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  1. For my wife its a game of power and i like diapers win win
  2. Humm so last night I climbed into bed without my usual night time diaper. Been wearing one every night for months lately. so my wife asked me why I wasent in it. This tuck me by supprise ..... dident think she really was that into my diapers. .. and we started to talk about them...... it turns out that she likes the idea of he husbands being a diapered bed wetter bacauae most other woman would see me as well their not a better way to say this. But as a pathetic little man. She said this in a loveing way...... after all I'm hers. And it's a way of makeing me less desirable to other woman...... ..... so it's diapers and oneie to bed every night for know on. She also.said she's locking the master bedroom bath door.... I did ask what if I needed to go poopy in the middle of the night... she said we see what happens when that hurdal comes.......... the main one is the desire to become a real bed wetter. ...... she also gave me a reward for haveing a wet diaper this morning. Nouthing like a little positive reinforcement
  3. Very littke. Dont mind people thinking you a bit weird or even groosed out by a soiled diaper...... what is the jump to child molester or pedifiler that keeps me from ever going public
  4. Also like to add never been abaik to poop with out wetting to
  5. Ever since the first launch when john glen was forced to wet his space suit after the launch was delayed 6 hr. Was soupost to be 15 min flight pluse prep time. Astronaut have been in diapers or pee tubs..... .... one cant just unzip a space suit to take a leak
  6. I dissagree the male romper seem very child like print and color fabrics...... i wouldent be supprised if they are very abdl aware. And i so want a few. looks great for general summer around tbe house where
  7. I was like that then realized that even if you diaper shows a little 99% of people dont put 2+2 togather and the few that relize you whearing just figger you have a med problem..... thats unless your doing something inerapproated in public
  8. This is why i lean to tge diaper lover side...... but i do like my babeyish clothing
  9. I go out diapered all the time.... just stick to normal street clothing........ now I know there are people that will wear their babyprint onesies abu diapers ect under their street clothes even go as far as haveing a buttplug in too.... I tend to side on the paranoid side of caution...... you never know when you run into some local prosecutor that thinks all abdl are child predators and if youu are caught with your abdl stuff on out and public you will br charge you as if you were doing a sex act in plubic ...... but did you get away with just a diaper under normal street clothes...... it's a sad way to think but I'd rather be safe than sorry
  10. I saw a facebook post about them this morning. If they arent abdl aware allready they will be shortly.... cant weight to get some. Looks perfect for general aroubd the house chores
  11. Its a start.
  12. I would add a sub category for sleeping wet. Damp, wet or sokeing wet
  13. Thick diapers shoure work better. It's all a question of scale
  14. When I was a kid 1980s. You where luckey to get a simple Easter baskets with a big chocolate rabbit and assortment of other sweets......mabey a few toys like you find at the dollar store......... then I notice the trend building in the last decade of gifts on par course with the cost of Christmas being given in louse of candy and chocolate......... un no
  15. Iv seen people refer to that style as baby doll. Because the people look like dolls