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  1. Jilly Poo


    My biggest and possibly my only regret is not telling my husband sooner, like when we were still dating.
  2. Jilly Poo

    Put diaper on, need to do #2

    That's what I do too. Slip it down like undies, do my business than pull it back up. Also helps if you use reasonable tabs.
  3. Jilly Poo

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    A stroller that could accommodate my adult body. Baby shoes like the old white leather walking shoes, a crib that can be transformed into a regular bed so I can easily hide it when not in use. A high chair Car seat Cradle
  4. Jilly Poo

    Got caught wearing diaper

    The best thing I can tell you
  5. Jilly Poo

    Grammar Pet Peeves

    Can I please add a peeve to the list?
  6. Jilly Poo

    What belongs in a sippy cup?

    Most of the time I have strawberry milk (Quik) in my bottle but sometimes I have Cran-Mango juice or lemonade or iced tea.
  7. Jilly Poo

    Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Who said my candidate LOST?
  8. Jilly Poo

    Accidents Without A Diaper

    1.) Have had plenty of Wetting accidents in my lifetime, mostly as a child and into my teen years.
  9. Jilly Poo

    Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Okay, Diaperalways, you need to calm down, maybe take a little nap and grow a sense of humor.
  10. Jilly Poo

    Anyone near currituck

    What part of Currituck are you from hoyboy2?
  11. Jilly Poo

    Intermittent Diaper Waering?

    Welcome to the club.
  12. You mentioned in one of the above responses that she doesn't like to wet (I'm assuming she's wearing a diaper/pull-up) then why not try "Potty Training" as an activity if she is willing to use the Potty in front of you.
  13. Jilly Poo

    ABDL VR Nursery | regress in vr o.o?

    I don't have a VR headset (as of yet) but I used my son's one day and was amazed.
  14. Jilly Poo

    Safety pin as an id of abdl

    Trying to stay ON Topic of the Safety Pin vs. ABDL Flag