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  1. Finding diapers in Germany

    Almost any Apotheke will stock Tena or Molicare, just look for the big red "A" or Green cross.
  2. Thank You Veterans

    Active Duty USAF 1990-2012. Desert Shield kicked off two months after I finished basic training.
  3. Where did Big Tots go?

    eBay isn't banning ABDL listings, nor are they saying they are altogether inappropriate, they are just enforcing the category rules. If you put ABDL anywhere in the listing, they consider it a fetish item and tell you to move it to the appropriate area. It makes sense to me. They have taken down two of my listings, and I put them right back up in the appropriate area. Then, I re-listed both in the incontinence section without mention of ABDL. I don't see why people have a problem with this. If you were looking for children's clothing, would you want to see sex toys listed there?
  4. bedwetters

    Someone would have to look under the covers and see my mattress pad, or look in my nightstand to see a few diapers and plastic pants. Otherwise, there is nothing to show that I wet the bed. I don't use a diaper pail. Wet diapers go outside to the wheelie bin every morning.
  5. Would you let a stranger online buy diapers for you?

    I don't know... There are a couple of members here who have my name and address from buying/selling/trading diapers, but if any of them insisted on contacting me by phone, I would decline. The "Just let me talk to you once, and I promise I'll never call again and even buy you some diapers" line sounds really creepy to me.
  6. Acceptance from general public

    We don't even have acceptance within our own community. Just look for the "I can't believe someone would wear X when Y is obviously better" posts.
  7. UK Based Shops and nappies

    All adult nappies use the crystals you mention (SAP), but in varying amounts. Generally, the higher the stated capacity, the more SAP is used. Bambino and My Diaper are two that come to mind with large amounts of SAP. They swell up and get pretty squishy when wet.
  8. UK Based Shops and nappies

    If you already shop at cuddlz, try their nursery print nappy. The absorbency is roughly twice that of the creepy bear pattern. Also, try nappiesrus.co.uk - they have a very good selection.
  9. Spending night in soaked diaper

    How much did the cab driver charge you for leaving pee stains on his seat? Most cab companies charge at least $100 for that.
  10. Embarrassing moments

    Which Air Force base? I'm surprised nobody called the cops.
  11. Bulkiest and thickest?

    Confidry 24/7, BetterDry and Rearz Inspire + Incontrol are three of the bulkiest I know of.
  12. New diaper options

    If you want to try the plastic backed Abena, do it soon. They have been discontinued as of 15 September (at least in Europe).
  13. Diapered defense

    I was active duty Air Force from 1990-2012. I hid my diaper desires, even after I developed some real issues. I wore to work a few times, even once to a large meeting with the MXG commander. About a year before I retired, I let my doctor know that I had developed bladder problems. I only deployed once, and I had some diapers sent to me while I was gone. The walk to the Cadillac at night was far too long... I quickly learned I wasn't the only one doing that.
  14. Study says 40% sleep with a bear!

    The survey was commissioned by Build-A-Bear. Although the article doesn't say, it was probably given to their own customers. Of course 40% of Build-A-Bear customers sleep with a teddy bear. That is like hosting a survey here asking "Who wears diapers", then reporting that over 90% of adults wear diapers.
  15. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    From the link in your post: "Please note that some of our current inventory has the wrong label on the package. The products are the same great items you are used to, just a mixup on the stickering line."