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  1. That is figgin awesome. I’m so jealous, I wish I had someone like that.
  2. I’ve never actually used wipes since I only wear at home. When I do wear I’m in one diaper for as long as possible. Then when that’s no longer an option I change, shower, and put on another one.
  3. Before I never used to pre stretch my diapers. But then I saw a video on how to properly change a diaper and that involved stretching the diaper. Now I pre stretch every time. Just goes to show you can learn something new everyday.
  4. I enjoy filling my diapers past their capacity when I get the chance. We have wood floors so clean up is easy, just a quick mop and the evidence is gone.
  5. I have three places to hide my diapers. Lockable trunk in the corner of my room, a alcove in my closet, and my dresser drawers.
  6. I'm sure a lot of people can understand that feeling of wanting nurturing care. Even though I'm not into the Adult Baby scene of the ABDL community, I understand the feeling of wanting to be cared for. There are times when I just crave the same feeling in my day to day life, especially when I'm sick.
  7. Sometimes I can, it depends on how bad I need to pee.
  8. One suggestion I have that may, or may not, work for you is to wear while doing something you enjoy. I have major depression and a while back I hated my DL side and was disgusted with myself. I almost came close to throwing out all the diapers I had stashed away. But I remembered the joy I had while wearing and didn't want to let that disappear. So every so often I would put on a diaper and do something I loved, for me that was video games. As I continued to wear while gaming my outlook on being a DL improved. I no longer focused on being a DL, I just enjoyed what I enjoy. Now I've accepted my DL side and no longer associate negativity with wearing. I hope things get better for you and you can wear for fun again.
  9. I enjoy playing in my diapers as well. Since I live with my family if I ever get the urge to wear and play I just put on regular clothes over my diaper. On the really rare chance I get the house to myself though, I'm right there just sitting in my diapers.
  10. Always standing, it's just easier to get the right fit. I've tried lying down, but I can never get the fit tight enough and I end up fixing it standing up anyways.
  11. One day on my way home from work I stopped at a local medical store to pick a pack of diapers. I normally get there a little before they close so no one else is ever there except the one cashier. I say hello, grab what I need, pay, and head out the door. As I’m leaving I notice another car parked next to me. I didn’t pay it any mind and just put the pack into my trunk. Just as I load the pack I hear someone call me name. I turn and see one of my high school classmates right next to me. I say hello, we talk and then he points to the pack of diapers sitting clearly in my trunk. He asks “Who are those for?” I look him straight in the eyes and say they’re for me. He just stopped dead in his tracks. After a bit I started to laugh and told him I was joking and that the pack was for a family member who was visiting and has a bladder issue. He seemed to relax at that, but it still seemed like he was unsure. We spent the next few minutes talking and I left the trunk open with the diapers clearly visible. I felt that if I had tried to hide them it would appear more suspicious.
  12. While I don't use boosters I do like to take a pack of pull over style diapers and put each one on, one over the other. I don't use them for their purpose, but I like the feeling of a thick diaper and the waddle that comes with it as well. If I remember correctly I'm wearing 8 or 9 diapers in my profile picture.
  13. Wow thanks everyone for the good info. A couple things I should clarify. 1: I don't plan on using the pocket diaper for its intended purposes. I want to wear it for comfort, so I'm not worried about leaking. I enjoy that thick diaper feeling and would like a easier way to achieve that. 2: I'm not a fan of rubber diapers or flat folds, so I kinda want to avoid these. But you folks have given me some good info to work with. I grew up in disposables so that's what I'm used to, but I would like to try cloth at some point. I gravitated towards the pocket diapers because they have that disposable diaper look that i'm familiar with. Looks like more research is necessary.
  14. As the title says, I've been looking into pocket diapers. I want a diaper that has good thickness to it and from what I see cloth seems to be the way to go. Currently I just layer my disposables to get a thick diaper, but it's starting to get a little annoying to put each one on one at a time. With a pocket diaper I can just stuff it with inserts and put just one diaper on. For those who have pocket diapers what kind of thickness are you getting out of them? I kinda want to see what I have to spend to get the thickness I want. For reference the thickness I want is a diaper that makes your legs spread out a bit and gives a medium amount of waddle. An example being my profile picture, which is about 8 or 9 disposables layered. Also how's the feeling of pocket diapers compared to a disposable?
  15. How many inserts do you use to get that thickness and does it make you waddle at all?