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  1. Got caught wearing diaper

    The best thing I can tell you is that if/when you get caught, be as close to honest as you can with your answers but keep them brief. Don't make up some great story because it will come back on you later and having to remember what you said will be a problem. Try something like "I just like the way they feel" If you are a big drinker or partier, tell them it is in case you drink too much and don't want to wet the bed. You could tell them it is something you started after being in a relationship with a DL/Mommy but that is only going to have them asking you lots and lots more questions. As long as you aren't parading around the house in just a diaper, the likelihood that your roommates may never find out unless you leave them out where they will find them. Treat your diapers as you would condoms. You don't leave them out for company to see and you dispose of the used ones pretty quickly too (I hope.)
  2. Grammar Pet Peeves

    Can I please add a peeve to the list? I truly HATE, DETEST and go OUT of my MIND when I hear people saying "These Ones" or "Those Ones" especially when I hear grown adults saying it. The correct acceptable terms are "This One," "That One," "These" or "Those" When asked "Which cookies do you want?" The proper response is "These" or "Those" never "These Ones" because ONE is singular and should never have an S added to the end unless you actually have a pile of 1's. Think 1 dollar Bills but then you might just call them a pile of cash or money or even Dollar Bills. This one or That one helps you determine one item from another or group of items. "Of these cookies, do you want this one or that one?" If you want more than one, you might say "Both this one AND that one" or even "these" but for the love of God, never These ones.
  3. What belongs in a sippy cup?

    Most of the time I have strawberry milk (Quik) in my bottle but sometimes I have Cran-Mango juice or lemonade or iced tea. It really depends on my mood and what I have available at the time. Nothing seems to go down faster or fill my diaper faster than Lemonade though.
  4. Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Who said my candidate LOST? I didn't. In fact I didn't talk about politics at all and I am by no means angry or upset by any of this. I am glad the election is over and wish the anger and frustration over who won/lost would finally be put to rest. At least my phone has stopped ringing with ad campaigners trying to solicit my vote for one bad choice or another. Oh, and BTW, I am not a "DUDE" PS. Loose means Not tight. Lose means Did not win.
  5. Accidents Without A Diaper

    1.) Have had plenty of Wetting accidents in my lifetime, mostly as a child and into my teen years. Pooping accidents, not so much except for the occasional "Shart" Thought it was a fart but Oops, It wasn't. Seems to happen more and more with age or cheap Mexican food. Just saying. 2.) Yes, there again I had times when I just made it to the toilet in either scenario (Shouldn't have eaten that burrito from the gas station and 2 Big Gulps may not have been the best choice on a long car trip.) 3.) Okay, so I am sharing but only to say that most people have a time or two (or twelve) where they needed to rush to the toilet and for one reason or another, it didn't work out well for them. This is not a subject that is strictly an ABDL concern, for the most part, we wear diapers either because we have accidents or because we have on purposes instead.
  6. Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Okay, Diaperalways, you need to calm down, maybe take a little nap and grow a sense of humor. I don't really care if you bicker or not about an election. Its over there is a winner and a loser. We knew it was going to be close for what ever reason. Now the original post to this chain was actually bringing up the fact that many years ago it was proposed for people WANTING to identify themselves in public to other like minded individuals should wear a diaper pin or some symbol so they could avoid confronting outsiders accidentally in public. Kind of like in the old movies when a couple are meeting for the first time on a blind date, the lady may wear a flower in her hair or the man have a flower in his lapel. It is a signal to each other that they are the person you are looking for. I was not suggesting it be something one should wear on their daily wardrobe or plaster on a billboard, but a simple item that could be worn when and IF a person chooses to. And I was also offering a simple idea of an explanation if someone should notice a unique pin being worn in public. Now, if you want to talk about elephants, I would be happy to entertain that idea. Politics bore me. Good Point!
  7. Anyone near currituck

    What part of Currituck are you from hoyboy2? I live in the area but since I am a great deal older than you, I wouldn't mind chatting with you online, but meeting might not be a great idea.
  8. Intermittent Diaper Waering?

