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  1. jordan.diapers

    Messing the front of a diaper

    Thanks all May have to give it a try then
  2. So years ago now I saw a video by an Australian ABDL on Tumblr, his account is deleted now and I can't find the video anywhere!! who laid a nappy out on the floor and pooped at the front of his nappy, he then turned around and procceded to put the nappy on as normal so that the poop was spreading around his groin! I've never done this but was wondering if anyone else has? If so what did it feel like? Would you recommend?
  3. jordan.diapers


    I've done this many times! It really does work!! makes sure poopy smell weird though and obviously it comes out really runny!
  4. jordan.diapers

    Diaper Boys In Kent

    Anyone from Kent on here that wants to talk? Add my Kik bofin 15 or my skype jordan_diapers