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  1. Ohhhhhhh, I would have to say about 30 minutes ago while I was doing last night supper dishes. A very nice full filling of my diaper and a terrific flooding of warm pee right after. Quite the wet messy feeling to say the least
  2. Without a doubt, doing poopies in my diaper/pullup creates such wonder erotic waves of naughtiness, and each time it happens I cannot help but feel the "little" in me wanting to come out and play. But I will admit quite readily that when I am being changed I definitely feel very babyish and fully embrace that feeling.
  3. I can fully understand and respect both "rusty pins" and "LeakyLynx" points of view. And totally valid as well. I have tried the oatmeal aspect of having that "messy diaper" feeling but for me personally, there was certainly something lacking. It definitely took a bit of time to get used to the odor and clean up aspects of going poopie in my diaper/pullup but the joy of doing so out weighs those concerns. I too have sensitive skin in my diaper area but to keep at bay any attempt of having a diaper rash begin I liberally coat my diaper region with cocoa butter skin lotion. Doing so allows me to enjoy the squishy messy feeling for a bit longer time than normal. Although I have had enjoyed some lovely front-to-back messes in my diaper/pullup I have yet to have any UTI issues. But that is just me so it is something that one must consider when enjoying diaper messes.
  4. Post when messy.

    Most definitely right at this very moment....so messy and squishy.....so enjoyable
  5. Messing the front of a diaper

    I quite agree with Three Rivers.......I get into that position wearing a wet and rather loose diaper or pullup and things just seem to naturally gravitate to the front. Especially if my poopie is all very soft and warm which is the way I like it. But lots of times I will just do a poopie in any other position then caress and massage my wet messy diaper, feeling all that soft warm poopie traveling towards the front, capturing my boi bits and pieces. I have been a 24/7 diaper wearer (by choice) for a few years and I have yet to encounter any issues with poopie getting down into penis or a diaper rash as I do not stay in my messy diaper/pullup longer than 30-60 minutes. And with the frequent times that I pee, if any poopie got into my penis it would get flushed out very quickly
  6. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Without a doubt I am very much into watersports and/or anything to do with peeing and wetting pleasures. And I am very attached to crossdressing, especially anything to do with feminine underthings. Currently I am experimenting with enemas, of which I finding it to be rather pleasing.
  7. preference on thickness

    While out and about in public I don't really mind wearing a diaper where the outlines are somewhat noticeable to anyone who actually cares to look at my bottom. At home however, I like to go thick as I quite enjoy the waddling aspect to wearing around the apartment
  8. Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    I cannot fathom the thought of not wearing my diaper and plastic panties during the night. I certainly get a more rewarding sleep when I wear and there is just something to be said about that "safe comfy" feeling when you briefly wake up to feel yourself freely wetting in the middle of the night. That "safe comfy" feeling is totally heightened when you momentarily wake up to finding yourself doing a lovely soft warm poopie.
  9. Messing

    So very true on both accounts. Cleaning up is just simply a part of the joys of doing poopies in your diaper. And cleaning up another boi date is a lovely act of intimacy which can easily lead to more playtime
  10. Having sex in a messy diaper

    I hope you do get to try it..........I have found it to be so very intimate and exciting to share messy sex with a trusted boi partner
  11. Post when messy.

    I am definitely very messy right now. Between my wetting during the night, my morning wetting and then the flooding release of my poopie I am all messy from front to back in my diaper right now. And I really don't want to change yet either because it feels so good right now
  12. About an hour ago while leaning against the balcony railing as I enjoyed the morning view. I had wetted during the night at some point but my morning wetting quite nicely saturated my diaper. While sipping my first cup of coffee of the morning I could tell by the slight tummy pangs and pressure that I needed to completely relax and let things happen. It was a rather intense sensation of feeling all that warm and very soft poopie fill my diaper. It was such a wonderful filling of my diaper that not only was the back completely filled but my all my boi parts very quickly became bathed in soft warm as well as most of the front of my diaper. A very delicious moment of poopie release
  13. I have on from time to time but only when it is with another femboi diaper lover and we are both very comfortable with not only wetting our diapers while visiting and playing, but also in doing very nice soft warm poopies in them as well
  14. Do you wear diapers in public, or in private only?

    Depending on my mood I will wear a proper diaper with plastic panties but generally I am much comfy with feminine style pullups and my favorite plastic panties
  15. Having sex in a messy diaper

    Ohhhh, most certainly. My very trusted boi play toy is very much into diapers/pullups in very much the same way as myself. We both certainly plan a day or 2 in advance of our "messy diaper play date" so that we are able to enjoy our messy play to the fullest with more than just one poopie happening in our diapers. There is something so very sensual in taking turns to cup each others bottoms right where the diaper pocket is and feel the escaping soft warmth of poopie sliding out of each others bottoms and filling that pocket. We do enjoying caressing and fondling each other through the bottoms of each others diapers so that we can not only feel the pushing warmth but also to help move and squish it around. If we have prepared ourselves properly we will be able to do poopies more than once in our diapers. And during our messy diaper play we do take in a fair amount of either water, apple juice, or beer (or a mix of each) so that we can enjoy adding our wetting to our messy diapers. Both of us have over time developed various intimate ways to further our messy diaper play of intimacy but I shall leave that to your imagination (or you can PM)