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  1. Its been a long road ..... from finaly admitting im a diaperlover and diapered little to going for wanting to where diapers to needing them..... al lthow my wife new i liked diapers befor we got married. It still took years to admit just how much i like them..... she also discovered she like me in them just as much as i like being in them...... i told my wife one night this i did like the thaut of needing diapere full time one day. but Its just not practical and their are advantages to being potty trained in day to day life.... she agreed....then i thaut about how to ballance my life with the idea of becomeing diaper dependent one day..and what i could do today.....so i asked her what she thaut about me trying to become a bedwetter......i admitted i was still confused by my diaper desires.. after all. Most people that are bed wetter would do just about anything to stop....where my goal in life is to become a bed wetter....i really found it hard to express my goal which is considered to be a failing for normal people......i also worried what she would think of my unusual desires.....turn out she had some unusual thauts about my diaper desires her self.....she found that she liked the Superior feeling she felt over me becomeing a bedwetter.... she is a jealous woman and like the idea of a bedwetting husbands for no other normal woman would want to date a man that still wets the bed.. and is in diapers..... she was also conflicted with the idea of loveing a man more the more pathetic and undesirable he was made to Other Woman....... so after a very unusual but insightful discussion we came to a consensus..... i wanted to try to become a bedwetter and she wanted me to become her bedwetting husband.....and from that day on i went to bed diapered every night.....and it went on for the first few years like that.... but as we all know. Going to.bed in.a diaper dosent make you a bedwetter..... at the time diapers warent as good as they are know. And i found i was cheeting more often then not....as i dident want to flood my diaper and get the bedding all wet....as the years went on. We also stared exploring ab and little side of diapers......she supprised me one christmass eve with a oneie....on Christmas morning my wife notice i was not wet in the morning amd asked me my....and i confessed i was holding back bacause i dident want to get the bedding all wet..... to my surprise she wasn't very happey about my confession..... it turns out that over the years she really has grown to the idea of her little bedwetting husband and was a bit disappointed to find that I had it really moved forward to becoming a true bedwetter....so she decided that I needed a little help or guidance would be a better word for it...... the first thing we did was install a keyed lock on the bathroom door..... their would no longer be any cheating at night..... once i was in my diapers at bed time i was to stay diaperes tial morning.....she also added protection to the bed and told me not to worry about leaks anymore...after all. Leaking diapers go with the territory....i also menchened how hard it was to wet myslef whial laying in bed. So she sudjested i needed to practice wetting in bed as practice makes perfect.. you're so so retrained your body to get used to wetting whial in a laying position......so from then on i started going to bed in a wet diaper. And useing them no matter the state of them....we learned that is is alot harder then we both thaut..... and i had a many night in a wet bed along with a wet diaper....i also learned to become accustomed to cold saggey and sometimes smelly diapers rather then a warm wet one..... things went on like this for a whial... then one fateful day my wife had a firend over and her firend menchenes that our room smelled like her toddlers room....at that point she found her self telling her firend all about her bedwetting husbands and how i was back in diapers because of it.....she confessions that she got such a smug felling of satisfaction telling her firend all about me...she left out the part that i was a abdl and wanted to be a bed wetter.... and to my surprise instead of being pissed off that she told one of her close friends about it I found I really enjoyed the odd look she gave me the next time I saw her..... i imagined visions of me in Pampers went through her mind..... any a few more years went by. And i became very proficient at wetting myself in just about any position whenever I wanted..... i also notice i dident find it necessary to drink alot of water to make myself wet at night any more.... by this time we switched to abdl diaperd and onesie or footed sleepers ... every night.... my wife found that she like it the more toddley like i appear at bed time.....she even started buying kid print sheets and bedding....she also confesed how much she like the russle sound of my diapers checking to see how wet i was in the morning like a toddler. It just gives her a felling of power over me and she likes......by this point. Of my bedwetter retraining i have found i can wet my diapers with almost no thaut or efferet in bed anymore.... leaks are also rare know between the better quality of diapers and my frequent wetting in smaller amounts.... when i go to bed early my diapers are hardly even damp bacause i no longer flood them..... and it went on like that anouther year or two.... then i woke up one morning compleatly soaked and dident need to go at all no matter how hard i tryed......was this bacause i finaly did it. and cant go bacause their nouthing in my bladder anymore.......... it was a odd felling. I was elated that I might have finally achieved my goal and totaly wet in my sleep..... at the sametime i was scared...... its one think to have a fantasy it's another when it's reality.... however after telling my wife about my feelings she was completely elated she finally had the bedwetting husband she wanted.... she reward me with a week in diapers 24/7 ....no cheeting. Know i have spent a maney weekend diaperd 24/7. But this was special..... i spent friday after work to monday the next week diapered. I wasent allowed to change my own diaper once. Even the messey ones....... it was fun but we also.agreed on sunday night. Daytime potty is a good thing.... anyway with that positive reinforcement and possibly a little bladder weakening on my wifes part.... i wander if that was her plan from the start of my week in diapers. As i notice she would almost seem disappointed when she checked my diaper and i dident need a change but i digress..... over the last year i have woke up more often then not more rested with a empty bladder and wet diaper...i can only assum it was bacause i was now sleeping thure the night and not wakeing to wet myself any more........ well yesterday was the 15 year mark. So my wife and i did a little experment..... i went to bed last night in underwear instead of diapers for the first time in 15 years But i was still in my footed pjs......... at about 1am she woke me up......i had wet the bed.....i really wet the bed..... im still in a daze today...... i can finaly call myself a bedwetter.....i no longer want to where diapers, i need to where diapere.... its a very strange felling to cross that border..... make me wander if i will go all the way next. Onlyntime will tell
  2. fixitboy

    Just wondering about waking up in a wet diaper

    I love it went i wake up with a wet diaper and the pee smell..... still find it a little funny that i fell its a major accomplishment when i wet myself when normally people would be devastated if that happened to them
  3. Yep. First diaper accomplishment..... peeing whial driving was hard And last peeing whial playing in bed was the hardest
  4. fixitboy

    losing control?

    I notice that when im whearing diapers that I wet more often. I'm surprised how I fell a real strong urge to pee but only pee a little.....but dont have any problems when in my big boy underwhere...... its defentaly a mental thing
  5. fixitboy

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    today I was diapers pink oneie pink socks and pink sneakers
  6. fixitboy

    DL going AB

    yep like being a small boy diapers and tottler clothing ....oneie footed pjs and just added overalls with snap croch
  7. fixitboy

    How big was your largest poop in a diaper?

    iv had a few like that.... wish I could have more
  8. fixitboy

    Does anyone else fill diapers with water?

    I did at first when I still had trouble peeing my self.... kni w I find it hard to bold back whial diapeees
  9. fixitboy

    High and dry

    I gave up all that crap years ago my only Vice now is sugar and caffeine
  10. fixitboy

    Do you ever not poop your diaper?

    I skip the poop more often then I like clean up can be inconvenient
  11. I don't like just whereing just a diaper..... allways have clothing on with them even if it's just a onesie so it dident matter to me
  12. fixitboy

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    I'm in the middle starting to like the diapered little lable... I like diaper but don't like baby bottles and passifiers...... but do like footed pjs and toys like legos
  13. fixitboy

    How to tell my partner i want to go 24/7?

    best to just ask str8 up....
  14. fixitboy

    What do you add to your diapers?

    yep also add pee and poop
  15. fixitboy


    I think the gay life fourms are a better place for a question like that.....