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  1. What is  baby banker

  2. All of Marrissa's focus was on trying to hold it. Just... Just a little longer... she thought, still desperately clutching at her crotch as her mother rummaged through her bag. "Hurrry..." She pleaded, knowing she had very little time left. The first pat, she squirted in them just a little and with that she pulled her muscles in as tight as she could manage.
  3. Marissa groaned at the continuing lecture. It was a short one, granted, but she had a feeling she was going to be getting quite a lot of this, and it was already grating on her.She's just saying all this to get a rise out of you, to make you have a tantrum so she can justify her actions. Keep your cool. Fortunately, on this occasion Marissa was up to the task and promptly turned away to get comfortable in her position, not the easiest thing given that she was basically having a nap outside.
  4. This just keeps getting worse and worse, Marissa thought, squirming as her mother pulled her over and began to spank her pullup covered posterior, the locking cover rustling with each strike.
  5. ((*blushes*)) It was more than thinking they were being mean, Marissa seethed, still biting her lip. She settled for nodding though,
  6. Hi. I'm probably pretty much an unknown around these parts, but I've had a decent amount of time at roleplaying now (mostly on other sites, not as much here, but I've been feeling for a while that I'd like to branch out into writing stories. Short ones of course - I'm not *that* much of a masochist, not that writing isn't something I think I couldn't enjoy at longer lengths, I'm just not quite at the level of crazy needed to go from roleplaying to writing novels . Admittedly, for a roleplayer my posts are decentish in length (paragraphs are more typical for me than sentences, and OPs and scene transitions, if they're written by me have been known to make people pass out (I kid, I kid)
  7. Marissa just stood there nonchalantly, just wanting some time free of her mother for once, though she was starting to wonder if her ex-girlfriend was all that much of an improvement with regard to company.
  8. Marissa of course was beside herself. Dammit, she should really have gone with the out of town option. Her old friends were no help, and what's more her old girlfriend was... Well, she was a traitor.