee more too which makes for a very enjoyable wet diaper. I hate taking off a wet diaper.
  4. I thought the same thing. lol I sometimes have baby diapers as well as adult diapers. Sometimes I like to use the baby diapers to add extra absorbency to the adult diapers. Good thing it's not illegal to be in possession of baby diapers without having a kid. Or I'd be in jail. lol
  5. I clicked on it and it was fine. Nothing bad about the site. It's safe.
  6. Last year sometime. I think a few months ago. I came across a picture of one of the boys in tiger underwear sitting on another boys lap holding hands and in a sexual position. The other boy was wearing a race car diaper. Yeah those people are pedos that are selling catalogs of pics of young boys wearing diapers. And probably selling catalogs of pics of the boys in underwear. In sexual positions. They do sell diapers and underwear. But I can tell you right now that they're selling more than that. With the little research I've done about them and the photos I found that place is def a pedo ring. Although I haven't seen any yet. "Thank Heavens" I bet there catalogs also have pics of those boys naked or even doing sex or the people behind the scenes are having sex with them.
  7. Last year I gave it a try and lasted almost 2 months if I remember correctly. I found it lost it's fun after wearing for so long. And sometimes I was in situations where I would need to change and couldn't change before it leaked and had to worry about having wet spots on my pants. Sometimes it was easier for me to just go pee. If I had more absorbent diapers it probably wouldn't have been a problem. I'll probably try again in the future to wear 24/7 once I stock up on some more cases of diapers.
  8. I have one of those foldable camping chairs that I like to sit in when I want to wear a wet diaper while sitting down. I can wet the diaper until it leaks and the urine doesn't go through it to the floor and stays there in the chair. I love sitting in the urine. And will stay in the wet soaked diaper and continue to wet it while it's leaking. I have a bucket near the chair where I can just partially fold the chair up and then basically just pour the urine out of the chair into the bucket where I can then empty the bucket into the toilet. Then I just shower down the chair when I'm done having my diaper fun.
  9. I still have my plush duck my Dad bought me when I was 1 month old. That would have been in April 1988. He said he bought it at walmart and I was there with him and mom. Of course I don't remember that part though. Wish I could. I used to carry it with me everywhere I went until I was 7. I had the duck with me when we went to my Grandmas house March 4th 1994. We came back that evening to find our house on fire. "found out later someone arson'd it" and the fire department was there putting it out when we arrived home. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had my duck in my arms and remember a firefighter sitting me on his lap and talking to me while my parents were talking with the fire marshal. I also had one of those power wheels jeeps that my dad bought for me in Christmas of 1993 when I was 5. The front tire melted a bit but a friend got it off our porch and saved it for me before the house went up too much in flames. The house was still standing after the fire was put out. But it was a total loss and was torn down and we moved into a mobile home my dad bought with the insurance money. I don't have the power wheels anymore because it broke. Can't believe that house fire was 23 years ago, Well it will be in March of this year. I still have that duck. It has stitches in it's legs one by me and one by my Grandma. If I do ever get married and have kids one day I will give that duck to my kid/kids and hope they cherish it like I have. I'll try and remember to get a picture of it sometime.
  10. I too live alone and age play alone. It would be nice to find someone that would move into my place with me and either play as a toddler with me or be a mommy or daddy to me. But I'm okay if that never happens. I'll probably be single all my life and to be honest I kinda like it. I do have a cat that lives with me and when I'm in toddler mode we play together then too.
  11. I'm late. But happy Birthday anyway to dailydiapers.com Thanks to Mike and all the moderators that make this forum great. Keep up the great work. I was 12 years old 16 years ago. Here's to another great 16 years of dailydiapers.com
  12. In the cold I mostly wear clothes over my diapers. But once in awhile I'll crank the heat up and roam about the house in just a diaper. During the summer or spring when wearing diapers I almost always wear nothing but a diaper around the house both day and night.
  13. I was feeling down tonight and that song really lifted me up. Made me laugh so hard. Thanks for posting that.
  14. Same happens to me. I masturbate in the diaper and then the desire to wear is gone for awhile.
  15. Know the feeling. Last month The automatic transmission went out in my 92 Chevy Silverado. I went to go pick up a scrap washing machine and it made it okay to the guys house where I was picking up the washing machine and it backed out okay when I got ready to leave. But as soon as I backed out and put it in drive it would not forward. So here I was sitting at an angle in the road by the guys house and trying to get it to shift but it wouldn't go in any gears. And I didn't have my cell phone with me to call my friend. The guy wasn't there at the house I was getting the washing machine from otherwise he would've towed me back. My mom's house is just a block down the road so I went there and had her call my friend who came with his truck and a chain and towed me back. Another friend has a transmission that my dad is buying for me. It's used but he's gonna get it all cleaned up and put new seals in it and he's gonna let me and my dad use his shop to put the transmission in when we get it ready.