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  1. Water out, get out the diapers

    I tuck a week off from work and renovated my bathroom.....the toilet was the first think to cone out and the last thing to go back in...... 6 day 24/7 pee and poop. never cheated once
  2. Smelling like a baby

    I must add that I like all.aspects . theirs the smell of a freshly powered diaper combined with diaper rash cream........ bit also like the per smell of a sagging wet diaper ...... but nouthing make me fell so.little as a poopey diaper
  3. Fastest laxative

    that would be the marshmallow method with out question
  4. Getting dressed as a sissy

    I'm not their yet but my wife got me a new one is and footed sleeper.... and she blinded folded me one morning and changed my morning diaper and put on the onesie and footed sleeper..... needless to say I was quite surprised to find I was wearing a pink sleeper with hello kitty prints and a hot pink oneie under that..... I wander what other surprises she has for me
  5. Sleeping through

    Today's diapers are wounderfull . Almost allway last all night
  6. How does your partner feel about your bedwetting?

    My wife of 17 years has been great. She new comeing into the marriage I was a abdl... and it played well into her domineering personally.... a few years agaio i told her that my passion for diapers has increased and one day i probley would.like.to try to go and 24/7.... howeve in my line of work being in diapers issnt so much fun. We split the differance we started dispersing up every night like I was a bedwetting little boy..... over the years o got really good at wetting in bed. Then I started walking up wet not really remembering when i wet..... at first this like of scared me after reality is far different from fantasy........ but to my surprise my wife told be i should change nouthing..... she really likes the idea my becoming a real bedwetter. If makes her fell more comminent when she see I wet the bed like a little boy or man....she also said she know most other women would want nouthing to do with a man that still.wet the bed...... bit odd bit works for us
  7. Your holy grail

    Finding someone who likes changing poopey diapers
  8. do diapers make you wet more

    That would be a yea bacause when i wake up haveing to pee I get annoyed pee my diaper and go back to sleep.... much prefer sleeping thure the night and walking up with a wet diaper and empty bladder
  9. Nappies Vs Diapers

    A friend of mine from England says that American slang and terms are takeing over the language their
  10. Wife want me to try to become a bedwetter

    I think the differance is we been married for 17 years and we have been playing with diapers since day one
  11. Wife want me to try to become a bedwetter

    For my wife its a game of power and i like diapers win win
  12. Humm so last night I climbed into bed without my usual night time diaper. Been wearing one every night for months lately. so my wife asked me why I wasent in it. This tuck me by supprise ..... dident think she really was that into my diapers. .. and we started to talk about them...... it turns out that she likes the idea of he husbands being a diapered bed wetter bacauae most other woman would see me as well their not a better way to say this. But as a pathetic little man. She said this in a loveing way...... after all I'm hers. And it's a way of makeing me less desirable to other woman...... ..... so it's diapers and oneie to bed every night for know on. She also.said she's locking the master bedroom bath door.... I did ask what if I needed to go poopy in the middle of the night... she said we see what happens when that hurdal comes.......... the main one is the desire to become a real bed wetter. ...... she also gave me a reward for haveing a wet diaper this morning. Nouthing like a little positive reinforcement
  13. How open are you about ABDL?

    Very littke. Dont mind people thinking you a bit weird or even groosed out by a soiled diaper...... what is the jump to child molester or pedifiler that keeps me from ever going public
  14. Wet or pooey nappies

    Also like to add never been abaik to poop with out wetting to
  15. no bathroom on this trip

    Ever since the first launch when john glen was forced to wet his space suit after the launch was delayed 6 hr. Was soupost to be 15 min flight pluse prep time. Astronaut have been in diapers or pee tubs..... .... one cant just unzip a space suit to take a leak