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  1. I think that Abena level4 (plastic backed) is a good choice. They are pretty thick, crinkle well and are longer than most diapers on the market today. They are almost certain to peek out above your waistband, give a noticeable diaper butt and announce your presence.
  2. I usually buy from nappiesrus.co.uk. If they don't have what I want, then saveexpress.de I occasionally find bargains on ebay, or even here.
  3. People will stare at you whether you buy baby diapers or adult diapers. Or they won't stare at all. In reality, people really don't pay that much attention to what you are buying, and they certainly won't ask why you are buying them.
  4. Saying electrocuted instead of shocked, this one drives me insane! I hear professionals misuse it all the time, especially on the news: "A local man was electrocuted today while attempting to repair the wiring in his home. He is now recovering in the hospital". Electrocute means death by electric shock - you won't be recovering from it.
  5. That's pretty impressive for just 22. I lived in Alaska when I was 22, but I just drank a lot of beer, tried my best to get laid and sang really bad karaoke.
  6. I could rant for days about poor grammar and sentence structure. I'm with Rusty on starting sentences with "So...", but I also can't stand hearing sentences start with "I mean...". Also, people who inflect upwards at the end of a statement to make it sound like a question. A recent pet peeve of mine is "eney". The word is "any". How do you misspell a three letter word? Of course, there is the inability of so many people to understand what an apostrophe is for. Weird Al Yankovic summed it up pretty well in "Word Crimes" https://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc?t=11
  7. The only way you will know is to buy them. I squeezed into a Pampers size 7 once, but it leaked as soon as I started to wet.
  8. A traditional mattress pad covers just the top of your mattress. It goes on like a fitted sheet. They are not usually waterproof, but I have seen some that are water resistant. They can only stop very small accidents. I use one, but only as a last backup after diapers, plastic pants and a bed pad.
  9. Same here. Makes a huge difference, financially.
  10. Losing the desire to wear diapers after masturbating is a very common thing. It gets better over time, and for many, it goes away completely. In other words, relax, don't worry about it and enjoy your diapers.
  11. Prunes have a lot of potassium in them, which can cause issues if you are hyperkalemic (I am). I usually avoid high potassium foods, but I make an exception for prunes. I eat them regularly to combat the opiate induced constipation. 7-10 prunes do the job for me.
  12. Auctions on forum boards don't work. There were no instructions on how to place bids (post, PM, email,) and your shipping costs were outrageous.
  13. I put mine on standing up, leaning against a wall. Top left tape first, then top right, bottom left, bottom right. I know that the manufacturers say to put the bottom tapes on first, but I find that awkward. I used to put them on laying down, but my back has gotten so bad that it is difficult to get up after laying on the floor.
  14. Just one diaper for me, no boosters. My regular is BetterDry right now, which is pretty thick. I used to hot glue several diapers together, but I would end up with a super thick diaper that leaked.
  15. Epilogue by Andy Diddnt.