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  1. Ranting

    The problem there is finding someone around my height or shorter. Since I'm so short I've always been smaller than those around me. Even at work I'm the shortest one there, the short jokes are endless. At my college it's the same thing. I wasn't trying to ask out a girl who was way taller than me like I said in my original post. Lately I've begun to fear the fact that I'll be alone for the rest of my life. I hate what I am and feel like I shouldn't exist.
  2. Are you loyal?

    I absolutely jump around on different diaper brands. I mostly wear whatever I feel like wearing at the time since I have yet to find a brand that I want to stick with. Also it gets kinda dull to wear the same brand over and over again. If I had my own place I would have a closet just for diapers and have them separated by brand. That way I could just get up and choose a different brand of diaper everyday, if I felt like changing.
  3. Diaper Explosion

    Sounds like you had a great time.
  4. Diaper crinkle

    I haven't had that happen with any of the brands I have had, but I'm not sure how long you've had yours before they started to get really crinkly. I had some M4's for close to a year and they didn't sound any more crinkly than when I first got them.
  5. Ranting

    Thank you for the support and advice, I'm currently taking classes as a full time student and I also work part-time. My life has become so crowded I haven't had any time to just relax, or do anything else. I'm currently looking at reducing my class load next semester so I have more free time. While my negative mind plays a part in my feelings I still can't change how others view my height. So I've decided to focus on myself and am currently looking for a new career You have a good positive outlook on life, I wish I could be like that more often. I want to keep on hoping to find the right on, but some days it feels like a fairy tale. So in the mean time I've decided to just focus on getting a new career and better myself. Like you said I should focus on my "life movie." Thank you for your advice and support. I will consider talking to babyqtboy the next time I feel down. Since making this post I have begun to feel a lot better. I asked my school about a psychologist, but they don't have anyone on staff that is qualified. However they said they will try and work with some psychologists in the area about giving me some free sessions through the school. Thank you for you support and advice. Thank you for your advice and support. Since making this post I have taken some time to step back and think about what to do next. I've decided to focus on myself and change my career. Like you said I want to be the best me I can right now, so that's what I'm going to do.
  6. Ranting

    I've kinda been a dark spot lately and just kinda want to ranting about something to try and help me feel better. Recently I was just shot down by a girl who I thought would go out with me. We got along great and had a lot in common. But when I finally got the courage to ask her out she said, "You're a nice guy, but you're too short for me." I'm 5'2" she was about 5'5". I'm on the extreme short side for American men and that has been a huge factor for me in not finding a girlfriend. Every girl I've asked always says the same thing, "You're too short". It's not like I'm asking out girls who are way taller than me, I'm asking girls who are around my height. But every single one has told me, "No you're too short". I feel like I should just give up you know, forget about it all and just become a hermit in the woods. People say you'll find the right one eventually, but with 7 billion people on this world that's not good odds. It's getting difficult to see people I know getting married and having kids when I haven't even found someone ever. I've tried to distract myself with hobbies and other things, but between school and work I find it difficult to find time for anything. I feel left behind, unwanted, stressed out over societies push for being in a romantic relationship, and some days I kinda just want to disappear. Just pack up everything I have get in my car and just live away from it all. Every time I see my family they always ask, "Did you get a girlfriend yet?," and every time I say no. My grandmother once asked me if I was gay because I had never been with a girl. I have nothing against LGBTQ's, but that seriously hurt me when she asked that. I was bullied as a kid and developed an extreme case of inclusion, I didn't have friends and was an outcast in school. Being short made me an easy target for anybody, so I kinda ignored people for a long time. It wasn't until my junior year that I started to be a little social, but even then I was never invited out to parties or go to movies with the few friends I had. Sometimes I think that I shouldn't be around, that I would be better off disappearing into the aether. I try to be happy and be positive, but my mind always finds a way to be negative. One minute I'm dreaming about finding the right girl and in the next minute I'm thinking about that same girl cheating on me. I just don't know what to do anymore; I would see a psychologist if I could afford one, but $11/hr won't pay for that. This is probably a mess on thoughts, but I just wanted to write something down instead of trying to bottle things up.
  7. Explain Your Screen Name

