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  1. Hookedondiapers

    when do you get ready for bed put diapers on

    I change into my overnight diaper about 20 minutes before going to bed. That's about 9:40 pm on work nights.
  2. Hookedondiapers

    "Baby" episode of Tim & Erics Bedtime Stories

    At least they were wearing real diapers...
  3. Hookedondiapers

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    I was a DL as far back as age 4. At 34, I sustained a back injury that slowed me down a bit, but pressed through the pain. At age 39, I was in a bad car accident, which made the back injury much worse. I started having minor bladder issues soon after. They were limited to occasional loss of control while doing things that would pinch nerves in my back. At age 43, I started wetting the bed and wearing diapers every night. Things slowly progressed from there. Now, I am 48 and fully bladder incontinent. Sometimes I don't like it so much, like when I'm doing heavy manual labor. Sweating all over while wearing a diaper gets uncomfortable very quickly. Other times, I'm okay with it. I feel much more calm, now that I wear 24/7. It's like a piece of me was missing and now it's there. I still find wearing to be exciting and hope that feeling never goes away.
  4. Hookedondiapers

    Remember When We All Felt We Were On The Starship Enterprise?

    It's that lining in your swim trunks
  5. Hookedondiapers

    Disposable diapers (adult size)

    Could you please rephrase the question? It appears that there are a few words missing.
  6. Hookedondiapers

    Any help locating this video?

    That looks like a Diapergirl-In-Public (DGP) brand video. I have quite a few of those in my collection. I don't suppose you know the name of the video?
  7. Hookedondiapers

    Diaper help

    Really, the best answer is better diapers. I find that boosters only multiply the risk and severity of leaks. I use BetterDry most nights, they cost me about £1 each and I probably leak less than 5 times a year. I know they are more expensive in the USA, but when you add the cost of boosters and the time and expense of washing your bed pad, it might be worth it. It could also be your sleeping position. Do you sleep on your stomach?
  8. Hookedondiapers

    Who woke up wet this morning?

    I tried a Cuddlz Dry Dayz for the first time yesterday. It didn't work out so well as an overnight diaper - I suppose the clue is in the name. I had a major leak from behind my right thigh. I wear a cloth training pant and plastic pants over it all, so the bed stayed dry, but those training pants were pretty wet when I woke up.
  9. Hookedondiapers


    You say $5/1000 words here, then $15/1000 on your deviantart page. Which is correct?
  10. Hookedondiapers

    Seeking Pink Disposable Pull-ups

    You're welcome, glad to help.
  11. Hookedondiapers

    Seeking Pink Disposable Pull-ups

    Fit Right made a pink pull up, but I think they were a one-time deal.
  12. Hookedondiapers


    They both serve different needs. I'd say they are equal.
  13. Hookedondiapers

    Anyone tried Hexa pullups?

    I'd like to see some pictures of their actual products. All they have on their site is illustrations.
  14. I have a pair made by Drylife, and they are great, but heavy. The quality is fantastic. The price is very good at £15 ($21) I wore the single layer ones made by babykins for several years and often recommended them to others. I would assume that their double layer version ($26) is also high quality.
  15. I could have predicted that if I had a stake in the tournament that my team would be going home early. I have this thing about sports betting - always bet the opposite of me.