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  1. Hi, I am starting to make these benches as a hobby but I will be selling them on ebay. I was just curious if it there is any interest in something like this. Let me know what you think.
  2. Added new styles. Check out my other auctions
  3. I started to make my own version of these. I will be listing many more colors and styles for different holidays like mardi gras and st patricks day. Here is the link to my ebay sale http://www.ebay.com/itm/262827639266?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Should diapers also function as chastity belts?

    As I have a problem wearing the traditional cage style chastity devices my wife has been using diapers on me as a form of chastity. She has read some articles that explain the need for men to be able to see and verify his parts are still there, by using diapers you don't get to visually see your parts. There is no need to use a bathroom so you never get to actually see or touch yourself. Add a pair of locking pants and you are just as chaste. It's actually quite effective. Granted there are some pitfalls like wearing to work but it's how far you take it.
  5. Sissy training

    Pretty cool stuff
  6. collared while in diapers

    I'm curious as to how often collars and leashes are used while being put in diapers. I see a lot of pictures on the web with someone in diapers and they have a collar on with a leash. I also noticed there are a lot of pictures of people being diapered and chained to a bed. Is this a common practice? Purpose? I have my ideas on why it would be used but not sure.
  7. I can tell you it is always interesting. You never know whats going to happen or when. Hiding the diapers while out in public is always a challenge and you definitely know your are in "chastity". The feel of the diaper is always on your mind from the extra padding to the crinkle. while at home she will make me wear just a diaper sometimes and she knows when I use it and always comments, that can get embarrassing.
  8. Basically it's the fact I can't see or touch myself. It's really no different than being in a chastity belt other than the device is soft and padded instead of rigid steel or plastic. It does have some advantages over a real cage as well like adding a buttplug without using a belt to hold it in place because the diaper holds it. We make a lot of our own stuff like locking plastic pants so on a Saturday morning my wife might lock in a pair and won't let me out no matter what happens until she feels up to it, this just adds to the chastity factor because she is now not only in control of my orgasms but also my basic body functions. I don't care who you are, you will always be embarrassed when you use your diaper and you know you should be using the bathroom. My wife will put my collar on me and attach a leash so I have to sit right next to her, That is one of the hardest parts of being locked in diaper. You can only hold it so long before the urge becomes reality and not being able to go off in private to do it I am stuck right next to her. Of course it takes both parties to agree to do this, nobody can really be forced to do anything they don't want but I agreed to go along with this to serve her so I am stuck for now. After a few days like this I get so horny, I beg for release. I drove her nuts in October to the point she said fine, but not what I thought. She used a massager to make me cum in my diaper and then made me sit in it. You just have to be creative with it, one day she peeled 2 bananas and put thm in my diaper just for fun another time she poured kids bubbles in the diaper. That was interesting.
  9. While we don't really delve into the "little role play". We do use diapers on a regular basis. I cannot use a cage type chastity device because of past surgery so my wife uses diapers as a form of chastity. She will require me to wear and use diapers 24/7 for a set amount of time. Of course this not really practical while at work, so during work hours she has me wear pull ups. The only time I am allowed to use a bathroom is during work hours, which in turn is also the time I can see or touch myself. It is kind of a trust thing for us. We do play with the sissy and maid scene on occasion and she will make me wear dresses and such to humiliate me while in diapers. When she decides it is time for sex, she will let me know. The last stint in diapers was in October, I was in them for the whole month. Now we are into December and I am sitting here in diapers again until new years eve. That night I will be released and I am looking forward to a long night with her. This works for us but might not for others. No this is not fantasy, this is how we make things work. Of course diapers are really not as secure as chastity but they serve the same purpose mentally. I you cant see it or touch it, then you cant use it. Hope this helped.
  10. Purchased from Adult-baby-shop.eu??

    I have a diaper dress that was ordered from there but it was purchased through ebay. Nice product but it is a very thin pvc material. The padding is not as thick as you would think. My wife is a seamstress an she decided to make all my outfits. It's a lot cheaper.
  11. Anybody Wear Plastic Pants With Disposables?

    I wear them all the time. You never know when it might leak. I use the ones you get on ebay from china. They seem to hold up well and fit pretty good, the only problem I had was the size control was a little off. One medium fits better than another.
  12. The best cost effective diaper

    I can vouch for Northshore supremes, They can hold a lot.
  13. Halloween

    Here is a pic of how my wife made me dress for Halloween. She went all out. Thankfully the dress was longer in the back because when I bent over you would see the thick diaper she made me wear. She spent weeks looking for right costume. Now she is looking for a dress for xmas, only this time she said she is going to make sure it is short enough for my diaper to show. She really has gotton into this and is really enjoying seeing me dressed for her.
  14. All time favorite diaper

    Northshore supreme diapers.
  15. WIfe says 24/7

    She only uses the locking pants while at home, my mistake for not clarifying. While at work, I use pull ups so not to interfere with my duties as I own my company. As for the costume, it a private party at our house. Maybe I should have explained a bit more in detail but you live and learn. We did discuss the pitfalls and have allowed for this.