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  1. dlb

    What do u use diapers for

    pee but i would poo if my caretaker was comfy with it and i needed. But i wouldn't pressure her.
  2. dlb

    Parents being a jerk

    i do understand the privacy part. I'm disabled, in a wheelchair and was in foster care from age 13-18 but didn't move out until I was 21. My disability also made it impossible to hide anything abdl related because i couldn't physically hide it where could not be found. As matter of fact i had a diaper hid in my bible box on my bed and to my horror our nanny and my 2 foster sisters cleaned my room one weekend while i was gone and when i returned i was freaked out when i found out. I enjoyed living there and had it good but there were moments when she didn't respect my privacy as most parents would. One day my foster mom eavsdropped on my phone call with my brother. And turned it back on me. Finally things slowly turned bad in the end when she became addicted to the internet. There was one weekend i survived on what was in my mini fridge that i could reach. Chips, dip, and orange soda, when i finally mentioned something it backfired and i was the one who got bitched at. She said i should have asked somebody, and i did nobody bothered, then nobody noticed. That when i began looking for a place.
  3. dlb

    Pointless Mommy Rant

    well said mamabug. Just because you are part of this interest doesn't automaticlly mean you gotta enjoy wearing. You can get joy out of watching/helping others wear just as much. We all different.
  4. dlb

    Parents being a jerk

    only you can know if your family will accept it or not. Ask yourself will your relationship gain anything by coming out? What do you hope to come out of it? My opinion? You are 19-20 living at home. You have a right to privacy but it's still their house their rules. If you want to do what you want it's time to leave the nest and find your own place if you wanna do your thing. It is your business but your "business" destroyed the matress so to speak. And while nothing is wrong with a fetish or being kinky would you be ok if role reversed and they shared their secrets with you? Some things better left private, not secret.
  5. dlb

    What if diapers were popular?

    I think it would lose it's special feel. Because it would just be another garment to wear.
  6. dlb

    Paraolympian wets herself

    yeah I see this ad on fab $200 from NY to LA and I say BS. Whatever I do also have to consider my oxygen. I sleep with bpap and have oxygen during the day. Atm flying would require a portable oxygen concentrator which i don't have yet. Stupid medicare crap. Medical red tape has been getting worse for years. Harder to get them to pay for stuff i need, even things never had a problem with before like my prosthetics. Sigh, i just wanna do some travelling while I can. So much i wanna see and do.
  7. dlb

    Would you Rather (Baby Version)

    If I was safe on a ship I'd like to look down on planet earth. Would you like to revert to 10 year old body with adult mind you have now or $5 million?
  8. dlb

    Children's television and movies

    for most part older but theres still plenty newer stuff including my favorite ponies from MLP FIM.
  9. dlb

    Health and ABDL

    maybe a little self diagnosed anxiety and panic attacks for sure. Not sure of any official mental health though talking to therapists was the norm for about decade after my burns.
  10. dlb

    Anybody have experience with bone grafts?

    skin grafts yes, bone no. I'm a severe burn survivor. I wouldn't be here without them. I'm still lucky to be here. Wasn't expected to survive and they kept saying I wouldn't live to a certain age. Now i'm dealing with COPD caused by scoliosis which came from lack of muscle due to the burns. Just snowball effect. COPD wasn't official till 2008-09 and my burn date was on April, 19th 1990. As for my teeth my wisdom teeth are sideways. I'm 38 and supposedly nothing can do at least not easily. My burn scars limit how far i can open my mouth, much less than average person. Dental work makes me cringe.
  11. dlb

    Paraolympian wets herself

    ive only been on amtrak between here and Chicago. 2 hrs by train. I'm in a power wheelchair. Luckily the passenger cars we had were accesible and had disabled bathroom. I'd like to take the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle. A companion travels at discount. I would have a bedroom but if i'm correct, I assume i would be restricted to just that small part of the train. I wouldn't be able to check out dining car or upper window decks to enjoy the views which is a big reason for travelling by train on Empire Builder.
  12. Fluttershy Twilight Cadence Pinkie Pie ummmm.. Plenty more.
  13. dlb

    My wife's GoFundMe page

    Patreon might be better for such a thin but gofundme doesn't require to be charity. Can raise money for all sorts of things. I used gofundme to get a new wheelchair cushion about 4 years ago and raised fee for publishing my book two years ago. Everyone who donated at least 15 bucks got a book.
  14. dlb

    Are you happy in your situation?

    The first thing I would change in my life is a gf to share it with. Whether she shared my interest or not, I've been alone too long. I'm 38 and haven't had a gf since I was 15. I'm getting older, but still no too late to raise a kid. I want a kid to pass on to and give them and teach them what I didn't have. I'm not rich and because I'm disabled I'm far from it. I have a book about my autobiography but I'm trying to get it national attention on a show like Goods Morning America, etc. With that I'd be able to afford to do something I very much want to and that's travel, at least while this body is still able to. I'm in a power wheelchair, an amputee, I have COPD, i'm now on oxygen and sleep with b-pap machine so it's a lot to haul around. I still need to get a portable oxygen concentrator to fly. If I had a gf who was willing and happy to help me with my ABDL interest I'd be in paradise.
  15. dlb

    Disability Fetish?

    No worries countless people have asked that question. Having a prosthetic hook doesn't make me helpless. Using a computer is probably the easiest thing I can do, even over eating which can be messy at times. I've had years of practice and I've worked part time data entry for 10 years now and I'm also a gamer. It can be harder but I've adapted to it, although shooter style games are still beyond my ability-they require thumbs. There are still countless things I need help with though including dressing, bathing, etc.