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  1. Hookedondiapers

    Anyone tried Hexa pullups?

    I'd like to see some pictures of their actual products. All they have on their site is illustrations.
  2. I have a pair made by Drylife, and they are great, but heavy. The quality is fantastic. The price is very good at £15 ($21) I wore the single layer ones made by babykins for several years and often recommended them to others. I would assume that their double layer version ($26) is also high quality.
  3. I could have predicted that if I had a stake in the tournament that my team would be going home early. I have this thing about sports betting - always bet the opposite of me.
  4. Hookedondiapers

    What brands do nhs use

    In NHS hospitals, I often see Tena Slip (cloth backed).
  5. Wow, I didn't think I'd get Germany. Good luck to all!
  6. Hookedondiapers

    Are Fabine Teddy Pinks Ever Coming Back?

    As much as I love Nappies R Us, that's their big weakness. When they run out of a product, it seems to take ages before they get it back in stock. I've been waiting for BetterDry to come back in stock for weeks now. You can also try Save Express, they have Fabine Teddy Pink there too.
  7. Hookedondiapers

    Switching Diaper Brands

    I'm glad to hear you tried and like BetterDry. I also like Northshore diapers, but find that BetterDry works better (for me anyway). On this side of the pond, BetterDry is much cheaper than Northshore.
  8. Hookedondiapers

    Best plastic pants for side sleepers?

    I have used the terry lined pants from Babykins for a few years and love them. They have saved my bed sheets on more than one occasion. The polyester pants are lighter than the vinyl ones, but both work well. I wouldn't suggest the double layer, because they are very heavy. I have also tried a few generic brands, bought from ebay and have found that the terry liner is usually paper thin. Definitely worth spending the extra to get higher quality.
  9. Hookedondiapers

    Different situations, different diapers

    I have several different diapers for different situations: To Work: Tena Slip Active Fit - I wear a Maxi for the drive in and first few hours, then change into Ultima to cover the rest of the day. Doctor's Appointments/Physical Therapy: Tena Maxi Around the house (daytime): Tena Maxi or Nateen Combi Plus (a very soft & light plastic backed diaper). Yard work: Tena Maxi Housework: Any one of the various lightweight diapers I keep in my closet. There are lots of opened packs that aren't suitable for regular use, but if I just need something for an hour or so and don't need to worry about minor leaks, odor control, poor fit, etc... I go with those. Shopping/Movies/Longer trips away from home: Tena Ultima, ID Maxi. I'll go with BetterDry if we're going on a shopping adventure including a movie and lunch/dinner. Lounging in the evening: Tena Ultima, ID Maxi, Abena M4 Overnight: BetterDry. I like to try different ultra capacity diapers often like ABU Space, Cuddlz, Bambino Magnifico, Rearz Rebel & Spoiled. They all work well, but BetterDry works best for me.
  10. I am diagnosed with adjustment disorder, which makes me emotionally flat. I don't get very excited or upset about most things. It's frustrating, because I will look like I am not having a good time, even when I am really enjoying something. The flip side is that I can stay very calm under pressure. I'm also a procrastinator, but I always get things done on time. I tried medication a few times, but could not find one where the benefits outweighed the side effects. I also have relentless back and hip pain, coupled with mixed incontinence.
  11. Hookedondiapers

    Marijuana and your diapers?

    I've tried it a few times and liked it, but it makes me paranoid. I will think people are talking to me even when they are not, and if they really are, I can't follow the conversation. I will say that the last time I used it, my back pain went away for about 18 hours and I felt great. I'm in the same boat as some of you, even if the place I live legalized it, I couldn't partake until it was legal on a federal level.
  12. Hookedondiapers

    Need advice (Having bowel issues)

    My wife had gastric bypass many years ago, and ended up with terrible bowel problems. She doesn't like diapers and will wear a pull up only if absolutely necessary. Attends makes a pad specifically for bowel incontinence called F6, that might help your situation.
  13. Hookedondiapers

    Incontinence and veterans

    I'm a vet, but because I live overseas, I fall under a different program (FMP). Instead of being supplied with diapers, I am reimbursed for the ones I buy here. I am always happy to talk about my experiences with the VA, however.
  14. Hookedondiapers

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    I only tell people when there is a good chance that they will see me in my overnight diaper. I told my mother when she came to visit us a few years ago. I told one of my sisters when I went to visit her two years ago. I stayed with another one of my sisters for a week once and knew I could hide it because I had a private room. My other two sisters don't know (as far as I know). I managed to hide it from my stepdaughter and best friend on different occasions. My stepdaughter is pretty nosy, but will stay out of our bedroom. My friend is just clueless enough to not notice.