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  1. Northshore vs Better Dry vs Inspire + Control

    BetterDry is my go-to overnight diaper. I have tried Inspire+ and like them a lot, except for the texture of the top sheet. Although it reminds me of the quilted pampers from the 80's, there is something about it that I don't care for. I haven't tried Northshore yet, but I have a sample pack sitting here, waiting for this weekend. The reasons that I prefer BetterDry is the extra tall leak guards, the wide and well-spaced tapes and the length of the diaper itself. Many diapers sit too low on my waist and don't feel very secure. BetterDry fits almost as high as Abena.
  2. Any expatriates here?

    Once the initial thrill wore off, I really didn't like it. I missed the USA. What kept me going is how much my wife loved it over here. After about 3 years, I was hooked and now couldn't picture myself living in the USA again. I lived in Germany for six years. Luckily, most Germans speak a little English. You adapt pretty quickly when you are immersed in another language. I picked up enough basic German to navigate and survive. I lost it quickly once I left. The culture shock took a long time to get through. I was a mall rat as a kid. The first thing I noticed about England is that there are very few malls (or at least there weren't many in 1997.) There wasn't a Starbucks or McDonalds on every corner. Europeans don't buy in bulk, so the supermarkets are much smaller. The same goes for their cars. It takes time to adapt, but it was worth it for me.
  3. Any expatriates here?

    I'm an American and I have been living in Europe for 17 years. One thing to consider is that income tax is much higher in any European country than the USA. Many employers will entice you buy saying your pay is "tax free", but that might only mean you are exempt from US taxes and not your host country's tax. In addition, don't be tempted to convert local currency to US dollars and think you'll be making a ton of money - you have to consider the cost of living over here. We have had quite a few people come over here thinking that they are making $90k a year tax free, only to find out that after UK taxes it is around $50k and doesn't go nearly as far as they thought. Gas is almost $7 a gallon here, road tax is based on your vehicle's emissions and can be over $1000 a year. Two questions to ask: Am I paid in US dollars or local currency? What taxes (US and local) will I be paying? Do some research on cost of living. Europe is a great place to live, but can be very expensive.
  4. Free ABDL Book

    PM sent - thank you
  5. Free ABDL Book

    I entered my email address, as requested and did not get any sort of reply. Should I try again?
  6. leaking diapers at night

    I sleep mostly on my back. When my diapers leak, it is usually along the outer side of my cheeks.
  7. What Is Comfrey Like?

    At first glance, I thought this was about the herb comfrey. I didn't realize there was a diaper brand with the same name.
  8. Thank you for the information

  9. Tena slip maxi

    Very absorbent (also very thin), with 4 tapes. They make two versions, one plastic backed (active fit) and one cloth backed. Neither is very crinkly.
  10. Top 5 diapers?

    1. BetterDry/Crinklz 2. Tena Slip Active Fit (Maxi or Ultima) 3. Abena Abri-Form (M4) 4. ID Slip Ultra (cloth backed) 5. Nateen Combi Ultra (cloth backed) I don't usually like cloth backed diapers, but I've been using ID Slip Ultra around the house lately, and it works surprisingly well. Nateen was a complete surprise to me. They are longer, like an Abena, with a huge capacity. They are the only cloth backed diaper that I trust for sleeping.
  11. ID Slip Diapers

    Which ID Slip are you talking about? I used to wear the Super (green) overnight, before I switched to BetterDry. Now, I wear the Maxi (purple) in the evening, when I need a bit of discretion.
  12. Rearz trademarking AB/DL

    Although I don't really like the idea, they have at least posted an explanation of what they are doing and why. http://rearz.ca/blog/abdl-trademark/
  13. What Else Do You Wear To Bed With Your Diapers?

    I wear terry lined plastic pants over my diaper to bed. If it's too hot, I will skip the pants.
  14. Do you prefer white diapers or colored diapers (blue, pink, etc.)?

    I love colored/printed diapers, but I always go back to plain white. When I was in diapers the first time, that's the only color they came in.
  15. Getting caught wearing by a stranger

    If someone can see the tapes from behind, you have your diaper on backwards.