    Welcome to the club. I have been going through that most of my life. Like you, I bought my first package of adult diapers when I was around 16 yrs old and the desire was so strong but the guilt so real and knowing that it was "Wrong" I felt I had to keep them hidden from my family who didn't the the meaning of privacy or personal space. I binged and Purged so frequently that I had a hard time remembering what I still had and what I actually threw away. When I wasn't wearing, I would find myself walking down the Adult Diaper section of the supermarket just to see them and when ever I saw a sample pack or a new brand, I would break down and buy them for myself then rush home to hide them again. I kept doing this for years and years, even keeping my desires from my husband until one day, I just couldn't stay it anymore and I "came out" to him about my little secret. He didn't believe me at first but I produced some evidence and told him that I had been dealing with it for most of my life and wasn't going to be able to give it up and that I actually didn't want to ever give it up. He was concerned and confused at first but seemed mildly interested in playing along with me. At that point my stash grew. I bought myself better diapers, plastic pants, onsies, pacifiers, baby bottles, bibs, you name it, I had to have it (except the crib, haven't gotten that, yet) His desire to play along has ended but we are still together so I just spend my time alone in a nice thick diaper. My purging days are over but sometimes the desire to wear is so strong that if I don't wear for a while, I start having diaper related dreams and other times, I am just glad that I still have the choice when to wear and when NOT to. The most I have ever been able to wear is 24/7 for 4 days and even that I found a bit tiresome after awhile but that was because I was still trying to hide it from my kids. So my friend, you are as abnormally normal as the rest of us. We all go through cycles and you may not even be done with them yet. I took a break for a long time (several years) to focus on raising my kids but still found my way right back to where I belonged all the while. In a nice thick, damp diaper. Good Luck on your journey where ever it may take you.
  9. You mentioned in one of the above responses that she doesn't like to wet (I'm assuming she's wearing a diaper/pull-up) then why not try "Potty Training" as an activity if she is willing to use the Potty in front of you. Little girls need help from their Daddy to go potty and some can't wipe themselves. Sounds very intimate to me and possibly a way to break through a mental barrier with her. It might work as a nice compromise to her not wetting a diaper but still letting you be her Daddy. Don't forget fixing/feeding her a bottle or sippy cup depending on how young she likes to be. Brushing her hair for her is always nice. I love it when my hubby brushes my hair. I sit on the floor in front of him as he does it. It feels so good and i always feel so little during it. If her hair is long enough, you can put into pigtails or a ponytail. Again communications is the key but little surprises that are well thought out and planned may help too. Perhaps plan an outing for her to the zoo in a diaper under her clothes. If possible, make her a special Child-like dinner (ex: Chicken nuggets, apple sauce and a juice box) prepare a bath for her and while she is getting clean, lay out a diaper and pajamas for her to wear afterwards, then watch a Disney movie with her At bedtime, read her a bedtime story and tuck her into the bed.
  10. ABDL VR Nursery | regress in vr o.o?

    I don't have a VR headset (as of yet) but I used my son's one day and was amazed. I kind of want one now and this would be so cool to be able to regress/Age Play. Thank you for creating it and good luck with it in the future. Hoping to see more of it especially when I get a VR Headset of my own.
  11. When was your last real accident?

    Easter Sunday. My niece was visiting with her baby and I had squatted down on the floor to play with the little guy. All of a sudden, I felt my undies getting damp. I tried to stop it but for some reason I couldn't, I stood up to excuse myself and what had been a slow trickle became a complete gush and I was still not able to stop it. I ended up soaking all the way through my undies and pants and had to change my clothes. Thank goodness we were at my house and not my sister-in-laws or I would have had to take a walk of shame home to change and it would have been a little more obvious why I was leaving and then coming back in a change of clothes. Other than that, I have small accidents semi-frequently like when I sneeze or cough too hard but those are barely worth mentioning and are the result of giving birth to 4 kids and don't really require a complete change of wardrobe.
  12. Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Trying to stay ON Topic of the Safety Pin vs. ABDL Flag suggestions, perhaps a combo of both ideas. Take a Large safety pin and add 3 colored beads to it (Pink, White & Blue) since those are the dominant colors in the proposed flag. People use to make them in the 80's/90's and call them Friendship pins if I'm not mistaken. Or perhaps Pink, White & Blue ribbons tied to a safety pin. If anyone vanilla asks about them, simple enough to say they are from a fundraiser for premature babies because after all, Isn't that what a lot of us are anyway, babies who grew up too fast? Okay, go back to your bickering about a campaign/election.
  13. Having sex in a messy diaper

    I prefer to be diapered right after sex with my husband (and preferably by him) so that all the "wet stuff" gets to stay in a nice fresh diaper and I get to stay in it a whole lot longer. I would think the smell of a messy diaper would be too distracting any way.
  14. Accidents At School

    I wet my pants in the 6th grade so bad that it left a huge puddle under my chair. By the time I got on the bus to go home, I had the nickname "Puddles" and that lasted into High School.
  15. Found at Target

    Found these body suits in my local Target and couldn't help from thinking of them as adult onesies. They are in the women's department and go up to a women's xxl. And yes they have snaps in the crotch