    Diapers are padded and I wear them for comfort, hence Padded comfort.
  8. Honestly I would probably have to move, I live in a small community and any gossip travels like wildfire here. I would more than likely be ridiculed about it as well. I wear for comfort and would really like to share my lifestyle choice with someone else, but I've never found anyone who shares my joy for them.
  9. Stashing Diapers

    I always planned to be defensive about it if somebody ever asked to see inside the chest, but wasn't sure how to do it without being suspicious. The only reason my housemates even know about the chest is because a former housemate used to borrow my jackets without asking, thankfully they no longer live with us. But I actually do have some childhood mementos in the chest to show if somebody really was pushy about seeing some. Which I might have to do if this new housemate moves in, I know her personally and she can be really pushy. She wants to be a school counselor and makes it a point to try and know everything about everybody. She's a little invasive and I try to be friendly with her, but she can ask some really personal stuff sometimes. I've told her before that I didn't want to talk to her about certain things. She's always trying to get me to open up to her, I just don't trust her and have told her that before. I think the chest will be something she'll pressure me about if she does move in and if she finds it.
  10. Stashing Diapers

    Currently I live in a shared dwelling with two other people, possibly three in the next month or so. We each have our own rooms and I share a bathroom with one other person right now. As much as I would like my own place I don't make enough to get one. Sometimes I may get one or two days a month when nobody is home to wear for a couple of hours, if I'm lucky. Because of this I have to hide my diapers or risk being outed. I store them in a lockable chest that I keep in my closet. I've been asked about the chest before and I just say it holds mementos from my childhood. Nobody has asked me to show them what's in the chest yet, but I feel like somebody might at some point. Anybody have any better ideas on how to hide them, or been in a situation similar to this?
  11. Diapers

    After I became a DL when I was younger I would take diapers and pull-ups from my mom's friends day care. I used to clean the day care every friday evening after school as a part time job to make some extra money. The best part was the day care owner and my mom would spend hours talking upstairs and left me alone in the day care. She had shelves of diapers and pull ups in different sizes, so when they left I would take a few and put them in my bag for home. Eventually I managed to collect quite a few diapers that I could use at home and boy did I use them.
  12. how to make a disposable diaper fluffy

    I'm gonna have to try this one day and see how it feels, this could be a new thing for me. Thanks for posting this.
  13. Why?

    Now I'm no expert so don't take anything I write as qualified information, it's just my 2 cents. One reason there could be such a small number of abdl girls is because men have a higher sex drive then women. So I believe there are going to be more men in any fetish compared to women. Also the more niche the fetish the few number of people there are to choose from. Now for the, "why would any girl want to take care of a "man" wearing diapers?" bit. I believe that this mostly comes down to acting by the couple. I feel like this is done by two people who really love and trust each other to engage in this sort of relationship play. Role play is an act that satisfies both partners when it's conducted, it's a give and take scenario. Building up to this type of relationship takes time and effort by both parties involved. Maybe it could be biological, a woman who has strong maternal instincts may want someone more submissive to baby. That being said there are lots of women nowadays who go against what was the social norm many years ago and are starting to take the more dominant role in certain parts of society. The one thing that sucks about today's society is the "social norm" that exists in it. Men are "supposed" to be bigger, stronger, taller, out going, etc when compared to women. That's how society raised us, look at children's shows as an example. Boys shows feature strong masculine characters whose roles are protectors, while girls shows are more lighthearted with pretty colors. However, there are shows that don't always follow this example. But it's these social norms that affect how we view each other. Take me for example, I fall way under the average height for men. (I'm actually shorter than the average height for women as well) This means I'm more likely to be overlooked by women for a taller man because being short doesn't evoke being big and strong. I'm not considered a protector, I'm considered to be weak and frail. This turned more into a rant then a response and I apologize about that.
  14. Wearing and showering

    Unfortunately most of the rivers around me are siphoned off by irrigation companies for farmland and hotels. The ones that aren't siphoned off are either popular swimming holes or inaccessible due to the landscape. The only other place for me to go is the beach, but those are always crowded. To get somewhere secluded for a diaper swim I would need a 4x4 truck, which I can't afford. But I'm still looking to find some secluded place to try it.
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the community, hope you find what you need here.