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  1. fixitboy

    High and dry

    I gave up all that crap years ago my only Vice now is sugar and caffeine
  2. fixitboy

    Do you ever not poop your diaper?

    I skip the poop more often then I like clean up can be inconvenient
  3. I don't like just whereing just a diaper..... allways have clothing on with them even if it's just a onesie so it dident matter to me
  4. fixitboy

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    I'm in the middle starting to like the diapered little lable... I like diaper but don't like baby bottles and passifiers...... but do like footed pjs and toys like legos
  5. fixitboy

    How to tell my partner i want to go 24/7?

    best to just ask str8 up....
  6. fixitboy

    What do you add to your diapers?

    yep also add pee and poop
  7. fixitboy


    I think the gay life fourms are a better place for a question like that.....
  8. fixitboy

    state park bathrooms

    Round valley is alfull to.... Same bathroom you find in a jail
  9. bacause it's a pain to clean up
  10. fixitboy

    What do you do when you poop?

    I like to poop my diaper then I will go about what ever I was doing like nouthing happened.... then change in 15 to 1 hour when it's conivent
  11. talk about performance anxiety..... I came like I was 16 last night so my wife floors me over and gave me a few.. spanking are compleatly different after you blow
  12. fixitboy

    Wet Sex

    my wife has become so. Accustomed to my wet diapers in the morning that she admitted that she like to have sex when my morning diaper is wet ....... she likes checking it then rewards be for haveing a wet night
  13. fixitboy

    vintage attends let down

    I have 4 packs of them that I got at a thrift store for 5$ each..... The fell and sound they make is the best.....but saddly don't hold much....
  14. fixitboy

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    check out a watersports sight.....
  15. fixitboy

    liveing the life of s bed wetter

    for about 3 year now with my wife's blessing and even encourage....i have committed to the life of a bedwetter........ what i have learned is this means alot more then just going to bed diapered every night.....i learned one must be committed to the good bad and ugly...... for starters you need to accept the fact that leaks happen.... so you better get yourself good mattress protection our bed has a plastic sheet bed cover and regular sheets because we found just having the bed cover is not enough..... we're not talking about the occasional damp spot.... I'm talking about puddles of pee...... so premium bed protection is a must...... you also better be prepared for a lot of laundry in the morning if you don't want your room or house sticking of stale pee....... here are the rules my wife and I set out for me...... once I'm in my night diapers I stay in my diapers tial morning......never hold it if I need to off I off. even if I know my diaper can't take it..... if my diapers leak that's to bad I need to sleep in my wet sheets and pajamas......sound simple but it does test you after a whial.... what i have learned reality is very different from fantasy...... wet nighttime diapers are a lot easier to deal with then wet pajamas sheets and blankets..... many times I was tempted to hold it when I woke up in the night because I knew my diapers were going to leak but I managed to still go commit to it no matter the consequences......... it's amazing how fast to get used to sleeping on a damp bed....... footed pj and oneie makes a huge differance in diaper capacity...........and haveing a partner tgat just as committed to the lifestyle as you makes all the difference in the world...... I remember one time we ran out of diapers and she told me under no certain terms was an excuse for me to wake up in a dry bed.....she reminded me that a bed-wetter would still wet the bed..... it was a very experienance feeling wetting without the protection of a diaper and then haveing to sleep in it.....