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  1. Disability Fetish?

    Wish I could meet somebody like that. I'm a quad amputee. That's all 4 limbs amputated below knee and below elbow.
  2. what a frickin idiot. While it doesn't matter what ppl think of our fetish it's wrong to force them into it or our fantasies. Totally wrong, dumbass.
  3. Any gamers here?

    I'm a PC gamer though back in the day I had ps1. I played Star Wars galaxies from February 2004- all the way till servers were shutdown december 2011. I joined a few folks from my server on Star Wars the old republic when it launched after SWG ended. Atm I'm taking a short break to get some writing done on my 2nd book.
  4. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    I always sleep with something. My arm needs elevated support so I do have a legit reason. So past few years I have been sleeping with my Rainbow Dash.
  5. I tried Joe Rogers Chili i ordered from Springield, IL and OMG it was mild and still too much. I didn't even a quarter bowl and the next day I had the poops, terrible cramps. Never again. Wouldn't have been so bad if had a diaper but it did have that heat feeling too it coming out.
  6. Self published my book

    I recently had my autobiography published too. I've been hesitant to connect a link here. Soul Uncharred-my autobiography. Any questions lemme know.
  7. Any Legit DiaperDating websites?

    diapermates deleted me w/o warning and never went back.
  8. Well when I wore during my time in hospital in the 90's I was always so self concious wearing. First of all I wore fabric shorts back then-not jean shorts like now. I think jeans can conceal better, from the front at least. And the one time I did wear outside hospital for any extended length of time was at camp in 94. They were blue-i think and might have been attends? They felt HUGE from the front. Being diapered in hospital was different. I wore baby sized smaller and after all it was a hospital. But at camp i was around so many ppl of various ages. There was no way nobody noticed and counselors were given backgrounds of campers with special needs. Two reasons it was bulky, the diaper was HUGE on me and my fabric shorts. Oh and ironically I must mention the same friend who helped me get padded at the ponycon offered to help me at camp if we can do so discretely. I'm not worried about visual, just a place to do so privately. I take diuretics every morning AND the padding alone helps the pressure sore on my hip.
  9. don't care at all when I've worn twice in past 15 years. Both times were at a my little pony convention and nobody noticed. Being in a wheelchair kinda hides the fact but the northshores i was wearing had no noticable bulk.
  10. Changing table

    wow that elecric is cool. The few times my friend has helped me, she feels she cant get a good fit on me unless i'm laid flat. At hotel, we just used our room. Can do it in my wheelchair but not as easy.
  11. Best US online diaper supplier ?

    northshore for me. I ordered and my friend was able to pick up my purchase directly at site in Buffalo Grove, IL. Very helpful and included free samples.
  12. Northshore Care

    I had a great first time experience with northshore. My friend whom helped me get padded because I'm disabled and unable to do it myself actually lives nearby in Buffalo Grove, IL. I was told you could come in for a pickup. But she went and was told an order must be placed first. So I ordered and she went back when she was ready-before we met up for the weekend for a convention. She picked up my order with no trouble at all. It was nice that they included free samples. I ordered size small 20 pack of northshore supremes plastic cover. They gave me 2 sample air supremes, an small pack of wipes for free. After my experience with tena flex\ last year which leaked more than once i was worried about these too.. But they worked great, and despite some ppl saying they might be bulky they were still unnoticable-at least in a wheelchair. I only leaked once and probably because that was only time i changed in wheelchair instead of lying in bed. But they worked great. And will use em next time.
  13. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    friend went to get some today but closed and learned gotta place an order first now. You can't just come in and choose. So i ordered and she'll be picking up on wednesday probably. FYI for those who live in area of Buffalo Grove, IL.
  14. NorthShore Supreme And Air Supreme Diapers

    I think it's cool that you respond directly to a AB/DL site Northshore Adam. I have a friend nearby who is picking up a pack of northshore supremes size small plastic cover. I'll be trying them out next thursday during a convention-NOT CAPCON actually. Though in Chicago suburbs. I'm in a wheelchair and I hope they work well. Last year I tried tena flex maxis, I only had 5 for the weekend so I was trying to ration them but ended up leaking.
  15. would def be great if the larger baby sizes followed as well. I'm small enough to fit size 7 but just don't care for the cloth cover.