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Found 9 results

  1. preference on thickness

    Just curious what peoples preference is on thick diapers.
  2. Hello everyone. This is just a poll that will help me calculate rough numbers of ABDL's. If you have voted on this same poll on adisc.org, vote here too, it will help. Also, yes, not all ABDL sites are written here, but two of the biggest are. Others will be taken into calculation, but are largely unimportant as these two serve as main forum pages.
  3. LG's Taking Dolly(ies) to Bed

    For LG's do you take Dolly or Dollies to bed?
  4. Rubbber Sheets

    When I was little, babies and bedwetters often had a rubber sheet on the bed, usually a smooth ivory one like BABYKINS sells that covered the whole matress and had a very distinctive smell. We had one the last of which I saw was in the mid 1970's; it was never put on my bed, though. Also there ware those in shades of brown that had no stretchiness and had "pebbled" finishes. This was in addition to "diapers and rubber panties" Sometimes you would be threatened with being made to sleep right on the rubber sheet. Or, if Mama did not wish to have to change and wash the bottom sheets "all the time: Water is expensive [this was 10-15 years after the Depression, before fitted mattress covers,dryers were common and wrinkle-free fabrics] and I have work to do", she would put a smaller rubber sheet over the bottom sheet across the bed where your hips were or would put you to bed right on the rubber sheet. If your rubber panties let any of the wet onto the sheet, she would wipe it off or damp-wipe it and let the sheet air-dry as part of "airing out" the bed If you really had a problem and got the top sheet wet or she was "fed up with your antics [read 'laziness']", (rare) there would be a rubber top sheet And you did not want Mama telling anyone that you sleep on a rubber sheet or worse, between rubber sheets, Especially if you were a boy (as if little girls did not have any feelings)
  5. poll

  6. Munch time

    my little one and i are trying to set up a munch and we disagree on what time it should start at, so this is to get some idea of what time the community at large would like munches to start. leafy
  7. Before I go to bed- I just wanted to see what range of responses I get. :3 To start off: I actually LOVE the cold...and I have new footie pajamas to wear! ((they're larges from the kid's section at target- being small rocks)) I also love cocoa, and the way the air sometimes smells like snow and firewood. <3 What about everyone else? Favorite WInter Stuff- talk about it in here!
  8. Does That Make Me Crazy...

    The crazy side of ABDL