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  1. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Although I don't really like the idea, they have at least posted an explanation of what they are doing and why. http://rearz.ca/blog/abdl-trademark/
  2. What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    I wear terry lined plastic pants over my diaper to bed. If it's too hot, I will skip the pants.
  3. Do you prefer white diapers or colored diapers (blue, pink, etc.)?

    I love colored/printed diapers, but I always go back to plain white. When I was in diapers the first time, that's the only color they came in.
  4. Getting caught wearing by a stranger

    If someone can see the tapes from behind, you have your diaper on backwards.
  5. wear do you keep your diapers

    I keep unopened bags of diapers in a closet in my man cave. In that same room is a linen cupboard where the loose diapers go to breathe and expand. The previous night's plastic pants hang on the door handle to air out. In the bedroom, I keep plastic pants in the top drawer of my nightstand and a few diapers and bed pads in the bottom drawer. My wife keeps a pack of pull ups in the airing cupboard just in case she needs them.
  6. New to diapers

    What brand/type of diaper do you use at night? With a really good diaper, you can barely tell when it is moderately wet, which may help with the waking up part. Anything that the hospital gave you or that you can buy at a big retail store is probably not up to the job. As far as getting used to sleeping in one, that just takes time. Some great overnight brands are: BetterDry ConfiDry 24/7 Northshore Supreme Rearz Inspire + InControl
  7. Solid Gold Diapers

    Because I had to look it up, Rs 18 lakh is 1.8 million Indian Rupee. Equal to roughly 30,000 USD.
  8. Which are your favorite AB/DL diapers?

    My favorite is probably Crinklz, which is funny because when I first saw them I didn't like the print (too furry). Once I tried them though, their performance won me over.
  9. Stopping the Flow

    That sounds like something a parent would tell a child so that they will hurry up in the bathroom.
  10. Diaper at Night?

    I use BetterDry most nights. They are on par with Northshore and 24/7, but easier to find and less expensive (at least in the UK).
  11. Finding diapers in Germany

    Almost any Apotheke will stock Tena or Molicare, just look for the big red "A" or Green cross.
  12. Thank You Veterans

    Active Duty USAF 1990-2012. Desert Shield kicked off two months after I finished basic training.
  13. Where did Big Tots go?

    eBay isn't banning ABDL listings, nor are they saying they are altogether inappropriate, they are just enforcing the category rules. If you put ABDL anywhere in the listing, they consider it a fetish item and tell you to move it to the appropriate area. It makes sense to me. They have taken down two of my listings, and I put them right back up in the appropriate area. Then, I re-listed both in the incontinence section without mention of ABDL. I don't see why people have a problem with this. If you were looking for children's clothing, would you want to see sex toys listed there?
  14. bedwetters

    Someone would have to look under the covers and see my mattress pad, or look in my nightstand to see a few diapers and plastic pants. Otherwise, there is nothing to show that I wet the bed. I don't use a diaper pail. Wet diapers go outside to the wheelie bin every morning.
  15. Would you let a stranger online buy diapers for you?

    I don't know... There are a couple of members here who have my name and address from buying/selling/trading diapers, but if any of them insisted on contacting me by phone, I would decline. The "Just let me talk to you once, and I promise I'll never call again and even buy you some diapers" line sounds really creepy to me.