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  1. What am I doing wrong?

    I would try some " naughty " diaper changed on him... get him raved up make him look fowared to diaper changes
  2. Wet or dry diaper?

    I like a damp diaper not fresh but not wet enouf for a change
  3. I got a Couple Cloth Diaper Questions

    I found the same thing happened with the traditional flat pre fold diapers alot of side bulk...... try getting some flat contour diapers they do have a better fit .... the all in ones are fun to.... cant beat the capacity but vinal pants just dont crinkle right
  4. Diaper wetting

    if your in your diapers wetting your self with out anyone noticing is very easy..... their are people tgat like wetting their pants in public. but most of us frown on practicing your fetish in front of the unsuspecting general public
  5. full size supper easy. any department store and even wallmart. you can find full bedding in children's cartoon no problem
  6. I dident poop for the longest time then I did the usial got to try it at least once. but the first time is very o at whelming experience with the usial il never do that again.... then it once more and more sitting in it longer and longer too
  7. My first adult onesie

    I'm the same don't go into baby bottles and pacificrers buy boy do I love my oneies and footed sleepers
  8. is it still bed wetting

    that people just being to hung up on technicalities.... you wet whial in bed your a bed wetter
  9. Kinda Personal...

    the biggest problem is for people that like to sit in a poopy diaper all day..... most people change within 15 to 30 min 1 hr tops....so don t sit in it all day and make.shoure you clean everything inside and out
  10. Diaper Changes

    sometimes I like being tied to the bed who getting my diaper changed and haveing unspeakable things done to me down their. more fun with a ball gag and hood over your head
  11. Pants pooping?

    I tryed it a couple of time but I just wasent the same with out my diapers
  12. Fastest laxative

    basicly you free about 6 marshmallows...wet them and insert up their. they work like glycerin suppositories with in 15 min I can't hold it back even if I try........
  13. Water out, get out the diapers

    I tuck a week off from work and renovated my bathroom.....the toilet was the first think to cone out and the last thing to go back in...... 6 day 24/7 pee and poop. never cheated once
  14. Smelling like a baby

    I must add that I like all.aspects . theirs the smell of a freshly powered diaper combined with diaper rash cream........ bit also like the per smell of a sagging wet diaper ...... but nouthing make me fell so.little as a poopey diaper
  15. Fastest laxative

    that would be the marshmallow method with out question