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  1. Tricky question because like the Dos Equis Guy "I don't always poop in my diaper, but when I do, I get out of it as fast as I can." I can't say I have never messed my diaper. I have intentionally tried it a few times but it just isn't easy for me to wrap my head around. I also have accidentally pooped in my diaper and pretty much try to get out of that as fast as possible. Either on purpose or by accident, I can't bring myself to stay in it very long. Now if I had someone to FORCE me to stay in it (ie Husband and a pair of locking panties) I might find it a bit more interesting.
  2. I was home for the day watching the Sally Jesse Raphael show (Yep, that long ago before the Internet) and she had on as her guests "Adult Babies" It amazed me because I had been wondering my whole life why I liked wearing diapers and was I the only one who wanted to dress like a baby. Watching that show made me feel like I wasn't really a freak. That there were others out there that thought like I did. It wasn't until years later that I found DPF and after they closed, I found DailyDiapers. Over the years I have upped my diaper wearing, my wardrobe and started buying better diapers. I've created a few of my own baby accessories but still don't have the support of my husband.
  3. That's awesome! Wish my hubby would buy me diapers and give me coupons like that. Forget Diamonds, Diapers are THIS Girls best friend.
  4. Jilly Poo


    My biggest and possibly my only regret is not telling my husband sooner, like when we were still dating.
  5. That's what I do too. Slip it down like undies, do my business than pull it back up. Also helps if you use reasonable tabs.
  6. A stroller that could accommodate my adult body. Baby shoes like the old white leather walking shoes, a crib that can be transformed into a regular bed so I can easily hide it when not in use. A high chair Car seat Cradle
  7. The best thing I can tell you
  8. Can I please add a peeve to the list?
  9. Most of the time I have strawberry milk (Quik) in my bottle but sometimes I have Cran-Mango juice or lemonade or iced tea.
  10. 1.) Have had plenty of Wetting accidents in my lifetime, mostly as a child and into my teen years.
  11. Okay, Diaperalways, you need to calm down, maybe take a little nap and grow a sense of humor.
  12. What part of Currituck are you from hoyboy2?
  13. You mentioned in one of the above responses that she doesn't like to wet (I'm assuming she's wearing a diaper/pull-up) then why not try "Potty Training" as an activity if she is willing to use the Potty in front of you.