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  1. I find that putting my diaper on while standing up is much easier. Back yourself up against a wall and you will have both hands free to adjust the diaper before taping.
  2. It took me quite a while to figure out what worked best. I started with Abena M4, but they tended to leak out the back of the leg holes. Then, I went with ID Slip super. Those were great, but occasionally leaked in the same spot as Abena. After that, I tried many others, like Wellness brief, ConfiDry, MyDiaper and ABU Space. Most were pretty good, but all had their weaknesses. I eventually found BetterDry, which was the right combination of fit (very full fitting diaper) and leak protection. I use those or crinklz every night now. I couple those with terry cloth training pants and a plastic cover. That combination ensures any leaks are minor and kept away from my bed.
  3. I have a game room/man cave - most of my diapers are stored there. I have half of a closet for bulk storage, and a linen cabinet for loose diapers and supplies. If anyone drops by, I can just close the closet door. I keep a few diapers and other supplies in the nightstand next to our bed.
  4. My incontinence started after a back injury. I was in a car accident, which made an old back problem worse. I started having bladder control issues soon after, which slowly became full bladder incontinence. What happened to your back?
  5. I was always a Sega gamer. When my friends had NES, I bought an SMS (loved Phantasy Star and the 3D games). I bought a Genesis while I was in Air Force tech school and spent many weekends playing Arnold Palmer Golf and Ghosts n' Goblins with my neighbor. I never went beyond 32X, although I picked up a Dreamcast dirt cheap at a thrift store and sold it on for a big profit.
  6. I second on Olympic Pharmacy. I used to drive up there when I lived in the Lacey area. Great selection and prices.
  7. My wife, my mother and one of my sisters knows. My GP, pain doc and osteopath also know. Any other medical professional I go to will probably find out if they do any type of exam. I will let them know anyway, during the medical history questions. I will have to tell my stepdaughter and her husband when/if they come to visit this summer. It wouldn't surprise me if any of my neighbors know, but nobody has ever said anything to me. I stay as discreet as possible, but I tend to do yard work in sweatpants, t-shirt and a diaper. I have had several conversations in the yard and I'm pretty sure they could hear the crinkling while I moved around.
  8. I carry a small backpack with me with 2 spare diapers and some Tena wipes. Nobody has ever stopped me or asked that I leave it behind. If they did, I would explain the situation.
  9. They have changed. I really liked their maxi diaper at first. I ordered a second pack about a year later and they were pretty bad. The tapes ripped off of the side panel and the padding wasn't as thick as the previous batch.
  10. The only answer I've ever given is "None of your business". Works every time. I also don't ask people "What's in the box?" because it's none of my business.
  11. I change into my overnight diaper about 20 minutes before going to bed. That's about 9:40 pm on work nights.
  12. I was a DL as far back as age 4. At 34, I sustained a back injury that slowed me down a bit, but pressed through the pain. At age 39, I was in a bad car accident, which made the back injury much worse. I started having minor bladder issues soon after. They were limited to occasional loss of control while doing things that would pinch nerves in my back. At age 43, I started wetting the bed and wearing diapers every night. Things slowly progressed from there. Now, I am 48 and fully bladder incontinent. Sometimes I don't like it so much, like when I'm doing heavy manual labor. Sweating all over while wearing a diaper gets uncomfortable very quickly. Other times, I'm okay with it. I feel much more calm, now that I wear 24/7. It's like a piece of me was missing and now it's there. I still find wearing to be exciting and hope that feeling never goes away.
  13. Could you please rephrase the question? It appears that there are a few words missing.