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  1. I havent had to deal with a messey diaper yet.... but i have notice the nice fellings i get just from checking a diaper...i also notice it more fun to check a diaper when under clothing vs a diaper warn without pants for clothing.... i guss it bacause since i cant see it im really checking
  2. fixitboy

    From messing underwear to diapers

    I use to wet my pants as a kid before I had access to diapers. I remember how.i liked to ride my bike in the rain bacause the rain gave me cover via wet clothes
  3. I can hold it a long time. Only problem is at first it uncomfortable. The. Outright painful to hold it
  4. fixitboy

    Paddled on my poopy diaper

    A diaper will not help protect you from a proper spanking
  5. fixitboy

    The Big Debate: Cloth VS. Disposable

    Back in the 1990 disposable diapers sucked....if you wanted thick and thursy diapers cloth was the only viable option...... but today with mulitibal thick and thurstey abdl and medical disposable diapers to chose from.... disposable have the market.....
  6. fixitboy

    Chastity or bondage

    My wife and I have been playing with locking clothing lately.... She got me back zipper footed pj back zipper body suit and a back zipper oneie.... Sunday she left me home alone to do some work on the house whial I she was out with her firends shopping. And helped me into the oneie and body suit under my regular clothing... On her way out say said she was confonent I would not be up to no good with out her.... And she would be checking when she got back...... It was a real mine blowing felling. That i would have to weight tial she got home before I could get my diaper changed change..... it's such a weird felling trapped in a diaper disbight the fact I would have happly stayed diapered anyway.... Everything really does change when choice is removed......
  7. fixitboy

    New Huggies designs soon?

    Baby diapers haven't really changed much since cloth like hit the market in the late 90 early 2000s..... the only changes I have seen since is cousmedic to what ever cartoon is on it. And some products changes for cost passed off as importants...to explane a suddon change .....
  8. fixitboy

    Public bathrooms or use your Diaper?

    My poop filled diaper is less discussing then some of the plblic rest rooms I been in
  9. fixitboy

    Diaper Checks for Poopy Bottoms

    I love the look a cargiver gets when the first wiff of a poopey diaper hits. And they become compeled to investigate the condition of your diaper
  10. fixitboy

    How soon do you sit down

    Within minutes. Love the poop ozzing up to the back of my disper felling. Especially after a large moment
  11. fixitboy

    Biggest AB Fantasy?

    Haveing choice removed ... becoming truly diaper dependend...
  12. Well im much older then i used to be and have allways injoyed the role as a adult baby or diapered little.... i have a couple younger. 20s diaper firends that i like to have out at my property.... we dont really play. In my younger days i was taken advantage of because i was despret to find a place to explorer my diaper side... but it came with strings attached. And we will just leave it as that... so know that im the older person i know enjoy offering a place for people to enjoy diaper time with out strings attacked...or any special return favors expected... basicaly we hang out doing normal things just were are all diapered... sometimes in ab clothing but mostly normal clothing .... recently my one little has gotten very brave and asked if i would be willing to change his diaper... we all know this is something a lot of abdl dont ever get a chance at... and it really conflicted with my attempts to not get to personal or intimate with my friends.... . However after alot of negotiations let's be blunt begging from my little i finaly gave in.... but unlike my past experiences. I set rules for myself..... i was just a a diaper change like a parent would do. No adult hanky panky..... the first time i think i was more nervous then my little... and of coures the "wet"diaper change was all awkward... but to my supprise i found it to be a very fulfilling experience.... next thing i new i found my self changeing alot of diapers.. allways keeeping it G rated. I allway get this warm all over felling bacause he allway makes a point of hugging me tight after a diaper change and thanking me for his fresh pants...... this is most decently what being a mommey or daddy is all about
  13. Im starting to.think of my self as a diapered little. Never liked the adult baby role... just to young for me. Never liked bottles and pacifiers..... i have become more sub to my dominant wife.. and the more i think about it l have been in the role of a little boy...... i have handed all decision makeing over to her. And i like it. I dont have to deal with any of that adult crap when inget home from work..... i get home. Diapered up and dress like a small boy. Then play with my toys..... its nice.
  14. I think it woud be fun to be all diferent ages from 18 month toddler in diapers. To a accident prone 4 year old in pullups... boy and girl. Depending on the day
  15. fixitboy

    Tape Diapers vs Pull-Ups

    Pull up are for accidents you should try to make it to the bathroom..... when in diapers the toilet isent even an option so dont try to hold it at all